EAE Award Winners 1999

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Medical Log: Supplemental (June 1999)
Webmistress Verania has dedicated her site to DS9 and Dr. Julian Bashir. The first thing to notice is the site's both precise and beautiful graphical design. I have seen many well-designed Star Trek websites, but this one is among the very best. Each page features different original illustrations and image maps in harmonizing colors. There must be hundreds of them, and considering that I often spend hours on a single image, I wonder how much time it has cost. I have followed the site's development since last summer, and each time I thought a further improvement was not possible, Verania came up with an even better version (currently V5.0). The site is remarkable in that it has a very high percentage of original content and, furthermore, combines informative and entertaining elements in a way that a lot of information on the character Bashir, the actor Alexander Siddig, DS9 and its context is presented without adhering to a possibly boring "databank style". No need to mention that the site is regularly updated. Every page, sentence and image of Medical Log: Supplemental show Verania's dedication to Star Trek, and this is what I'd like to praise in the first place.

Daystrom Institute Technical Library (July 1999)
Graham Kennedy, webmaster of the DITL, has compiled one of the most comprehensive and most ambitious Star Trek databanks. The site's LCARS menu does require JavaScript and a 4+ browser, however, unlike many other menus I have tested it works perfectly. The content spans virtually all major Trek issues, including starship classes, Treknology, races and personnel, each of which is illustrated with a variety of images. Original content is predominant all over the site, albeit working like a databank. A color scheme serves to distinguish canon facts and fan fiction, this unique feature is a sign of great carefulness. The site's absolute gem is the ship comparison chart that lets you select starships from a list which are then displayed in the correct relative scale. This is one of the most useful JavaScripts I have ever seen, thanks to Graham's brother Ian. For anyone interested in Treknology, Graham's conjectural sci-tech section is not to be missed. Especially his in-depth considerations on warp and transwarp propulsion are brilliant. The EAE Award goes to the Daystrom Institute Technical Library for setting a standard in the field of Trek tech sites.

Maximum Defiant (August 1999)
If you are not so lucky as my friend and creator of Ex Astris Scientia, Bernd Schneider, who has constant internet access at his workplace because he’s part of the university staff and therefore loading times can be irrelevant to him (at least sometimes), you may be interested in a Star Trek website which is fast loading though graphic intensive and which will provide you with the information you’ve been looking for without bothering you and/or your browser unnecessarily. Maximum Defiant tells you by its name what it is dealing with and what to expect. It is far from being just a pile of Star Trek stuff put together without obvious reason or meaning. It is clearly centered on the topic of one "tough little ship" and it deals with it in such rich detail that no question regarding the NX-74205 remains unanswered. As mentioned, this site is graphic intensive, but it is not in the way of a relentless graphic onslaught. The pictures and icons are made and arranged in a subtle way which makes them even more attractive to the eye, generating a certain Maximum-Defiant-feel and touch you will surely enjoy. Get more bang for your bucks - get Maximum Defiant!


Star Trek Dimension (September 1999)
This site is new on the web, yet, the author, Christian Rühl, has spent almost two years for research and preparation. The result is one of the most convincing Star Trek sites. Star Trek Dimension's database covers virtually everything you always wanted to know and even more - or have you ever heard of a Nesterowicz particle emitter? The information is embedded in a well-working, fast-loading and visually pleasing LCARS menu. In addition, the projects section offers several in-depth discussions of various Trek topics, by far exceeding a mere reproduction of known facts. Have a look at the Subspace Manual and Star Trek Cartography which succeed in assembling the puzzle pieces of canon info to a picture of the Star Trek Universe. We especially appreciate the balance between the richness of information and the graphical presentation throughout the whole site. Currently Star Trek Dimension is mostly written in German, but the author is frequently translating new sections to English. If you look for more than just Trek information, this site is highly recommended - once you have discovered it, you won't leave so soon.

(Thorsten & Bernd)

LCARS: Federation Databank (October 1999)
The LCARS: Federation Databank covers virtually all topics of interest in the Star Trek Universe on over 750 pages - according to the webmaster, I quickly gave up counting them - and has loads of pics, sounds and texts. It will probably take days to see everything featured here. Yet, it is more than just a compilation of data from various sources. While many Trek sites use the LCARS layout merely as a nice-looking stylistic element, it plays an important role not only in the name of the LCARS: Federation Databank. The countless custom-made graphics and the additional hints give this site a very distinctive character. While animated GIFs are deliberately used for illustration, the absence of "advanced" techniques is pleasant, since they would only slow down the performance, require a certain browser or cause security risks. Well, one exception: a few pages are only visible with Internet Explorer. The monthly contest and the LCARSComNet mailing list are among the features you should check out. If you visit the LCARS: Federation Database, be aware that there is something interesting behind every single link, so don't miss it!

Garak's Star Trek Tailor Shop (November 1999)
Garak's Star Trek Tailor Shop covers a wide spectrum of topics related to DS9 and Voyager. Elim Garak's self-description is "plain and simple" and so is the site's style, but like the namesake the site hides many interesting aspects beneath the surface. Fortunately this applies to the less popular but seemingly unavoidable banners likewise. You don't have to scroll down too far! Elim shows his understanding of the medium internet and the techniques involved by providing various interactive features, while not overstressing the user hardware, browser or bandwidth. Taking part in the Cardassian Choice Awards, Star Trek quiz or fan fiction contest promises a lot of fun for every Trek fan. Once more, the site is far from being "plain and simple". Another highlight is the DS9 and Voyager database that not only offers a great deal of well-sorted and relevant information. The episode guide, for instance, provides a very good orientation through well-selected episode stills, so you are able to identify certain episodes immediately. Another section contains reviews by different fans contributing to the site's overall tone which is subjective but never biased.

(Thorsten & Bernd)

Spock's Mind (December 1999)
First of all Spock's Mind is unusual in that it is probably the first new site for a long time to focus on the good old TOS, and it's a must-see for every TOS/Spock fan. Webmistress T'Para has created both a comprehensive database - ranging from an episode guide to depictions of uniforms - and an homage to Gene Roddenberry's vision in general and the character Spock in particular. The content is broken down into sections about Spock, about TOS and miscellaneous stuff. Check out the image gallery and the quotes for great moments of Star Trek. The first thing to notice upon entering is the pleasant graphic design - thanks to the moderate and deliberate use of impressionist and edge extraction filters. Spock's Mind suits the simplistic style of TOS without imitating it. The navigation is very easy since every page has a navigation bar on the top that shows the sections as well as sub-sections, so the most important pages can be directly accessed. This short paragraph is not suited to describe all the other nifty features that can be found at Spock's Mind, I recommend to check it out yourself - "It will be fun!" (sorry, no suited Spock quote available)


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