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  • 28 Apr 2017
    Budget Direct Car Insurance has turned nine Star Trek ships into imaginary cars based on ship design. I wish these were models...
  • 28 Apr 2017
    There will be twenty shows or appearances in May and June that will feature actors of interest to Star Trek fans. This...
  • 28 Apr 2017
    Hard on the heels of the announcement of the Canada Post Trek-themed stamp release comes word from the Royal Canadian Mint that...
  • 28 Apr 2017
    Five new actors have been added to Star Trek: Discovery. Three of the new actors will be playing Klingons. The actors are:...
  • 27 Apr 2017
    Canada Post has announced seven new Star Trek-themed stamps. The 2017 Trek stamps include the five Captains (James T. Kirk, Jean-Luc Picard,...
  • 27 Apr 2017
    Star Trek Beyond‘s Zachary Quinto has produced and is starring in the comedy Aardvark. In Aardvark, Quinto plays Josh, who “goes into...
Forgotten Trek Latest Posts
  • 30 Dec 2016
    A rarely-seen publicity photo of Nimoy with the Vulcan lyrette prop.

    (Click on image to enlarge, Once open, you may have to click again to view full-size.)
  • 29 Dec 2016
    From the mighty and legendary issue number 2 (from 1972) of the incomparable and unforgettable publication "The Monster Times," comes this centerfold poster of Star Trek by artists Gray Morrow. How many had this hanging up in the room as a kid?

    (Click on image to view full size. Once it opens in another window, you may have to click on it again to magnify.)

  • 28 Dec 2016
    Lovely Nichelle Nichols is 84 today. We hope she has a wonderful day of love and appreciation, and that her New Year has much health and happiness. We love you, Nichelle!
    Celebrate by reading some or all of the entries I have made of the past few years, right here.
  • 09 Sep 2016
    Most of the time, this blog is publishing items in my collection. But sometimes, when something extraordinary from Trek's past shows up, I will feature it, like the time the original Phaser Rifle turned up. Today, I saw a post shared by Trek contributor Doug Drexler that came from one Edward Barocela that revealed a wonderful story of a visit to the Star Trek soundstages and a photo not seen since.

    Here is the photo:

    And the story behind the photo:

    Edward Barocela‎ posted to the group STAR TREK - The Original and ONLY Timeline:

    "Nearly 49 years ago, my father Edward Sr., a motion picture engineer, was hired by Film Effects of Hollywood to work on upgrading the optical printers. One Saturday, my brother and I were out with Dad as he ran some errands. He stopped off at work and left us in the lobby of the building as he went inside to do something. Presently, a man walked by and noticed us by ourselves, bored and fidgeting. He said, "Hey, kids, do want to see a real spaceship?" Naturally we said yes, and he gave us directions to a set of double doors. We went through the doors and found ourselves on a small soundstage. And there she was: the Starship Enterprise. They let us work the control console to turn the big model's lights on and off, and to run the engine dome rotors at different speeds. They also let us handle the shuttlecraft and Romulan ship models. Needless to say, this experience made huge impression on me. I was 10 years old. Years later, my mother sent me this photo. I didn't even remember that anyone had taken pictures at the time."

    Too cool!

  • 09 Sep 2016
    Indeed, far beyond anyone's imagination, it has lived long and prospered.
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TrekCore Latest Updates
  • 30 Apr 2017
    We've got a look at all of Hallmark's 2017 offerings coming this summer - from ornaments to some unique plush toys - as well as an upcoming convention-exclusive Enterprise-C that will be available at the annual Las Vegas convention in August!
  • 30 Apr 2017
    OPERATION ENTERPRISE, the "Star Trek"-based roller coaster attraction debuting in Germany this year, has recorded a full orchestral soundtrack to accompany the new theme park ride, and the park has released a new video previewing the attraction's original score. PLUS: New STAR TREK BEYOND live concerts are on the way!
  • 30 Apr 2017
    We've partnered with our friends at the popular @TrekDocs Twitter account to host the first of many-to-come longform, archival "Star Trek" document scans, right from the production offices! Today, a look at the NEXT GENERATION Season 3 Writers Technical Manual, which served as the genesis for the popular TNG Technical Manual book!
  • 29 Apr 2017
    We chat with "Star Trek" comic artist JK Woodward ahead of May 6's Free Comic Book Day in the USA, which will bring the debut of IDW Publishing's newest Trek comic miniseries: "Star Trek: The Next Generation - Mirror Broken."
  • 28 Apr 2017
    Four new cast members have been announced today for STAR TREK: DISCOVERY, and a previously-announced actor moves to a new role in the series - find out the new cast and characters coming to the 23rd Century!


