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Origin unknown. Can alter molecular structure when it comes into contact with glass and exist in a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere.


Naturally occurring. Commonly used to cut isolynium.

  • DIS: "All In" - Tarka needs pure isolynium for his isolytic weapon, it shouldn't be cut with sammonium.


Origin unknown. Used in the construction of space stations.

Submitted by Alex Hoffmann

Sarium krellide

Origin unknown. Can store large amounts of energy.

Scalosian water

Naturally occurring. Causes metabolic acceleration, such that anyone who drinks it begins moving extremely quickly.


Naturally occurring. An element. A real element, Se, atomic number: 34.

Submitted by Alex Hoffmann


Origin unknown. Highly toxic; can alter molecular structure when it comes in contact with glass and exists in a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere. An Easter egg: try spelling it backwards!


Naturally occurring. Neurotransmitter. In real life, helps the human brain maintain mental equilibrium.


Naturally occurring. According to some theories, lifeforms based upon silicon could possibly exist. Silicon is the real world element atomic number 14. The theory about silicon-based life is not that far-fetched, keeping in mind silicon belongs to the same atomic group as carbon, the element we are based upon.

Submitted by Bird of Prey


Naturally occurring. Can be found in comets; silithium and verteron-particles tend to explode if they get close to each other. Because of its strange properties, it is rather unlikely that it is in some way related to silicon.

Submitted by Alex Hoffmann


Naturally occurring. Occurs in nebulae/gaseous anomalies in Delta and Alpha Quadrants. Highly combustible.


Naturally occurring. A substance, as carbon is, upon which a form of life is based.

Soliton wave

Artificially generated by crew. A subspace effect capable of propelling vessels at warp speeds without built-in warp drive. In real life, a wave whose energy doesn't diminish.


Artificially generated by crew. Powerful sedative & analgesic. Commander Tucker noted this drug could "drop a horse".

Submitted by Scott Manninen


Artificially generated by aliens. Used in starcraft construction.

Submitted by Alex Hoffmann


Origin unknown. An explosive compound.

Sporocystic toxin

Artificially generated by crew. Splits an enzyme which is crucial for the sporocystic cell-structure. Its application paralyzes sporocystic lifeforms as the Nacene.

Submitted by Alex Hoffmann

Static warp bubble

Artificially generated by crew. An anomaly that creates a new universe whose nature can be affected by the individual trapped inside.


Artificially generated by aliens. A construction material. This sounds like a trade name rather than a scientific designation.


Artificially generated by crew. A pharmaceutical.

Submitted by Alex Hoffmann


Origin unknown. Neutral substance.

Submitted by Alex Hoffmann


Artificially generated by crew. A non-opaque material used in packaging. It is biologically sterile and can be used to package potentially biologically hazardous substances.

Subnucleonic radiation

Naturally occurring. Destructive radiation emitted by subatomic particles in Mutara-class nebulae.

Submitted by Alex Hoffmann


Artificially generated by crew. Medicine used in case of a neuroleptic shock. The name suggests that it could have some effect on the synapses.

Submitted by Alex Hoffmann


Artificially generated by crew and by aliens. An alcohol substitute that permits one to enjoy the taste of alcoholic beverages without the deleterious effects.




Naturally occurring or artificially generated by crew. A particle moving faster than light, involved in several other effects. Tachyons are hypothetical particles, postulated by some real physics theories. There is no proof of their existence.


Artificially generated by aliens. A ceramic substance.

Tantalus field

Artificially generated by aliens. Causes disruption of matter, like a phaser, but can be formed at a distance. In Greek mythology, Tantalus was a king who served the flesh of his son to the gods; he was punished with eternal thirst and hunger.


Origin unknown. When combined with trilithium and protomatter it can turn a sun into a supernova.

Submitted by Alex Hoffmann


Origin unknown. Crystal used to stabilize the harmonic reactions inside the dilithium chamber of Voyager's matter/antimatter power reactor.

