Observations in TNG: "Captain's Holiday"

A joint project with TrekCore, by Jörg Hillebrand and Bernd Schneider

Here are some observations about sets, props and visual effects in TNG: "Captain's Holiday" without a specific theme, and a comparison of the original TV release (TNG) with the remastered episode (TNG-R).

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Description TNG Other caps Comparison TNG to TNG-R Description TNG-R
A horga'hn appears as a decorative element right at the beginning of the episode. The Risian fertility symbol will show up in several later Star Trek episodes and series.
Later in this episode

DS9: "Let He Who is Without Sin"
The horga'hn in HD.

LOW: "Kayshon, His Eyes Open"

PRO: "First Con-tact"
The intricate Vorgon transporter effect. The reconstructed effect in TNG-R.
Risian writing and the Risian logo can be nicely seen in these screenshots. The transparent Risian interface is later seen on the bridge of the Zalkonian vessel in "Transfigurations".
Risian Logos and Design

Risian logo

We can recognize more details of the display in HD.
This is a nice assortment of the types of PADDs that has been created for the series so far. The black thin PADD on Picard's desk was first used by a very excited Dr. Crusher way back in season 1 in "11001001": "I mean, what an opportunity. To have a chance to talk with Doctor Epstein." The large PADD on the left was used by Wesley in "Pen Pals". The two orange, transparent PADD-like devices first appeared in Picard's ready room at the beginning of season 2. The small PADD on the right was created for "The Ensigns of Command". It still contains text from the Treaty of Armens. The thin black PADD is known from earlier episodes but is seen here up close for the first time. The large PADD under the black PADD, finally, was created for "Evolution"; it still displays data about nanotechnology.

"Pen Pals"
A good look at the PADDs in HD.

"The Ensigns of Command"

The turbolift doors behind Riker change color in the middle of this scene. When Picard and Riker enter the cab, the doors are still orange (like regular corridor doors). After the shot briefly switches to Picard and returns to Riker a few seconds later, the color is gray, as it should be on the bridge turbolift doors, all of a sudden. The error was not fixed for the Blu-ray release.

This is the first time the Mintakan tapestry, given to Picard by the Mintakans in "Who Watches the Watchers", appears in his quarters.

The purple outfit that he puts in his bag is the one that the fake Picard wore in "Allegiance".

The tapestry in HD.

In the original TV version, the model used for Risa was also seen as the planet housing Starbase Montgomery ("The Icarus Factor"), Surata IV ("Shades of Gray") and Angosia III ("The Hunted"). The footage of the planet will continue to be re-used in many later TNG episodes.
Re-Used Planets in TNG

Risa later appeared in ENT: "Two Days and Two Nights" and in DIS: "Terra Firma II". The rings around the latter version, which is supposed to be Mirror Risa, raise the question whether this is a "re-imagination" of the classic Risa or whether it is a Mirror version of the planet "with a goatee".
Planet Mutations

ENT: "Two Days and Two Nights"

DIS: "Terra Firma II"

In TNG-R, the refined planet looks more like it did in ENT: "Two Days and Two Nights", with its turquoise oceans.

The continent below is Australia! The Gulf of Carpentaria can be found just above the saucer, and the Spencer Gulf (near Adelaide) on the opposite side. After TNG-R: "Shades of Gray" this is the second time we can see an Earth-based planet in TNG-R. It is not sure whether the two planets are the same CGI model.

The casual outfit Sovak wears in this episode appears a few years later in Nog's possession in the DS9 episode "Little Green Men", ironically held by his father Rom, who was played by Max Grodénchik, who also portrayed Sovak. The shirt was also for sale in Garak's tailor shop in DS9: "Past Prologue".
DS9: "Past Prologue"

DS9: "Little Green Men"
The shirt doesn't look more attractive in HD.
The cover of Picard's edition of Ulysses can be nicely seen in these screenshots. The book cover in HD.
This is the second of only two appearances of Andorians in TNG/DS9/VOY. It would take ten more years until the next Andorian was seen in the Enterprise episode "The Andorian Incident". The Andorian female in "Captain's Holiday" seems to wear the same outfit as the holographic Andorian in "The Offspring".
Races with Changing Faces - Major Races

"The Offspring"
Interestingly, while the color of the clothes really is greenish in "Captain's Holiday", the make-up is as blue as it should be.
The logo worn by Risian workers on their foreheads changes over the years. The versions seen in both DS9: "Let He Who Is Without Sin" and ENT: "Two Days and Two Nights" show slight differences to the version seen here.
DS9: "Let He Who Is Without Sin"

ENT: "Two Days and Two Nights"
An HD close-up of the emblem.
The new golden Ferengi headgear can be nicely seen in this screenshot. It is worn with casual clothes, as well as with military uniforms, as seen in "The Price". A comparison shot from "The Last Outpost" shows the first season version of the headgear.
"The Last Outpost"

