Commercially Available Chairs in Star Trek

by Tadeo D'Oria, Eno Farley, Bernd Schneider and Jörg Hillebrand

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Countless off-the-shelf office chairs, lounge chairs or car seats appeared in Star Trek productions. Here is a list of the models that we found, among them many design classics.

See also a list of unidentified chairs and help us track their origin.


Lounge Seating

Product photoChair nameSeen inScreen capsComments
A1155 Accent Chair
  • Admiral Clancy's office

PIC: "Maps and Legends"
Available at House of Denmark.
Armondo Loveseat
  • Titan-A crew quarters

PIC: "Seventeen Seconds"
Available at Zuri Furniture.

Artifort F300
  • Earth Spacedock lounge
  • Enterprise-D quarters

"Star Trek: The Search for Spock"

TNG: "The Naked Now"

TNG: "Too Short a Season"

This chair was designed by Pierre Paulin for Artifort in 1967.

In Tasha's quarters in TNG: "The Naked Now" we can see an Artifort F300 with a red standard cover. The seat covers of the chairs in guest quarters seen later in the series were probably custom-made, to blend into the pastel color palette of the set design.

Artifort F549 Tulip Midi
  • Enterprise-D quarters
  • Enterprise-D sickbay office
  • Vissian ship

TNG: "The Loss"

ENT: "Cogenitor"

This chair was designed by Pierre Paulin for Artifort in 1960.

Troi's chair probably has a custom-made cover so the color matches the other furniture.

Artifort F582 Ribbon Chair
  • Stratos, Ardana

TOS: "The Cloud Minders"
The F582 or Ribbon Chair was designed by Pierre Paulin for Artifort in the 1960's. It comes in many different colors.
Artifort F598 Groovy
  • Enterprise-D quarters
  • Enterprise-D lounges

TNG: "Haven"

TNG: "Liaisons"
This chair was designed by Pierre Paulin for Artifort in the 1960's.
Balzo sofa set
  • Starling's office

VOY: "Future's End I"
Designed by Massimo Iosa Ghini for Moroso in 1987.
Barcelona Chair
  • Admiral Janeway's apartment (alternate future)

VOY: "Endgame"
Designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1929.
Brigadier Sofa
  • Voyager mess hall

VOY: "11:59"
Designed by Cini Boeri for Knoll in 1977.
Bubble Chair
  • Aenar city

ENT: "The Aenar"
Designed by Christian Daninos for Laroche in 1968.
Cardona Swivel Lounge Chair
  • SNW-Enterprise ready room

SNW: "A Quality of Mercy"
Cardona is manufactured by Sunpan. It seems the red variation is not commercially available.
Chadwick Modular Sofa
  • Spock's quarters on the DIS-Enterprise

DIS: "Brother"

Designed by Don Chadwick for Herman Miller.

Similar modular sofas can be seen in Counselor Troi's office on the Enterprise-D and in Voyager's ready room, but those two are of a different type.

Chromcraft Sculpta Unicorn
  • Deep Space K-7
  • Sigma Draconis VI
  • The Burnhams' lab

TOS: "The Trouble with Tribbles"

TOS: "Spock's Brain"

DIS: "Perpetual Infinity"
This chair from the 1960's is often attributed to Vladimir Kagan, but he didn't work for Chromcraft. Kagan actually designed the Unicorn Chair with its similar looking base.
ClassiCon Bibendum
  • Worf's quarters
  • Crusher's quarters
  • Voyager crew quarters
  • Vissian ship

TNG: "A Fistful of Datas"

TNG: "Suspicions"

Designed by Eileen Gray for ClassiCon in 1929. This chair is named for the Michelin mascot (the Tyre Man) - an obvious choice.

It seems Worf is very fond of classic designer chairs. While he is sitting on the Bibendum, we can see the Stokke Globe Garden by Peter Opsvik in the background.

Cobra Pipeline Sofa
  • Stardust City Reproductive Health Services

PIC: "Stardust City Rag"
Designed by Johannes Foersom & Peter Hiort-Lorenzen for Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik in 1986.
Corona Chair
  • Sikla Medical Facility on Malcor III
  • Stardust City Reproductive Health Services

TNG: "First Contact"

PIC: "Stardust City Rag"
Designed by Poul Volther in 1964.
Directional Lounge Chair
  • Enterprise-D quarters
  • Enterprise-E quarters
  • Admiral Freeman's apartment

TNG: "The Battle"

TNG: "Half a Life"

LOW: "Grounded"
Designed by Vladimir Kagan in the 1970's and apparently not produced any longer.
DS-1025 Terrazza
  • Sneed's place on M'Ttalas Prime
  • 32nd century Federation Headquarters

PIC: "Disengage"

DIS: "Jinaal"
This sofa is available from de Sede, Switzerland.
EJ6 Ø-Chair
  • Starbase 173

TNG: "The Measure of a Man"
Designed by Torben Skov for Erik Jørgensen in 1986.
Elda Lounge Chair
  • Romulan commander's room on D7

TOS: "The Enterprise Incident"

The chair was designed by Joe Colombo in 1963.

Colombo also designed the Boby Taboret, which can be seen in several Star Trek productions as a medical or engineering tool cart.

Field Lounge Chair
  • SNW-Enterprise crew quarters

SNW: "Ghosts of Illyria"
Manufactured by Blu Dot, an American furniture and home goods company.
Floating Sofa
by William Andrus
  • SS Eleos bridge

PIC: "The Next Generation"

Designed by William Andrus for Steelcase around 1970. Made of fiberglass with a transparent base.

The sofa in PIC was newly upholstered. The matching chair was also present on the Eleos but never clearly visible.

