Sparta Type (2276)



The USS Sparta was developed for deep space exploration and defense of the Federation border regions, and it featured four warp nacelles for the first time. Moreover, the ship was very maneuverable due to its powerful impulse and RCS drives. With respect to its technical equipment, the Sparta was a strong modification of the Bolivar class. Although the ship succeeded in extensive tests, Starfleet decided to start series production of the comparable Constellation class instead. As a singular design, the Sparta, still with an NX registry, served in Starfleet for 42 years, until it had to be decommissioned due to a hull breach.





Class specifications
Ship type: Heavy cruiser
Length: 281m
Width: 189m
Height: 80m
Crew complement: 410
Max. speed: Warp 6.0
Commissioned ships
USS Sparta NX-1927



Thanks to Thomas Pemberton for his 3D model.


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