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  • 25 Mar 2017
    Plus updates on Karl Urban, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Patrick Stewart, and Linda Park.
  • 23 Mar 2017
    Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp talks about being the first gay Star Trek character on TV.
  • 23 Mar 2017
    Star Trek stars Nichelle Nichols and Armin Shimerman pick up their first Daytime Emmy nominations, Whoopi Goldberg picks up her fourteenth. Plus, John Cho lands a recurring role on Difficult People.
  • 22 Mar 2017
    Celebrities, scientists and more share their love for Star Trek’s William Shatner. Shatner celebrated on Twitter Today is William Shatner’s 86th birthday and we here at TrekMovie started our day on social media with birthday wishes on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Happy birthday @WilliamShatner ! You deserve a little Shore leave! #startrek — (@TrekMovie) March 22, 2017 And of course there were many many more people joining in, including people from inside and out of the world of Star Trek. We have curated some of the best from Twitter of those sharing their love for the original Captain Kirk. Of course there were some of his fellow Trek franchise stars sharing their thoughts, including Brent Spiner, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, and Marina Sirtis from Star Trek: The Next Generation: . Happy Birthday to my favorite Canadian…man. @WilliamShatner — Brent Spiner (@BrentSpiner) March 22, 2017 A very Happy Birthday to the ageless @WilliamShatner — Jonathan Frakes (@jonathansfrakes) March 22, 2017 Wishing a very Happy Birthday to you, @WilliamShatner you are and always have been a hero to me!❤ — LeVar Burton (@levarburton) March 22, 2017 @WilliamShatner. A very happy birthday fellow Aries. Big kiss from your favorite English girl! — Marina Sirtis (@Marina_Sirtis) March 22, 2017 And speaking of Next Generation people, producers Rick Berman and Brannon Braga also weighed in for Bill. In the case of Brannon, Shatner replied with a playful jibe about how Braga killed off Capt. Kirk in Star Trek: Generations. @WilliamShatner. I'm not quite sure how you do it. You're a role model to so many of us. Happy birthday! — Rick Berman (@berman_rick) March 22, 2017 #HappyBirthday to @WilliamShatner on March 22!#CaptainKirk #LLAP @StarTrek — Brannon Braga (@BrannonBraga) March 22, 2017 You kill me off and then wish me a happy birthday?🎉 💀😘 — William Shatner (@WilliamShatner) March 22, 2017 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine vet Ira Steven Behr, who’s fairly new to Twitter, also got in on the act: Happy b-day @WilliamShatner As Dean said to Frank: it's your world. We just live in it. — Ira Steven Behr (@IraStevenBehr) March 22, 2017 It isn’t just Star Trek celebrities that love the man. Once Upon a Time star Lana Parrilla swapped out her on-screen boyfriend Robin Hood for Shatner. Happy Birthday, William! Robin Hood's never looked so good! Hugs & kisses 💋- Lana #OutlawSwapQueen | @WilliamShatner — Lana Parrilla (@LanaParrilla) March 22, 2017 And of course the world of science is thinking of Shatner today. Even NASA and Canada’s theoretical physics center Perimeter Institute shared their love. We wish @WilliamShatner an out of this world birthday today! Thank you for inspiring so many of us at NASA. — NASA (@NASA) March 22, 2017 Happy birthday @WilliamShatner! Thank you for inspiring generations of physicists (and actors, and musicians, and…)! — Perimeter Institute (@Perimeter) March 22, 2017 William Shatner has noticed the outpouring of good will and returned some of his own in thanks. ❤️Thank you❤️ to everyone who has sent Birthday Greetings today! I'm overwhelmed! My fingers are sore from just liking all of the tweets. — William Shatner (@WilliamShatner) March 22, 2017 Talk Like Shatner Day Video Back in 2009 legendary voice actor Maurice LaMarche (Pinky and the Brain, Futurama, Rick and Morty) along with the late Bill Biggar created a video declaring March 22nd as International Talk Like William Shatner Day. There is even a Facebook Page dedicated to it (originally created by Trek fan Doug VanHorn). In 2011 TrekMovie worked with LaMarche for a Shtner Day contest. Last year La Marche teamed up with another voice actor and talented Shatnerist Kevin Michael Richardson (Cleveland Show, American Dad, Gravity Falls) to make another Talk Like Shatner video to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original Star Trek series. That was on Facebook only briefly but it is now back, posted today to YouTube by LaMarche to celebrate Shatner’s birthday. How will you celebrate William Shatner’s birthday?
  • 22 Mar 2017
    Mirror Picard faces off with Mirror Riker. Spock and Uhura make a discovery on New Vulcan, and John Byrne kicks Kirk out of time.
Forgotten Trek Latest Posts
  • 30 Dec 2016
    A rarely-seen publicity photo of Nimoy with the Vulcan lyrette prop.