Harp Chair
  • Spock's quarters on the Enterprise-A

"Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country"
The harp chair was designed by Jorgen Hovelskov in Denmark in 1963.
hm85 Solo
  • Admiral Pike's office

"Star Trek Into Darkness"
Designed by Simon Pengelly for Hitch Mylius. This chair comes in different variants, without and with headrest, with legs or with a swivel base.
Human Being Chair
  • Aenar city

ENT: "The Aenar"
Designed by Pascal Bauer and Gigi Rigamonti for Sturm und Plastic in 2004.
Kilkis Chair
  • Silaran Prin's hiding place

DS9: "The Darkness and the Light"
Designed by Titina Ammannati & Giampiero Vitelli for Brunati in 1985. Indeed, this chair looks totally 80's!

LC2 Petit Confort Sofa & Armchair
  • Libby's apartment in San Francisco (alternate reality)

VOY: "Non Sequitur"
The three-seater and the matching armchair (which can be briefly glimpsed in Libby's apartment too) were designed by Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand in 1928.
Lincoln Lounge Chair
  • Discovery crew quarters

DIS: "The Red Angel"
These lounge chairs are available from the Canadian company Sunpan.
Lobster Chair
  • Discovery ready room

DIS: "New Eden"
Designed by Oluf Lund and Eva Paarmann in 2008, produced by Bruunmuch.
Madison Dimension 2400
  • Original Enterprise captain's chair

TOS: "Wink of an Eye"

The chair was designed by Arthur Umanoff in th 1950's.

It was heavily modified and extended for the captain's chair, but the original armrests are still visible.

Madison Swivel Chair
  • Captain Pike's quarters on the Enterprise

"The Cage"
Also designed by Arthur Umanoff, this chair belongs to a similar line as the Dimension lounge chair above.
Mayan Sofa
  • Enterprise-D crew lounge

TNG: "Hide and Q"
Designed by Harvey Probber in 1983.
Meridiana Chair
  • Coppelius Station

PIC: "Et in Arcadia Ego II"
Designed by Christophe Pillet for Driade in 2004.
Model 248
  • Cochrane's house

TOS: "Metamorphosis"
Designed by Clement Meadmore in 1963. As the user sinks into the seat, the steel edges of the seat are meant to serve as armrests.
Model 576
  • Sam Kirk's home on Deneva

TOS: "Operation - Annihilate!"
Designed by Lawrence Peabody for Selig in the 1960's.
Modern Sectional Sofa
  • Enterprise-D crew quarters
  • Enterprise-D lounges
  • Prometheus crew quarters
  • Voyager crew quarters

TNG: "The Neutral Zone"

DS9: "Second Sight"

VOY: "Persistence of Vision"
This sofa was sold by Preview and is often attributed to Vladimir Kagan, although he may not be the actual designer. It appears that it usually came as a six-piece set as depicted in the leftmost column.
Modesty Veiled Armchair
  • 32nd century Federation Headquarters

DIS: "Jinaal"
Designed by Italo Rota for Driade.
Mushroom Chair
  • Enterprise-D quarters
  • Enterprise-E quarters

TNG: "The Naked Now"

TNG: "Ménage à Troi"

Designed by Pierre Paulin.

It seems a metallic ring was added as a new base for these chairs when they appeared on TNG, so they would be taller.

Nautilus Chair
  • Yanas Tigan's house

DS9: "Prodigal Daughter"
Designed by Vladimir Kagan for Directional, ca. 1970's.
Optima Chair
  • Scotty's quarters on the Enterprise-D

TNG: "Relics"
Designed by Ingmar Relling for Westnova in 1988.
Ox Chair
  • Dr. Soong's lab
  • Annorax's weapon ship

TNG: "Brothers"

VOY: "Year of Hell I"
Designed by Hans Wegner for AP Stolen, ca. 1960.
Pearson International Airport Lounge Chair
  • SNW-Enterprise crew quarters

SNW: "Spock Amok"
Designed by Stefan Siwinski in 1964 for Pearson International Airport in Toronto.
Platner Arm Chair
  • Eminiar VII
  • Counselor Troi's office on the Enterprise-D

TOS: "A Taste of Armageddon"

TNG: "The Icarus Factor"

Designed by Warren Platner for Knoll in 1966.

The chair in Troi's office (with a custom cover to match with the sofa) will later be replaced with the Artifort F549.

Platner Lounge Chair
  • Eminiar VII
  • Counselor Troi's office on the Enterprise-D

TOS: "A Taste of Armageddon"

TNG: "The Icarus Factor"

Designed by Warren Platner for Knoll in 1966.

It seems that both Platner chairs always appear together on Star Trek.

President Lounge Chair 265
  • Kirk's apartment

"Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan"
This chair was designed by Steen Ostergaard for Cado in 1968.
Prosim Sedni Lounge Chair
  • Mirror Terok Nor

DS9: "Crossover"
Designed by Borek Sipek for Driade in 1987.
Prosim Sni Chaise
  • Mirror Terok Nor

DS9: "Crossover"

DS9: "Through the Looking Glass"
Designed by Borek Sipek for Driade in 1987.
Ribbon Chair
by Steve Leonard
  • Data's quarters on the Enterprise-D
  • Voyager ready room
  • Trip's quarters on Enterprise NX-01

TNG: "Silicon Avatar"

TNG: "The Offspring"

VOY: "Scientific Method"

Designed by Steve Leonard for Brayton International in the 1970's.

We can see two different colors in Data's quarters: greenish and brownish. A leather variation appears on Voyager and Enterprise.

Rocking Chaise
by Milo Baughman
  • Enterprise-D crew quarters

TNG: "The Vengeance Factor"
Milo Baughman is a prolific designer, who designed several rocking chaises. This particular rounded model, however, is rather hard to find.
Serpentine Sectional
  • Counselor Troi's office on the Enterprise-D
  • Voyager ready room

TNG: "The Loss"

VOY: "The Q and the Grey"

The cross-section and the missing gap between the seat and the backrest points to this being the Serpentine Sectional by Milo Baughman, and not a similar type designed by Don Chadwick for Herman Miller.

Like other pieces of furniture in Troi's office, her sofa must have received a custom cover in a matching color.

