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by Jörg Hillebrand and Bernd Schneider

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Many props and pieces of decoration in Star Trek were later modified or even recycled without changes to represent items for a different purpose or of another civilization. Here are quite a few examples of furniture. Please note that every statement made here should be taken with a grain of salt. There is no need to seek for explanations. Certainly we are not supposed to watch closely enough to notice that Riker is sitting in the same chair as a Klingon commander some 100 years earlier.



Tapered table

The table on the Eymorg planet in TOS: "Spock's Brain" reappears as a couch in TOS: "The Empath". Curiously the latter is shaped like a huge version of the agonizers from TOS: "Mirror, Mirror".

L-shaped desk

In Picard's quarters aboard the Stargazer we can see a desk that originally appeared as Kirk's desk in his quarters in "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" and "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan". Only a small portion of the desk (featuring the small monitor) was seen in the films, however. Much more of the desk can be seen in the TNG episode. When Kirk's quarters set was modified before "Datalore" to become Data's quarters, the desk was taken out of the wall niche and put in the center of one wall of Data's quarters, where it would remain until the end of the series. The desk later appeared in "Distant Origin" as a Voth medical console/table.

Zorn's desk

Groppler Zorn's desk can be seen in two more TNG episodes. In "Haven" (where only the top portion is visible) it belongs to Valeda Innis, in "Gambit II" to Arctus Baran.

Courtroom desk

Sunad's desk aboard the bridge of his ship in TNG: "Transfigurations" was originally created for the courtroom in TNG: "The Measure of a Man".

Oval table

The large table in the Romulan wardroom in TNG: "Face of the Enemy" was originally created for the J'naii council chambers seen in TNG: "The Outcast".

Table with holes

A very odd curved table with holes can be seen in Deep Space 9 guest quarters in DS9: "Destiny" and in Iliana's room on Cardassia in DS9: "Second Skin".



Enterprise chairs

The classic chairs on the bridge and in many other rooms of the original Enterprise are so-called Tulip Chairs of the types Burke 115 and Burke 116 (the latter has an additional armrest) and were modified with higher backrests. Both chairs can be seen on the USS Tsiolkovsky in TNG: "The Naked Now". The first type also appears on the Atlec ship in TNG: "The Outrageous Okona".

Stone stool

The carved stone stools are seen in TNG: "Encounter at Farpoint" and again only two episodes later in TNG: "Code of Honor" in Lutan's throne room. They also appear on Aldea in TNG: "When the Bough Breaks", albeit in brown instead of white.

Tapered stool

Tapered stools with an inverted "U" base appear on Deneb IV in TNG: "Encounter at Farpoint", on Ligon II in "Code of Honor", here along with the above stone stools. They are later seen on the Edo homeworld in "Justice" and on Aldea in "When the Bough Breaks".

Massive bench

The same type of bench (only in different colors) can be seen on the Edo planet, on Angel I and on Aldea.

Bench with tapered base

Benches like on the J'naii homeworld in TNG: "The Outcast" are also seen in the genome colony on Moab IV in "The Masterpiece Society".

Opsvik chair

The extremely odd chair in Worf's quarters by the entrance is actually from the Tarellian plague ship in TNG: "Haven" where it really serves as a chair too. In the real world, the chair was designed by Peter Opsvik in the 1980s with the goal "to demolish the stereotypical ideal of the proper sitting posture". The same chair also appeared in the "Friends" episode "The One That Could Have Been" (set in an alternate timeline).

Argyle chair

This chair appears on Ventax II as well as on Tarquin's planet, some 200 years earlier. In real life, the Argyle chair was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh in 1897 and is still produced today.

Bar stool

The same commercially available Bombo stool (in different colors) can be seen in many episodes, in many corners of the galaxy. The screen caps show just a selection!

Gray swivel chair

A type of chair with a unique "tech" design can be seen on the bridge of the Hathaway in TNG: "Peak Performance" and later appears on the bridge of the ancient Promellian battlecruiser in TNG: "Booby Trap".

The chair dates back at least to the Buck Rogers episode "Shgoratchx", here still without the padding. It later appeared in an advert for a game named "Hydrosub: 2021", released in 1987, and then in an ad for the Atari Jaguar in 1994.

Angular captain's chair

There used to be one standard bridge chair that could be seen on many alien ships in TNG. It originally appeared on the Klingon Bird-of-Prey "Bounty" in "Star Trek: The Voyage Home" and was built around a Recaro C car seat.

Voyager's captain's chair

Janeway's chair reappears on the bridge of Shran's ship in Star Trek Enterprise. The chairs from Voyager's bridge can also be seen on the Valdore in "Star Trek Nemesis".

Runabout chair

The chairs in the aft section of Starfleet runabouts (only seen in TNG: "Timescape") are the same as in Voyager's briefing room. The chair model (HÅG Signét 7700 in real life) with the same color as on Voyager can also be seen on Ronara Prime and on Zobral's planet, more than 200 years earlier.

Conference room chair

The type of chairs from the Enterprise-E observation lounge (HÅG Signét 8400 in real life) reappears on Vulcan in the 22nd century. Only the color is different.

Chair with high backrest

The chairs with the high backrest were built from Hunsaker Big Boy racing seats and were first seen in "Star Trek I" on the bridge of the Klingon battlecruiser. They also appeared in "Star Trek III: The Search for Spock" in the Old City Station transporter room where Uhura worked with "Mr. Adventure". We can see the same chairs in crew quarters in the first season of TNG.

