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TrekMovie.com News
  • Orci and Kurtzman to end film partnership; Orci lobbying to direct Trek 3

    22 Apr 2014

    Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, the screenwriting and producing duo who have worked on some of Hollywood’s biggest franchises(Mission:Impossible, Transformers, Star Trek, the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2) have decided to end their feature film partnership so they can both pursue directing careers.  Their company, K/O Paper Products, will not dissolve, however.  The two are will […]
  • These Are The Voyages Season 2 released

    19 Apr 2014

    The eagerly awaited second volume of author Marc Cushman’s exhaustive examination of the production of The Original Series, These Are The Voyages, was released this past Wednesday, and we have a closer look. The first volume, which covered the history of the series from its earliest stages to the end of season one, was lauded […]
  • “Star Trek Timelines” strategy game announced for mobile and web

    09 Apr 2014

    Disruptor Beam, a Boston-based game developer, has announced the development of Star Trek Timelines, a multiplayer strategy RPG set in the Prime Universe that will cover every era of the franchise’s history, from the Enterprise-era through the TNG-era. The developer, who released Game of Thrones Ascent last year, is designing the game in a way that […]
  • Bye Bye Robot releases new TNG movie posters

    04 Apr 2014

    Bye Bye Robot, an independent art publisher who has been publishing licensed Star Trek-related artwork since 2011, is releasing 4 new posters inspired by the 4 TNG feature films. The prints, created by artist Matt Ferguson, are designed to be reminiscent of old movie-house posters from the past. All the posters contain a stylistic similarity. […]
  • Enterprise Season 4 Blu-ray full details

    02 Apr 2014

    Star Trek Enterprise Season 4 is due out at the end of this month, April 29th (to be exact). With that time fast approaching CBS has now officially sent out finalized details of the Blu-ray discs of this highly anticipated season, widely considered the best season of the series. We have new excellent sounding documentaries. “In Conversation: Writing […]
TrekToday News
  • Takei To Receive Award

    23 Apr 2014

    George Takei will receive an award at the 25th Annual GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) Media Awards ceremony in New York. Takei will be receiving the Vito Russo Award at the ceremony. The Vito Russo Award is “presented to an openly lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender media professional who has made a significant […]
  • Yelchin In New Comedy

    23 Apr 2014

    Star Trek into Darkness‘ Anton Yelchin will be starting in a new comedy, The Driftless Area. The Driftless Area is being adapted from Tom Drury’s novel. In The Driftless Area, “the enigmatic Stella (Zooey Deschanel) and Pierre (Yelchin), a quietly resourceful bartender return to Yelchin’s hometown after the death of his parents. “When Pierre falls […]
  • U.S. Rights For Pegg Comedy Secured

    23 Apr 2014

    Hector and the Search for Happiness, starring Simon Pegg, will be opening in the US this autumn. The film is based on the bestselling novel by François Lelord. In Hector and the Search for Happiness, a disillusioned psychiatrist, played by Pegg, is “searching the globe to find the secret to happiness” after his patients stop […]
  • Shatner: Aging and Work

    23 Apr 2014

    The eighty-three-year-old William Shatner explained why he keeps working while his age contemporaries are sunning themselves on a beach somewhere in Florida. Part of the trick is not feeling old. “I feel…it’s a toss-up between adolescences and the maturity of my middle thirties,” said Shatner. “That means I’m not dealing with reality at all. I’m […]
  • Kurtzman And Orci Go Solo

    22 Apr 2014

    When it comes to filmmaking, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are going their separate ways. The duo has worked together on films for almost a decade, including films such as Star Trek into Darkness, Mission Impossible III, People Like Us and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The split is amicable, according to sources, and while pursuing […]
TrekNews.net News
  • Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci Split

    23 Apr 2014

    After nearly ten years, the writing/producer team of Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are going their separate ways — related to big screen projects. In addition Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek Into Darkness, the duo has worked on Mission Impossible III, People Like Us and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. With more than a dozen projects currently in development, their production company “will most likely be reconfigured to accommodate their separation in the feature arena”, according to Variety. In addition to writing it with Patrick McKay and John D. Payne,... Read More »
  • Oh My! Happy Birthday, George Takei

    21 Apr 2014

    Happy 77th birthday to Star Trek‘s original Hikaru Sulu, George Hosato Takei, who was born on April 20th in 1937 in Los Angeles. As an actor, politician, activist, and writer, Takei has had a career many would hope for but few achieve. He and his family were sent to relocation centers during World War II when he was only 5-years old. Certainly an austere beginning but one that led him to study architecture at UC Berkeley, to be followed by a B.A. in theater at UCLA and and then a... Read More »
  • Nimoy To Receive Governors’ Award