Sancarlo Armchair
  • Enterprise-D crew quarters

TNG: "The Dauphin"
Designed by Achille Castiglioni for Driade in 1982.
Tongue Chair
  • Sneed's place on M'Ttalas Prime

PIC: "Disengage"

We previously mistook this for the Smile Chair by Marcello Ziliania from 2007. But the actual design in the PIC episode is the older Tongue Chair by Jaymar Furniture from the 1980's, which can be identified because of its thin wide armrests.

Star Trek Chair
  • Torres/Paris quarters

VOY: "Memorial"
Designed by Robert Lazzeroni for Ceccotti in 1994. The Voyager production designers created a deep in-joke by choosing this chair as set dressing.
Stokke Ekstrem
  • Ocampa homeworld

VOY: "Caretaker"
This eccentric (but purportedly comfortable) chair was designed by Terje Ekstrom in 1972 but not produced until the early 80's.
Stokke Globe Garden
  • Tarellian ship
  • Worf's quarters
  • Tulgana IV

TNG: "Haven"

TNG: "Family"

LOW: "Reflections"
This very unconventional piece of furniture is often referred to as "Opsvik chair", after its designer Peter Opsvik. He designed this now iconic chair with the goal "to demolish the stereotypical ideal of the proper sitting posture".
  • Ten Forward
  • Enterprise-D crew quarters
  • Starbase 173
  • Voyager crew quarters

TNG: "Q Who"

TNG: "The Survivors"

TNG: "Imaginary Friend"

TNG: "The Measure of a Man"

VOY: "Memorial"
Although the chairs in Ten Forward are sometimes attributed to Jan Ekselius, they are a later, similar design by Paul Boulva for Artopex. The taller chairs, with or without armrests, are called "Suspens".
  • Ten Forward
  • Voyager mess hall

TNG: "The Game"

VOY: "Mortal Coil"
The lower variation of the chairs in Ten Forward by Paul Boulva, with or without armrests, are called "Suspension".
Swan Chair
  • 32nd century Federation Council

DIS: "Jinaal"
Designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958.
Swivel Lounge Chair
by Milo Baughman
  • Kirk's apartment

"Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan"
Designed by Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin some time in the 1970's.
Swivel Rocker Club Chair
by Milo Baughman
  • Planet Q

TOS: "The Conscience of the King"
Designed by Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin some time in the 1960's.
Tatlin Spiral Sofa
  • Kivas Fajo's collection room

TNG: "The Most Toys"
This sofa was designed by Mario Cananzi and Roberto Semprini in 1989. It is based on the Tatlin tower by the eponymous Russian artist, a monument that was never actually erected.
Tucker Chair
  • Tekeny Ghemor's house
  • Dinaal hospital

DS9: "Second Skin"

VOY: "Critical Care"

Designed by Michael Wolk some time in the 1990's.

Turner Chair
  • Enterprise-D guest quarters

TNG: "Haven"

Designed by Dutch designer Jack Crebolder for Harvink in 1982. Only 1000 original chairs were ever manufactured.

This chair also appears in the Big Bang Theory Episode "The Relaxation Integration". It could be rented from Modern Props: "Cantilevered, harlequin-style, easy chair is upholstered in white vinyl."

Vitra Park Swivel Armchair
  • Admiral Pike's office

"Star Trek Into Darkness"
Designed by Jasper Morrison in 2004. The swivel base and the overall proportions in the movie are a match. But the stock chair should have separate cushions. Perhaps it was newly upholstered?
Willow Chair
  • Ligon II
  • Angosia III
  • Tarquin's planet

TNG: "Code of Honor"

TNG: "The Hunted"

ENT: "Exile"
Designed by the prolific Charles Rennie Mackintosh in 1904.
Yield Swivel Chair
  • Admiral Clancy's office

PIC: "Maps and Legends"
Available under different brand names. The matching sofa can also be seen in Clancy's office.


Dining Chairs

Product photoChair nameSeen inScreen capsComments
Africa Armchair
  • Starbase 1

SNW: "Spock Amok"
Designed by Eugeni Quitllet for Vondom.
Argyle Chair
  • Ventax II
  • Kai Winn's office
  • Tarquin's planet
  • T'Pring's home on Vulcan

TNG: "Devil's Due"

DS9: "Shakaar"

ENT: "Exile"

SNW: "Strange New Worlds"
This chair was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh in 1897 and is still produced today.
Arrben chrome & faux leather chair
  • Starbase 375
  • Enterprise-E ready room

DS9: "A Time to Stand"

"Star Trek: Insurrection"
This typical chair design of the 80's was fabricated by the Italian company Arrben.
Brno Chair
  • Starling's office

VOY: "Future's End I"
Designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe for the private Tugendhat House in Brno (Brünn), Czechoslovakia, in 1930.
Brutalist dining chair
by Adrian Pearsall
  • Vulcan High Command

ENT: "Awakening"
Designed by Adrian Pearsall for Craft Associates, ca. 1970's.
Burke 115
  • Original Enterprise bridge
  • Original Enterprise briefing room
  • Original Enterprise recreation room
  • Original Enterprise crew quarters
  • Starbase 11
  • USS Tsiolkovsky
  • Atlec ship
  • DIS-Enterprise bridge

TOS: "This Side of Paradise"

TOS: "Mudd's Women"

TNG: "The Naked Now"

TNG: "The Outrageous Okona"

The chair was designed by Maurice Burke for Arkana and is based on a chair by Eero Saarinen from the 1950's, the Tulip Chair.

The original Tulip Chair commonly comes with a round base, unlike the types that appeared in Star Trek. For the series, the chairs were heavily modified, with a backrest extension and additional triangular details on the backrest.

Burke 116
  • Enterprise crew quarters
  • Enterprise sickbay office
  • Starbase 11
  • USS Tsiolkovsky

TOS: "Is There in Truth No Beauty?"

TNG: "The Naked Now"

This is another variation of the Burke chair.

It appears somewhat less frequently in Star Trek than the Burke 115. This model too was heavily modified, with a new backrest added.

