Seleya Class (2373)



After the construction of Bremen-class ships had been cancelled, the Seleya class was built as a variant. This starship type features a spherical main hull, similar to the Olympic class which is already in service for several years. With a length of 256m, however, the Seleya class is somewhat smaller. Research and medical emergency supply are among the scheduled tasks of this class. The Seleya class has phaser arrays for self defense, but no photon torpedoes. Only two ships have been completed so far. Probably Starfleet will focus on a smaller number of designs in the future, so further units of the uncommon Seleya class will probably not be fabricated.





Class specifications
Ship type: Research vessel
Length: 256m
Width: 106m
Height: 88m
Crew complement: 112
Max. speed: Warp 9.92
Commissioned ships
USS Seleya NCC-75226
USS Union NCC-75288


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