    (Click on image to enlarge, Once open, you may have to click again to view full-size.)
  • 29 Dec 2016
    From the mighty and legendary issue number 2 (from 1972) of the incomparable and unforgettable publication "The Monster Times," comes this centerfold poster of Star Trek by artists Gray Morrow. How many had this hanging up in the room as a kid?

    (Click on image to view full size. Once it opens in another window, you may have to click on it again to magnify.)

  • 28 Dec 2016
    Lovely Nichelle Nichols is 84 today. We hope she has a wonderful day of love and appreciation, and that her New Year has much health and happiness. We love you, Nichelle!
    Celebrate by reading some or all of the entries I have made of the past few years, right here.
  • 09 Sep 2016
    Most of the time, this blog is publishing items in my collection. But sometimes, when something extraordinary from Trek's past shows up, I will feature it, like the time the original Phaser Rifle turned up. Today, I saw a post shared by Trek contributor Doug Drexler that came from one Edward Barocela that revealed a wonderful story of a visit to the Star Trek soundstages and a photo not seen since.

    Here is the photo:

    And the story behind the photo:

    Edward Barocela‎ posted to the group STAR TREK - The Original and ONLY Timeline:

    "Nearly 49 years ago, my father Edward Sr., a motion picture engineer, was hired by Film Effects of Hollywood to work on upgrading the optical printers. One Saturday, my brother and I were out with Dad as he ran some errands. He stopped off at work and left us in the lobby of the building as he went inside to do something. Presently, a man walked by and noticed us by ourselves, bored and fidgeting. He said, "Hey, kids, do want to see a real spaceship?" Naturally we said yes, and he gave us directions to a set of double doors. We went through the doors and found ourselves on a small soundstage. And there she was: the Starship Enterprise. They let us work the control console to turn the big model's lights on and off, and to run the engine dome rotors at different speeds. They also let us handle the shuttlecraft and Romulan ship models. Needless to say, this experience made huge impression on me. I was 10 years old. Years later, my mother sent me this photo. I didn't even remember that anyone had taken pictures at the time."

    Too cool!

birdofthegalaxy's Photos @ Flickr
TrekCore Videos @ YouTube
TrekCore Latest Updates
  • 23 Mar 2017
    STAR TREK: DISCOVERY actor Anthony Rapp, set to portray space-fungus expert Lt. Stamets in the upcoming series, spoke in a new interview today about his thoughts on portraying one of the first regular in-universe gay characters in the Trek franchise.
  • 23 Mar 2017
    STAR TREK: DISCOVERY actor Anthony Rapp, set to portray space-fungus expert Lt. Stamets in the upcoming series, spoke in a new interview today about his thoughts on portraying one of the first regular in-universe gay character in the Trek franchise.
  • 23 Mar 2017
    The STAR TREK / GREEN LANTERN crossover continues in "Stranger World" #4 - and now Khan's been released from cryosleep and has taken control of one of the Red Lanterns' rage rings, tearing through the galaxy with genetically-enhanced wrath! Can the Green Lanterns (and the crew of the Enterprise) get to Oa to recharge their failing rings and stop him?
  • 22 Mar 2017
    The National Acadmeny of Television Arts & Sciences today announced their nominations for the 44th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, and a few Star Trek luminaries have been highlighted for their performances in last year’s daytime productions.
  • 21 Mar 2017
    Meet Paul Shipper: this UK-based illustrator has created commissioned STAR TREK artwork, limited edition prints, and comic book covers for the franchise for CBS, IDW Publishing, and Bye Bye Robot - and we caught up with the designer to talk about his artistic - and fandom - backgrounds.