Cado Cantilever 290
  • Earth Spacedock lounge

"Star Trek: The Search for Spock"
This chair was designed by Steen Ostergaard in 1966.
Cassina LC7
  • Rutia IV
  • Moab IV
  • Starfleet Academy cadet's quarters

TNG: "The Masterpiece Society"

TNG: "The First Duty"
Designed by Charlotte Perriand in 1927.
Costes Chair
  • Ren's house on Banean homeworld
  • DS9 crew quarters

VOY: "Ex Post Facto"

DS9: "The Way of the Warrior I"
Designed by the very prolific Philippe Starck for Driade in 1984.
Dimple Closed Shell Chair
  • Discovery mess hall

DIS: "Context is for Kings"

Designed by Gino Lemson for Kubikoff as part of the Angel Contract line, this chair comes in many color variations.

This model appears in the Discovery mess hall addition to the black/white Gakko Slide Chair. It bears a certain similarity to the K-7 bar chair of TOS.

Dining chair
by Anna Castelli Ferrieri
  • Riker's quarters on the Enterprise-D
  • Utopia Planitia simulation

TNG: "Time Squared"

TNG: "Booby Trap"

Designed by Anna Castelli Ferrieri for Kartell, ca. 1981.

Dining chair (I)
by Constantini Pietro
  • Chancellor's office on Malcor III

TNG: "First Contact"
Constantini Pietro is an Italian furniture company and produced this chair some time in the 1980's. A variation without the armrest appears to be more widespread.
Dining chair (II)
by Constantini Pietro
  • Quark's quarters

DS9: "Profit and Lace"
Constantini Pietro also produced this chair some time in the 1980's.
Dining chair
by Robert Josten
  • Deep Space 9 guest quarters
  • Farius Prime bar
  • 602 Bar
  • Klingon Bird-of-Prey

DS9: "Honor Among Thieves"

ENT: "First Flight"

ENT: "Cold Station 12"
Robert Josten designed these chairs with the split aluminium backrest some time in the 1970's.
Dr. Glob Chair
  • Carraya IV prison camp
  • Enterprise-D science lab
  • Ronara Prime colony

TNG: "Birthright II"

TNG: "Preemptive Strike"
Designed by Philippe Starck for Kartell in 1988.
Ed Archer Chair
  • Admiral Janeway's apartment (alternate future)
  • Commodore Forrest's office

VOY: "Endgame"

ENT: "First Flight"
Designed by Philippe Starck for Driade in 1987.
Egyptian Revival Chair
  • Jupiter Station

VOY: "Life Line"
Produced by Baker Furniture in the 1960's.
Emeco Navy Chair
  • Cochrane's bar in Montana
  • Nazi facility
  • Parnassus Beta

"Star Trek: First Contact"

ENT: "Stormfront I"

SNW: "Hegemony"

This chair was originally built for US Navy warships during World War II.

A similar chair with a more rounded backrest can be seen in "First Contact" as well, along with other types of aluminium chairs.

Most of the chairs in "Hegemony" have additional armrests.

Empty Chair
  • Risa
  • Holographic family home
  • Kyana Prime
  • Species 8472 simulation of Earth
  • Varro ship

VOY: "Real Life"

VOY: "Year of Hell II"

VOY: "The Disease"
Designed by Ron Arad for Driade in 1994, together with the matching Fly Ply Table that doesn't appear in the episodes.
Faceted Form Chair
  • Deep Space K-7
  • ECS Horizon quarters
  • Defiant quarters (ENT: "In a Mirror, Darkly")

TOS: "The Trouble with Tribbles"

DS9: "Trials and Tribble-ations"

ENT: "Horizon"

Designed by Paul McCobb in 1959, and also known as "Origami Chair".

According to David Gerrold's The Making of the Trouble with Tribbles, the chairs were then brand new, and there were only two per dealership in LA, so the show borrowed them all. For the fight scene, the director asked "What can I break?" and was told "NOT THE CHAIRS!" Supposedly, one chair sailed (gently) through the air, but otherwise they were off limits.

The chairs on DS9: "Trials and Tribble-ations" were actually casts of an original chair because they were too difficult to find in the needed numbers. The subsequent two appearances on ENT were probably these replica chairs. Note that both the original chair of TOS and the reconstruction has a frame with crossed legs, which seems to be an unusual feature. We only found the variant with inverted U-shapes on the left and right.

Fasem P40
  • Narek's quarters on the Artifact

PIC: "The Impossible Box"
Designed by Giancarlo Vegni & Gianfranco Gualtierotti for Fasem, ca. 1980.
Fasem T38
  • Café des Artistes (holoprogram)

TNG: "We'll Always Have Paris"
Designed by Studio Archirivolto for Fasem, ca. 1980.
First Chair
  • Enterprise-D classroom

TNG: "Imaginary Friend"
Designed by Michele de Lucchi in 1983.
Follia Chair
  • Kiva's Fajo's collection
  • Yanas Tigan's house

TNG: "The Most Toys"

DS9: "Prodigal Daughter"
Designed by Giuseppe Terragni, an Italian architect and active fascist, in 1934.
Gakko Slide Chair
  • Discovery mess hall

DIS: "Choose Your Pain"
Only two tables are equipped with these "hero chairs". The other type of chairs in the mess hall is the Dimple Closed Shell Chair.
Hill House Chair
  • Tarquin's planet

ENT: "Exile"
Like the Argyle chair, this classic was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh.
IKEA Anima
  • Quark's Bar

DS9: "The Way of the Warrior"

DS9: "Blaze of Glory"
Designed by Tord Björklund.
IKEA Pajala
  • Sisko's Creole Kitchen
  • Ajilon Prime field hospital

DS9: "Homefront"

DS9: "Nor the Battle to the Strong"
These patio chairs (and the matching tables) were sold by IKEA in the 1990's. They were not very popular but are available on auction platforms.
Hannah Stack Chair
  • Florida (Trip's nightmare)

ENT: "The Xindi"
This stack chair was apparently produced by a company named Izzy.
J&J Kohn Nr. 728
  • Riker's quarters on the Enterprise-D
  • Hospital on Valakian homeworld

TNG: "Liaisons"

ENT: "Dear Doctor"

This model, also known as Fledermaus Chair, was designed by Josef Hoffmann in 1907.

