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TrekMovie.com News
  • Altman & Gross Writing ‘Unauthorized Oral History’ Of Star Trek For 50th Anniv. + More Non-Fic ...

    25 Jul 2014

    A couple of weeks ago TrekMovie previewed upcoming non-fiction Star Trek books, and now the list is getting longer with newly announced titles covering the history of the franchise, Trek fashion and even Trek ‘travel books.’ More details below.  Altman & Gross ‘Oral History’ of Star Trek Franchise The first newly announced non-fiction book comes […]
  • New Mission Log: Okudas Talk TOS Remastered + How ‘Spock’s Brain’ Influenced Effects For Star ...

    24 Jul 2014

    Now that the original series Star Trek movies have been dissected, this week’s Mission Log podcast takes a pause before starting in on Star Trek: The Next Generation. This ‘Supplemental’ pocast revisits some of the TOS movies and includes a conversation with Mike and Denise Okuda. Listen to it below. Mission Log: Supplemental 018Today’s Mission […]
  • Saldana Talks Star Trek/Avatar 2015 Productions Coordination + Pregnancy Confirmed

    23 Jul 2014

    Zoe Saldana is going to have a busy 2015. The actress has confirmed speculation that she and her husband are expecting. She is also talking about shooting the next Star Trek and Avatar movies. More details below Saldana Talks Star Trek/Avatar coordination + TOS Uhura as ‘eye candy’ + typecasting Zoe Saldana will be hitting […]
  • ‘Free Enterprise’ Prequel TV Series Seeking Crowdfunding For Pilot

    23 Jul 2014

    The team behind the 1999 Star Trek-themed comedy Free Enterprise have developed a TV series prequel to the movie and are looking to the fans to help fund the pilot. The Kickstarter campaign debuted today with more info on the show set to be announced this Friday at Comic-Con. See below for the first details […]
  • TheCollective: Guide To SDCC Star Trek Merchandise Exclusives & Giveaways

    22 Jul 2014

    At the San Diego Comic Con this week Star Trek licensees will be out in force, showing of their ranges, and premiering new items. For those in attendance you’ll also be able to pick up quite a collection of Star Trek stuff available exclusively at the Con. Read on below to see what will be […]
TrekToday News
  • Insight Editions Announces Three Trek Books For 2015

    24 Jul 2014

    Three new books from Insight Editions set to debut next year will cover costumes, and traveling to Vulcan and Qo’NoS. The books include: Star Trek: Dressing the Final Frontier, Star Trek Travel Guide: Vulcan and Star Trek: Travel Guide: The Klingon Empire. Details on one of the books, Star Trek: Dressing the Final Frontier, is […]
  • To Be Takei Review by Spencer Blohm

    24 Jul 2014

    The beloved George Takei, better known as the original Sulu around these parts, is the subject of a new documentary by Filmmaker Jennifer Krootz called To Be Takei. The documentary looks at the entirety of George’s life; covering everything including his difficult childhood, his breakthrough role on Star Trek, and his activism in recent years. […]
  • Mulgrew: Playing Red

    24 Jul 2014

    Star Trek: Voyager‘s Kate Mulgrew spoke about playing Galina “Red” Reznikov on Orange is the New Black. Mulgrew was interested in playing the character of Red because she was different than the usual type of character. “There was something original about the writing, and this character was unprecedented, from my experience,” said Mulgrew. “I was […]
  • Hallmark 2015 Trek Ornaments

    24 Jul 2014

    The three ornaments to be released by Hallmark next year have been revealed. The ornaments feature Uhura, a scene from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, and The USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C. The Lieutenant Nyota Uhura ornament is the sixth ornament in the Star Trek Legend series of ornaments. The Needs of the Many features […]
  • Funko Mini Spock

    23 Jul 2014

    A new figurine from Funko will be of interest to Star Trek fans. The Spock (with lirpa) figurine joins the classic sci-fi group of Mystery Mini figurines. The new figurines will debut in September, and includes characters such as E.T., Predators, Aliens, Rocketeer, Tron, Mal and Jayne from Firefly, and more.
TrekNews.net News
  • WATCH: J.J. Abrams’ Human Lens Flare

    25 Jul 2014

    Finally! The man behind the blasts of reflected light in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek films has been revealed. Lorenzo Flarius, the human lens flare made a huge contribution to both Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek Into Darkness. Now, thanks to filmmaker Luke Knezevic, we get a peek at the man, the myth, the legend […]
  • #STLV ’14 PREVIEW: Shatner, Brooks, Mulgrew, Bakula And More Set To Beam Down To Las Vegas

    23 Jul 2014

    Next week, Creation Entertainment’s Official Star Trek Convention returns to Las Vegas for four-days of nerdy goodness. With a loaded lineup that includes four Star Trek captains, stars from every incarnation of the franchise appearing on stage, costume contests, film screenings, a Star Trek-themed performance by the Nevada Pops Orchestra, live auctions, science lectures, the […]
  • Robert Picardo Mixes Star Trek Eras In TOS Uniform

