Pacifica Class (2350)



The Pacifica class was intended as a supplement to the aged Excelsior class. With about the same size the Pacifica-class ships are more powerful and faster. The warp nacelles have the same appearance as those of the Tenochtitlan class, but have undergone a complete redesign. The construction of the primary hull is also similar, however, it can be detached and operate separately with its own impulse drive. It was originally planned to equip the saucer with a warp drive or at least a warp sustainer, but this would have required a completely new design of the saucer section and would have prolonged the development time and increased the costs. Instead, an extensive scientific equipment was installed. Hence, the starships were commissioned as science vessels in contrast to their original assignment. For this purpose the Pacifica class also has an exchangeable sensor pod. After 13 units production was discontinued in favor of the larger and better equipped Nebula class.





Class specifications
Ship type: Light cruiser
Length: 445m
Width: 227m
Height: 97m
Crew complement: 298
Max. speed: Warp 8.7
Commissioned ships
USS Pacifica NCC-56399
USS Khitomer NCC-57210
USS Comet NCC-57211
USS Viking NCC-57212
USS Mariner NCC-57213
USS Rutherford NCC-60261
USS Gemini NCC-60262
USS Osiris NCC-60263
USS Sputnik NCC-62045
USS Dragon NCC-62046
USS Bolarus NCC-62951
USS Capricorn NCC-64191
USS Cosmos NCC-66205
USS Bohr NCC-66206
USS Peary NCC-66207
USS Corona NCC-68244



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