The chairs show up at the poker table as late in as in season 7 and were probably painted for their appearance in the series.

Knoll Toledo
  • Cochrane's bar in Montana
  • Voyager crew quarters
  • Cosimo's in San Francisco (alternate reality)
  • Alien repair station

"Star Trek: First Contact"

VOY: "Before and After"

VOY: "Non Sequitur"

ENT: "Dead Stop"
Designed in 1986 by Jorge Pensi and produced by Amat3 for Knoll.
Landi Chair
  • Cochrane's bar in Montana
  • Rurigan's village

"Star Trek: First Contact"

DS9: "Shadowplay"
An early aluminium chair, designed by Swiss designer Hans Coray for P. and W. Blattmann Metallwarenfabrik in 1938.
Landscape Chair
  • NX-01 mess hall
  • NX-01 captain's dining room

ENT: "Fusion"
Designed by Ross Lovegrove and produced by Estel Group.
Lila Hunter Chair
  • Holographic family home

VOY: "Real Life"
Designed by Philippe Starck for XO in 1988.
Lusaka dining chair
  • Artifact recreation room

PIC: "The End is the Beginning"
Available at Unico Milano (and quite expensive despite the extremely simple design).
Metrik Cantilever Chair
  • Discovery ready room

DIS: "If Memory Serves"
The Metrik series is manufactured by Wilkhahn.
MR Cantilever Chair
  • Starling's office

VOY: "Future's End II"
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe designed this chair for the Weißenhofsiedlung project in 1927.
Oh Chair
  • Archer's home (alternate future)

ENT: "Twilight"
Designed by Karim Rashid in 1999.
Olly Tango Chair
  • Species 8472 simulation of Earth

VOY: "In the Flesh"

Designed by the very prolific Philippe Starck for Driade in 1994.

This chair was also produced with armrests. It is possible that at least one of the chairs in "In the Flesh" has armrests.

Organic Chair
  • Starfleet office
  • Xindi Council

DS9: "Paradise Lost"

ENT: "Proving Ground"
Designed by Luca and Paolo Giacomuzzi in the 1980's.
Panton Chair
  • Trialas IV colony

ENT: "Cold Station 12"
Designed by Verner Panton for Vitra in 1967.
Peanut Chair
  • Enara Prime (dream)

VOY: "Remember"
Designed by French designer Stephane Rondel, produced in 1991.
Papyrus Chair
  • Raffi's trailer

PIC: "The End is the Beginning"
Designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Kartell in 2008.
Revers Chair
  • Yanas Tigan's house

DS9: "Prodigal Daughter"
Designed by Andrea Branzi for Cassina in 1993.
Romantica Chair
  • Sikla Medical Facility on Malcor III
  • Dr. Soong's lab
  • Taresian homeworld
  • Krenim weapon ship crew lounge
  • Grat's office on Tandaran homeworld

TNG: "First Contact"

ENT: "Detained"
This chair was designed by Philippe Starck for Driade in 1987. It is made of aluminium with a riveted seat and doesn't actually look very romantic.
S44 Chair
  • Deep Space 9 courtroom

DS9: "Rules of Engagement"
Designed by Giancarlo Vegni & Gianfranco Gualtierotti for Fasem.
Series 7 Armchair
  • FCA office on Ferenginar

DS9: "Family Business"
Designed by Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen in 1955.
Side chair
by Robert Kjer Jakobsen
  • Loomis's apartment

ENT: "Carpenter Street"
Designed by Robert Kjer Jakobsen in the 1950's.
SS33 Chair
  • Starfleet Headquarters lounge

"Star Trek: The Search for Spock"
Designed by Anton Lorenz in the early 1930's.
Sylvie Chair
  • Enterprise-D crew quarters

TNG: "Eye of the Beholder"
This eccentric design was produced by R & Y Augousti. They very likely also provided the matching decoration visible in the same room.
  • Cochrane's house

TOS: "Metamorphosis"
Designed by William Katavolos, Douglas Kelley and Ross Littel for Laverne in 1952. Note the similarity to the Model 248 used in the same episode.
Velox Chair
  • Rutia IV

TNG: "The High Ground"
Designed by Massimo Iosa Ghini for Moroso in 1987.
Von Vogelsang Chair
  • Enterprise-D conference room

TNG: "Sarek"
Designed by Philippe Starck for Driade in 1985.



Product photoChair nameSeen inScreen capsComments
Bar stool
by Robert Josten
  • Captain Proton's rocket ship

VOY: "Bride of Chaotica!"

Robert Josten designed this stool, just like the very similar looking chair (see above).

The stool appears on the Captain Proton rocket ship both in VOY: "Night" and "Bride of Chaotica!".

Frenesí Bar Stool
  • Enterprise-D engineering
  • USS Voyager sickbay
  • Kim's office in San Francisco

TNG: "Galaxy's Child"

VOY: "Workforce I"
The Frenesí (Frenzy) Bar Stool was designed in 1984 by the design group Transatlàntic: Ramon Benedito, Lluìs Morillas and Josep Puig.
Jamaica Bar Stool
  • Cochrane's bar in Montana
  • Libby's apartment in San Francisco (alternate reality)
  • Jupiter Station

"Star Trek: First Contact"

VOY: "Non Sequitur"

VOY: "Life Line"
This bar stool was designed by Spanish designer Pepe Cortés for Knoll in 1991.
Jamaica Stool (low)
  • Arik Soong's cell

ENT: "The Augments"
This is a lower version of the Jamaica Stool (which was apparently available with and without casters).
Lem Stool
  • Starfleet Headquarters reception desk

PIC: "Maps and Legends"
Designed by Shin & Tomoko Azumi for Lapalma around 2000. This stool comes in several variations. The one in the PIC episode may be an older one, with a thicker column and with padding.
Lucite Bar Stool
  • Ten Forward

