Observations in TNG: "The Wounded"

A joint project with TrekCore, by Jörg Hillebrand and Bernd Schneider

Here are some observations about sets, props and visual effects in TNG: "The Wounded" without a specific theme, and a comparison of the original TV release (TNG) with the remastered episode (TNG-R).

"The Wounded" HD Screencaps @ TrekCore

Description TNG Other caps Comparison TNG to TNG-R Description TNG-R
A close look at Keiko O'Brien's Japanese food. A better look at the food in HD.
This vase was also visible in the O'Brien's quarters in "Data's Day". It first appeared on the Jovis in Kivas Fajo's collection room and was seen in several crew members' quarters in later TNG episodes.
Re-Used Props - Various Objects

"The Most Toys"

"Data's Day"
The vase in HD.
A Cardassian Galor-class starship appears for the first time in this episode. In this episode, the ship still fires a pink disruptor beam. In "Ensign Ro", when a ship of this class next appears, it fires a pink disruptor pulse. After that, all Cardassian shipboard weapons fire yellow/orange beams.
Starship Gallery - Cardassians

"Ensign Ro"

DS9: "Emissary"
The HD version is a great improvement over the original shots.

"The Chase"
It takes a little longer until the handheld weapons are switched from pink to yellow. In "Chain of Command I", the weapons still fire pink disruptor beams. By the second season of DS9, the handheld weapons emit yellow beams as well.
"Chain of Command I"

DS9: "Profit and Loss"
The underside of the Galor class ship and the way the Enterprise-D's phaser beam reflects from its shield bubble can be seen in these screenshots.

The darkly lit bridge of a Galor-class starship can be seen in these two shots. The next few times the bridge of such a ship is seen, it is milt much more brightly.
Variations and Redresses of the Galor Class Bridge

The interestingly shaped Cardassian helmets only appear in this episode, while the brown Cardassian uniforms are also seen in "Ensign Ro", before they are replaced by the much more familiar uniforms seen on DS9.

"Ensign Ro"

The Cardassian bridge and uniform in HD.

"Ensign Ro"

This is the one of only two good shots of the Galor class in which the ship is not on motion. The deflector still appears yellow in this episode. The Cardassian deflector was also yellow in "Ensign Ro". Between this episode and "Chain of Command I+II" and "Emissary", it was decided to switch the deflector to red, so beginning in these episodes, roughly filmed at the same time, the deflector consistently appeared in that color.
"Ensign Ro"

DS9: "Emissary"
Another great HD shot of the Galor class.

"Chain of Command I"

"Preemptive Strike"
In this shot of Picard looking down at his desktop monitor, it seems as if the Captain is standing. In the following shot, he is seen sitting however, creating a consistency error. As this footage was re-used from "The Hunted", in which Picard is indeed standing while looking at his desktop monitor, this discrepancy can be explained.
"The Hunted"
No changes

"The Hunted"
The close-up of Admiral Haden on the desktop monitor was also re-used from "The Hunted". It will be re-used once more in "All Good Things". The map of the galaxy, seen behind the Admiral, was originally seen in the tactical lab aboard the USS Enterprise-D in "The Emissary". When Picard ends the conversation, the Federation logo is briefly seen. The number "40273" reveals that this was filmed for the third season.
"The Emissary"

"All Good Things"
No changes

"The Hunted"

A nice shot of the USS Enterprise-D facing the Galor class ship. The same shot was reused three more times, in "Chain of Command I+II" and "Preemptive Strike". It is interesting to see how the shot changes slightly in each appearance. In "The Wounded", both the deflector and the other lights on the Cardassian ship are still yellow. In "Chain of Command I", the whole shot looks much more red, including the deflector AND all other lights, maybe to adapt the original shot to the new color of the deflector established in "Emissary". In "Chain of Command II", the shot appears a little less red. In "Preemptive Strike", the deflector is fully red, finally, and the other large lights are yellow. Additional hull lights were also added for this shot of the ship.

The shot of the USS Enterprise-D was newly created for this episode, using the 4-foot model. A screenshot from the same episode shows what the 6-foot model looks like from a nearly identical angle.

