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  • Leonard Nimoy honored in final OMAZE clip + Quinto says more Spock/McCoy in STB

    26 Aug 2015

    Omaze’s final Star Trek: To Boldly Go clip pays tribute to Leonard Nimoy. The clip is the last in a series of videos to help promote Omaze’s fundraising campaign, which offers fans a chance to win a visit to the set of Star Trek Beyond(and possibly land a role).  In this final clip,  Zachary Quinto […]
  • Trekonderoga celebrates Star Trek this Labor Day weekend

    21 Aug 2015

    Star Trek fans looking for an experience uniquely geared for them need look no further than what’s beaming in to Ticonderoga, New York, from September 4th – 6th. The new convention, Trekonderoga, will be celebrating all things Trek. In attendance will be an array of guests who were part of Star Trek both in front and behind the cameras. […]
  • At last! Set photos for Star Trek Beyond – Is that a Xindi skunk!? *SPOILERS*

    20 Aug 2015

    New photos and video from Star Trek Beyond have (finally!) made their way to the Internet. The website Screen Crush posted an exclusive earlier today. A full photo gallery is here, but we’ve embedded the video below *UPDATE* The clip has been removed by YouTube, per the request of Paramount Pictures. The pictures show Chris […]
  • Editorial: With Lydia Wilson as latest addition to Star Trek Beyond cast, can we expect a strong ...

    20 Aug 2015

    Lydia Wilson has just been announced as the latest addition to the growing call sheet for Star Trek Beyond, currently filming in Vancouver. As usual, no one has any clue as to what her role might be (although there is plenty of speculation abound). I am excited about the addition of another female presence on […]
  • Quinto Talks Filming Star Trek Beyond: It’s Different Without JJ

    19 Aug 2015

    Zachary Quinto, currently filming his role as Spock in Star Trek Beyond recently spoke about how filming the third incarnation of the rebooted franchise has been different without JJ Abrams, currently busy filming Star Wars, directing them on set. It’s different without JJ, but Justin Lin has quiet, powerful energy Zachary Quinto told MTV news […]
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  • Vulcan Ale – The Genesis Effect

    31 Aug 2015

    A new Star Trek-themed beer will be out soon. Vulcan Ale – The Genesis Effect, comes courtesy of the Federation of Beer,...

    A new Star Trek-themed beer will be out soon.

    Vulcan Ale – The Genesis Effect, comes courtesy of the Federation of Beer, and will be produced by the Shmaltz Brewing Company of New York.

    “This Sessionable Red IPA will hit your tastebuds at superluminal speeds and will leave your senses at Red Alert as if they were hit broadside by a disruptor cannon,” said a description of the new offering. “Not to be outdone, the finish is balanced by a malty cloaking device which leads you to reload regularly.”

    Vulcan Ale – The Genesis Effect will arrive this autumn.

  • Shatner Writing Book About Friendship With Nimoy

    31 Aug 2015

    Earlier this summer, TrekToday reported that William Shatner was considering writing a book about his friendship with Leonard Nimoy. The book is...

    Earlier this summer, TrekToday reported that William Shatner was considering writing a book about his friendship with Leonard Nimoy.

    The book is in progress and now has a working title.

    Leonard: A 50 Year Friendship will be published by St. Martin’s Press.

    “I’m writing a book about Leonard,” said Shatner. “I had a brother, whose life arc was so much like mine that we understood each other completely. Our age, our birth, the same types of problems in our marriages – our careers arced in the same manner.”

    Shatner and his co-writer have interviewed people from Nimoy’s past for the book.

    Leonard: A 50 Year Friendship will arrive next year.

  • Nimoy Documentary ON COPD In Progress

    31 Aug 2015

    Earlier this year, Julie Nimoy, Leonard Nimoy‘s daughter, announced that she would be producing a new documentary with her husband David Knight...

    Earlier this year, Julie Nimoy, Leonard Nimoy‘s daughter, announced that she would be producing a new documentary with her husband David Knight on COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

    Fundraising for the movie is currently in progress and is already almost halfway to its goal of $500,000.

    “After my dad’s untimely passing due to complications related to COPD, my husband and I committed ourselves to continuing his mission and his message,” said Julie.

