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Substance/Particle Submission Form


Chemical element or isotope

Chemical compound or alloy

Real-world reference

Elementary particle

Energy field or radiation

Other concept




Naturally occurring. An addictive substance.


Artificially generated by aliens. Solvent that is able to dissolve Starfleet uniforms, but not bioplastic coatings such as Data's skin.

Submitted by Alex Hoffmann


Naturally occurring. Refractory metal.

Fluidic space

Naturally occurring. A parallel space near our own composed entirely of a biological fluid.


Naturally occurring. Occurs in Class-J gas giants. Real chemical element. Description:

Submitted by Spike and Ari "borgboy" schwartz


Origin unknown. Obviously a strong metal (from Latin: fortis).




Naturally occurring. Mineral. Used in the construction of warp coils. Very rare.

Submitted by Alex Hoffmann

Gamma radiation

Artificially generated by crew and naturally occurring. Highly energetic electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths less than 10-10 meters, associated with nuclear processes. Often associated with nuclear fission, and is toxic to most lifeforms.

Submitted by Rebecca

Genesis wave

Artificially generated by crew. An energy wave that has the effect of rapidly terraforming planets and nebular matter.

Geodesic radiation

Naturally occurring. Lethal, emitted by a geodesic fold, Starfleet shields are usually not able to protect a ship's crew against this radiation. "Geodesic" is a strange term to describe radiation or even the related fold-phenomenon. Strangely enough, this radiation(!) is one of those for which we have a miraculous inoculation.

Submitted by Alex Hoffmann


Naturally occurring. Obsolete(?) currency. Yellowish, shiny metal. Symbol Au, number 79 on periodic table. This metal is also highly conductive of electricity and is commonly used for computer circutry.

Submitted by B. and Rebecca


Artificially generated by crew. A particle that has something to do with gravity, but also with other strange effects. A real particle according to modern physics, whose existence is proven indirectly. Gravitons are the particle manifestation of gravity.




Artificially generated by crew. A simulation of matter using forcefields and holo-imaging technology within a chamber known as a holodeck. Under certain circumstances, holomatter can take on all the recognized features of lifeforms; however, all holomatter disintegrates when removed from the holodeck.


Naturally occurring. Particle that may interfere with transporter systems. Hyperons are a class of real particles whose name dates back to the days before quark structure was well known. Leptons (electrons, muons, tau and their associated neutrinos) are "light", mesons are "medium", and baryons are heavy. When more massive short-lived particles heavier than the proton were produced, they were called hyperons. Some examples are the sigma lambda and cascade. After quark structure was understood, the first three names were kept, but the meaning was changed. Leptons are the same list as originally, but are understood to be fundamental particles with no quark structure. Mesons are quark-antiquark pairs. Baryons are triplets of quarks. The term hyperon is still used, but not so frequently.


Artificially generated by crew. Medication used for treatment of radiation exposure in humanoid patients.

Submitted by Spike


Origin unknown. Only known cure for tricyanate contamination of water supplies. Highly volatile.



Illium 629

Naturally occurring. A by-product of the geological decay of dilithium. The number 629 would usually denote the relative atomic mass (the number of nucleons) of an isotope if illium were a real-world element. The highest known atomic mass to date is around 270. Since VOY: "Emanations" states that there are over 200 elements known in the 24th century, the number 629 becomes half-way consistent again. Only that none of the huge atoms can be supposed to be stable and naturally occurring. I assume that it's actually a compound.


Artificially generated by crew. Cardiostimulatory drug used aboard Federation starships.

Submitted by Fidel Melgoza and Thomas


Origin unknown. When mixed with cabrodine, becomes explosive.

Interferometric pulse

Artificially generated by aliens. A radiation pulse to disrupt shieldings. The interferometric concept is real, although how it matches up to its use in Trek is questionable. Interferometric waves are two intersecting waves of light. Interferometry is a measurement principle based on interference. "Interferometric pulse" seems to be just an unnecessarily complicated term for a counter-wave interfering with the shields, actually it needs to be just the same kind of field as generated by the shields themselves.

Submitted by Glenn Burgess

Inversion nebula

Naturally occurring. A nebula composed of plasma strings that is apparently beautiful to look at. Nebulae of this kind do not exist in the Alpha Quadrant. They are apparently relatively unstable, requiring an outside influence to stay stable.


Origin unknown. Used in medical containment fields of the previous century.


Naturally occurring. Used in ion drive propulsion. An atom or group of atoms that carries a positive or negative electric charge.

Ionic pulse

Artificially generated by crew. Energy pulse that may be created with the deflector dish. Presumably just a bunch of charged atoms (ions).

Ionogenic particle

Artificially generated by crew. Has characteristic "magnetic flux density". These sound like "ion-forming" particles. Not really a precise name.


Naturally occurring. Apparently an element.


Naturally occurring. A neurotransmitter in Trills which maintains the link between symbiont and host.


Naturally occurring. Required for isolytic weapons.

  • DIS: "All In" - Tarka needs pure isolynium for his isolytic weapon, it shouldn't be cut with sammonium.




Naturally occurring. Like invidium, jakmanite cannot be detected by internal sensors.


Naturally occurring. Valuable gemstone found on Cardassia.




Artificially generated by crew. A sedative.


Naturally occurring. Resets positronic matrices.


Origin unknown. Highly unstable and dangerous material. When exposed to nuclear radiation, kemacite can cause unusual temporal phenomena. Smuggling kemacite is a serious offense.

Submitted by Spike


Artificially generated by aliens. Substance used by the Xindi. Could this be the same as kemacite?


Naturally occurring. Refractory metal (alloy?) found in caves of Melona IV.


Origin unknown. Possibly an alloy.

Ketracel white

Artificially generated by aliens. A vital, isogenic enzyme needed for the survival of the Jem'Hadar. The enzyme can only be provided by the Founders, and currently cannot be reproduced by the Federation. The Founders engineered the Jem'Hadar's addiction to this enzyme to ensure their loyalty to the Dominion.

Kinoplasmic radiation

Origin unknown. Nature uncertain.


Naturally occurring. Induces telekinetic powers.

Krieger waves

Artificially generated by aliens. Exact nature unknown.


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