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TrekMovie.com News
  • Kate Mulgrew Getting Emmy Buzz + Cosmos Picks Up Creative Emmys (But Not Braga)

    22 Aug 2014

    Believe or not, only one member of one of the main Star Trek TV casts has ever won an acting Emmy Award. On Monday Star Trek Voyager’s Captain Janeway is hoping to change that. TrekMovie takes a look at what Kate Mulgrew is saying ahead of the big day along with what the early buzz […]
  • New Mission Log: Star Trek TNG’s The Last Outpost

    22 Aug 2014

    The Enterprise is chasing a Ferengi vessel. What is a Ferengi? Exactly. Small and scheming or big and bad? Find out when John and Ken put Star Trek: The Next Generation’s “The Last Outpost” in the Mission Log. Mission Log 100 – “The last Outpost” (Star Trek: TNG Season 1, Episode 4) The USS Enterprise-D […]
  • Canadian Town Of Vulcan Seeking $2 Billion To Start Building Actual USS Enterprise (OK, not really)

    22 Aug 2014

    The people of Vulcan, Alberta Canada are hoping to build Star Trek’s USS Enterprise. Not a model, but the real thing. There is even a $2 Billion crowdfunding effort to "Help Vulcan Alberta Build the USS Enterprise." TrekMovie talked to the people behind the effort to find out what is going on here. Vulcans Want […]
  • Trexels Mobile Star Trek Game Adds TNG Content – Now Available Free

    21 Aug 2014

    Late last year [x]cube Games launched the Star Trek game ‘Trexels’ for iOS devices – delivering pixelated fun on board the TOS-era ‘USS Trexelprise.’ Today they have launched a big upgrade to Trexels that adds Star Trek: The Next Generation content, and the game is now free. More info and video below. Trexels 1.5 Goes […]
  • First Look At Star Trek Ongoing #39 Comic – Coming In November

    20 Aug 2014

    IDW has announced their comics for November, with only one Star Trek comic – part 5 of 6 of the "Q Gambit" series in the ongoing new movie universe series. See below for cover and details on Star Trek Ongoing #39, plus first news on the return of Galaxy Quest in comics. IDW November: First […]
TrekToday News
  • Forbes Cast In Powers

    22 Aug 2014

    Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Michelle Forbes will be joining the Playstation Network‘s adaptation of the Powers comic book series. Powers is based on Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming‘s graphic novel series. In Powers, two detectives, Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim, are “tasked with investigating homicide cases involving people with superpowers.” Walker once […]
  • Dorn To Voice Firefly Character

    22 Aug 2014

    Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Michael Dorn will be taking part in a Firefly online project. Dorn will be voicing a character in the Firefly Online MMO. The main Firefly cast will also be heard in the game, which is due to release this autumn for PC, Mac, iOS and Android. Dorn will play a […]
  • No ALS Ice Bucket For Saldana

    22 Aug 2014

    Zoë Saldana won’t be doing the ALS ice bucket challenge herself, but she has a very good reason for not doing so. Saldana was challenged by Director James Gunn to take part in the fundraising craze. The actress, who was recently revealed to be pregnant and was annoyed at the media for releasing the news before […]
  • Free Star Trek Trexels Game

    22 Aug 2014

    Star Trek Trexels, a game set within the original Star Trek universe featuring characters and locations from both the original series and The Next Generation, is available for free. The game has been updated to “bring new stories, challenges and characters from Star Trek: The Next Generation.” In Star Trek Trexels, “A temporal rift has […]
  • New Trek-themed Bobble Heads

    21 Aug 2014

    Five new Trek bobble head characters will be arriving this autumn. Four characters come from the original series, and from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Three of the characters from Bif Bang Pow! come from the original series, specifically from the Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan movie era. The new bobble heads include Scotty, […]
TrekNews.net News
  • Patrick Stewart Makes The Classiest “Ice-Bucket Challenge” Video of All-Time

    22 Aug 2014

    After being called out to take the ALS “Ice-Bucket Challenge” by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Gates McFadden, and others, Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Sir Patrick Stewart has accepted. In lieu of dumping ice-water over his head (as William Shatner and his own TNG co-stars did), Stewart took the classiest of routes: writing a check and […]
  • ‘Star Trek Trexels’ Updated With TNG Content, Price Dropped To Free

    22 Aug 2014

    [x]cube GAMES has rolled out an update to the popular Star Trek Trexels iOS video game, that we first told you about last December. The version 1.5 update adds new TNG characters, including Jean-Luc Picard, William T. Riker, Data, Dr. Beverly Crusher, Geordi La Forge, Deanna Troi, Worf, and Wesley Crusher. In addition to the […]
  • Paramount Offers $5 Rebate On ‘Star Trek: The Compendium’

    20 Aug 2014

    With the upcoming release of the Star Trek: The Compendium Blu-ray set, Paramount is offering a $5.00 rebate for customers who previously purchased either Star Trek (2009) or Star Trek Into Darkness. To receive your rebate, you must purchase Star Trek: The Compendium between September 9, 2014 and October 31, 2014, visit StarTrekMovie.com/rebate, print the […]
  • Celebrating Gene Roddenberry’s Legacy On His 93rd Birthday