    “The production team is honored to be contributing our time to make this project a reality,” said co-producer David Knight. “And we’re offering an opportunity for Star Trek fans and people from around-the-world concerned with COPD to show their support through our crowd funding campaign. Along with the COPD Foundation, we’ve set up a donation site for anyone who wishes to support our project. Ten percent of all donated funds will be directed toward COPD research.”

    COPD: Highly Illogical showcases the latest advances in the fight against Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, including state-of-the-art computer-generated imagery from BioLucid that promises to show the audience a spectacular view from inside the body.”


    Donors will receive a “special, limited-edition commemorative gift personally signed and numbered by Leonard’s daughter Julie Nimoy. In addition, all donors will be listed on the film’s Tribute Page, appearing in the closing credits.”

    “We invite you to support this meaningful project,” said Dr. Richard Casaburi, medical advisor for the film. “Please join us and shed light on COPD–a disease that affects so many people we know and love.”

    For more information and to donate, head to the link located here.

  • Three New Star Trek Beyond Set Shots

    31 Aug 2015

    Today’s Star Trek Beyond set shots come from the Pitt River Quarries near Vancouver. Filming is taking place this week in that...

    Today’s Star Trek Beyond set shots come from the Pitt River Quarries near Vancouver.

    Filming is taking place this week in that area.

    Click on thumbnails for larger images.


  • Retro Review: Elogium

    28 Aug 2015

    When a swarm of aliens prematurely triggers Kes’s reproductive system, she must decide whether to have a child. Plot Summary: Chakotay catches...

    When a swarm of aliens prematurely triggers Kes’s reproductive system, she must decide whether to have a child.

    Plot Summary: Chakotay catches two crewmembers smooching in a turbolift, gets hot and bothered, and asks Janeway whether she’s considered instituting a fraternization policy. Janeway says it’s natural that on a mission like this, people will begin to pair off, at which Chakotay (with a long look at her upswept hair) demands, “Including you?” Janeway blushes and stammers that, as captain, that’s a luxury she doesn’t have, then quickly brings up Mark, her regular excuse. She’s spared any further arousal when they’re interrupted about the menace of the week, a giant blob of what look like – I kid you not – space sperm. Down in the arboretum, Kes begins to eat spawn beetles, then mashed potatoes with soil mixed in. Neelix realizes something is wrong and takes her to the Doctor, who tells her she has a growth on her back. Kes panics and explains to Janeway that she is going through the elogium, the Ocampan equivalent of puberty…but because Ocampa have such short life spans, this is her only chance to have a baby. Janeway attempts to comfort her and says she’ll back any decision Kes makes, then has a tete-a-tete with Chakotay over steaming soup to discuss the possibility that the crew might need to start having children in order for the ship to get home. Kes begins the mating ritual with Neelix, but ultimately decides that she’s not ready to give up so much of her life to raise a child. Neelix is sad but resigned, and the Doctor tells Kes that because the elogium was triggered by an outside force, she might go through it again at the proper time. Meanwhile, the more passive space aliens demonstrate sexual attraction to Voyager and adhere to the hull, while a large, angry rival wants to compete for alpha status. Chakotay suggests that Voyager roll over and turn blue, acknowledging the big alien’s superiority, and the ship escapes. Janeway tells Chakotay that the next time she needs advice about mating behavior, she’ll know where to go – yes, that is an exact quote – and the two share a grin in full view of the entire bridge crew.