1919 John Meredyth Lucas is born.
1923 Ralph Senensky is born.
1938 Charles Washburn is born.
1942 Dennis Creaghan is born. Stephen Macht is born.
1967 First draft script of TOS: "The Changeling" is submitted. First draft script for TOS: "The Gamesters of Triskelion" is submitted, titled "The Gamesters of Pentathalon".
1968 Story outline for TOS: "The Tholian Web" is submitted, titled "In Essence – Nothing".
1971 Boni Yanagisawa is born. The Twenty-First UK Story Arc continues in TV21 & Joe 90 #84 with the third of nine installments.
1986 Forty-ninth day of filming on Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Pocket TOS novel Dreadnought! published.
1987 Original story concept for TNG: "The Last Outpost" is submitted.
1989 TNG: "Pen Pals" airs. Revised final draft script for TNG: "Shades of Gray" is submitted.
1991 Twelveth day of filming on Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.
1992 Pocket TNG novel Imbalance published. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country premieres in Hungary.
1993 Pocket DS9 novel The Siege published.
1994 DS9: "The Maquis, Part II" airs. Pocket TNG novel Debtors' Planet published.
1995 DS9: "The Die is Cast" airs. VOY: "Cathexis" airs.
1996 Eighteenth day of filming on Star Trek: First Contact. Dixon Hill holodeck scenes, featuring Ethan Phillips and Borg actors are filmed today.
1997 Pocket TOS novel Avenger published. Pocket VOY novel The Black Shore published.
1998 Twenty-fourth day of filming on Star Trek: Insurrection.
1999 Pocket VOY novel Battle Lines published.
2000 Pocket Books Strange New Worlds anthology Strange New Worlds III published. Paramount Home Entertainment releases Next Generation volume 3.3 and Voyager volume 6.3 on VHS in the UK.
2001 Pocket DS9 novel Avatar, Book One published. Pocket DS9 novel Avatar, Book Two published. Pocket Books Strange New Worlds anthology Strange New Worlds IV published.
2002 ENT: "Vox Sola" airs. Pocket Books Strange New Worlds anthology Strange New Worlds V published.
2003 Pocket Books Starfleet Corps of Engineers collection No Surrender published. Pocket DS9 novel The Left Hand of Destiny, Book Two published.
2005 Jerry Zimmer dies.
2009 Ric Estrada dies.
2012 Seventy-eighth day of filming on Star Trek Into Darkness.
2015 Grace Lee Whitney dies.

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Memory Alpha New Articles
  • 28 Apr 2017
    At this time, I am very pleased to announce the release of "To Boldy Go - Rare Photos from the TOS Soundstage: Season Three", the final volume in my trilogy of Original Series rare, behind-the-scenes photography books. The foreword to this brand new publication has been authored by the master filmmaker Adam Nimoy, who so recently touched the hearts of Star Trek fans around the world with his exceptional documentary For The Love of Spock - a profoundly moving celebration of the life and most famous role of his father Leonard. It is truly so exciting and a great honor for me to include Adam's wonderful composition as part of this three book series; and I am so grateful to not only Marc Cushman, Doug Drexler, and Adam Nimoy for their extraordinary kindnesses, but also to so many others for their friendship and outstanding support.

    The "To Boldly Go" third season book is a 226 page, full-color interior, softcover that contains well over 350 rare photos - the majority in vivid color - on large 8.5" x 11" pages, displayed in a similar format to the first and second season editions. When one considers all three of the books together as a complete set: a total of just over 1,100 rare, behind-the-scenes production shots, NBC publicity images and candid stills from the making of all 79 episodes (including the pilots) of TOS are presented over a total of 676 pages!

    As was the practice for the first two books, I personally digitally restored all of the rare images that appear in this edition, with the specific goal of recreating the bold and vivid colors that were present in the original episode broadcasts. These rare photos, which originate from my personal collection that is over four decades in the making - beginning in the early '70s with the purchase of about 700 to 800 film clips from Gene Roddenberry's Lincoln Enterprises TOS fan mail order store - have been arranged into individual chapters for each episode; and are accompanied by usually brief but sometimes quite extensive descriptions about the filming or history of the related scene. The following article, which I wrote in January of 2014 at the time that about 70% of these images appeared in smaller and entirely black-and-white format in the outstanding Saturn Award winning Jacobs/Brown Press books "These Are The Voyages - TOS" by Marc Cushman, still provides a good overview and introduction to my rare Star Trek image collection:

    Presented below are some samples of the interior pages of "To Boldly Go - Rare Photos from the TOS Soundstage: Season Three" (just click on any of the following pictures to enlarge them).

    The book is available for immediate purchase at this Createspace store link (where you can save $6 off the purchase price and obtain it for $34.95 instead of its regular price of $40.95 by using the Discount Code 5BG395PJ when you check out):

    Additionally, this volume will appear on sale at (and international Amazon websites) sometime in the next few days at its full list price (but will likely be subject to free or discounted Amazon member shipping services or other offers). Please Note: The above Discount Code will not work at and is just a special incentive to make the purchase at Createspace, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Amazon.

    As I've said in the past, it is my hope that my fellow Star Trek fans who decide to obtain a copy of any of the volumes will be pleased with the presentation of, ideally, a number of rare TOS images that they have not previously seen, and that they will consider their "To Boldly Go" books to be an enjoyable addition to their personal libraries!

    Kindest Regards,


    4/29 UPDATE: The Season Three volume of "To Boldly Go" is now available on at this link:

  • 23 Apr 2017
    Presented below are some detailed photos of the highly memorable costume worn by Alice Rawlings as Jame Finney in the 1st season TOS episode "Court Martial" (first airdate: Feb. 2, 1967); featuring a design that appears to have been inspired by vintage US navy / sailor style clothing. Some screen captures of this dress as seen in "Court Martial" are included after the modern day imagery ...

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