    19 Aug 2014

    Today we celebrate Eugene “Gene” Wesley Roddenberry, also affectionately known as “The Great Bird of the Galaxy”, who would have turned 93 years old on this day. Born August 19, 1921, Roddenberry was a writer, producer, humanist, father, husband, visionary and most famously, the creative mind and force behind the legendary Star Trek franchise. Ever […]
  • George Takei Takes “Ice-Bucket Challenge”

    18 Aug 2014

    Star Trek‘s George Takei has responded to Jeff Bezos’ “Ice-Bucket Challenge” which was issued last week during Amazon’s all-hands meeting. “Jeff Bezos of Amazon has challenged me to take the ALS Ice-Bucket Challenge,” Takei said in a video released via his YouTube channel. Throwing to a clip from Bezos’ video, Takei responded by saying “Challenge […]
Subspace Communique News
Inside Star Trek Latest Posts
  • Brent Spiner's “Lt. Commander Data” Isolation suit from Star Trek: Insurrection

    11 May 2014

    This is a bright red Isolation suit with helmet worn by "Lt. Commander Data" during the thrilling opening action sequence of Star Trek: Insurrection (1998). It's a complete collection of both "hero" and "stunt double" pieces worn by actor Brent Spiner and his stunt double Brian Avery.

    The isolation suit was a type of stealth clothing used by the Federation Starfleet in the 24th century. The suit was equipped with technology that made the person wearing it practically invisible.

    This Isolation suit includes Spiner's hero helmet and boots. The helmet has internal padding and an accordion collar. Brent Spiner's gold make-up is still visible inside. The boots are made of rubber. The belt has stunt double Brian Avery's name in it.

    The red jumpsuit has a rubber neckline, a Velcro waist for the rubber belt to attach and stirrups for the feet and thumbs to hold the fabric taut. Attached to the jumpsuit on the right sleeve is a “cloaking device” that has sequential red LED lighting triggered by small buttons.

    A gray shoulder piece from the Starfleet uniform as well as the yellow tunic is under the Isolation suit. The tunic has the screen matched burnt collar. Remember the scene when Data removes the helmet and is his head "floating" in the air. You can see the the damaged collar after Data was hit by a Son'a disrupter.

  • Spock's Camping Outfit from Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

    01 Jan 2014

    This is one of the two outfits, which were worn on screen by Leonard Nimoy in his role as Spock in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989) during his conversation with Kirk at the mountainside in the Yosemite National Park.
    It consists of a denim jacket with fluorescent green accents and a square shaped hole created in the front for use around a harness and a purple and black Dickie with matching fabric scraps and gray colored scraps.
    For the first scenes, when Kirk (William Shatner) and Spock are talking in a side view, Nimoy stood on a moveable teeter-totter. For the further scenes, the production team installed a pole at the fake rock wall made of fiberglass, attached one end to a body suit Nimoy was wearing under the outfit and moved the pole up and down.

    About the Designer

    Nilo Rodis-Jamero was the leading artist for the costumes used in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. He worked at ILM in the 1980s. He served as a visual effects art director on The Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Star Trek III: The Search For Spock. He is credited as the designer of the popular Klingon Bird of Prey first seen in Star Trek III.  He went on to work as a costume designer for Return of the Jedi and as an art director on Star Trek IV, V and VI.  When William Shatner saw the detail that Rodis put into his storyboards for Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, he hired him as a costume designer.  He shared those duties with Dodie Shepard.
    Usually it is a lot of work, but sometimes you're just lucky and able to find enough small details for a comparison between your item and the one on screen. When I had a look at the back side of Spock's Denim jacket I was more than thrilled about all the recognizable areas of the fabric, which are absolutely unique - just like a human finger print. For a clearly screenmatch you can compare the photo of the jacket (left) with a screencap from the movie below.

    Publicity Shot for Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

    Text Source: Memory-Alpha.org
    Screencaps: Trekcore.com

TrekCore Videos @ YouTube
TrekCore Latest Updates
  • Complete 'Stargate Atlantis' on Blu for $44.99!

    22 Aug 2014

    Attention STARGATE fans! Amazon has the complete "Stargate Atlantis" series Blu-ray set on deep discount today for only $44.99! This deal on the first "Stargate" spinoff series -- which Trek's Robert Picardo joined as a regular for the final season -- won't last past tonight, so hurry up and grab it before it's gone -- and help support TrekCore in the process!
  • TNG S5: 'Ethics' SD/HD Comparison Video

    22 Aug 2014

    After a tragic accident leaves Worf paralyzed and drives him to the edge of suicide, Beverly Crusher must decide if she can trust a reckless doctor's untested procedure in order to save the Klingon's future! "Ethics" is a surprisingly colorful episode which takes a huge leap forward in high definition!
  • Looking Back at "The Best of Both Worlds"

    20 Aug 2014

    Guest columnist Rob Heyman provides a look back at "The Best of Both Worlds" from the third season of "Star Trek: The Next Generation," and reflects on what many consider to be the pinnacle of TNG's television run.
  • BARGAIN: Complete VOY DVD Set Just $167.49!

