Observations in TNG: "Haven"

A joint project with TrekCore, by Jörg Hillebrand and Bernd Schneider

Here are some observations about sets, props and visual effects in TNG: "Haven" without a specific theme, and a comparison of the original TV release (TNG) with the remastered episode (TNG-R).

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The shot of Haven is later seen again in "11001001", where it portrays Bynaus.
Re-Used Planets in TNG


It looks like the originally filmed material is still used in TNG-R. The TNG-R version seems to have additional details.

Mike Okuda: "Haven/Bynaus is based on the original art, but with some tweaking."

This shot of the viewscreen is re-used from the preceding episode, "Code of Honor".
"Code of Honor"
No changes
Riker's quarters are seen for the first time in this episode. The holographic projection plate appears in two more early episodes: in the observation lounge in "The Last Outpost" and in Admiral Jameson's VIP quarters in "Too Short a Season". The quarters in HD.
The Betazoid gift box, played by Armin Shimerman. Only in the HD version of the episode, we can finally see that one eye of the box is red while the other one is black.

Behind Riker, a chair can be seen that would often appear in crew quarters in the first season. It first appeared in "Star Trek III: The Search for Spock" in the transporter room where Uhura and "Mr. Adventure" worked. The desk appears for the first time. It is similar to the desk in Crusher's office in sickbay.
Commercially Available Chairs in Star Trek

A silver Constitution class model is on display in Riker's quarters. This model appeared in several quarters and in Picard's ready room in the first season of TNG.

"Star Trek III"

"The Battle"
No changes
The opening shot of Haven (see above) is mirrored here. In TNG-R the planet is still mirrored.
The costume worn by Steven Miller was later seen in DS9: "Past Prologue" in Garak's tailor shop on Deep Space 9.
DS9: "Past Prologue"
While the costume seemed to be green/gray in "Haven", it's blue/gray in "Past Prologue". In the remastered episode, it becomes clear that the costume was blue all along.
Behind Picard and Lwaxana Troi the MSD would normally be situated, as this is main engineering, redressed as a corridor lounge/junction. In contrast to "Encounter at Farpoint", the large display was removed and a holodeck/cargo bay door was put there instead. The door didn't lead anywhere though, as the studio wall was right behind this set wall.
"Encounter at Farpoint"
A better look at the redressed section in TNG-R.
The turbolift entered by the Trois, Mr. Homn and Picard is a different one as seen from the inside. When Troi enters the turbolift (see preceding screen cap), there is a black position square right next to the door; when the shot switches to the interior of the turbolift, the black square is gone and a regular carpet covered wall is visible instead. No changes
This is one of the few early episodes where a rotating light is seen in the upper half of the turbolift when the lift is in motion. No changes
Lwaxana Troi's quarters feature curtains made of pearl strings. These curtains were never seen again after this episode. Furthermore there is another tall chair like the one in Riker's quarters.
Re-Used Props - Furniture
No changes
The walls of the corridor belonging to the crew quarters set are covered with a fabric with a very vibrant pattern. This fabric was removed between the first and second season and a much more toned-down fabric was used instead.
The true colors of the fabric covering the corridor wall in season 1 are revealed in the HD transfer of the episode.
The red beads, which are part of Deanna Troi's intricate hairstyle in season 1, are mirrored in Lwaxana Troi's hairstyle and wardrobe in this scene. A better look at the hairstyle in HD.

The window behind Valeda Innis is interesting. The ocean seen behind her doesn't move, the visible waves are "frozen". It seems the actress and the desk were filmed in front of a blue screen and the window (which seems to be a miniature) and a photo of the ocean were added in post production.

Mike Okuda: "The window was a miniature with blue material in the open areas. The image of the coastline beyond were film elements."

The waves are now in motion. The shift of the rock between the two scenes was not fixed, however.

When Valeda Innis appears on the viewscreen again, later in the episode the rocks behind her have visibly moved to the left.

The desk used by Valeda Innes was previously seen as Groppler Zorn's desk in "Encounter at Farpoint". It has been painted white for the second appearance.
Re-Used Props - Furniture

"Encounter at Farpoint"
During the conversation between Deanna Troi and Wyatt Miller, the painting behind Troi turns around 180° between shots.
Space Art in Star Trek: The Next Generation
No changes
Nothing screams "80's!!" as much on TNG as Ariana's and Wyatt Miller's hairstyles in the drawings seen in "Haven".
Later in the episode
The drawings of Ariana in HD.
The Tarellian ship was modified and later appeared as the Zalkonian warship in "Transfigurations", the Ktarian ship in "The Game", the Hunter's ship in DS9: "Captive Pursuit" and a Haakonian shuttle in VOY: "Jetrel".
Redresses of the Tarellian Vessel
We can make out new details on the Tarellian ship in HD.
The set borders can be seen in this shot of the observation lounge, as the ceiling plates are missing above Geordi.
Visual Bloopers
The ceiling was digitally retouched in TNG-R.
Something is strange in this shot of the wooden observation lounge wall behind Riker. It seems the leftmost panel is open (like a door), something which is never seen again. The screenshots from "Lonely Among Us" and "The Last Outpost" reveal the normal position of the leftmost wooden panel.
"The Last Outpost"

"Lonely Among Us"
No changes
The formal dining area (so named in the script) is only seen in this episode and "Where No One Has Gone Before" (though parts of the set were later reused in "Heart of Glory"). The set is the first room that was erected on the opposite side of the transporter room corridor. In later seasons, Counselor Troi's office would often occupy this space. This room features two trapezoid windows, unlike any windows ever seen again on the show. Between the windows, a large decorative piece of art incorporating the Federation logo is seen. This is the first official appearance of the logo, apart from a brief appearance on an LCARS monitor display in "The Naked Now". No changes
A close-up of the Federation emblem in HD.
No changes
Tasha also goes totally 80's. Also, notice the postmodern glasses as they were in style in that decade. The 80's in HD.
The Betazoid gong seen in this episode was taken apart and the octagonal glass part later reappeared as another Betazoid gong in "Manhunt" and as a Taresian gong in VOY: "Favorite Son".
Re-Used Props - Various Objects

A close-up of the gong in HD.
In this scene, the holodeck door is not the life-size actual door but an animated miniature. The gate in the remastered episode.

Several celestial globes are seen on the bridge of the Tarellian starship. A similar globe is sometimes seen in Picard's ready room aboard the USS Enterprise-D, such as in "The Schizoid Man" or "The Naked Now". It also appears in his quarters in "Star Trek: Generations". A larger globe was seen in "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" at Starfleet Training Command.

The ceiling pattern of the Tarellian plague ship bridge in "Haven" reappears as a wall fabric in several crew quarters in season 1 (such as "Lonely Among Us", "Home Soil", "Heart of Glory", "The Neutral Zone").


"The Neutral Zone"
The globes in HD.

"Star Trek II"
The eccentric Tarellian chair designed by Peter Opsvik later appeared in several episodes in Worf's quarters aboard the USS Enterprise-D.
Commercially Available Chairs in Star Trek

The unusual chair in HD.
The snail shell sculpture later appeared in "Angel One" on the eponymous planet.
"Angel One"
The snail is better recognizable now.
A metallic sculpture is seen in Lwaxana Troi's guest quarters. This sculpture would later appear again on Delta Rana IV in "The Survivors".
"The Survivors"
A better look at the statue in the remastered episode.
The same round window is later seen again on Aldea in "When the Bough Breaks" and on Vandor IV in "We'll Always Have Paris".
"When the Bough Breaks"

"We'll Always Have Paris"
A better look at the window in HD.


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