TNG: "Q Who"
Designed by Leon Frost for Lion in Frost.
Lucite Stool
  • Darwin Genetic Research Station

TNG: "Unnatural Selection"

TNG: "Unnatural Selection"
Designed in the 1970's and produced by Hill Manufacturing. There are two variations, a higher one with a footrest and a lower one without, both of which are visible in TNG: "Unnatural Selection".
Magis Bombo Stool
  • Krenim ship
  • Benthan ship
  • "USS Dauntless"
  • Varro ship
  • USS Relativity
  • Vaadwaur homeworld
  • Jupiter Station
  • Lokirrim ship
  • Kantare ship

VOY: "Hope and Fear"

VOY: "Life Line"

ENT: "Oasis"
Designed by Stefano Giovannoni for Magis in 1996.
Miura Bar Stool
  • SNW-Enterprise sickbay

SNW: "A Quality of Mercy"
Made of polypropylene, manufactured by Plank.
Paperclip Stool
  • Romulan engineering

TNG: "Timescape"
Designed by Hugh Hamilton & Philip Salmon for Kinetics (later manufactured by Amisco).
Platner Stool
  • Troi's office

TNG: "Hollow Pursuits"
Like the arm chair and the lounge chair further above, the stool was designed by Warren Platner for Knoll in 1966.
Prince Aha Stool
  • Species 8472 simulation of Earth

VOY: "In the Flesh"
Designed by the prolific Philippe Starck (whose seating is featured in many Trek episodes) for Kartell in 1996.
Real Good counter stool
  • Ten Forward simulation

PIC: "The Bounty"
Designed in 2007 and sold through Blu Dot.
Rocchetto Stool
  • Starfleet Headquarters lounge
  • Enterprise-D engineering
  • Gatherer ship
  • Ferengi Marauder

TNG: "Where No One Has Gone Before"

TNG: "Ménage à Troi"

Designed by brothers Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni for Kartell in the 1960's.

It is possible that Wesley's stool was extended with a custom-made tube.

Sarapis Stool
  • Kazon conference room

VOY: "Alliances"
Designed by the very prolific Philippe Starck for Driade in 1986.
Sequoia Stool
  • Emerald Chain lab

DIS: "The Galactic Barrier"
Designed by Torbjørn Anderssen & Espen Voll for Magis S.p.A in 2017.
Stokke Barstool
  • Tarellian ship
  • Alexander's room

TNG: "Haven"

TNG: "A Fistful of Datas"
Like the more famous Globe Garden further above, this chair too was designed by Peter Opsvik and produced by Stokke around 1985. Curiously, we can find both variations both on the Tarellian ship and in Worf's quarters.
Thinline stool
  • Sigma Draconis VI

TOS: "Spock's Brain"
Produced by Thinline in the style of Eero Saarinen's tulip stool. Unlike a similar Maurice Burke design for Arkana, the edge of the wider round base of the Thinline stool has an additional fold.
Tubular Stool
  • Custodian room on Aldea

TNG: "When the Bough Breaks"
This stool was produced by Amisco in the 1980's.


Office Chairs

Product photoChair nameSeen inScreen capsComments
Arper Aston
  • Starbase 1 conference room
  • USS Stargazer conference lounge

SNW: "Spock Amok"

PIC: "The Star Gazer"

Designed by Jean-Marie Massaud in 2006. The chair is highly configurable but doesn't feature a hole in the backrest (and definitely no Starfleet branding) like in Picard.

We previously thought the Starbase 1 chair was Ray Soft, designed by Jehs + Laub for Brunner, which is almost identical in size and shape, except that there is no gap between the armrest and the seat like it is visible in the episode. Also, the swivel base is perfect match with Aston, rather than with Ray Soft.

Canasta Swivel Chair
  • Brynner Information Systems

DS9: "Past Tense I"
Designed by Paolo Parigi for Heron Parigi in 1989.
Charlie Swivel Chair
  • Barclay's classroom

VOY: "Endgame"
Designed by Carlo Bimbi & Nilo Gioacchini for Segis.
Cobra Chair
  • Enterprise-D offices
  • Enterprise-D quarters
  • Voyager sickbay office

TNG: "New Ground"

VOY: "Latent Image"
Designed by Paul Boulva for Artopex in 1975.
Ergoform Workseat
  • Enterprise-D science lab
  • Jovis shuttlebay
  • Enterprise-A bridge
  • Enterprise-B bridge
  • Enterprise-D medical lab
  • Baran's bridge
  • USS Pasteur bridge
  • USS Prometheus bridge
  • USS Prometheus dining room
  • USS Raven bridge
  • "USS Dauntless" bridge
  • Varro ship
  • ECS Horizon bridge
  • Kumari ready room

TNG: "The Most Toys"

"Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country"

"Star Trek Generations"

TNG: "All Good Things"

VOY: "The Disease"

A US patent from Ergoform for a similar chair design points to them being the manufacturers. A document kept in the Thunder Bay Museum explicitly mentions a "Star Trek Chair (1989-1992)" by Ergoform Inc. This could mean the chair was designed specifically for Star Trek, or it is just an informal reference. The Thunder Bay Museum has one of the chairs in storage. There is also a brochure for the Ergoform Workchair, indicating that it may have been sold at some time.

The chair was decorated with a Starfleet emblem for "Star Trek Generations". It then appeared in many later Trek productions and became the probably most reused piece of furniture.

Fina Soft
  • Admiral Pike's office
  • Starfleet meeting room

"Star Trek Into Darkness"

"Star Trek Into Darkness"

Designed by Wolfgang C. R. Mezger for Brunner.

This chair is highly configurable. The conference room chairs have different armrests than the one in Pike's office, both of which are stock versions.