Temporal wake

Artificially generated by aliens. Side effect of time travel; can cause nearby objects to shift in time along with the ship that's generating a temporal distortion. Objects in a temporal wake exist outside a linear timeline.


Artificially generated by crew. Pharmaceutical used as painkiller.

Submitted by Alex Hoffmann


Origin unknown. A particle whose nature is unknown.


Origin unknown. A metal or alloy.


Artificially generated by crew and by aliens. A tetraburnium alloy is used in the construction of starcraft hulls.

Submitted by Alex Hoffmann


Artificially generated by crew. Highly volatile lubricant used on starships.


Artificially generated by crew. Sedative commonly used in Starfleet. Its application causes unconsciousness, it's also able to weaken the immune system.

Submitted by Alex Hoffmann


Artificially generated by aliens. Subspace particle; shouldn't be found in normal space.

Thalaron radiation

Artificially generated by aliens. A radiation known for its biogenic properties, banned in the Federation.

Submitted by Daniel Jewell and Zach Cardwell


Naturally occurring. Thallium compound is found in rocks. It interferes with Federation sensors. A real element with the symbol Tl and atomic number 81.


Artificially generated by aliens. Highly explosive material.

Submitted by Alex Hoffmann


Artificially generated by aliens. Nerve gas usually used by Klingons, lethal in pure form.

Submitted by John Bogan and Alex Hoffmann


Artificially generated by crew. Material consisting mainly of silicon, used by Starfleet to build emergency accommodations.

Submitted by Alex Hoffmann

Theta band emissions

Artificially generated by crew and by aliens. Sort of subspace radiation, used for communication, the Starfleet theta band communication frequencies A, B and C can be masked as ordinary subspace background radiation. This is obviously supposed to be something different than theta radiation.

Submitted by Alex Hoffmann

Theta radiation

Naturally occurring. Toxic radiation consisting of subspace energy. Blocks the sensors of Federation starships. Yes it's toxic and it's radiation, but don't worry, we have an inoculation for that...

Submitted by Alex Hoffmann


Naturally occurring. Occurs in nebulae. This sounds like a xenon isotope.

Submitted by Alex Hoffmann


Naturally occurring. An element used in fission power systems. A real-world element with an atomic number of 90.


Naturally occurring. Radioactive isotope by-product from the decay of thorium. A real-world isotope also known as radon 220.

Update by Michael Warren

Time crystal

Naturally occurring. Time crystals cause a temporal displacement that may or may not be controlled in some fashion.

  • DIS: "Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad" - Harry Mudd uses time crystals of unknown origin in his scheme to take over the Discovery and sell the ship to the Klingons.
  • DIS: "The Red Angel" - The Red Angel suit is powered by a time crystal.
  • DIS: "Through the Valley of Shadows" - The presence of time crystals causes various temporal phenomena on the Klingon planet of Boreth. It allows Captain Pike to see his future that, after touching one of these crystals, is allegedly set in stone.
  • SNW: "A Quality of Mercy" - Time crystals enable time travel even without additional equipment.


Naturally occurring. A metal. Naturally occurring element, present in limited quantities on Earth. Used in alloys to strengthen metal and in the construction of the Blackbird SR-71 spy plane.

Toh-maire gas

Naturally occurring. Indigenous name of the Rakhari for a highly instable and therefore easily combustible gas inside the Chamra vortex. Concerning its instable properties it's similar to sirillium and metreon gas, so it's a typical "explosive-gaseous-anomaly-saves-the-day"-gas.

Submitted by Alex Hoffmann


Naturally occurring. Rare and therefore valuable ore, used in environmental control systems of both the Federation and Klingons.

Submitted by Alex Hoffmann and Harry Doddema

Transparent aluminum

Artificially generated by crew. Just what the name implies, a translucent metal. In real life, aluminum oxynitride is a transparent substance that is both lighter and many times stronger than glass or plastic of the same thickness.

Submitted by Andrew Towstik


Naturally occurring or artificially generated by aliens. A compound. Used as an insulation against the effects of the Expanse.

