Roosevelt Class (2281)



Although officially classified as light cruiser, the Roosevelt class predominantly served as a research and supply vessel within the Federation borders. The ships mainly replaced the aged Mercury class. For the first time since the Lincoln class the Roosevelt class featured a spherical main hull which could be separated in case of an emergency. A large shuttle bay was located in the lower decks of the engineering hull. It is worth mentioning that for the first three starships of this class the warp nacelles of three reconstructed Asia-class ships were reused, that had been taken out of service in the meantime. This trick lead to a significant cost reduction. Identical warp nacelles were custom built for the remaining five starships of the Roosevelt class. The ships were decommissioned until 2330.





Class specifications
Ship type: Light cruiser
Length: 202m
Width: 79m
Height: 59m
Crew complement: 239
Max. speed: Warp 6.0
Commissioned ships
USS Roosevelt NCC-2030
USS Ulster NCC-2049
USS Yokohama NCC-2050
USS Valiant NCC-2260
USS Frontenac NCC-2261
USS Fearless NCC-2262
USS Barcelona NCC-3039
USS Nimitz NCC-3040
USS Java NCC-3041


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