    19 Apr 2014

    Boston-native and Star Trek’s original Spock, Leonard Nimoy is set to be honored by the Boston chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences with a Governors’ Award at the Boston/New England Emmy Awards ceremony on June 7. Nimoy, who recently celebrated his 83rd birthday, grew up in Boston’s West End where he performed on stage from the age of eight through his teens. The Governors’ Award is given in recognition of achievements by individuals, organizations, or companies which do not fall within the structure of the Chapter’s... Read More »
  • Star Trek: TNG Season 6 Blu-ray Details & Release Date

    11 Apr 2014

    Paramount and CBS Home Entertainment have announced the official release date along with a disc-by-disc breakdown of the upcoming sixth season of Star Trek: The Next Generation on Blu-ray. According to a press release, the sixth season of TNG will hit store shelves on June 3rd. As we’ve previously reported, the release will feature a newly remastered 1080p video presentation DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 surround audio and a variety of deleted scenes, and a selection of retrospective bonus material. Scroll down for a disc-by-disc breakdown. Disc One: Episodes Time’s Arrow,... Read More »
  • Happy First Contact Day!

    05 Apr 2014

    From all of us here at TrekNews.net, we’d like to wish you a happy First Contact Day. Today, we honor the future flight of Dr. Zefram Cochrane, who in the Star Trek universe, will brake the warp barrier on April 5, 2063. That achievement will prompt the Vulcans to make first contact with the human race. Just 49 years to go! Below is a clip from Star Trek: First Contact, where Dr. Cochrane makes the fateful flight. Yesterday, William Shatner tweeted a photo of his “first contact” with Star Wars’... Read More »
Subspace Communique News
Inside Star Trek Latest Posts
  • Spock's Camping Outfit from Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

    01 Jan 2014

    This is one of the two outfits, which were worn on screen by Leonard Nimoy in his role as Spock in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989) during his conversation with Kirk at the mountainside in the Yosemite National Park.

    It consists of a denim jacket with fluorescent green accents and a square shaped hole created in the front for use around a harness and a purple and black Dickie with matching fabric scraps and gray colored scraps.

    For the first scenes, when Kirk (William Shatner) and Spock are talking in a side view, Nimoy stood on a moveable teeter-totter. For the further scenes, the production team installed a pole at the fake rock wall made of fiberglass, attached one end to a body suit Nimoy was wearing under the outfit and moved the pole up and down.

    About the Designer

    Nilo Rodis-Jamero was the leading artist for the costumes used in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. He worked at ILM in the 1980s. He served as a visual effects art director on The Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Star Trek III: The Search For Spock. He is credited as the designer of the popular Klingon Bird of Prey first seen in Star Trek III.  He went on to work as a costume designer for Return of the Jedi and as an art director on Star Trek IV, V and VI.  When William Shatner saw the detail that Rodis put into his storyboards for Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, he hired him as a costume designer.  He shared those duties with Dodie Shepard.
    Usually it is a lot of work, but sometimes you're just lucky and able to find enough small details for a comparison between your item and the one on screen. When I had a look at the back side of Spock's Denim jacket I was more than thrilled about all the recognizable areas of the fabric, which are absolutely unique - just like a human finger print. For a clearly screenmatch you can compare the photo of the jacket (left) with a screencap from the movie below.


    Publicity Shot for Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

    Text Source: Memory-Alpha.org
    Screencaps: Trekcore.com
  • Son'a Padd from Star Trek: Insurrection

    26 Dec 2013

    The padd was featured in Star Trek: Insurrection. The high quality cast resin hand prop has been painted metallic gold with a raised black "screen" and silver tape accents. The image on the "screen" is that of a spatial scan with starship positions and Son'a character letters. On the reverse is a red application featuring similar Son'a character letters. The static prop measures approx. 9 X 6 X .5 inches.

    It seems to be that the padd is the one which Gallatin use when he reports to Ru'afo (F. Murray Abraham) and Admiral Dougherty (Anthony Zerbe) because every Son'a Padd has a different red application on the reverse.

    If you compare the photo above with the screncap you can see that the red applications are identical.