Submitted by Mark Mendel


Naturally occurring. A substance that reacts with trimagnesite to produce non-visible, ultraviolet radiation.


Origin unknown. A metal.


Artificially generated by aliens. Used in fusion-based power sources.


Artificially generated by crew. Pharmaceutical used to reanimate patients.

Submitted by Alex Hoffmann


Origin unknown. An explosive compound.


Origin unknown. Probably an artificially generated alloy, warp cores are coated with tricesium, and it can be converted to a power source.

Submitted by Alex Hoffmann


Artificially generated by aliens. A chemical.


Origin unknown. An explosive. May have something to do with three cobalt atoms, but is more likely an element of its own (or maybe a compound?).


Artificially generated by crew. Pharmaceutical given with a hypospray, works against neural damages. Obviously something "more advanced" than cordrazine.

Submitted by Alex Hoffmann


Naturally occurring. A toxic, inorganic substance that forms pink crystals. They are difficult and expensive to synthesize. Decontamination of tricyanate in a water supply requires the highly volatile hytritium.

Trigenic vapor

Naturally occurring. Contains high levels of proteins and amino acids. It is a vital source of nutrition for specific alien species. At high levels, can cause severe humanoid skin irritation.


Artificially generated by crew and by aliens. Highly volatile. May be related to dilithium in some fashion.

Update by Markus Göpfert

Trillium 323

Naturally occurring. A mineral substance. It is unlikely that "323" denotes the number of nuclei of a particular trillium isotope, because in this case the number looks like it should belong to an already known element.


Naturally occurring. A substance that reacts with trevium to produce ultraviolet radiation.


Artificially generated by aliens. An artificially-produced metallic substance.

Submitted by James Burke

Trinimbic interference

Naturally occurring. An atmospheric phenomenon. Disruptive to transporter technology, Federation targeting systems and apparently too "turbulent" for a shuttle. In real life, "-nimbus" is a meteorological suffix indicating that a cloud produces rain.

Trinitrogen chloride

Artificially generated by aliens. Aka TNC. A cleaning agent with applications to explosives. N3Cl, a molecule that could not possibly exist in real life.

Submitted by Steven Maguire and Alex Hoffmann

Triolic wave

Artificially generated by aliens. By-product of a little-used energy production method. Harmful to most life.


Artificially generated by aliens. May be a chemical compound.


Artificially generated by crew. Concentrated oxygen compound.


Artificially generated by crew. Emergency pharmaceutical used in case of respiratory problems. May be similar to or even the same as triox.

Submitted by Alex Hoffmann


Naturally occurring. Biological result of exposure to a temporal disturbance - indicated by elevated levels in the brain.

Tripolymer composites

Artificially generated by crew. Strong synthetic plastic compounds. Polymers is an actual collective term for organic compounds made of chain molecules or simpler, plastic.

Submitted by Harry Doddema

Tripolymer plasma

Artificially generated by aliens. Ionized matter. Ionized plastic? Sounds a bit iffy, especially since the material in solid state was explicitly mentioned to be non-conductive.

Submitted by Harry Doddema


Artificially generated by crew. Analgesic medication.

Submitted by Harry Doddema


Origin unknown. Extremely hard substance used in construction of starship hulls. 21.4 times as hard as diamond.

Update by Fidel Melgoza


Naturally occurring. Mildly radioactive isotope, used in Klingon warp drives. A radioactive isotope of hydrogen with atoms of three times the mass of ordinary light hydrogen atoms. Tritium has a half-life of about 12.3 years, tritium likely fulfills the same function in warp cores as deuterium (both being isotopes of hydrogen), so there has to be also anti-tritium on Klingon vessels.

Update by Alex Hoffmann


Origin unknown. Slightly radioactive material.

Submitted by Christian Pautsch


Naturally occurring. A solid substance. May include oxygen?

Submitted by Harry Doddema



Ultraviolet radiation

Naturally occurring or artificially generated by crew. Electromagnetic waves. Part of the electromagnetic spectrum between the visible colors and X-rays.