"The Price"
A better look at the headgear in HD.
An Antican (originally from "Lonely Among Us") was last seen on Starbase 173 in "The Measure of a Man". Anticans are also seen in "Unification II" in the Qualor II bar and in "Tapestry" on Starbase Earhart. After that, Anticans also appeared in some DS9 episodes. The Antican on Risa also has brown instead of white hair, like the Antican on Starbase 173.
"Lonely Among Us"

"The Measure of a Man"
An HD close-up of the Antican.
This Vulcan female must have considered Risa a logical vacation spot. An HD close-up of the Vulcan woman.
The woman in the background can be seen with a glossy red cape that is identical or very similar to the one worn by Yareena right before her battle with Tasha Yar in "Code of Honor".
"Code of Honor"
No changes

The Vorgons scan Picard's hotel room on Risa.

Note the stepped ceiling elements in the room, a design feature that can be seen all over the place in this episode on walls, windows and decorative elements and even on computer interfaces. The set was recreated for the Risian suite in "The Game" with some detail changes.

"The Game"
The reconstructed effect and a better look at the room in HD.
This Risian wall hanging will later show up again in Chakotay's office in "Tattoo".
VOY: "Tattoo"
No changes
It seems Picard liked the ceramic wall decoration in Vash's suite on Risa in "Captain's Holiday" so much that he later got the same one for his quarters on the USS Enterprise-D, as seen in "I, Borg". Maybe she gave it to him as a gift between episodes? ;-)
"I, Borg"
The decoration in HD.
The optical disk is a unique prop that would never show up again. The prop in HD.

Sovak's gun was previously used by the Mariposans in "Up the Long Ladder", Dr. Paul Stubbs in "Evolution" and the terrorist Kyril Finn in "The High Ground".
Re-Used Props - Beam Weapons

As can be seen, Sovak has characteristically green/blue Ferengi fingernails.
In Alien Hands

"The High Ground"

"Up the Long Ladder"
An HD close-up of the weapon.

The number on Vash's backpack makes the prop look like it was created for one of the first five Star Trek films.

Vash's backpack features four small bottles with gray plastic lids. When she wears the backpack, all four lids are still present. When she tosses the backpack to Soval, one lid has already disappeared. When she takes the backpack back, another lid has disappeared. When the backpack is seen in the Risian caves later in the episode, all lids are back again.

HD close-ups of Vash's backpack.
These two matte paintings are used to extend the scope of the caves on Risa. The shots in HD. Note that the rocks on the second screen cap were retouched to have more depth, although they arguably don't really look more realistic this way.
Vash's scanner was later repainted black and appeared as a Romulan scanner in "The Next Phase" and as a Prytt scanner in "Attached".
"The Next Phase"

The device in HD.

When Picard gives the shovel to Vash, he does so shovel first, when she takes the shovel, the handle is closer to her.

The second shot may have been modified in post production to hide the ceiling of the cave set.

The ceiling looks exactly the same in HD, as if the ceiling was a part of the set.
One of the shovels seen here is still in Vash's possession in "Qpid", when both reappear. Dukat uses the same shovel to dig for Tora Naprem's remains in DS9: "Indiscretion".

DS9: "Indiscretion"
No changes
Sovak's Ferengi rifle is also used by renegade Ferengi in "Rascals". The weapon was first used by the Ansata terrorists in "The High Ground" but is most well known as the Romulan disruptor rifle from "Unification I+II". It aoppears in several more TNG, DS9 and VOY episodes. Just like the Ansata rifle, the Ferengi version in "Captain's Holiday" fires a blue energy beam.
Re-Used Props - Beam Weapons

"The High Ground"

"Unification I"
A good look at the weapon in HD.


"Starship Mine"
Picard has the same carrying case when he goes on vacation in "Family". The cases were first seen in "11001001", where they were used by Parrises squares players.

An HD close-up of the case.
Vash also carries an oft-reused suitcase. The Acamarian delegation traveled with a case like that in "The Vengeance Factor", as does Wesley in "Ménage à Troi".
"The Vengeance Factor"

"Ménage à Troi"
The suitcase in HD.

A look at the Tox-Uthat, which was hidden in a horga'hn. The device is an irregularly shaped plexiglass block with drill holes in it.

Mike Okuda: "Someone 'borrowed' the prop and it ended up in the hands of one of our producers. I hope he still has it."

A look at the prop in HD.
The Vorgons have interesting devices built into the sides of their heads. The silver squares feature small LCDs which continuously display changing patterns. A good look at the Vorgon make-up in HD.
The Vorgon weapon fires. The reconstructed effect in TNG-R.
Two more shots of Risa, both re-used in countless TNG episodes.

Another great look at the restyled planet.

For this shot "Australia" was flipped, but the clouds were newly generated.



Thanks to John, who discovered that the continent on Risa is Australia.


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