1917 Ed Peck is born.
1928 Lee Correy is born.
1931 Leonard Nimoy is born.
1939 Phillip Richard Allen is born.
1944 Burt "Skip" Burnam is born.
1946 Jesús Salvador Treviño is born.
1947 Jon De Vries is born.
1950 Tony Papenfuss and K.W. Jeter are born.
1966 Story outline submitted for the undeveloped Original Series episode "Mere Shadows" by Philip Jose Farmer.
1973 Bettina M. Kurkoski is born.
1976 Ian Chriss is born.
1979 Lana Taylor is born.
1986 Twenty-third day of filming on Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.
1990 TNG: "Allegiance" airs.
1991 Fifth day of filming on TNG: "The Mind's Eye".
1993 Final draft script for DS9: "Duet" is submitted.
1994 TNG: "Journey's End" airs.
1996 Seventh and last day of filming on VOY: "False Profits". Final draft script for DS9: "Body Parts" is submitted.
1999 Final draft script for DS9: "What You Leave Behind" is submitted.
2001 Sixth day of filming on VOY: "Endgame".
2002 Sixth day of filming on ENT: "Two Days and Two Nights". Star Trek: The Next Generation season 1 DVD released in Region 1.
2003 Sixth day of filming on ENT: "Bounty".
2012 Fifty-second day of filming on Star Trek Into Darkness.

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Memory Alpha New Articles
  • 04 Mar 2017
    The tenth Propworx Star Trek memorabilia auction will take place tomorrow, Saturday, March 4, 2017, with a live, online bidding session starting at 10:00 am Pacific Time on the website. A total of 171 lots of Star Trek memorabilia will be offered in the sale, featuring "props, costumes, artwork, set decoration, crew gifts, scripts" and additional production materials from across the franchise. The auction will kick off with a pair of exciting model pieces from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, with Lot 1 being a highly recognizable Front Deflector Dish section from the refit U.S.S. Enterprise filming model, and Lot 2 being an attractive Orbital Office Complex model piece that also saw service as part of the Regula I Space Station in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Fans of the Trip Tucker character from Star Trek: Enterprise, portrayed by Connor Trinneer, will be pleased to see a large selection of screen worn costumes and hand props related to the NX-01's Chief Engineer in this sale. Additional highlights of the auction include a William Shatner worn Captain Kirk Commando-style Uniform from Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, Leonard Nimoy's Director Chair from Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, and a Patrick Stewart worn Captain Picard Starfleet Uniform from the seventh major Star Trek motion picture, ST: Generations.

    Interested bidders may register to participate in the sale directly on the website at this link:

    Presented below are some selected highlights from the Propworx Star Trek Auction X offerings. Readers are encouraged to visit the liveauctioneers webpage to browse the complete listing of lots that are available as well as see the detailed descriptions for the individual pieces of memorabilia.

  • 25 Nov 2016
    Below are a pair of exciting photos that were in circulation on social media last month, which were taken on October 7th at the Destination Star Trek Europe 50th Anniversary convention in Birmingham, UK. As can be seen, this very special moment on a replica of the Original Series Enterprise Bridge featured William Shatner, George Takei and Walter Koenig posing at their command module stations, along with a number of fellow celebrities from the Trek franchise and even the U.S. space program (in the form of Apollo 15 Command Module Pilot Al Worden, seen wearing the light blue NASA jacket)! Truly a historic gathering to celebrate five decades of a magnificent franchise ...

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