Goodform Model 2123
  • McKinley Rocket Base

TOS: "Assignment: Earth"
Designed for General Fireproofing Company in 1932.
Graph Conference Chair
  • SNW-Enterprise conference room
  • SNW-Enterprise sickbay office
  • SNW-Enterprise interrogation room
  • Spock's quarters on SNW-Enterprise

SNW: "Strange New Worlds"

SNW: "The Elysian Kingdom"
A conference chair manufactured by Wilkhahn. We can see two variations with low and with high backrest.
HÅG Anova 2030
  • Enterprise-D observation lounge
  • Enterprise-D crew quarters
  • Gatherer ship
  • Starfleet Command ("Star Trek IV")
  • Shuttlecraft ("Star Trek V")
  • Jenolan bridge
  • Pasteur ready room
  • Prometheus captain's chair
  • Challenger ready room
  • Admiral Janeway's office (alternate future)

TNG: "The Neutral Zone"

TNG: "Chain of Command II"

VOY: "Message in a Bottle"

This chair was designed by Peter Opsvik in 1978.

It appeared with different backrests in Trek, some of which might actually be different models of the same collection. The chair can be seen in "Conspiracy" in Starfleet Headquarters, here with what looks like a custom-made headrest, probably to set it apart from the chairs on the Enterprise.

In TNG: "The Vengeance Factor" and "Relics", the chair is missing the extra headrest but has a padded leather or patent leather cover, just like it was available in the stores.

HÅG Balans Activ
  • Regula I station

"Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan"
This kneeling chair was designed by Prof. Svein Gusrud in 1979. The chairs were originally produced with two different heights, both of which appear in the movie.
HÅG Capisco
with saddle seat (1980)
  • Excelsior bridge
  • Enterprise-D science lab
  • Voyager bridge
  • "USS Dauntless" bridge
  • Enterprise-E engineering
  • Jupiter Station

"Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country"

TNG: "Suspicions"

VOY: "Worst Case Scenario"

VOY: "Life Line"

The chairs that appeared in the classic Trek episodes and movies are from an old, no longer sold variant, in which the back rest is much smaller than on the current version of the HÅG Capisco.

Curiously, when his cover is blown and Arturis pulls the lever to convert the bridge of the "USS Dauntless" to the alien version in VOY: "Hope and Fear", the former Ergoform bridge chair (see above) morphs to a HÅG Capisco chair.

HÅG Capisco
with saddle seat (modern)
  • USS Hiawatha

DIS: "Brother"
The more recent version of HÅG Capisco can be seen in DIS: "Brother".

HÅG H3 340
  • NX-01 ready room
  • NX-01 sickbay

ENT: "These Are The Voyages"

ENT: "These Are The Voyages"

ENT: "Dear Doctor"
This chair can be seen with and without armrests.
HÅG Signét 7700
  • Runabout aft section
  • Ronara Prime
  • Voyager conference room
  • Zobral's planet

TNG: "Timescape"

VOY: "One Small Step"

ENT: "Desert Crossing"
Design date unknown, no longer in production.
HÅG Signét 8400
  • Enterprise-E conference room
  • Voyager ready room
  • Vulcan High Command

"Star Trek: First Contact"

VOY: "Parallax"
Design date unknown, no longer in production.
Interstuhl Silver 151S
  • Kelvin bridge

"Star Trek (2009)"
Interstuhl 151S normally has four legs, but appears with a flat base here, perhaps taken from model 810S.
Interstuhl Silver 810S
  • Kelvin bridge

"Star Trek (2009)"
A nearly identical chair, with four legs instead of the flat base, is sold as model 101S.
Kicca swivel chair
  • Jack Crusher's quarters on the Titan-A

PIC: "Vox"
Designed in 2017 and produced by Kastel.
Merrifair Wau
  • La Sirena captain's quarters

PIC: "Broken Pieces"
According to the manufacturer, "Wau was named after the large traditional Malaysia kite because the curves and shape of the back structure resembles that of the kite's."
Monarch Specialties I 7271
  • Enterprise-F bridge

PIC: "Vox"
Admiral Shelby's chair was modified with control surfaces on both armrests.
Office Chair
by Jørgen Rasmussen
  • Eminiar VII

TOS: "A Taste of Armageddon"
Jørgen Rasmussen is known for his simplistic Kevi Chair. He designed this more elaborate office chair, also with the brand name Kevi, some time in the early 1960's.
Omnific Chair
  • Enterprise-D chief engineer's office
  • Enterprise-D lab
  • Enterprise-D quarters
  • Enterprise-D courtroom
  • USS Sutherland bridge

TNG: "Contagion"

TNG: "The Emissary"

TNG: "The Drumhead"

TNG: "Redemption II"

Designed by Marta Tornero and Bruce Adams, the Omnific office chair was originally manufactured by Panel Concepts and then supported by Sitmatic for several years before being retired.

Saddle Chair Anatomical Small
  • La Sirena sickbay

PIC: "Stardust City Rag"
Manufactured by the company Gharieni.
Soft Pad EA 219
  • Starfleet conference room

ENT: "Demons"

The chair was designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1969.

Curiously, some of the chairs in ENT: "Demons" have only four legs. The commercially available chair, if it has casters, usually comes with five legs.

Teknion RBT
  • Discovery bridge

DIS: "Brother"
The frame with casters was replaced with a stationary base for its appearance on the Discovery set.
Teknion Sabrina
  • Cabot conference room

SHO: "The Trouble with Edward"
Sold by Teknion, Sabrina was co-developed by Giugiaro Design and the Okamura Corporation.
Zuo Unico
  • Starbase
  • Discovery conference room
  • Discovery crew quarters

DIS: "Choose Your Pain"

DIS: "The War Without, the War Within"

DIS: "The Red Angel"
It looks like in season 1 extra cushions were added to make the chair look less like the off-the-shelf product. The fabric seems to differ a bit, and they are not quite as straight as we may expect from a commercial product.