    Analysis: The above is my original plot summary for “Elogium” altered only to correct a verb tense. In retrospect, I should’ve mentioned Wildman’s pregnancy, but I wasn’t sure at the time that we’d ever seen her again. I’d written a new summary, then reread the first and decided that it perfectly captures the spirit of the episode – even now, even after two decades. I tend to think of “Resolutions” (a.k.a. “the one where Janeway and Chakotay get stranded together and fall in love”) as the Voyager episode for which I’m most nostalgic, but that’s not true, since it was clear by the conclusion of “Resolutions” that the writers were too chicken to allow a relationship they’d spent two years developing to continue its natural progression. It’s “Elogium” which once left me with a sense of buoyant optimism that Star Trek’s writers had finally grown up and were finally ready to address how adults explore relationships, even when they’re inconvenient and unconventional. For a brief span, it’s groundbreaking not just in terms of its female characters, but in giving us a man like Chakotay who’s defined on this series far more by his relationships as a colleague, teacher, and nurturer than he is as a commander, warrior, schemer, genius, or any of the other qualities usually linked even in this progressive franchise with masculinity and machismo. I thought maybe I was just relieved at the difference between “Elogium” as advertised and the episode we actually got – not the trailer that’s on the official site now, the so-called “Aliens Run Amok” version put together for syndication, but UPN’s sexploitative original preview with the voiceover, “Kes faces the toughest decision in a woman’s life, but the real question is, WHO IS THE FATHER?” Though I’m sorry we’ve never had a proper look at birth technology in the 24th century, understanding the roles of cloning and artificial wombs, exploring the politics of reproduction and ownership of genetic material when women are no longer forced to carry fetuses, we get some lovely choices in “Elogium,” as Kes decides that she doesn’t need to have a baby just because she can, that she doesn’t want to commit to being a partner and mother. No one pressures or judges her. I’d rate this episode highly even for that even if I’d changed my mind about how Janeway comes across.

    Yet this episode is deeply invested in Janeway even more than in Kes – particularly Janeway’s sexuality, which in every pivotal moment is played off Chakotay including flirting so unsubtle that it might constitute harassment if it weren’t reciprocated. Some of that is incidental on the part of the writers to get dialogue going – there’s no conceivable reason for the captain to be asking her first officer why he seems so distracted on the bridge, right as she makes yet another decision to veer from the course she hopes will get her home before Mark gives her up for dead. It seems pretty ludicrous as well that he would start a conversation within earshot of Tom Paris about restricting the sex lives of the crew. Troi would have been discreet enough to ask Picard if they could talk in the ready room. We’ll excuse that dialogue placement as the writers trying to keep the action on the bridge. And then Chakotay immediately wants to know whether Janeway will be looking for intimacy, while giving her a look that can only be described as interested – based on their overall behavior, let’s apply some of the new terms for sexuality that have come into common parlance since Voyager aired, couldn’t he be pangender, sex-negative or aromantic, couldn’t she be demisexual and biromantic – oh, but I keep looking at that shot of him sweeping his gaze up and down as if imagining her hair tumbling out of her bun, and guess what, it still looks like a classic representation of a heterosexual man realizing that a woman for whom he’s been pining has declared her availability. She friend-zones him five seconds later with a mantra that will increasingly sound like a contrived excuse over the years, when she learns that Mark isn’t waiting for her after all, but that doesn’t change my recollection that although Janeway says “I can’t” to Chakotay, she doesn’t say “I don’t want to.” If anything, as in the third season’s “Coda” and the sixth’s “Unimatrix Zero,” she seems to encourage him to stay interested. When we get what’s supposed to be the definitive shutdown on the relationship in “Shattered,” when it’s Janeway speculating about how close they could get, Chakotay tells her that there are some barriers they never cross, as if their positions are physical obstructions and without those roles and titles, anything could happen.

    So no matter how much I want to ignore a romance that will be retconned and twisted to absurdity in the final season, the writers make it impossible, particularly during the intimate bridge two shots and sickbay scenes in which director Winrich Kolbe captures Kate Mulgrew’s radiance. (I don’t care how much controversy there is over The Bun Of Steel; she’s stunning in “Elogium.”) Those scenes establish parallels between Kes and Neelix as they ponder becoming mates and parents together versus Janeway and Chakotay as they contemplate their roles fostering and guiding the crew. Janeway’s behavior toward Kes is often described as maternal, but it could just as easily be paternal, conveying the same nurturing qualities that Tuvok describes in his relationship with his absent daughter and that the Doctor tries to offer Kes when she seeks his help with a ritual to prepare for pregnancy. Kes and Neelix don’t fall neatly along stereotypical gender lines either – he may bluster about his greater knowledge of predatory sexual behavior, but he’s the one in the kitchen while she’s the scientist – so it’s lovely to see the complex emotions they both bring to the question of whether to produce offspring so early in their lives and relationship. Apart from Neelix’s I-can’t-shop-at-Target-now fears that get shot down by Tuvok, we don’t hear the retro gender prejudices that come up later when the crew talks about the big alien, which suddenly stops being “it” and becomes “him” when it behaves in a sexually aggressive manner, as if being sexually dominant were an inherently male trait. The Trek franchise does a better job each series of addressing intimate and domestic issues, but even my beloved DS9 has an absurd number of single fathers and all-male households, so it’s exciting to see so many women displaying such disparate priorities – Janeway confidently in command and delighted to explore whether or not she gets home to her fiance, Torres fiercely protective of the ship and by extension the crew, Kes balancing inherited social expectations and the assumption that she’ll become a mother with a new reality that offers her undreamed-of possibilities, Wildman discovering that she wants to care as a single parent for the child she once hoped to raise with her husband. This is what the future could have looked like if the producers had had more faith in their audience and not demanded a chick in a catsuit.