"Chain of Command I"

"Preemptive Strike"
The shot in HD.

"Chain of Command II"
A good look at the Cardassian uniforms, only seen in this episode and "Ensign Ro". As mentioned before, the helmets only appear in this episode. A good look at the Cardassians in HD.
This is the only full look we ever get at the port observation corridor, leading to a turbolift (the starboard corridor leads to the bridge). The set, however, is a redress of the turbolift alcove close to the transporter room, as the shot from "Evolution" reveals. The side door was covered with a yellow wall to hide the true appearance of the set.
No changes
Tactical star maps of this kind only appear in "The Wounded".

The pixely original graphics were replaced with HD animations.

The original string of numbers when the weapon impact is being displayed was replaced with a new display, starting with "Sustained direct weapons hit..." and showing useful data.

The material covering the backside of the Ten Forward bar can be seen very well in this episode. The shot was filmed anamorphically, so when O'Brien moves closer to Glinn Daro, the camera movement (and zoom) is achieved using the technique of "pan and scan", explaining why it gets more blurry towards the end of the zoom. This was necessary, as this was also an FX shot, with the streaking stars seen through the Ten Forward windows.
Pan & Scan Effects in TNG
No changes
The kanar seen in this episode looks very different from the three types of kanar seen in later episodes. Here, the drink is light purple and clear. When it next appears in the DS9 episode "The Maquis II", it is black, the color it has in most DS9 episodes. In its next appearance in "The Wire", it is blue, however, and in "The Way of the Warrior", it appears orange.
DS9: "The Maquis II"

"The Way of the Warrior"
No changes

"The Wire"
Gul Macet (Marc Alaimo) is the only Cardassian ever seen with a beard. A better look at Gul Macet in HD.
A Nebula class ship is seen for the first time in this episode (apart from the Nebula class study model seen on Riker's ready room desk in "Future Imperfect"). The Nebula class in HD.
The painting of the USS Enterprise-D in Picard's ready room can be nicely seen in these shots. One other constant feature of the ready room appears for the first time in this episode, a glass model of a sailing ship. The model replaces a transparent globe seen in the same spot in several earlier episodes.
No changes
The USS Phoenix flies next to the USS Enterprise-D. The shot in HD.
A nice wide shot showing the bridge of the USS Enterprise-D as it appears in the fourth season. The bridge in HD
The USS Phoenix veers off course, as seen on the main viewscreen of the USS Enterprise-D. The sequence in HD.
The aft section of the USS Phoenix and the Cardassian supply ship can be seen in this bridge viewscreen shot. The latter ship is a re-use of the Pakled ship Mondor, seen in "Samaritan Snare".
Redresses of the Mondor

"Samaritan Snare"

"Samaritan Snare"
We can recognize the Cardassian vessel much better in HD.
The Enterprise is seen through the ready room window of the USS Phoenix. On close inspection, it can be seen that the footage of the 4-foot model was flipped as the ship's registry is mirror-inverted. The footage is a still from the very beginning of a sequence filmed for "Suddenly Human".
"The Most Toys"

"Suddenly Human"
It seems this footage could not be found when the episode was remastered (although it appears in HD in "Suddenly Human"), and a similar, also flipped shot of the 6-foot model from "The Most Toys" was used instead.
The dedication plaque of the USS Phoenix can be seen behind Captain Maxwell in this shot. We can read "USS Phoenix" in HD, but nothing else.
Maxwell's ready room features a stellar map originally created for "Yesterday's Enterprise" and also appeared in "Transfigurations". In the former episode, it featured the Klingon logo, here those logos were replaced by Cardassian logos.
"Yesterday's Enterprise"

An HD close-up of the display.
Like Picard's ready room, the USS Phoenix ready room also features a small starship model. This model of a Nebula-class vessel was also seen in Riker's future ready room in "Future Imperfect".
"Future Imperfect"
An HD close-up of the ship model.
Another look at the USS Phoenix dedication plaque. An HD close-up of the plaque.


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