    23 Jul 2014

    Robert Picardo, known for playing the holographic Doctor on Star Trek: Voyager, posted a photo of himself wearing a TOS style uniform on Twitter. Not straying from his character’s specialization, he dons the traditional blue of Starfleet’s medical/science division. Along with the photo, Picardo simply wrote “Hmmmmm.” What does it all mean?! Most likely nothing, […]
  • George Takei Talks Shatner Feud, Gene Roddenberry On ‘Real Time’

    22 Jul 2014

    On Friday’s Real Time, George Takei discussed a variety of topics with host Bill Maher, including his ongoing feud with William Shatner, his cast mates reaction to finding out he was gay, and Gene Roddenberry’s reaction to his pitch to bring gay rights into an episode of Star Trek. Not shying away from the topic […]
  • WATCH: ‘Red Shirt Diaries’ Web Series Teaser Trailer

    20 Jul 2014

    Jason Inman, of the Jawiin YouTube channel, has released a teaser trailer for the upcoming comedic web series The Red Shirt Diaries. In the ten-part fan-series, writer-producer-actress Ashley Victoria Robinson stars as a low-ranking security officer aboard the USS Enterprise, Ensign Williams. “The Red Shirt Diaries is my love letter to the original series,” explains […]
Subspace Communique News
Inside Star Trek Latest Posts
  • Brent Spiner's “Lt. Commander Data” Isolation suit from Star Trek: Insurrection

    11 May 2014

    This is a bright red Isolation suit with helmet worn by "Lt. Commander Data" during the thrilling opening action sequence of Star Trek: Insurrection (1998). It's a complete collection of both "hero" and "stunt double" pieces worn by actor Brent Spiner and his stunt double Brian Avery.

    The isolation suit was a type of stealth clothing used by the Federation Starfleet in the 24th century. The suit was equipped with technology that made the person wearing it practically invisible.

    This Isolation suit includes Spiner's hero helmet and boots. The helmet has internal padding and an accordion collar. Brent Spiner's gold make-up is still visible inside. The boots are made of rubber. The belt has stunt double Brian Avery's name in it.

    The red jumpsuit has a rubber neckline, a Velcro waist for the rubber belt to attach and stirrups for the feet and thumbs to hold the fabric taut. Attached to the jumpsuit on the right sleeve is a “cloaking device” that has sequential red LED lighting triggered by small buttons.

    A gray shoulder piece from the Starfleet uniform as well as the yellow tunic is under the Isolation suit. The tunic has the screen matched burnt collar. Remember the scene when Data removes the helmet and is his head "floating" in the air. You can see the the damaged collar after Data was hit by a Son'a disrupter.

  • Spock's Camping Outfit from Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

    01 Jan 2014

    This is one of the two outfits, which were worn on screen by Leonard Nimoy in his role as Spock in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989) during his conversation with Kirk at the mountainside in the Yosemite National Park.
    It consists of a denim jacket with fluorescent green accents and a square shaped hole created in the front for use around a harness and a purple and black Dickie with matching fabric scraps and gray colored scraps.
    For the first scenes, when Kirk (William Shatner) and Spock are talking in a side view, Nimoy stood on a moveable teeter-totter. For the further scenes, the production team installed a pole at the fake rock wall made of fiberglass, attached one end to a body suit Nimoy was wearing under the outfit and moved the pole up and down.

    About the Designer

    Nilo Rodis-Jamero was the leading artist for the costumes used in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. He worked at ILM in the 1980s. He served as a visual effects art director on The Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Star Trek III: The Search For Spock. He is credited as the designer of the popular Klingon Bird of Prey first seen in Star Trek III.  He went on to work as a costume designer for Return of the Jedi and as an art director on Star Trek IV, V and VI.  When William Shatner saw the detail that Rodis put into his storyboards for Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, he hired him as a costume designer.  He shared those duties with Dodie Shepard.
    Usually it is a lot of work, but sometimes you're just lucky and able to find enough small details for a comparison between your item and the one on screen. When I had a look at the back side of Spock's Denim jacket I was more than thrilled about all the recognizable areas of the fabric, which are absolutely unique - just like a human finger print. For a clearly screenmatch you can compare the photo of the jacket (left) with a screencap from the movie below.

    Publicity Shot for Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

    Text Source: Memory-Alpha.org
    Screencaps: Trekcore.com

TrekCore Videos @ YouTube
TrekCore Latest Updates
  • TNG S5: 'Unification II' SD/HD Comparison Video

    24 Jul 2014

    After being taken prisoner by Sela on Romulus, Spock, Picard, and Data must find a way to warn the Federation of an impending attack on Vulcan! The second half of the "Unification" two-parter makes its way to high definition, continuing our journey through "Star Trek: The Next Generation" Season Five on Blu-ray!
  • TNG S6: Deleted Scenes, Part IV

    23 Jul 2014

    At long last, we bring you the final selection of deleted scenes from TNG Season Six, with a load of cut footage from "The Chase" and "Rightful Heir" totaling almost thirteen minutes! There's lots of new content featuring Worf's encounter with Kahless the Unforgettable, and Beverly Crusher squaring off with Mr. Mot!
  • TNG S5: 'Unification I' SD/HD Comparison Video

