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There used to be many Star Trek website awards, but most of them were just given out as a courtesy or in place of a banner to attract more visitors. The Ex Astris Excellentia Award, in contrast, is presented only to the very best sites in the view of a small jury (usually consisting of yours truly alone). The EAE Award used to be given out once every month from June 1999 to June 2009, but this had to be revised owing to the ever decreasing number of notable Trek sites. In the future there will be no fixed interval.

Although there is no stringent "point system", the assessment won't be arbitrary. There are basic requirements that have to be fulfilled and further criteria a site should meet for an increased chance to win.


Basic Requirements


The site must be specifically about or with a major portion dedicated to Star Trek, not a general science fiction or TV site. The site must fundamentally support the idea of Star Trek and not detract from it.


The site must have a sufficient amount of genuine content. Don't nominate a site that is mainly composed of index, links, poll, visitor comment or similar supporting pages. Don't apply if most of the content was copied from other websites. Don't apply if the content is outdated. Also, the site must not contain any illegal content.


The design has to be consistent. Randomly changing font styles, colors, alignments or pages titled "Default Page" have to be avoided. Fonts should be well readable; the colors must not be obtrusive. A navigation structure or categorization is mandatory, not just a "next" link on the single pages.

Technical quality

The site will be tested with common browsers (which we consider more relevant than adherence to W3C standards). Pages crammed with countless images, videos, scripts or other stuff have to be avoided. Sites should be largely free of broken links and "construction" signs.

Web design crimes to be avoided

Excessive redirection from one server to another, denial to work with a common browser, Java applets for crucial functions like navigation, excessive use of JavaScript pseudo-links, page transition effects, animated backgrounds, deactivation of the right mouse button, new windows for each and everything, forced removal of the browser menu, ads hovering above the site's content, anything else that moves across the screen, pop-up windows prompting to install an image viewer/cursor/font, pop-ups that reappear each time a new page is displayed, pop-ups that open a new pop-up when it's closed, more than one pop-up at a time, denial to work with pop-up killers.


Further Criteria


We favor non-commercial sites. Ads are acceptable, but only in small numbers and only if they don't disrupt the design. Sites in any language are eligible as long as we can decipher the letters and get an impression of its quality.


Original content is preferred, but data collections are welcome as well. The first will be mainly judged by their originality and plausibility, the latter by their reliability and comprehensiveness. While we accept award nominations of RPG or computer gaming group pages, for a chance to win they have to offer something interesting and new also for non-members. All text and images taken from other websites should be properly credited. It goes without saying that regular updates and additions are beneficial.


Fast and easy navigation is advantageous; the fewer sub-page levels, the better. Blogs should have some sort of navigation (not just a chronological order). Graphic elements ought to be precisely designed and harmonized with each other. We would like to see novel design approaches, rather than default designs for a CMS.

Technical quality

Sites that don't require any Java or Flash for vital functions are preferred. Fast loading and stability is decisive, not ambitious programming. It should be possible to load the pages with a low-grade computer (1GB RAM) without waiting a minute per page alone for applets or plug-ins to initialize.



In order to nominate your site, please read the above explanations carefully. If you feel your site fulfills *all* of the basic requirements and *many* of the further criteria, send me an e-mail. That's all you need to do.

Unless your site has been completely reworked, don't nominate it more than once. The EAE Award is given out in random intervals to a site either picked directly from the WWW or from the pool of previous nominations. In other words, theoretically any Star Trek site can win the award any time, there is no contest. Also, there is no negative notification about sites that don't win the award.

If you don't win: free awards here ;-)


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