  • Trek Swype Keyboard

    28 Aug 2015

    The Swype keyboard for Android now has a Star Trek theme. The designs include characters and images from the original series and...

    The Swype keyboard for Android now has a Star Trek theme.

    The designs include characters and images from the original series and from The Next Generation.

    “The latest Swype keyboard for Android demonstrates that the keyboard experience goes beyond just the words on the screen, with more options for users to incorporate their personalities and interests,” said Scott Taylor, senior vice president, Mobile Devices, Nuance. “So while we continue to innovate our pioneering predictive input and intelligent tracing technology, we’re also focused on equipping Swype with new features and options to give consumers the best possible experience on Android.”

    Users can also dictate messages (via the microphone key on the keyboard) and emails with Swype.

    The Trek Swype themes can be purchased via the Swype Store, or in the Google Play Store for $0.99.

  • Meaney In Talks For McGuinness Role

    27 Aug 2015

    Colm Meaney is in “advanced talks” for a starring film role of Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness. The role would be in...

    Colm Meaney is in “advanced talks” for a starring film role of Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness.

    The role would be in the film The Journey.

    In The Journey, a fictional journey taken by late First Minister Ian Paisley (Timothy Spall) and McGuinness leads to friendship.

    Meaney had supported McGuinness in his attempt to become President of Ireland in 2011.

    The Journey is being written by Colin Bateman. It will be produced and directed by Mark Huffam, Piers Tempest, and Nick Hamm.

    Filming is expected to begin on The Journey next month.

  • Stewart And Son To Act Together

    27 Aug 2015

    Sir Patrick Stewart and his son Daniel Stewart will be acting together in Stewart’s latest project. The duo will be in an...

    Sir Patrick Stewart and his son Daniel Stewart will be acting together in Stewart’s latest project.

    The duo will be in an episode of Blunt Talk together.

    “Daniel has a wonderful talent for comedy, particularly wacky comedy,” said Stewart. “So we shared an episode. Hopefully we’ll be sharing many more.”

    “The father/son team is back,” said Daniel Stewart.

    Daniel will be playing Rafe Blunt, son of Walter Blunt. The sixth episode, due to air September 26, is Goodnight My Someone.  In this episode, Walter discovers that “he’s not circumcised, after years of believing otherwise. His two sons, on the other hand, are — and family drama ensues.”

    “The comedy isn’t so much that he never knew, which is hilarious,” said Daniel, “but the fact that it leads to more family disputes because of course he had his sons circumcised to look like him. It’s another example of him getting everything wrong as a parent.”

    Blunt Talk appears on Saturdays at 9 PM ET on Starz. News
  • Leonard Nimoy’s Daughter Planning COPD Documentary

    31 Aug 2015

    Julie Nimoy and David Knight Launch Documentary Project: “COPD: Highly Illogical – A Special Tribute to Leonard Nimoy” Julie Nimoy, daughter of Leonard Nimoy and her husband David Knight are planning a documentary dedicated to the “Star Trek” actor called, “COPD: Highly Illogical – A Special Tribute to Leonard Nimoy.” Diagnosed with COPD (Chronic Obstructive […]
  • William Shatner to Write Leonard Nimoy Biography

    30 Aug 2015

    Their friendship is legendary and their on-screen chemistry is undeniable. Now it appears that William Shatner will pen the official biography of the late Leonard Nimoy. According to Showbiz411, the book is tentatively called “Leonard: A 50 Year Friendship” and is due for release in 2016 by St. Martin’s Press. Shatner was heavily criticized for […]
  • STAR TREK: RENEGADES: Hits and Misses (REVIEW)

