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Forgotten Trek Latest Posts
  • 09 Oct 2017
    From a 1967 movie magazine comes this article with 40 intimate things you always wanted to know about Leonard Nimoy!

    (Click on the images to view full-size. Once open, you may have to click again to enlarge.)
    Bonus #1: A rare publicity photo of Shatner and guest star Celeste Yarnell from "The Apple." I have no clue what odd kind of alien plant he's using to impress her with his knowledge of...

    "Why waste time with Chekov over there? Let's show the natives how it's really done."
    Bonus #2: Rare publicity photo of Joan Collins as Edith Keeler.

    "Oh, Mr. Kirk... would you help me with the dreadfully heavy doily?"
  • 06 Oct 2017
    From a movie/TV magazine in around 1967 comes this article about Shatner that still seems to be relevant to the way he lives his life!
    (Click on images to enlarge. Once open, you may have to click again to view full-size.)
    Bonus #1: A 1967 article about the emotion-filled Leonard Nimoy. Note the half-shaved eyebrows that he had to endure for the whole series!

    Bonus #3: Below, a rare publicity picture of Nimoy and Jill Ireland.

    Bonus #4: Rare image of Jeff Hunter with a laser pistol prop! Note the industrial-strength tinfoil that was used for the cave walls and the rock formations on Talos IV. Very effective at creating rock-like surfaces! But I think a coat of matte-textured spray paint would have been more effective at making the reflective tinfoil surface look less metallic.
  • 28 Sep 2017
    William McCullar's IDIC Page, sadly defunct now, made available this very rare image of Majel Barrett (M. Leigh Hudec at the time) when she was screen-testing the makeup for the Green Orion Slave Girl.

    The “green girl” was the creation of Fred Phillips who also made Spock’s Vulcan look for the original Star Trek television series. Stephen E. Whitfield and Gene Roddenberry recalled in The Making of Star Trek (1968) how Phillips grew increasingly frustrated as three consecutive makeup screen tests, in which Roddenberry’s future wife Majel Barrett had been painted green, came back negative. "Now, Fred Phillips is an exceptionally fine makeup artist and recognized as a top pro in the business. He did a thorough job with the makeup and was quite satisfied with the results. Imagine everyone’s surprise, upon viewing the developed film the next day, to find the actress’ face just as normally pink skinned as ever! There was no trace of green." Gene’s orders to Fred Phillips: “Paint her greener!” The following day the test film again showed her as pink skinned as ever. Even Fred was dumbfounded. Recalling the incident, he says, “We did this three days in a row. We had her so green you couldn’t believe it and she kept coming back pink! Finally we figured out what was happening. The technician over at the film lab would receive the film every day and run it through the development solution. As the image formed on the film, he kept saying to himself, ‘My God, this woman is green!’ And so he kept correcting the film developing process in order to turn her back to normal skin color again!”

    Bonus: Below, a rare photo of Shatner and Whitney, made after the second pilot, but before the first filmed episode. The uniform worn by Shatner was only ever seen in these promo photos and never in an episode.
    "See, you adjust this satellite dish and you can get hundreds of channels for only dollars a day!"
    Bonus: A cartoon from the fanzine "Enterprise Incidents" that echoes the MAD Magazine depiction on a similar occurrence, referenced below it.
  • 09 Oct 2017
    Here are a few rare photos that have turned up online, that you may enjoy!

    (Click on images to enlarge. Once open, you may have to click again to view full-size.)
    De and Leslie Parrish behind the scenes between takes while filming "Who Mourns For Adonis?"

    An unusual promotional photo of Walter in front of a wall thingie that looks like it was made with an oven rack!

    Nichelle shows her lovely kittycat some attention and love!
    Between scenes in "The Final Frontier," the Big Three do their version of the monkeys who refuse to speak, hear or see bad things.

  • 27 Sep 2017
    From April 1970 Issue 64 of the venerable Famous Monsters magazine comes this early story on the show, and the bonus is some rare photos that have never really been seen since, like the one of the small copper-skinned ambassadors from "Journey To Babel" posing by the Jeffries Tube, and the closeup of the makeup of the doomed and diseased Only from "Miri."