Vehicle Seats

Product photoChair nameSeen inScreen capsComments
FloFit seat
  • Defiant bridge
  • Rotarran bridge stations

DS9: "Defiant"

DS9: "Soldiers of the Empire"
We first thought the Recaro LS or the similar Recaro L was used for the Defiant captain's chair and the other bridge chairs. But it seems we actually see a FloFit seat, which used to be a Recaro knock-off in the 90's and looks much the same. The padding and the headrest are a perfect match.
Hunsaker Big Boy
  • K't'inga-class bridge
  • Earth transporter station
  • Enterprise-D crew quarters

"Star Trek: The Motion Picture"

TNG: "Haven"
These racing seats were painted two tone for their first appearance on the Klingon ship, and later modified with added padding for "The Search for Spock", which is how they appeared a couple of times on TNG too.
MH OCH 300
  • Starbase Yorktown communication center

"Star Trek Beyond"
The MH OCH 300 is a chair for drilling operators by the Norwegian company Alu Design.
Procar Rally
  • Type-15 shuttle

TNG: "The Ensigns of Command"
This classic car seat is still being sold.
Recaro C
  • Klingon BoP "Bounty" bridge
  • Klingon BoP Pagh bridge
  • Romulan D'deridex class bridge
  • Promellian battlecruiser bridge

"Star Trek IV"

TNG: "A Matter of Honor"

TNG: "Contagion"

TNG: "Booby Trap"

This older model is referred to as "Ideal C" or "Classic C" by car enthusiasts.

The chair could be seen in the movie and on TNG with always the same angular add-ons, with or without headrests.

Recaro CSE
  • Runabout cockpit

DS9: "Whispers"
For the Star Trek set, the chairs were modified with various add-ons, especially to the back.
Recaro LX
  • Enterprise-E captain's chair (unseen)
  • Enterprise NX-01 captain's chair

"Star Trek Nemesis", deleted scene

ENT: "Borderland"
The Recaro LX (aka Recaro Specialist M) was supplemented with a black padded frame that also holds the slits for the seatbelts. The seatbelt demonstration and everything related to the chair was famously cut from "Star Trek Nemesis". The chair finally appeared in the fourth season of Enterprise.
Todd 5 Star Series helm seat
  • NX-01 captain's chair

ENT: "Cold Front"
A boat seat that was modified for its appearance on the show.
Wise Padded Plastic Fold Down Seat
  • Enterprise-B bridge

"Star Trek Generations"

This is a fishing chair, with the current product number 8WD139LS, available in various color combinations.

The seats were slightly modified for their appearance, with a Starfleet insignia added to the back.

Wise Pro Casting Seat
  • Enterprise-E engineering

"Star Trek: Insurrection"
This is a casting seat to be mounted on a pedestal (on a boat), with the current product number 8WD112BP.
Wise Swept Back Style Bucket Seat
  • Enterprise-E bridge console

"Star Trek Nemesis"
The exact model of this boat seat does not seem to be in production any longer.


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The following designs were originally identified by Eno at Star Trek + Design: Swivel Lounge Chair designed by Milo Baughman, Rocking Chaise designed by Milo Baughman, LC2 Petit Confort Sofa and Armchair, First Chair, Serpentine Sectional designed by Milo Baughman, MR Cantilever Chair, Landi Chair, Jamaica Stool, Modern Modular Sofa designed by Vladimir Kagan, Tubular Stool by Amisco, Paperclip Stool, Metrik cantilever, S44 Chair, Kilkis Lounge Chair, Charlie Swivel Chair, Brigadier Sofa, Cobra Chair, Barcelona Chair, Sylvie Chair, Dr. Glob Chair, Von Vogelsang Chair, Suspense and Suspension Chairs, dining chair by Robert Josten, Ed Archer Chair, Lincoln Lounge Chair, Papyrus Chair, Meridiana Chair, Cobra Pipeline Sofa, Dimple Closed Shell Chair, Fasem T38, Arrben chair, Frenesí Stool, Jakobsen side chair, Oh Chair, Hannah Chair, Follia Chair, Peanut Chair, Nautilus Chair, Bubble Chair, Canasta Swivel Chair, Brno Chair, Optima Chair, Lila Hunter Chair, Graph Swivel Chair, Field Lounge Chair, Star Trek Chair, Dining chair (II) by Constantini Pietro, Human Being Chair, Mayan Sofa, Real Good counter stool, Lucite Stool, Tucker Chair, Kicca swivel chair, Lobster Chair, Egyptian Revival Chair, Sancarlo Armchair.

The Model 248 Chair was found by annaph_m, the Platner Stool by prepostnyc, the Turner Chair, Balzo sofa set, Velox Chair, Panton Chair, Pearsall brutalist dining chair, Revers Chair, Ox Chair, Prince Aha Stool, Series 7 Armchair, Prosim Sedni Lounge Chair and Prosim Sni Chaise by sideofbeans, the Constantini chair by Furnish Me Vintage, the S33 Chair by Places & Spaces, the Wau chair by Tragic Sense of Life, Monarch Specialties I 7271 by @AnthonyPriv99, Fasem P40, Cardona and Thinline by Michael Landsberg, Vitra Park, hm85, Fina Lounge by Rygel, EJ6 by Luc, DS-1025 by Reddit user Frond_Dishlock via Trek Time, Yield Swivel Chair, William Andrus chair & sofa, Lem Stool, A1155 Accent Chair, Pearson Airport Lounge Chair, Lusaka dining chair, Arper Aston, Sequioa Stool by Josh Hardgrove, Armondo Loveseat by Josh Hardgrove and Spikedpsycho.

Some of the chairs were identified by David Van Brink, Derek Ellington, Gregor Wittrick, Jeff_the_Sloth, Maik, Makrum Pro, Lt. Washburn, Masaki Taniko, Olav Rokne and Donny Versiga. The IKEA chair in Quarks's Bar was found by The Ferengi Costumes Of Star Trek. Special thanks to the curator of the Thunder Bay Museum for the research about the Ergoform chair!

The information about the following chairs comes from the book Star Trek: Designing the Final Frontier: Swivel Rocker Club Chair, Model 576, T-Chair, Model 2123.

Several episode screen caps from TrekCore. Some photos from Live Auctioneers, Pamono, 1stDibs and The Swanky Abode. Product images shown in accordance with Fair Use exemption.


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