Lincoln Class (refit, 2230)



Due to the rapid technical development the construction of the Lincoln class starships was obsolete around the year 2230. The estimated remaining lifetime of the spaceframes, however, was still more than 20 years. After having carried out some minor refits, Starfleet decided to have the remaining ten ships substantially modernized - time was pressing because Starfleet didn't have enough ships that would be a match to the mighty Klingon cruisers. The most important innovation was that warp drive performance could be improved, also the shuttlebay was rebuilt to allow a faster launch of shuttles, whereas their number could be reduced after the installation of a personnel transporter. When the Constitution class was introduced, a sufficient number of more recent ships was available, so that the refitted Lincoln class was decommissioned until 2255.





Class specifications
Ship type: Cruiser
Length: 154m
Width: 65m
Height: 45m
Crew complement: 210
Max. speed: Warp 5.0
Refitted ships
USS Cheron NCC-527
USS Hamburg NCC-529
USS Sirius NCC-530
USS Roma NCC-786
USS Sofia NCC-787
USS Ariel NCC-788
USS Las Vegas NCC-876
USS Progress NCC-905
USS Soyuz NCC-906
USS Merlin NCC-911


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