White chair

The chair in Karnas's office on Mordan IV in TNG: "Too Short a Season" reappears in Accolan and Leda's house on Aldea in "When the Bough Breaks".

Chair with round backrest

A chair with a characteristic rounded backrest could first be seen in the Ferengi shuttle in TNG: "The Price". It then appeared as K'mpec's chair in TNG: "Sins of the Father", in the (illusionary) Romulan holoprogram from TNG: "Future Imperfect" and as the command chair of the Ktarian ship in TNG: "The Game". It could be seen on a Romulan ship again in TNG: "Face of the Enemy". The Romulans and the Ktarians are using the same viewscreen as well.

Chair with irregularly shaped backrest

Decorative chairs are seen on Kataan in the village of Ressik in "The Inner Light". They also appear in the Romulan wardroom in TNG: "Face of the Enemy". The chairs were repainted to appear again on Dorvan V in "Journey's End".

Ferengi furniture

In DS9: "Who Mourns for Morn?", Quark has a couch with characteristic padding in his living room. The same piece of furniture previously appeared in Enina Tandro's house in DS9: "Dax".

More furniture of the same style can be seen in Quark's quarters in DS9: "Body Parts". On some occasions, we can see other Ferengi furniture with asymmetrical or exaggerated padding, such as the chair in Ishka's living room in DS9: "Family Business".

Another Ferengi chair appears in DS9: "Profit and Lace" (when Rom demonstrates how to behave like a female), but also in Dr. Ren's living room in VOY: "Ex Post Facto". All these chair types can be rented from Modern Props.



Colorful lantern

The same lantern with its characteristic colorful glass panes can be seen on two different planets in TOS, namely Argelius and Sigma Draconis VI.

Rougier lamp 1

This must be the best-selling lamp series of our galaxy! All of the four types of lamps are composed of several single tubes. In the real world they were all designed by the Canadian company Rougier around 1970. More about these lamps at Object <> Plastic.

Type 1 can be seen on Angel One in the TNG episode of the same name, as a Cardassian lamp in DS9: "The Wire", as well as on Risa in DS9: "Let He Who Is Without Sin".

Rougier lamp 2

The second type of lamps appears on Ligon II in TNG: "Code of Honor", on Angel One and also on the Founders' planet in DS9: "The Search, Part II". But it is so popular that it found its way even into other universes like the one of Babylon 5.

Rougier lamp 3

The third type can be seen as soon as in "Star Trek III" in the bar scene. This is the earliest known appearance of any of the lamp types, and it indicates that it must have been in the Art Department's storage for a long time. Further appearances are on Ligon II and on Angel One.

Rougier lamp 4

No surprise: The fourth lamp is visible on Angel One too, as well as on Ligon II and on the Founders' homeworld. On an unrelated note, the lamp is also visible in "Scarface".

"Clown-face" lamp

The colorful "clown-face" lamps in Alexana Devos's office in TNG: "The High Ground" appear in a red, a blue and an orange/yellow variety. They will be seen again in season 4 in the Sikla Medical Facility on Malcor III in TNG: "First Contact".

Rounded wall lamp

The wall lamps on Banea and in Marayna's control room are identical.

Large ceiling light

Essentially the same large ceiling lamp can be seen on Terok Nor in DS9: "Through the Looking Glass", on the Pralor ship in VOY: "Prototype" and on Annorax's weapon ship in VOY: "Year of Hell I".

Floor lamp

The same floor lamp with a characteristic red ring around the light source can be seen in three different regions of space in Voyager.

Desktop lamp

The same lamp can be seen on Earth in "Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country", 80 years later TNG: "The First Duty", in the Delta Quadrant in VOY: "Ex Post Facto" and "Gravity" (retracted on the latter occasion), as well as some 130 years earlier in the NX-01 project hangar, on the Horizon and on Enterprise.

The lamp "Jazz" was designed by Porsche for Italiana Luce in 1989 and was commercially available. It also appears in the Cyberdyne Building in "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" when they're breaking in toward the end.

Lamp post

Here is a street lamp design that appears to be popular among human colonies such as Tau Cygna V and Moab IV, but also on Romulus, Rutia IV and Barkon IV and in a remote corner of the galaxy on the "Polaric Energy Planet".


A Ventaxian candleholder from TNG: "Devil's Due" appears in several later episodes. It is seen in DS9: "Sons and Daughters" as a Klingon candleholder and in ENT: "Stigma" as a Vulcan candleholder. It is turned upside down and acts as a stand for a Bajoran orb in DS9: "The Circle".

A similar candleholder appeared as soon as in the TOS episode "The Trouble with Tribbles".


Other Furniture

Metal shelf

The same diamond-shaped shelf made from metal rods can be seen in Kirk's apartment in "Star Trek II", at Farpoint Station in TNG: "Encounter at Farpoint", in the crew quarters in TNG: "The Naked Now" and in the Café des Artistes in TNG: "We'll Always Have Paris".

A'dammer cabinet

Different models of A'dammer cabinets with the characteristic rounded top can be seen in "Angel One", "The High Ground", "A Matter of Perspective", "Night Terrors", "The First Duty" and DS9: "Second Sight".

Flower shelf

The same type of flower shelf can be seen in Voyager's airponics bay and on Port Pernaia in ENT: "The Seventh".


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Some screen caps from TrekCore. Thanks go to Alexander Baier, Ciarán D, Jan Kockrow, Lin Jingqiu, Marçal, Shawn Havery, Marchel van Leeuwen, D H, Chris Weyer and Michael Minnick for spotting some of the props.


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