Earth Starfleet and Other Space Service Emblems

by Bernd Schneider, Brad Wilder and Jörg Hillebrand

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In addition to the Earth Starfleet emblem, a variety of other Starfleet- or space-related logos of the 22nd century appeared on Star Trek Enterprise. This article lists all logos that could be seen in the series, including some obscure ones, complete with accurate reconstructions by Brad Wilder.


Starfleet Emblems


All crew uniforms of Enterprise NX-01, except for Phlox's and T'Pol's, have the ship patch on the left shoulder. T'Pol only wears the Enterprise patch in the fourth and final season. The emblem is also found on spacesuits and on pieces of equipment.


The individual ship patch of the Intrepid can be seen in ENT: "The Expanse". The motto "In mare, in coelo" means "On the sea, in the heavens".


Besides the customary shoulder patch, we can see the individual ship emblem (together with the Starfleet emblem) on the wall of the captain's mess hall aboard Columbia NX-02 in ENT: "Affliction". The motto is "Audentes fortuna juvat" ("Fortune Favors the Bold").


Ensign Latrelle, who is contacted by Hoshi in ENT: "Silent Enemy", has a shoulder patch, which in real life represents the NASA Mission Control Center in Houston. Since it is barely visible in the episode, it was apparently not deemed necessary to design a distinct emblem. It is not mentioned whether Latrelle serves on a starship or elsewhere in Starfleet, but since he is sitting inside something like a bunk, it is very likely a ship.

NX Project

The NX Project emblem appears in many places in ENT: "First Flight": one big and several small versions in the hangar, on the hull of the warp ship prototype, as a patch on the pressure suit and inside the control room. The patch is also on display in the 602 Club but hardly recognizable there.

Starfleet Research Center

The Starfleet Research Center emblem can be seen in ENT: "First Flight", in a separate location and not as part of as part of the emblem wall on the opposite side of the control room.

Starfleet Mission Control

Besides the one on the emblem wall, we can see the Starfleet Mission Control logo in the NX Prototype hangar and on Archer's and Robinson's pressure suits. The motto is "Res gesta per excellentiam" ("Things done through excellence").

Security Division

The Security Division patch shows up in ENT: "Affliction". Although "Starfleet" is not written on the patch, the "boomerang" clearly identifies the Security Division as a Starfleet department. The arrangement of the three hexagons, on the other hand, dates back to a security logo design for "Star Trek: The Motion Picture".

Enterprise MACOs

The Enterprise MACO emblem can be seen on uniforms and on spacesuits in the third season. The MACOs may not be a branch of Starfleet but are stationed on a Starfleet ship and hence included here.


Civilian Emblems

Cold Station 12

In ENT: "Cold Station 12", we can see the logo of the eponymous research station as a patch on lab coats but also on some Starfleet uniforms. Furthermore, the logo appears as a sticker on different walls and consoles, including the "blinking tubes".

Earth Sciences

The polar research team in ENT: "Regeneration" wears jackets with two emblems: "Earth Sciences Institute" and "Arctic Archeology Team 3 - Moinger - Rooney - Drake". Each of the two emblems also appears on equipment inside their camp.

ECS Fortunate

The ship emblem of the ECS Fortunate can be seen in several places in ENT: "Fortunate Son". The patches are colored, whereas cargo and wall labels are monochrome.

ECS Horizon

Just like the ECS Fortunate, the Horizon too has its individual emblem that is displayed on the clothes of the crew members (in color), as well as on cargo and equipment, and prominently on the bridge (monochrome).

Orpheus Mining Colony

The logo of the Orpheus Mining Colony (motto: "Sine qua non" = indispensable) in ENT: "Demons" and "Terra Prime" appears in three variations:

  1. Colored emblem with lettering on uniform patches, monitors and wall displays
  2. Monochrome version with the same elements as a sticker on toolboxes
  3. Further simplified, more decorative logo without letters on the door to Paxton's office


Emblem Walls

Patch wall in ENT: "First Flight"

Several patches related to Earth Starfleet's space programs appear in the 202 Club. We can see some familiar logos but also some new ones:

  1. Earth Starfleet - "Ad astra per aspera"
  2. Tycho Base - Sol Region NA-01
  3. Starfleet Mission Operations
  4. UESPA
  5. NX Project - L5 Test Station
  6. Phoenix - Zefram Cochrane - "Faster Than Light"
  7. Starfleet Mission Control (as already mentioned above)
  8. "First to Saturn" - Christopher - Fontana - O'Herlihy
  9. NX Project (as already mentioned above)

It is clear that this is a rather random collection of recent as well as commemorative patches. In the same episode, we can see three showcases with 20th century NASA and international mission emblems.

Control room wall in ENT: "First Flight"

In the same episode, a somewhat different set of patches can be seen on the rear wall of the NX Project control room. #5 and #9 are new. We can recognize:

  1. "First to Saturn" - Christopher - Fontana - O'Herlihy
  2. NX Project - L5 Test Station
  3. Starfleet Mission Operations
  4. UESPA
  5. Earth Cargo Service (same pattern and color as ECS Fortunate but different lettering)
  6. Starfleet Mission Control (as already mentioned above)
  7. Phoenix - Zefram Cochrane - "Faster Than Light"
  8. Tycho Base - Sol Region NA-01
  9. Space Systems - Cargo Service
  10. NX Project (as already mentioned above)

Some of these wall emblems are commemorative, whereas some others seem to represent current institutions and programs. "Space Systems - Cargo Service" might be a company, rather than a Starfleet branch.



SS Conestoga

The SS Conestoga from ENT: "Terra Nova" is not from the 22nd century, but its emblem completes the list of space-related logos that appeared in Star Trek Enterprise. The emblem is placed on the hull of the CG model of the ship, which in the episode itself unfortunately only appears on a small monitor segment.


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