Observations in TNG: "Tapestry"

A joint project with TrekCore, by Jörg Hillebrand and Bernd Schneider

Here are some observations about sets, props and visual effects in TNG: "Tapestry" without a specific theme, and a comparison of the original TV release (TNG) with the remastered episode (TNG-R).

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This nice wide shot of sickbay gives a good idea of what this part of the set looked like in season 6. This is one of the few episodes in which the door next to the large sickbay monitor is seen open, the others being "The Bonding", "Night Terrors" (in which the door leads to the morgue), "The Game" and "Realm of Fear".

The three trolleys (each with three levels and three casters) are Boby taborets originally designed by Joe Colombo. They could be seen on Regula II in "Star Trek II" and would also appear many years later, in the sickbay of the USS Discovery.
Present-Day Devices as Props

"The Bonding"

"The Game"
A better look at sickbay in HD.

"Night Terrors"

"Realm of Fear HD
The large blue medical console first appeared in the tactical lab in "The Emissary".
"The Emissary" HD
The console in HD.
Picard's artificial heart was last seen, immersed in a liquid, in "Samaritan Snare".
"Samaritan Snare" HD
Picard's heart in HD.
While young Picard fights the Nausicaans, the wig of one of the stuntmen famously falls off. The mishap is still the same in the remastered version.

Picard's room at Starbase Earhart shows some similarities to Wesley's room at Starfleet Academy in "The First Duty", as several set pieces were re-used for this episode.

The set contained at least three different models of black fighter planes. One can barely be made out on the shelf in the background in the first screenshot. The two other models can be seen in the second and third screenshots. The model on the right is clearly a B-2 Spirit. It was likely rented from Modern Props. The other two aircraft could not be identified so far. The large shelf behind Picard's friends was previously seen in Wesley's quarters in "The First Duty".

"The First Duty"
Ensign Picard's quarters in HD.
Apart from the aforementioned fighter models, a large spaceship model is also seen in Picard's quarters, seen on the left in this screenshot. This model originally appeared as the Malcorian warp ship in "First Contact".
Alpha and Beta Quadrant Ships L-R

"First Contact" HD

The Bonestell Recreation Facility features several decorative elements normally associated with the Klingons. The wall draping seen on the left of the first screenshot was originally seen in K'mpec's quarters aboard his ship in "Reunion". It was also seen on Gowron's ship in "Redemption I".

The second screenshot features several glavins, originally created for the Ligonians in "Code of Honor". In later episodes, like "Reunion", Worf kept a glavin in his quarters.

The Klingon shield seen in the third shot originally appeared in a Klingon bar in "Redemption II" but will later be seen in Worf's quarters in "Parallels".

"Reunion" HD

Close-ups of the Klingon decoration in HD.

"Redemption II"

Some of the coins seen on the dom-jot table in the foreground would later go on to make an appearance as Mari renns (the currency on their homeworld) in "Random Thoughts".
The Thieves of the Delta Quadrant

VOY: "Random Thoughts"
The dom-jot table in HD.
Standing peacefully next to each other are an Antican and a Selay from the first season episode "Lonely Among Us". In that episode, the two alien species were still very much at odds.
"Lonely Among Us" HD

"Lonely Among Us" HD
The two aliens in HD.
The Bonestell Recreation Facility, the dom-jot table and alien coins can be seen rather well in this screenshot. There also seems to be some floor marking on the ground on the right. The view of the bar in HD.

Members of this alien species, nicknamed "tailhead" by the make-up department, wearing the same costume, often appeared on the promenade in various DS9 episodes.

The alien in the background was also seen in several DS9 episodes. His make-up and his costume were originally created for the Promellians, seen in "Booby Trap".

"Booby Trap"

DS9: "Captive Pursuit"
The aliens in HD.

"Booby Trap"

DS9: "The Storyteller"
Why are the two spectators in the foreground kneeling? Oh - so that the camera gets a good view at the dom-jot table... ;-) No changes

The windows in Picard's quarters at Starbase Earhart are the same as the windows in Wesley's cadet quarters in "The First Duty".

The aft and front section of the starship model in Picard's quarters can also be seen on the second and the third cap.

"The First Duty" HD
No changes
Another look at the aircraft models in Picard's quarters. The ship on the left remains unidentified so far. The model on the left is a design study for a stealth fighter with the tentative designation "F-19". The model could be rented from Modern Props until the company closed down in 2019.
This daytime shot of the Bonestell Recreation Facility reveals that a Klingon tapestry and glavins were also affixed to the wall on the right side of the bar. The shot in HD.
Marta's quarters at Starbase Earhart offer the same view as Picard's quarters, seen earlier in the episode. The buildings seen through the window and the backdrop were originally created for the 1976 film "Logan's Run".
"Logan's Run"
The quarters in HD.

"Logan's Run"
The buck-toothed alien seen at the bar here is another frequent patron of DS9's promenade and Quark's.
DS9: "Duet"
The alien in HD.
Not only the decoration but also the cups and plates are noticeably Klingon in the Bonestell Recreation Facility.
"A Matter of Honor" HD
The Klingon mugs in HD.

The two LCARS graphics behind Data were already in place in "Face of the Enemy".

The graphic on the right was originally created for "Ménage à Troi".

"Face of the Enemy"

"Ménage à Troi"
The graphic in HD.
PADDS of the type Worf is holding in this shot were first seen in the season 3 episode "The Ensigns of Command". The PADD was last seen up close in "A Fistful of Datas". As can be seen, it still displays the same text here.
"A Fistful of Datas" HD

"The Ensigns of Command" HD
The PADD (and Lt. Jr. Grade Picard) in HD.
Filming equipment is reflected in the sickbay office window on the left in this shot. The reflection is still the same in TNG-R.
This episode features another good look at the small black pyramids on the Ten Forward tables. In real life, these props are small games produced by Bandai. The game in HD.
The PADD held by the unnamed crewmember in this shot was originally created for "The First Duty". It was seen in several season 6 and 7 episodes, still displaying exactly the same text.
"The First Duty"
The PADD in HD.
The Nausicaan sword that Picard is stabbed with is similar in design to the knife used by the Chalnoth Esoqq in "Allegiance". The Nausicaan sword is longer, however.
"Allegiance" HD
The knife in HD.


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