Observations in TNG: "Face of the Enemy"

A joint project with TrekCore, by Jörg Hillebrand and Bernd Schneider

Here are some observations about sets, props and visual effects in TNG: "Face of the Enemy" without a specific theme, and a comparison of the original TV release (TNG) with the remastered episode (TNG-R).

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Description TNG Other caps Comparison TNG to TNG-R Description TNG-R
The somewhat blurry Romulan logo in Rakal's quarters. The logo is crystal-clear in the remastered version.
This is the first of many new shots of the Romulan Warbird especially created for this episode.
Appearances of the Romulan Warbird
The Romulan ship as it appears in the remastered episode.
The wall decoration seen behind N'Vek was first seen in the hearing room in "The First Duty". The wall decoration also appeared in Kamin's home on Kataan in "The Inner Light" and in a bar on Torman V in "Chain of Command I".
"The First Duty"

"Chain of Command I"
No changes

"The Inner Light"
The (typically Romulan?) sloped light columns are already known from "Unification II" and "Birthright II".
"Unification II"

"Birthright II"
The light column in HD.
The irregularly shaped copper-colored pieces of wall decoration in Rakal's quarters were originally used as the J'naii logo in "The Outcast". The larger logo was seen outside the council chambers and the smaller logo was attached to a podium.
"The Outcast"
The wall decoration in the remastered version.

"The Outcast"
The footage of the Warbird flying past a Romulan planet was newly filmed for this episode. The planet also only appears here. The shot in the remastered version, with a new and far less blurry planet.
The large Romulan console in the background was originally created as a Promellian console, seen in "Booby Trap".
Consoles Built for Star Trek

"Booby Trap"
A better look at the console in HD.

The Romulan captain's chair was originally created for the Ferengi shuttle, seen in "The Price". Apart from having appeared aboard Romulan ships in several earlier episodes, it has been re-used by other alien species as well, including the Ktarians in "The Game" and the Klingons in "Sins of the Father".

The small consoles seen in the background first appeared aboard a Romulan ship in "Contagion".


"The Game"
A look at the Romulan bridge in HD.

"The Price"

"Sins of the Father"
The wall console behind Troi has made numerous appearances in various TNG episodes. Originally, the wall console was part of the engineering set in "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan". It also often appeared on Klingon ships, like in "Unification I".
"Star Trek II"

"Unification I"
The USS Enterprise-D in orbit of the Research Station 75 planet. The planet is one of the most-often re-used planets on the show. It first appeared as Delta Rana IV in "The Survivors" and will next be seen as Ohniaka III in "Descent I".
Re-Used Planets in TNG
We can see a new planet in the remastered episode.
This shot of the Warbird flying away from the camera appeared earlier in the episode. Here, it is flipped horizontally, however.
Earlier in this episode, HD
The Warbird in TNG-R.
The Romulan cargo bay is a redress of the Relay Station 47 ops, seen in "Aquiel".
"Aquiel" HD
The Romulan cargo bay in HD.
The Romulan cargo containers were first seen aboard a Romulan ship in "Future Imperfect" but were also seen in Starfleet use in "The Mind's Eye".
"Future Imperfect"

"The Mind's Eye"
Large cargo containers like the one behind N'Vek have appeared aboard the USS Enterprise-D since the first season, in "Code of Honor", for example.
"Code of Honor"
No changes

The large table in the Romulan wardroom was originally created for the J'naii council chambers seen in "The Outcast".

The room features more wall decoration originally created for "The First Duty".

"The Outcast"
The Romulan furniture in HD.
The decorative Romulan chairs seen in the wardroom were first seen on Kataan in the village of Ressik in "The Inner Light". The chairs were repainted and appeared again on Dorvan V in "Journey's End".
"The Inner Light"

"Journey's End"
The Romulan console in the foreground was seen in many earlier TNG episodes aboard Romulan ships. It was originally created for the cockpit of the Ferengi shuttle, seen in "The Price", however. In each re-appearance aboard a Romulan ship, the console was modified slightly as can be seen when looking at screenshots from earlier episodes.
"The Price"

"Data's Day"
The Romulan bridge in HD.

