Trident Class (2352)



While the Vladivostok class is especially designed for the needs of Starfleet, the smaller Trident class, although in Starfleet service, resembles civilian freighters. The conception is similar to the obsolete civilian Antares class and is based on a modular structure with two exchangeable containers. The ship has no armament, no scientific equipment and limited sensor capacity. Notwithstanding these limitations the Trident class is in Starfleet service, having the benefits of fast and easy fabrication and a small crew complement. Starfleet employs this ship type only for missions within secure Federation space and exclusively for cargo transportation. A still larger number of ships of this class serve for civilian organizations and companies.





Class specifications
Ship type: Cargo ship
Length: 117m
Width: 50m
Height: 29m
Crew complement: 18
Max. speed: Warp 7.0
Commissioned ships
USS Trident NCC-57766
USS Delta NCC-57767
USS Yankee Clipper NCC-57768
USS Detroit NCC-57769
USS Fugger NCC-58502
USS Medici NCC-58503
USS Manila NCC-58504
USS Marian NCC-61200
USS Lydia NCC-63977
USS Alpes Montes NCC-63978
USS Uttar Pradesh NCC-63979
USS Tolkien NCC-63980
USS Mojave NCC-65724
USS Yekaterinburg NCC-65725
USS Duncan NCC-69427
USS Assuan NCC-69428
USS Southern Cross NCC-69429
USS Triangulum NCC-70395
USS Sagittarius NCC-70396


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