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TrekMovie.com News
  • Yelchin Talks Shatner and Schedule For Star Trek 2016

    17 Oct 2014

    Star Trek’s new Chekov is talking a bit about the 2016 Star Trek movie, including his view on possibly working with William Shatner. See details below. Yelchin Talks Trek 2016 In an interview promoting his new film Rudderless, Anton Yelchin answered a couple of questions about the 2016 Star Trek movie. Regarding the reports that […]
  • Full Details On Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 7 & ‘All Good Things’ Blu-rays

    17 Oct 2014

    CBS Home Entertainment just released the disc-by-disc details for the seventh and final season of Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-ray and the "All Good Things" stand-alone Blu-ray, both due in stores in December. See below for all the details, box art and trailers. TNG Season 7 Blu-ray coming December 2nd The project to bring […]
  • Watch Trailer For Star Trek: Horizon – Fan Film Set In Enterprise Era Romulan War

    16 Oct 2014

    A Star Trek new fan film has released its first full trailer. "Star Trek Horizon" takes us to Star Trek: Enterprise’s the 22nd century and the Romulan War. Watch the trailer and learn more about the show below. Watch Trailer For Star Trek Horizon Most fan films have focused on the original series era in […]
  • CBS Launches Subscription Streaming Service Including Every Episode Of Star Trek

    16 Oct 2014

    Today CBS launched a new subscription service which delivers live TV, full seasons of current programming and full seasons  of "CBS Classics," including all five live-action Star Trek TV series. More details below. CBS All Access Delivers Current and Classic CBS Content – Including Star Trek Today CBS announced launched "CBS All Access" digital subscription […]
  • Podcast: Misssion Log 107 – Star Trek: TNG’s ‘Datalore’

    16 Oct 2014

    The 13th episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation gives us two Spiners for the price of one, with Data’s rascally twin Lore being introduced. Listen to the Mission Log gang discuss "Datalore" in the latest podcast below. Mission Log 108 – “Datalore” (Star Trek: TNG Season 1, Episode 13) What does it mean to […]
TrekToday News
  • Retro Review: Chrysalis

    18 Oct 2014

    When Bashir uses an innovative technique to treat the genetically altered and damaged Sarina, he falls in love with his patient. Plot Summary: Bashir’s friends are busy with their own personal lives, so Bashir works on virus problems and goes home lonely until he learns that genetically enhanced savants Jack, Lauren, and Patrick have impersonated […]

    When Bashir uses an innovative technique to treat the genetically altered and damaged Sarina, he falls in love with his patient.

    Plot Summary: Bashir’s friends are busy with their own personal lives, so Bashir works on virus problems and goes home lonely until he learns that genetically enhanced savants Jack, Lauren, and Patrick have impersonated Starfleet officers to bring the near-catatonic Sarina back to the station in the hopes that Bashir can repair her neural damage. Starfleet agrees to let Bashir try an experimental technique, though he needs help from both O’Brien and his fellow augments to make the surgery successful. Soon after she wakes, Sarina is walking the Promenade, admiring the wonders of the station and helping Bashir with both his medical research and her own neural development. She enjoys singing with the group of peers with whom she has lived for many years, but is soon frustrated by their social ineptitude, accepting Bashir’s invitation to meet his friends and stunning Quark with her skill at Dabo. When Bashir tells Lauren, Jack and Patrick that Sarina won’t be returning with them to the institute where they live very limited lives, they become angry and Jack lashes out at a distressed Sarina. Meanwhile, O’Brien warns Bashir, who speaks glowingly about finally having found a woman who makes him feel good about himself, that the doctor may pushing his patient to become the partner he wants. Undeterred, Bashir invites Sarina to dinner and tells her he’d like to take her to Risa, but when she fails to arrive for the date, he finds her in her quarters, once more catatonic. Her longtime peers question her and realize that Sarina can still talk, but is afraid. When Bashir tells her that he loves her and wants to help her, she blurts out that she doesn’t know what love is. Realizing that she is torn between a sense of obligation to him and a desire to find her own path, the doctor gets her a posting to a research station and says goodbye to her, devastated that his unprofessional behavior nearly drove his patient back inside herself. He feels more alone than ever.

    Analysis: When Deep Space Nine first aired, I was nervous about Bashir episodes, even late in the show’s run, because so many of the early ones played like authorial fantasy – using the character to explore the discomforts of being a young male genius while having him make puppy eyes at Dax and other women. “Chrysalis” did not initially not look promising since its description reads like a combination of Pygmalion and Flowers for Algernon…the former the tale of a condescending man who crafts his ideal woman, the latter the story of a doctor who turns a mentally disabled patient into a genius and falls in love, only to watch the patient regress again. I thought “Chrysalis” might end up being both predictable and maudlin, with a denouement focusing on Bashir’s man-pain about both losing the woman he loves and not being able to save her through his genetically enhanced brilliance. Instead it’s more complicated and subtle, and as much as I’d appreciate more focus on Sarina, since her struggles to find herself as an adult after being treated as a disabled child deserve more screen time, there’s also a complex and moving exploration of Bashir and O’Brien’s friendship, which these two series regulars deserve. Indeed, the episode begins with Bashir’s frustration that he can only spend time with O’Brien when Keiko and the kids are on Bajor, then ends with O’Brien offering sympathy that’s rejected along with a dinner invitation when it comes with the caveat that Keiko will be cooking. Dax, whom we’ve heard it suggested a lot recently is the great love of Bashir’s life, is curiously absent this episode as both friend and counselor at a moment when the doctor and his patient could both really use one, except to make the telling observation that Bashir and O’Brien have trouble expressing their feelings for each other (to which O’Brien responds by saying, “Julian, why don’t you show everybody how much you love me and order the next round”).

