Lincoln Class (2182)



The Lincoln class was designed as a further development of the Daedalus class at the end of the 22nd century, and subsequently formed a backbone of Starfleet, together with the Moskva class. Most of the ships were built in the newly established Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. The laser guns and impulse drive were improved. In addition, a deflector "dish" was installed for the first time, actually a multipurpose instrument that not only generated a deflector field to disperse dust in the ship's flight path but also included the navigational sensors and subspace transmitter. The spherical bow section was detachable, but remained without a propulsion system, so the separation was limited to emergency situations such as an impending warp core breach.

The second series of this class was supplied with more powerful weapons systems, including photon torpedoes, as well as improved shields. Although the laser guns of the Lincoln class turned out inferior to Klingon disruptors, thanks to their pulsed shields the ships could withstand prolonged disruptor fire from a Klingon D2 cruiser that would have led to hull breaches on a Daedalus class at latest with the third attack run. In 2222, USS Passat NCC-525 withstood the attack of three Klingon D-2a light cruisers with only minor damage and without any casualties, until the Klingons could be lured into the Hromi Cluster where the Federation had installed automated defense platforms that destroyed one of the Klingon ships and forced the two others to retreat.

On the other hand, USS Waterloo, a ship that was due to be retired, fell victim to a Klingon sneak attack in the Becker system in 2224. This was the incentive to withdraw all the old ships from the border and to upgrade a number of selected Lincoln-class ships to new standards.





Class specifications
Ship type: Cruiser
Length: 174m
Width: 63m
Height: 45m
Crew complement: 254
Max. speed: Warp 4.2
Commissioned ships
USS Lincoln NCC-310
USS Utopia NCC-311
USS Waterloo NCC-312
USS Sorbonne NCC-313
USS Liberty NCC-314
USS Miami NCC-315
USS Kiev NCC-316
USS Delhi NCC-524
USS Passat NCC-525
USS Osaka NCC-526
USS Cheron NCC-527
USS Aurora NCC-528
USS Hamburg NCC-529
USS Sirius NCC-530
USS Roma NCC-786
USS Sofia NCC-787
USS Ariel NCC-788
USS Las Vegas NCC-876
USS Progress NCC-905
USS Soyuz NCC-906
USS Scotland NCC-910
USS Merlin NCC-911


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