    30 Aug 2015

    “Star Trek: Renegades” Review The fan-produced film “Star Trek: Renegades” makes a valiant effort to be a good movie. In some aspects it works, and in others it really doesn’t. Full disclosure: I went into the movie almost blind, having only watched the trailer and done minimal research, so my views are partially colored by […]
  • ‘Galaxy Quest’ Series Headed To Amazon

    30 Aug 2015

    “Galaxy Quest” Getting An Online Reboot The much-beloved 1999 sci-fi comedy is getting a revival in the form of a online streaming television series. In partnership with Paramount Television, Amazon Studios will develop the new “Galaxy Quest” series. While it’s unclear if the stars of the original film (Sigourney Weaver, Tim Allen, Alan Rickman and […]
  • ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Cast Pays Tribute To Leonard Nimoy

    27 Aug 2015

    Zachary Quinto and the cast of “Star Trek Beyond” honor the legacy of the late great Leonard Nimoy in the final video released today to promote the Star Trek: To Boldly Go fundraising campaign. “It was an honor and a privilege to know him and to call him a friend.” Quinto says in the video […]
  • WATCH: ‘Star Trek: Renegades’ Now Available For Free

    24 Aug 2015

    “Star Trek: Renegades,” directed by Tim Russ and starring Walter Koenig, Adrienne Wilkinson, Sean Young, Manu Intiraymi, Gary Graham, Robert Picardo, Corin Nemec, Bruce Young, Tim Russ, Chasty Ballesteros, and Edward Furlong, is now available to view in its entirety for FREE online. The feature-length film, which was successfully crowd-funded in 2013, has been made […]
  • Tentative Guest List Announced For STLV 2016

    23 Aug 2015

    Creation Entertainment has announced the first batch of (tentative) guests for next year’s Official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas. The event, which expands to five days to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the franchise, takes place August 3-7 at the Rio Suites Hotel. Guests already announced include: William Shatner, Walter Koenig, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar […]
  • ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Now Streaming In High-Definition On Netflix

    21 Aug 2015

    The remastered high-definition episodes of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” are now available for Netflix instant streaming customers. The rollout, which occurred in the last day or so, replaces the previous standard definition episodes with the newly remastered versions. While I’m thrilled to see the episodes hit Netflix, I don’t see it neccesarily as a […]
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  • Son'a Pistol from Star Trek: Insurrection

    14 Mar 2015

    A prop energy pistol featured in Star Trek: Insurrection for use by characters portraying the Son’a. The item is sturdy molded foam rubber painted black, metallic silver, and gold. The pistol shows signs of wear from production use. Several areas on the item depict rubbing and paint flaking off. The item is rigid but has some give and measures approx. 8 X 7 X 1.5 inches.

    Like the Son'a shotgun the pistol was designed by Ed Natividad. He was both a storyboard and conceptual artist for Star Wars Episode I and II. As a conceptual artist he helped shape the look of Episode I's architectural elements, costumes and weaponry.

    Ed started working at George Lucas' special effects company Industrial Light & Magic in 1994. His work in the film industry has been on various productions such as Star Wars: Episodes I & II, Armageddon, Batman & Robin, Forrest Gump, Matrix II & III and Terminator 3, Transformers and many of the major blockbuster films.

  • Macias Vest from Star Trek: The Next Generation

    26 Dec 2014

    A screen used vest worn by members of the Maquis. The Maquis were a rebellious organization of Federation-born colonists and discontented Starfleet officers who organized against the Cardassian occupation of their homes in the Demilitarized Zone after their colonies were ceded to the Cardassian Union by Federation Cardassian Treaties in the late 2360s and early 2370s. Starfleet Command considered members of the Maquis to be traitors, while Cardassia considered the Maquis to be terrorists.

    The vest was worn by actor John Franklyn Robbins in his role as Macias throughout the episode "Preemptive strike" of Star Trek: The Next Generation in 1994. Macias was a citizen of Juhraya, a Federation colony that came under Cardassian rule after a treaty was signed with the Federation. He was the leader of a Maquis cell that opposed the treaty. Macias become a friend with Ro Laren who joins the Maquis in "Preemptive Strike".