"The Defector"

"Redemption II"

"Future Imperfect"

The main viewscreen of the Romulan Warbird was originally created for the bridge of the Ktarian ship, seen in "The Game".

The shot of the Antares-class Corvallen freighter is re-use of footage of the Straleb security vessel, created for "The Outrageous Okona".
Redresses of the Straleb Vessel

"The Outrageous Okona"

"The Game"
The Romulan Warbird fires at the Corvallen freighter. While the footage of the Romulan ship is new, the same stock footage of the Straleb ship, seen earlier in the episode, is re-used. The space shots in HD.
This shot of the underside of a Romulan Warbird was created for use in "The Mind's Eye". Before this episode, it was re-used once, also without the shuttlepod, in "Redemption II".
"The Mind's Eye"
The Romulan Warbird engages its cloaking device in the debris field - all that is left of the Corvallen freighter. This is one of the few shots of the Romulan ship not newly created for the episode. It was originally created for "Contagion". In the re-use in this episode, the footage was flipped horizontally.
"Contagion" HD
The console to the left of Commander Toreth has also been re-used several times. It first appeared on the bridge of the Erstwhile in "The Outrageous Okona" but was also seen in used aboard Romulan ships in "Redemption II" and "The Next Phase".
"The Outrageous Okona"

"Redemption II"
The console in HD.

"The Next Phase"
This is not the first time flipped footage of the USS Enterprise-D (evidenced by the mirrored registry on the hull) has been seen on the show. The same mirrored footage appeared in "The Arsenal of Freedom", "Pen Pals", "Booby Trap" and "The Most Toys". The footage from "Q Who" shows the correctly oriented original footage.
"The Arsenal of Freedom"

"The Arsenal of Freedom" HD

When these episodes were remastered, the mistake was fixed in different ways.

In "The Arsenal of Freedom" and this episode, the flipped registry was not changed. In "Pen Pals", the whole registry was digitally removed to hide the fact that the footage was mirrored. In "Booby Trap" and "The Most Toys", the lettering was corrected, however.

"Pen Pals"

"Pen Pals" HD

"Q Who"

"Booby Trap"

"Booby Trap" HD

"The Most Toys"

"The Most Toys HD"
The USS Enterprise-D in the debris field, the remains of the Corvallen freighter. The space shot in HD.
A graphic showing a scan of the debris field. The third screenshot shows the static version of the scan. The graphic to the right of it was originally created for "Ménage à Troi", but has reappeared in several season 6 episodes.
"Ménage à Troi"
The animation was redone for TNG-R. Note how the wavefront is correctly curved in the remastered version.
A nice look at the Romulan bridge. The set re-uses elements created for earlier Romulan bridges, especially the ceiling has been seen on several Romulan ships in the past.
"Data's Day"

"The Mind's Eye"
The Romulan bridge in HD.
A nice shot of the USS Enterprise-D as it appears on the Romulan main viewscreen.
The shot of the Romulan Warbird facing the USS Enterprise-D is new... The space shots in HD.
...while the shot of the ship on the main viewscreen of the USS Enterprise-D first appeared in "The Mind's Eye".
"The Mind's Eye"
The Romulan Warbird fires at the USS Enterprise-D.
The Romulan transporter effect, last seen in "The Mind's Eye".
"The Mind's Eye"
The effect in TNG-R is somewhat more brilliant.
The Romulan medical device, seen on the temples of the Romulan defectors, later appeared as a translation device used by the so-called Sky Spirits in VOY: "Tattoo".
VOY: "Tattoo"
The devices in HD.
Another good look at the Romulan bridge. In this episode, the set appears much larger than in previous episodes, where it was mostly only seen on the main viewscreen. The still from "Contagion" shows what the set looked like in the second season.
The Romulan bridge in HD.
N'Vek is vaporized by a disruptor beam. The effect was faithfully recreated for TNG-R.
The Romulan Warbird Khazara engages its cloaking device and flies away from the USS Enterprise-D. The space shot in HD.



Thanks to Eric Voglmayr for finding the re-use of the light columns.


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