    Thus, what might have become a somewhat didactic story about the perils of doctors becoming involved with their patients (and to some extent teachers with their students and coaches with their trainees) becomes much more universal and emotional, enhanced by terrific direction that makes the bottle show aspects a benefit instead of a drawback. Take the singing scene, which makes me roll my eyes just a bit at the beginning with its echoes of The Sound of Music, then uses the actors’ complementary voices and personalities to soar into something very nearly spiritual. We’ve seen this quartet interacting before in “Statistical Probabilities” yet were never given any indication of what drew them together apart from being able to keep up with one another’s rapid-fire thought processes and the quirks that make them misfits elsewhere in Federation society. Here we see them working together quite literally in harmony, not so much teaching Sarina as inducting her into the beauty of music from which she had previously been shut out. Clumsy direction could have made this seem hyperbolic and embarrassing, but instead we get the same sense of soaring delight from the performances as the music is supposed to evoke, with the augments showing the advantages of the lack of inhibition that has made them a problem for Sisko and Starfleet in the past. A similar effect happens when the camera zooms in on the wilted rose that Bashir intended for Sarina at the disastrous dinner date which never takes place; it’s cliched imagery, yet in an episode that’s named for and contains numerous references to the idea of a person who may emerge or fade away depending upon what happens to her at a precarious moment, it works.

    I don’t much like Sisko’s angry bluster when the augments first arrive in stolen Starfleet uniforms, though Sisko’s concern that they be kept isolated is understandable. But the rest of the cast is very enjoyable in very small appearances, particularly the central scene at Quark’s where it becomes obvious that Sarina can no more go back to her fellow augments than she can instantly integrate into what passes for society on the station, even if Bashir wants to believe that she can. He feels very comfortable with Sarina because she can immediately read his own behavior and psychoanalyze it, but he doesn’t seem to recognize how overstimulated she must be by instinctively feeling compelled to read and analyze everyone around her, probably an effect of being worked over by therapists for so many years. There’s a beautiful moment in that scene after Dax claims that men have trouble showing emotion when Sarina looks at Odo and points out that the changeling doesn’t, which makes Kira laugh, after so many years of observing Odo’s facade…yet every time we see Odo in “Chrysalis,” he’s glowing with happiness, whether it’s taking Kira to Vic’s or sitting in Quark’s watching people consume beverages he can’t drink. Even more than a trained counselor, Odo might have been the perfect person to offer Sarina some advice about integrating into a society where she feels like a very late bloomer, were Bashir not monopolizing her to such an extent that she can scarcely function. It’s possible to feel sorry for him in the end not because he’s lonely and feeling sorry for himself, but because his self-reproach over his behavior is stronger than his misery. Given that we now know he’ll make himself let O’Brien go with a minimum of guilt a few months hence, it’s more interesting to watch his pain here.

  • The Next Generation Season Seven Blu-ray Details

    17 Oct 2014

    Season Seven of The Next Generation will be released  in Blu-ray on December 2 and the full details of this release are now available. Also being released on the same day will be the standalone episode Star Trek: The Next Generation: All Good Things. Season Seven Details: Disc One: Episodes Descent, Part II Liaisons Interface […]


    Season Seven of The Next Generation will be released  in Blu-ray on December 2 and the full details of this release are now available.

    Also being released on the same day will be the standalone episode Star Trek: The Next Generation: All Good Things.

    Season Seven Details:

    Disc One:


    • Descent, Part II
    • Liaisons
    • Interface
    • Gambit, Part I
    • Gambit, Part II

    Special Features

    • Archival Mission Log: Mission Overview Year Seven (SD)
    • Deleted Scenes (HD) – NEW – Descent, Part II
    • Deleted Scenes (HD) – NEW – Liaisons
    • Deleted Scenes (HD) – NEW – Gambit, Part I
    • Deleted Scenes (HD) – NEW – Gambit, Part II
    • Episodic Promos (SD

    Disc Two:


    • Phantasms
    • Dark Page
    • Attached
    • Force Of Nature

    Special Features

    • In Conversation: Lensing Star Trek: The Next Generation (HD) – NEW!
    • Gag Reel (HD) – NEW!
    • Archival Mission Log: A Captain’s Tribute (SD)
    • Archival Mission Log: Departmental Briefing Year Seven: Production (SD)
    • Deleted Scenes (HD) – NEW! – Dark Page
    • Episodic Promos (SD)

