Observations in TNG: "Man of the People"

A joint project with TrekCore, by Jörg Hillebrand and Bernd Schneider

Here are some observations about sets, props and visual effects in TNG: "Man of the People" without a specific theme, and a comparison of the original TV release (TNG) with the remastered episode (TNG-R).

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Description TNG Other caps Comparison TNG to TNG-R Description TNG-R
Footage of the transport ship Dorian is actually just a still from a sequence filmed for "The Hunted" where the model appeared as the Angosian police shuttle.
Redresses of the Straleb Vessel

"The Hunted"
The Dorian in HD.
The tripod of some filming equipment can be seen in the turbolift as Troi enters the cabin. The tripod is still visible in the remastered episode.
Filming equipment is also visible in the transporter room in these two shots at the top of the frame. No equipment is visible in the remastered episode. It was removed digitally.

Although a new admiral's uniform was introduced in the previous episode, Admiral Simons is seen wearing the old version of the uniform seen in previous seasons.

The shot of the monitor in HD.
The wall decoration behind the admiral first appeared in the hearing room in last season's "The First Duty". It was also seen in Kamin's home in "The Inner Light".
"The First Duty"

"The Inner Light"

The shot of the desktop monitor was created all the way back in the first season where it first appeared in "The Battle".
Variations of the TNG Desktop Monitor

When the Admiral is first seen on the desktop monitor, new footage was filmed with the then current version of the desktop monitor. When Picard moves the monitor around so it faces him, the old footage from season 1 was used, so the desktop monitor changes appearance in the middle of the scene.

"The Battle"

"Realm of Fear"
When Worf's was last seen teaching mok'bara in the gym, the room looked a little different and featured special green and orange mats.
A look at the set in HD.
Though Riker's PADD is supposed to contain a crew evaluation report, it does not seem to feature any proper text. The prop in an HD close-up.
The small medical console Crusher is seen using here was first seen in "The Inner Light". This is a rare console that features a small live monitor.
"The Inner Light"
The props in HD.
Small medical containers like the one seen on the left here have been in use since the first season of TNG. The technicians that came on board in "11001001" carried similar cases, another cases of this type was seen a little earlier in the episode.
The glow of these two stones was added in post production. The effect was redone for TNG-R.
The mirror in Troi's quarters is covered with a black, non-reflective material in this episode, most likely to hide the reflection of camera equipment. In season 5, the mirror was usually covered with a material that made the glass opaque, but not completely black, like here.
"Cause and Effect"
The mirror is still black in TNG-R.
This is the second time the morgue appears on TNG. When it first appeared in "Night Terrors", the set was a redress of the shuttlebay. Here, the morgue is a redress of the "aft" section of the junior officers' quarters. This section of the set also appeared as a medical room in "Ethics". Some of the walls in the morgue feature illuminated hatches behind which more bodies can be stored. Those hatches were originally created for the morgue seen in "Violations" and will be re-used in later TNG and VOY episodes featuring the morgue.
Morgue floorplan

The set in HD.

"Night Terrors"



VOY: "Before and After"

The large bed on which the late Maylor is resting was originally created as a cloning unit used on Mariposa in "Up the Long Ladder". It also appeared as an emergency biosupport unit in "Transfigurations" and a biobed in "The Best of Both Worlds II" and "Ethics".
"Up the Long Ladder"

"The Best of Both Worlds II"


The reflection of a microphone boom can be seen in Alkar's desktop monitor. We can still see the reflection on the monitor in TNG-R.
Just like the mirror in Troi's quarters, the mirror in Ves Alkar's guest quarters is covered with a dull black material making it effectively useless. The mirror is still black in TNG-R.
According to the script of the episode, one of the monitors in the observation lounge displays a map of an unidentified location on Rekag-Seronia. The graphics in HD.
Though they are sometimes seen in main engineering (usually in the chief engineer's office), chairs are rarely used around the "pool table". A look at the pool table in HD.
The transporter biofilter log seen in this shot is noticeably blurry. The medical tricorder can also be seen well in this shot. The graphic was reconstructed for TNG-R.
The risqué dress Troi wears in this scene in Ten Forward was originally worn by one of Omag's girls in "Unification II".
"Unification II"
Troi's dress in HD.
Riker certainly bled a lot in season 6. This year, Crusher needed to remove scars and stop bleeding in several episodes, like "Frame of Mind" and "Timescape". In each of the three episodes, Crusher used a different medical tool to heal the wounds, though the same pink glow was added in post production every time.
"Frame of Mind"

The device in HD.

The side entry to Crusher's sickbay office is rarely seen. This is the only time the door is seen opened. Filming equipment can be seen in the doorway near the left frame of the screenshot.

Even the door is standing wide open, the swoosh of an opening door is heard when Riker and Crusher leave her office at the end of the scene.