Submitted by Harry Doddema


Origin unknown. Chemical explosive almost undetectable by transporter scanners.


Naturally occurring. Unstable mineral substance. The material is highly explosive when exposed to strong electric charges. It has to be cooled when it's processed. Presumably uridium ore is a naturally occurring substance on Bajor in the form of an ore, which used to be processed on Terok Nor to uridium.

Submitted by Harry Doddema and Alex Hoffmann




Artificially generated by crew. Experimental drug that increases blood flow to humanoid organs. Although in 22% of studied cases, it can cause severe damage to lungs, kidneys, heart and brain.

Submitted by Harry Doddema


Naturally occurring. An extremely valuable element or mineral to the Ferengi. The name may be derived from Latin vendere = to sell.


Artificially generated by crew. Can be detected at great distances, except through a magnetic shield.


Artificially generated by crew. Medicine.


Origin unknown. Apparently an element.

Verterium cortenide

Artificially generated by crew. A compound used in warp coils. "Verterium cortenide" indicates that it is a compound composed of verterium and cortenum.


Naturally occurring or artificially generated by aliens. Subspace particle. Obviously somehow related to the element verterium.


Naturally occurring or artificially generated by crew. Subspace particle. This is not the same as a verteron.


Origin unknown. A victurium alloy is a very dense metal alloy.


Origin unknown. A compound or element.

  • SNW: "All Those Who Wander" - Vidium power cells are used on space stations. They tend to decay during transport.


Artificially generated by aliens. Alloy used in starship construction, especially by the Dominion. It becomes instable when exposed to delta radiation.

Submitted by Alex Hoffmann


Origin unknown. Poison that is lethal to Cardassians.

Submitted by Alex Hoffmann


Naturally occurring. Raw material.

Submitted by Harry Doddema




Naturally occurring. W-particle interference is associated with gaps in normal space.

Submitted by Harry Doddema

Warp particle

Artificially generated by crew. Emitted by warp engines.

Warp plasma

Artificially generated by crew. Residual plasma created by matter/antimatter reaction. Discharging a phaser or disruptor near warp plasma particles will cause them to ignite. Transporter beams can also destabilize warp plasma. See also plasma.

Submitted by Harry Doddema

Warp shell

Artificially generated by crew. A field generated by the Enterprise's engines to induce warp travel.


Naturally occurring. A tunnel between two remote points in normal time and space. Most wormholes are extremely unstable and their end points fluctuate widely across time and space. An improperly balanced warp drive system can create an artificial wormhole that can pose a serious danger to the ship and its crew. Wormholes are a real-world scientific theory. They may be considered as two gravity wells by black holes that are connected to each other.




Artificially generated by crew. Form of radiation, which is not technically used any longer in medical imaging. Electromagnetic waves with wavelengths from about 10-8m to about 10-11m.

Submitted by Harry Doddema




Origin unknown. An element. Its existence is implied by "yominium sulfide".

Yominium sulfide

Origin unknown. A chemical compound. The name is derived from "Nimoy" spelled backwards.

Yridium bicantizine

Artificially generated by aliens. Very rare but tremendously important component of Ketracel white, it is made of a trinucleic fungus. Was this actually supposed to be a compound of the real-world element iridium?

Submitted by Alex Hoffmann


Naturally occurring. May be used to create a powerful explosive, together with anicium.




Artificially generated by aliens. A particle. Can mess up sensor and/or visual records. Also a real type of particle. In real life: today's understanding puts particles into two basic categories, matter and exchange particles. Exchange particles are thrown kind of like frisbees between matter particles as the generators of the forces. Photons mediate the electromagnetic force, gluons mediate the strong force, the graviton is proposed (not observed) to mediate the gravitational force. The weak force is mediated by the W+, W-, and Z0 particles.


Naturally occurring. A raw mineral from which a potent compound is derived by the Federation for use in stopping botanical plagues.



This list was originally compiled and maintained by Steven Grimm at and has been heavily modified, corrected and updated for EAS.


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