    Screencap: Trekcore.com
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TrekCore Latest Updates
  • TNG S4: 'Night Terrors' SD/HD Comparison Video

    20 Apr 2014

    When the Enterprise encounters a Federation vessel filled with corpses in "Night Terrors," it's up to Deanna Troi to answer a mysterious call from the depths of space... or the ship and crew will be trapped forever in a remote part of space. Be sure to check out the upgraded Enterprise computer library listings in 1080p!
  • Virtual Voyager Bridge Available for Oculus Rift

    20 Apr 2014

    A new digital walkthrough of the USS Voyager bridge has been released for the in-development Oculus Rift VR system, allowing users a chance experience a first-person tour of the Intrepid-class starship's command center!
  • TNG S4: 'Night Terrors' Blu-ray Screencaps

    20 Apr 2014

    The Enterprise crew are having "Night Terrors" in the latest stop on our journey through Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 4 in high definition. We have brand new Blu-ray screencaps from this rather creepy Troi-centric episode, worth checking out if just for the terrifying scene of Beverly in the ship's morgue!
  • UK BARGAIN: TNG Season 4 Blu-ray Just £28.25!

    19 Apr 2014

    Attention UK Fans: Also slashed in price - Star Trek: The Next Generation's 4th season, remastered in high definition on Blu-ray. It's just £28.25 at Amazon.co.uk for a limited time only. This is an amazing price for the UK and for such a recent release - grab yours today!
  • UK BARGAIN: TNG Season 1 Blu-ray Just £28.50!

    19 Apr 2014

    Attention UK Fans: Star Trek: The Next Generation's first season, remastered in high definition on Blu-ray, has been slashed in price to just £28.50 at Amazon.co.uk for a limited time only. If you're holding out on this set, NOW is the time to get it! Order today.
Memory Alpha: Star Trek on this Day

24 April
1936 Jill Ireland is born.
1939 David L. Ross is born.
1952 Ralph Winter is born.
1957 Greg Brodeur is born.
1958 John Vargas is born.
1959 Glenn Morshower is born.
1967 Frank Overton dies.
1968 Loren L. Coleman is born. Story outline submitted for the undeveloped Original Series episode "Shore Leave II", by Theodore Sturgeon.
1969 Melinda Clarke is born.
1971 The Twenty-First UK Story Arc continues in TV21 & Joe 90 #83 with the second of nine installments.
1973 Damon Lindelof is born.
1986 Forty-third day of filming on Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Cetacean Institute scenes are filmed on location today.
1989 TNG: "The Icarus Factor" airs.
1991 Seventh day of filming on Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.
1994 DS9: "The Maquis, Part I" airs.
1995 DS9: "Improbable Cause" airs. VOY: "Heroes and Demons" airs. CIC Video releases The Next Generation TV Movies volume 8 and Deep Space Nine volume 3.6 on VHS in the UK.
1996 Thirteenth day of filming on Star Trek: First Contact.
1998 Nineteenth day of filming on Star Trek: Insurrection. Scenes in the Captain's yacht are filmed today.
1999 Carl Saxe dies.
2000 Rhodie Cogan dies.
2002 ENT: "Detained" airs.
2004 ENT: "Damage" airs.
2007 Roy Jenson dies.
birdofthegalaxy's Photos @ Flickr
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  • Star Trek: The Animated Series Coloring Book

    07 Mar 2014

    The Animated Series (or TAS as it is known) holds a lot of nostalgia for me and many others. Although I was already a fan of Trek before I saw it, TAS was really my first extensive introduction to the series, since it was in first-run, while in the early 70's the original series re-runs had not kicked in to the extent they would a few years later, and were harder to find. Although I never had a TAS coloring book, I have found an excellent site by Kail Tescar devoted to the series that has created an entire gallery of such pages! Go here to view them, then print your choices out and let your kids have at it! You can help a little too.

    Below are some samples from the site. Sharpen your crayons and have fun!

    Bonus: a sexy painting of Lt. Uhura found online for your enjoyment!
    Source: http://instagram.com/p/XXtN2PtcNj/#
  • Happy Valentine's Day, Kirk-style!

    14 Feb 2014

    Kirk was a real romancer, so, guys, take a cue from him today and learn how to make your lady swoon! If you don't get the same results, tell her to close her eyes and imagine you are the young Captain Kirk.

    In case you didn't get enough, here's another one with the same theme, but using a different song: http://youtu.be/yvbS-2LWIOU

    Bonus: Star Trek's first couple: Decker and Illia from "Star Trek: The Motion Picture." They would later be re-named and written into "Star Trek: The Next Generation" as Commander Riker and Deanna Troi.

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