    20 Aug 2014

    Rounding off the selection of great deals this week - Amazon.com have the entire series of Star Trek: Voyager on DVD reduced down to just $167.49! It's the perfect opportunity to get lost in the Delta Quadrant once more - so if you don't have it already, pick this set up for an awesome low price!
  • BARGAIN: Complete DS9 DVD Set Just $164.99!

    20 Aug 2014

    The bargains continue - Amazon.com have slashed the price of the complete collection of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine on DVD to just $164.99 - that works out at less than $24 a season! Total bargain for 176 episodes of stunning Trek - grab yours now!
Memory Alpha: Star Trek on this Day

22 August
1907 Oliver McGowan is born.
1926 Lois Hall is born.
1958 Brian Sterling is born.
1966 First day of filming on TOS: "Miri".
1967 Sickbay scenes are filmed for TOS: "The Trouble with Tribbles". First draft script for TOS: "Journey to Babel" is submitted.
1968 First day of filming on TOS: "Day of the Dove". Story outline submitted for the undeveloped Original Series episode "The Forseeable Future" by Jean Lisette Aroeste.
1970 The Fifteenth UK Story Arc continues in TV21 & Joe 90 #48 with the fourth of seven installments.
1976 Ryan Honey is born.
1978 Twelveth day of filming on Star Trek: The Motion Picture.
1983 Sixth day of filming on Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. Bridge scenes are filmed today.
1991 Fifth day of filming on TNG: "Disaster".
1994 CIC Video releases Next Generation volume 86 and Deep Space Nine volume 20 on VHS in the UK.
1995 Second day of filming on VOY: "Tattoo".
1997 CIC Video releases The Original Series volume 2.9, Deep Space Nine volume 5.10 and Voyager volume 3.10 on VHS in the UK.
2000 Sixth day of filming on VOY: "Inside Man". Location filming at Leo Carrillo State Beach are filmed today.
2002 Second day of filming on ENT: "Marauders".
2003 Third day of filming on ENT: "Exile".

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Memory Alpha New Articles
Forgotten Trek Latest Posts
  • Maximum Defiant

    15 May 2014

    Maximum Defiant was quite probably the most comprehensive website about Deep Space Nine's tough little ship
  • Designing the Reliant

    01 May 2014

    Only the second Starfleet vessel seen on screen, the Reliant proved one of Star Trek's more reliable support ships indeed.
  • Redesigning Starfleet’s Uniforms for Star Trek II

    21 Oct 2013

    Nobody really liked the uniforms from The Motion Picture but there was little budget for new ones.
My Star Trek Scrapbook Latest Posts
  • "Prelude To Axanar" Trailer

    31 Jul 2014

    The first trailer for "Star Trek: Prelude to Axanar" is up and live. This documentary-style movie takes place a little over two decades before the original series. You'll recognize several actors from "Enterprise," "DS9," and "The Next Generation." Why, oh, WHY can't we get special made-for-TV/straight-to-DVD movies like this? WAKE UP PARAMOUNT!!! There is a larger universe out there to be mined and portrayed.

    I like the way that the ship design, photography and battles show the influence of the Abram's film, as although I may not agree with the direction of that reboot, I think that the way things looked was incredible. Emulating that here makes for exciting space scenes, and fills in the gaps in the TOS universe canon quite nicely. Also the links to Star Trek: Enterprise (like the older Soval character as portrayed by Gary Graham) help bridge the time from that show up to the original series. The effects are up to cinematic standards, and the actors, like the great Tony Todd, raise it above the level of the amateur fan-film. Here is the link to view it on Youtube, where you can see it full-size in all its HD glory!

    UPDATE: You can now watch the 21-minute prelude to the proposed feature-length film by going to this site. Make it so!

    Below, some screen captures from the video. Click on each one to enlarge.

  • New Star Trek Continues Episode!

    18 Jun 2014

     The third episode of "Star Trek Continues" led by Vic Mignogna has been released, and what an episode it is! A direct sequel to "Mirror, Mirror," taking up literally moments later, it is one that I really, really wish had been done on the series. But, I suppose they never could have done one set in the Mirror universe only, featuring just that crew; I'm sure it would have been considered "too confusing" to people back then just tuning in. The actress portraying Marlena, Asia DeMarcos, has such an amazing resemblance to original actress Barbara Luna that one almost forgets it is a different person. Enjoy!

    Star Trek Continues E03 "Fairest of Them All" from Star Trek Continues on Vimeo.

    Bonus: A new clip posted by Daren Dochterman of his CGI ST:TMP Enterprise! Because one can never get enough of close-up passes of that beautiful lady. I for one thought that the Spacedock scene in ST:TMP was the best part of the movie, so this is more loveliness to enjoy!

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