    The vest was also used on the set of Voyager by stunt actor Steve Blalock. In the episode "Worst Case Scenario" he plays a Maquis rebel, too. The production team added a velcro patch to the vest for a Starfleet combadge.

  • Klingon Baldric from Star Trek (2009)

    17 Nov 2014

    Deleted scene with the new Klingons from Star Trek (2009) © Paramount Pictures
    The Klingon baldric was a sash that traditionally went over the left or right shoulder of noble Klingons. It contained the symbol of a Klingon House or it was used to hold knives and disruptors. In 2009 the look of the famous alien warriors was redesigned by costume designer Michael Kaplan for J.J. Abrams' reboot of Star Trek.

    The Klingons wear helmets and grey thick coats with a large black baldric. Kaplan described them as his favorite costumes for the film, explaining he modeled the helmets on a horseshoe crab, while the coats were intended to resemble the texture of an elephant or rhinoceros. The baldric is made of leather. The outer layer is calf skin. Two snaps and velcro are mounted inside to fasten the baldric.

    Unfortunately the scenes with the new Klingons set on Rura Penthe were cut in Star Trek. Director J.J. Abrams tried to avoid a disruption of narrative flow. But the Klingons returned in the sequel Star Trek Into Darkness (2013). Michael Kaplan revised the costumes again. Although the Klingons got new outfits with a different kind of baldric you can see a Klingon with a black baldric which was designed for its predecessor.

    Klingons in Star Trek Into Darkness © Paramount Pictures

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  • Last Omaze Video: Gag Reel, New BEYOND Alien

    31 Aug 2015

    There's just 48 hours left in the Star Trek: To Boldly Go contest, and to close out the charity drive, the STAR TREK BEYOND co-writer and actor Simon Pegg shot a quick farewell from the Pitt River Quarry filming site outside of Vancouver, highlighting a few new prizes and an Omaze filming gag reel -- with a little secret at the end.
  • TNG S6: "Descent, Part I" HD Comparison Video

    30 Aug 2015

    TNG Season Six comes to an end with a surprise Borg encounter in a remote star system -- leading Data down a dark path after he finds himself enjoying killing a drone! Is this emotional outburst the next step in his electronic evolution, or is someone else pulling the strings? It's "Descent" in HD!
  • Alice Eve Talks TREK BEYOND, Quarry Set Photos

    28 Aug 2015

    We have another collection of STAR TREK BEYOND updates for you today, with some new comments from INTO DARKNESS actress Alice Eve on Carol Marcus' return -- and a few new set photos from the BEYOND outdoor location shoot in an Vancouver-area quarry. Click on through and finish your week with us!
  • STAR TREK BEYOND News Updates

    27 Aug 2015

    Another day, another collection of STAR TREK BEYOND updates from around the web! We've got a few things to report on today, including a few new filming locations up in Vancouver, and a teasing tweet from guest actor Idris Elba. PLUS! We announce the winner of our "Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage" concert giveaway contest!
  • Netflix Brings VFX Fixes to TNG-HD