    (Click on images to enlarge. Once open, you may have to click on again to see full-size.)
    FM artist Basil Gogos passed away this past week at 88. What a talent!
    Bonus: Below, a clipping from a TV movie magazine from the first run of the show.

birdofthegalaxy's Photos @ Flickr
TrekCore Videos @ YouTube
TrekCore Latest Updates
  • 13 Dec 2017
    We’ve still got a few weeks to go until STAR TREK: DISCOVERY returns for the final half of its first season, but today CBS rolled out the names of the last six episodes of the year for us to ponder over in the meantime!
  • 12 Dec 2017
    PREORDER: The third "Star Trek: Discovery" novel, FEAR ITSELF, coming in June from author James Swallow, centering around Saru in the days during his posting on the USS Shenzhou. Lock in your preorder now!
  • 12 Dec 2017
    IDW Publishing’s first run of Star Trek: Discovery comics is ongoing now, and today they announced that this spring, a special 48-page Annual release will be coming, centered around the backstories of Lt. Paul Stamets and Dr. Hugh Culber -- plus, the "series finale" of BOLDLY GO?
  • 11 Dec 2017
    One of this fall’s new Star Trek reference books — Chip Carter’s "Star Trek: The Book of Lists" — is in stores now, and we’ve teamed up with publisher HarperCollins to get a copy of this new hardcover into the hands of three lucky TrekCore readers!
  • 10 Dec 2017
    It's time to dig into recent subscriber releases from the Official Starships Collection, as we check out this Issues 102 and 103 from the Eaglemoss Star Trek model series, the 'Enterprise-'era Klingon D5 and the Delta Quadrant's Vidiian Warship!


1929 Christopher Plummer is born.
1950 L.L. Ginter is born.
1951 Paula Moody is born.
1957 Billy Van Zandt is born.
1958 Lolita Fatjo is born.
1966 Sixth day of filming on TOS: "The Return of the Archons". Second revised final draft script for TOS: "Space Seed" is submitted. TOS: "Balance of Terror" airs.
1967 Fifth day of filming on TOS: "The Ultimate Computer".
1968 Third day of filming on TOS: "The Savage Curtain".
1969 The Tenth UK Story Arc begins in TV21 & Joe 90 #12 with the first of six installments.
1978 Ninety-first day of filming on Star Trek: The Motion Picture.
1988 Forty-fourth day of filming on Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.
1990 First day of filming on TNG: "Galaxy's Child".
1991 Third day of filming on TNG: "Ethics".
1994 Second of two days of reshoots for VOY: "Caretaker".
1995 Final draft script for DS9: "Bar Association" is submitted.
1996 First day of filming on VOY: "Favorite Son". Final draft script for DS9: "Doctor Bashir, I Presume" is submitted. Star Trek: First Contact is released in the UK.
1999 Second day of filming on VOY: "Ashes to Ashes".
2000 Third day of filming on VOY: "Workforce, Part II".
2001 Sixth day of filming on ENT: "Fusion". Twelveth day of filming on Star Trek Nemesis.
2002 Star Trek Nemesis is released in the US. First day of filming on ENT: "Canamar".
2003 Barry Russo dies.
2004 Ben Slack dies. Seventh (and last) day of filming on ENT: "Affliction".
2007 Filming continues on the Starfleet Academy chambers scenes on location at the Long Beach, California City Hall for Star Trek.

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  • 26 Sep 2017
    Following the successful launch of the series yesterday, several members of the Star Trek: Discovery production team released a number of exciting behind-the-scenes images via their personal twitter accounts. A selection of these photos are reproduced below, with special thanks and congratulations on their exceptional work to Olatunde Osunsanmi (Producer and Director), Aaron Baiers (Producer), Ted Sullivan (Co-Executive Producer), Glenn Hetrick (Makeup Designer), and Doug Jones (actor, Lt. Saru). According to the ratings so far, 9.6 million viewers tuned in to the pilot on CBS ...

    This final shot provides a close up view of the contents of Captain Georgiou's bookshelf, which is overflowing in its tribute to TOS ...

  • 24 Sep 2017
    Presented below are some images of several screen used Starfleet Insignia Badges from the new Star Trek: Discovery television series, which were fabricated in Toronto, Canada from silicon bronze poured into plaster molds and then polished and plated by a jeweler to create the desired custom colors which are representative of their associated Starfleet divisions: command (gold), sciences and medical (silver), and operations (copper). These attractive badges were part of a special Discovery-themed prop and costume exhibit at the recent Creation Official 2017 Star Trek Las Vegas Convention that took place from August 2 - 6 at the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino in Nevada. Star Trek: Discovery will make it's world premiere today, September 24th, with a simultaneous broadcast of the episode entitled "The Vulcan Hello" on CBS television and the CBS All Access streaming video on demand service. Subsequent episodes will be available only on CBS All Access, starting with episode 2, "Battle at the Binary Stars", which will be available to subscribers this evening immediately after the airing of the premiere. It has been over 12 years and 4 months since the last episode of Star Trek: Enterprise was broadcast on May 13, 2005; making tonight's world premiere a most welcome and historic return of the Star Trek franchise to network television ...

    As seen in the following four images, these new insignia badges feature pips near the bottom left-hand corner of the design to denote the rank of commissioned officers within Starfleet ...

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