"We'll Always Have Paris"

"Identity Crisis"
The scene in HD.
Normally, the vertical blinds behind the windows in Crusher's sickbay office are closed. They are seen opened in only three episodes, "Encounter at Farpoint", "The Quality of Life" and this episode. In the latter two episodes, a short corridor (created using the corridor extension first seen near main engineering in "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" and last used aboard the USS Enterprise-D in the pilot episode) can be seen behind the window. In "Encounter at Farpoint", however, the stars are seen behind the window. In the first two Star Trek films, a different, short corridor (actually a continuation of the side entry to the transporter room) is seen behind the sickbay windows.
The Corridor from the Transporter Room to Sickbay

"Star Trek I"

"Encounter at Farpoint"
The blinds (and the corridor behind it) in HD.

"Star Trek I"

"Encounter at Farpoint"

"Star Trek II"

"The Quality of Life"
This is one of the rare cases where the transporter room is filmed from the perspective of the transporter platform. Similar shots appear in "Q Who", "Manhunt" and "The Ensigns of Command".
"Q Who"

"The Ensigns of Command"
The transporter platform in TNG-R.

Filming equipment is seen in the corridor behind Troi when she attacks Picard. The equipment is still visible in the remastered episode.
The knife Troi wants to use to stab Picard is the same knife given to the Captain by Dathon in "Darmok".
The knife in HD.
Due to the low angle of this shot, we can take a look at what's underneath the transporter platform for the first time. The transporter platform in HD.
Troi is struggling to move underneath the restricting force field. The sickbay scene in HD.
The large console next to Nurse Ogawa first appeared in the brig in "The Hunted".
"The Hunted"
"Man of the People" is one of two episodes (the other one being "Who Watches the Watchers") in which we get a really good look at the Constellation-class model in Picard's ready room. Here, the aft section of the ship is seen really well.
"Who Watches the Watchers"
A good look at the model in HD.
The USS Enterprise-D in orbit of Rekag-Seronia. The planet is a re-use of Tarchannen III, seen in "Identity Crisis". It appeared as several other planets over the course of the series.
Re-Used Planets in TNG
A new planet was created for TNG-R. It does not appear to be the same as in TNG-R: "Identity Crisis".
The mural or wall relief featuring circles and lines previously appeared at one end of the Farpoint Station shopping mall in "Encounter at Farpoint", on Rubicun III in "Justice" and in "Loud as a Whisper" in Riva's hall on Ramatis III.
"Encounter at Farpoint HD"

"Loud as a Whisper"
No changes

"Justice HD"
An interesting Seronian sculpture (seen better a little later in the episode) can be seen behind Picard in this scene. The sculpture in HD.
The Seronian guards wear Talarian uniforms, seen in "Suddenly Human".
"Suddenly Human"
The guards in HD.
The guards wield pistols originally created for the Rutians in "The High Ground". The same pistols are re-used countless times in various Star Trek episodes. They are also used by the Tilonians in "Frame of Mind", for example.
"The High Ground"

"Frame of Mind"
The Seronian sculpture in the antechamber can be seen in its entirety in this shot. The round window in the background will reappear in the Arkaria Base lounge in "Starship Mine".
"Starship Mine"
A look at the set in HD.

Several background Seronians wear costumes created for guest stars in earlier episodes. The woman in the foreground wears one of Toby Russell's costumes from "Ethics".

The man at the center of the screenshots wears B'tardat's costume from "Half a Life".

The pink dress worn by the woman in the background was created for Dr. Kila Marr and seen in "Silicon Avatar".

The Seronian on the right wears Sabin Genestra's costume from "The Drumhead".


"Silicon Avatar"
The costumes in HD.

"Half a Life"

"The Drumhead"
The medical console on the right displays a graphic of the Psi 2000 virus created for "The Naked Now". The monitor was originally seen in the brig in "Déjà Q" and was last seen in sickbay in "Realm of Fear".
"The Naked Now" HD

"Déjà Q"
The consoles in HD.

"Realm of Fear"
The two wall consoles close to the biobeds in sickbay now also feature medical caducei. In previous seasons, this area of the consoles was bare.
"Imaginary Friend"
The two-part cortical stimulator seen on Troi's forehead previously appeared in the season 5 episode "Ethics".
The props in HD.
The medical scanner Crusher uses in this shot looks noticeably anachronistic. It seems an existing 20th century device was modified to appear as a 24th century prop.
Troi slowly regains her youth in this sequence. The first three screenshots are taken from a scene in which stills of Marina Sirtis, wearing different make-ups, were slowly morphed into each other in post production. The graphic of a brain seen in the fourth screenshot is similar to a graphic displayed on the large sickbay monitor in "Realm of Fear".
"Realm of Fear"
Troi's transformation in HD.
The consoles hanging from the ceiling in the last sickbay scene in this episode were originally created for the future sickbay seen in "Future Imperfect". So far, these monitors had only appeared in that episode. Back then, they featured small mirrors which were covered for this re-use.
"Future Imperfect"
The sickbay ceiling in HD.
The USS Enterprise-D leaves orbit of Rekag-Seronia.
Enterprise Flybys in TNG and TNG-R
A CG model was used to replace the missing original footage.
In this screenshot, Rekag-Seronia can be seen unobstructed by the USS Enterprise-D, as the ship leaves orbit of the planet. The new planet in HD.


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