    26 Aug 2015

    As we reported late last week, Netflix has finally upgraded their "Star Trek: The Next Generation" streaming catalog to the HD masters restored for the last three years on Blu-ray. One surprise that the online release brings with it is the correction of several mastering errors that were discovered after the Blu-ray discs hit store shelves.
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1922 Chuck Couch is born.
1933 Glenn R. Wilder is born.
1938 Virginia Aldridge is born.
1940 Judy Levitt is born.
1941 Mittie Lawrence is born.
1945 Venita Wolf is born.
1953 Beau Billingslea is born.
1956 Sachi Parker is born.
1962 Scott Ciencin is born.
1965 Sean Hargreaves is born.
1966 "Staff rewrite" for TOS: "The Galileo Seven" is submitted. Story outline for TOS: "Space Seed" is submitted.
1970 Padma Lakshmi is born.
1971 Maury Sterling is born.
1973 The Thirty-Sixth UK Story Arc continues in Valiant & TV21 #101 with the eleventh of sixteen installments.
1978 Twentieth day of filming on Star Trek: The Motion Picture.
1981 Design patent for a tricorder is issued.
1983 Fourteenth day of filming on Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.
1986 Davida Williams is born.
1987 The main title for Star Trek: The Next Generation is recorded at Paramount Stage M. Fifth day of filming on TNG: "Lonely Among Us". Marc Alaimo's first scenes for a Star Trek series are filmed today.
1989 Sixth day of filming on TNG: "The Bonding". Pocket TNG novel The Captains' Honor published.
1990 Pocket TOS novel Prime Directive published (hardcover). Simon and Schuster Audioworks audiobook Prime Directive released.
1992 Eleventh day of filming on DS9: "Emissary". Terry Farrell films her first scenes as Jadzia Dax.
1993 Fourth day of filming on TNG: "Dark Page". Pocket TOS novel Prime Directive published (paperback).
1994 Final draft script for DS9: "The Abandoned" is revised. Simon and Schuster Audioworks audiobook Cacophony released. Pocket DS9 novel Warchild published.
1996 Pocket TOS Starfleet Academy novel Aftershock published.
1997 Pocket TNG Day of Honor novel Ancient Blood published. Pocket DS9 Day of Honor novel Armageddon Sky published. CIC Video releases The Original Series volume 3.1, Deep Space Nine volume 5.11 and Voyager volume 3.11 on VHS in the UK.
1999 Star Trek Sticker Book published.
2000 Sixth day of filming on VOY: "Flesh and Blood". Pocket Books New Frontier novel Excalibur: Requiem published. Pocket Books New Frontier novel Excalibur: Renaissance published.
2001 Pocket Books Gateways novel Doors Into Chaos published. Pocket Books Gateways' novel Demons of Air and Darkness published.
2002 Pocket DS9 Mission Gamma novel Twilight published.
2003 Pocket Books The Lost Era novel Serpents Among the Ruins published. Pocket TNG Signature Edition novel Pantheon published.
2004 Seventh (and last) day of filming on ENT: "Cold Station 12".
2008 The Las Vegas attraction Star Trek: The Experience closes its doors.

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  • 1984 Mike Minor Interview

    14 Jul 2015

    Mike Minor made some significant artistic and production design contributions to the original series third season, the aborted Phase 2 series, ST: The Motion Picture and ST II: The Wrath of Khan. In this extensive interview from issue #14 of Enterprise Incidents, published February of 1984, we find out the extent of his involvement. (See his Star Trek wiki page here.) As you may recall, I posted another article on Mike earlier from Starlog, but this one goes much more in-depth. He worked on many other genre productions, not the least of which was Star Wars. It's tragic that he passed away so young in 1987 and we never got to see what he might have done since then.
    (Click on images to enlarge. Once open, you may have to click again to view full-size.)
    Bonus: from the same issue of EI, comes this fan drawing of the Mutara Nebula battle.

    Bonus #2: Publicity photo of Kirk once again baffling Spock with his propensity for somehow inexplicably winning against the Vulcan.
    "How does he DO that?"
  • James Horner, We Will Miss You!

    23 Jun 2015

    Tragic news this morning, as we learned that composer James Horner has passed away in a plane crash at age 61. Read an official announcement about it here. Horner composed the iconic "ST II: Wrath of Khan" score, and so many other memorable soundtracks, and his genius will be missed. My friend and past collaborator Jon Lawhon, who is an even greater soundtrack buff than I am by far (and more eloquent) has written a tribute to Mr. Horner, which I am featuring below as a guest post.

    An immense talent of a man has been silenced.

    I can recall emotionally stirring moments from Apollo 13, Braveheart, Field Of Dreams, Star Trek 2 and 3, Glory and Titanic, all of which were certainly due to the performances of the actors and the directors' skills; but a significant factor in the creation of that emotion was the music accompanying the scenes.

    The man responsible for those wonderful scores has been tragically taken in a plane crash. James Horner has been in my top tier of favorite film composers for many years. In addition to the aforementioned films, he scored Avatar, A Beautiful Mind, An American Tail, Jumanji, Batteries Not Included, and many others.

    The news made for a mournful afternoon for me. Much of his music has become a part of my DNA, and I feel a loss inside. But thanks to the practically everlasting recording mediums available to us, his heart will go on. I have posted one of his most amazing and beautiful pieces.

    I will miss you, James.

    To quote the title of a track from his "Deep Impact" score; "Goodbye And Godspeed."

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