    22 Jul 2014

    When Ambassador Spock mysteriously appears on the Romulan homeworld, Data and Captain Picard must go undercover to reach him in enemy territory! The first part of "Unification," the twenty-fifth anniversary episode which brought Leonard Nimoy to "Star Trek: The Next Generation," is here in 1080p!
  • TNG S6: Deleted Scenes, Part III

    21 Jul 2014

    We've got another look at the deleted scenes included on the Blu-ray release of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" Season Six, this time focusing on eight cuts from "Birthright, Part II"! Running over a dozen minutes, read on to learn about this large chunk of missing dialogue from the final episode!
  • TNG REWIND: "The Naked Now" SD/HD Comparison

    20 Jul 2014

    When the Enterprise is caught near a star on the edge of explosion, the crew begins acting strangely and it's up to Wesley to save the ship before they're all destroyed! "The Naked Now" is the next flashback along the first season of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" -- be sure to watch this wild and crazy party in 1080p!
Memory Alpha: Star Trek on this Day

23 July
1930 Chuck Courtney is born.
1937 Ben Slack is born.
1938 Ronny Cox is born.
1948 Lenore Kasdorf is born.
1954 John Kretchmer is born.
1965 Fifth day of filming on TOS: "Where No Man Has Gone Before". During shooting a swarm of wasps appears on the set, causing panic among the cast and crew, and stinging William Shatner and Sally Kellerman.
1968 Sixth day of filming on TOS: "Is There in Truth No Beauty?". Revised final script draft for TOS: "The Empath" is submitted.
1983 Jessica and Vanessa Bova are born.
1987 Seventh day of filming on TNG: "Code of Honor".
1990 Third day of seven filming the episode TNG: "Suddenly Human".
1991 Fourth day of filming on TNG: "Darmok". Todays scenes were filmed on location at Bronson Canyon.
1996 Seventh day of filming on VOY: "The Chute".
1998 Sixth day of filming on DS9: "Shadows and Symbols". Sixth day of filming on VOY: "Once Upon a Time".
2001 Fourth day of filming on ENT: "Strange New World".
2002 Third day of filming on ENT: "Minefield".
2003 Third day of filming on ENT: "Extinction".
2004 Seventh and final day of filming on ENT: "Storm Front".
2011 Chip Mayer dies.
2012 TNG Season 1 Blu-ray theatrical showings are held.

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Memory Alpha New Articles
Forgotten Trek Latest Posts
  • Maximum Defiant

    15 May 2014

    Maximum Defiant was quite probably the most comprehensive website about Deep Space Nine's tough little ship
  • Designing the Reliant

    01 May 2014

    Only the second Starfleet vessel seen on screen, the Reliant proved one of Star Trek's more reliable support ships indeed.
  • Redesigning Starfleet’s Uniforms for Star Trek II

    21 Oct 2013

    Nobody really liked the uniforms from The Motion Picture but there was little budget for new ones.
My Star Trek Scrapbook Latest Posts
  • "Prelude To Axanar" Trailer

    18 Jun 2014

    The first trailer for "Star Trek: Prelude to Axanar" is up and live. This documentary-style movie takes place a little over two decades before the original series. You'll recognize several actors from "Enterprise," "DS9," and "The Next Generation." Why, oh, WHY can't we get special made-for-TV/straight-to-DVD movies like this? WAKE UP PARAMOUNT!!! There is a larger universe out there to be mined and portrayed.

    I like the way that the ship design, photography and battles show the influence of the Abram's film, as although I may not agree with the direction of that reboot, I think that the way things looked was incredible. Emulating that here makes for exciting space scenes, and fills in the gaps in the TOS universe canon quite nicely. Also the links to Star Trek: Enterprise (like the older Soval character as portrayed by Gary Graham) help bridge the time from that show up to the original series. The effects are up to cinematic standards, and the actors, like the great Tony Todd, raise it above the level of the amateur fan-film. Here is the link to view it on Youtube, where you can see it full-size in all its HD glory!

    Below, some screen captures from the video. Click on each one to enlarge.

  • New Star Trek Continues Episode!

    18 Jun 2014

     The third episode of "Star Trek Continues" led by Vic Mignogna has been released, and what an episode it is! A direct sequel to "Mirror, Mirror," taking up literally moments later, it is one that I really, really wish had been done on the series. But, I suppose they never could have done one set in the Mirror universe only, featuring just that crew; I'm sure it would have been considered "too confusing" to people back then just tuning in. The actress portraying Marlena, Asia DeMarcos, has such an amazing resemblance to original actress Barbara Luna that one almost forgets it is a different person. Enjoy!

    Star Trek Continues E03 "Fairest of Them All" from Star Trek Continues on Vimeo.

    Bonus: A new clip posted by Daren Dochterman of his CGI ST:TMP Enterprise! Because one can never get enough of close-up passes of that beautiful lady. I for one thought that the Spacedock scene in ST:TMP was the best part of the movie, so this is more loveliness to enjoy!

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