    Disc Three:


    • Inheritance
    • Parallels
    • The Pegasus
    • Homeward
    • Sub Rosa

    Special Features

    • Audio Commentary by Brannon Braga (2008) – Parallels
    • Archival Mission Log: Starfleet Moments and Memories (SD)
    • Deleted Scenes (HD) – NEW! – Inheritance
    • Deleted Scenes (HD) – NEW! – Parallels
    • Deleted Scenes (HD) – NEW! – Sub Rosa
    • Episodic Promos (SD)

    Disc Four:


    • Lower Decks
    • Thine Own Self
    • Masks
    • Eye of the Beholder
    • Genesis

    Special Features

    • Audio Commentary by René Echevarria and Mike & Denise Okuda – NEW! – Lower Decks
    • Archival Mission Log: Special Profiles (SD)
    • Deleted Scenes (HD) – NEW! - Thine Own Self
    • Deleted Scenes (HD) – NEW! – Masks
    • Deleted Scenes (HD) – NEW! – Genesis
    • Episodic Promos (SD)

    Disc Five:


    • Journey’s End
    • Firstborn
    • Bloodlines
    • Emergence
    • Preemptive Strike

    Special Features

    • Audio Commentary by René Echevarria, Naren Shankar, and Mike & Denise Okuda -NEW! – Preemptive Strike
    • Closed Set: A Tour of the Real Enterprise (SD)
    • Archival Mission Log: Inside Starfleet Archives: Dressing The Future (SD)
    • Deleted Scenes (HD) – NEW! – Journey’s End
    • Deleted Scenes (HD) – NEW! – Firstborn
    • Deleted Scenes (HD) – NEW! – Bloodlines
    • Deleted Scenes (HD) – NEW! – Preemptive Strike
    • Episodic Promos (SD)

    Disc Six:


    • All Good Things…

    Special Features

    • The Sky’s The Limit: The Eclipse of Star Trek: The Next Generation (HD) – NEW! – Part One: Umbra
    • The Sky’s The Limit: The Eclipse of Star Trek: The Next Generation (HD) – NEW! – Part Two: Penumbra
    • The Sky’s The Limit: The Eclipse of Star Trek: The Next Generation (HD) – NEW! – Part Three: Antumbra
    • Journey’s End: The Saga of Star Trek: The Next Generation (SD)
    • Archival Mission Log: The Making of All Good Things… (SD)
    • Episodic Promos (SD)

    Star Trek: The Next Generation – Season Seven will sell for $130.00 US and $150.00 Canada.

    The details for the All Good Things… standalone Blu-ray:

    Disc One:


    • All Good Things…

    Special Features

    • Audio Commentary By Ronald D. Moore and Brannon Braga – NEW!
    • The Unknown Possibilities of Existence: Making All Good Things… (HD) – NEW!
    • Deleted Scenes (HD) – NEW!
    • Episodic Promos (SD)

    Star Trek: The Next Generation – All Good Things will sell for $28.28 US and $32.00 Canada.

  • CBS Launches Streaming Service

    17 Oct 2014

    CBS has jumped into the digital subscription service with the announcement that they will be offering CBS All Access for $5.99 a month. The new service will be of interest to Star Trek fans, as all five live-action televised series will be available via the new service. CBS All Access begins today, and is assessable […]

    CBS-All-Access 101714

    CBS has jumped into the digital subscription service with the announcement that they will be offering CBS All Access for $5.99 a month.

    The new service will be of interest to Star Trek fans, as all five live-action televised series will be available via the new service.

    CBS All Access begins today, and is assessable via CBS.com and on mobile devices through the CBS App for iOS and Android. Local CBS television stations in fourteen of the largest US markets will also be available for streaming.

    The five thousand episode library of classic shows, including the Star Trek series, will be ad-free. Current and past seasons of CBS programming will have fewer ads than live local broadcasts.

    “This product is definitely something we’re using to go after the ‘cord nevers,’ who are not subscribing to a bunch of other larger services that include our content — and there are definitely millions of those people in this country,” said Marc DeBevoise, CBS Interactive‘s executive VP of sports, news and entertainment. “In terms of cord-cutting or -shaving, our view is that our service is priced to be complementary to the other services that are out there. If you are interested in a large bundle of channels that has a lot of various things in it, you may not be a subscriber to this service. But if you’re deeply interested in one, two or many of our shows, getting our content outside of your home or buying earlier access to our content on mobile devices, then you’re one of our superfans and you’re going to convert.”

    To sign up and to see what shows are offered, head to the link located here.

  • Yelchin In New Indie Thriller

    17 Oct 2014

    Star Trek into Darkness‘ Anton Yelchin has signed to star in Green Room. Green Room is an indie thriller from Jeremy Saulnier (Blue Ruin). In Green Room, Yelchin’s character headlines a punk band who “witnesses a murder at one of their shows in a middle-of-nowhere venue. They find themselves locked in the green room and […]


    Star Trek into DarknessAnton Yelchin has signed to star in Green Room.

    Green Room is an indie thriller from Jeremy Saulnier (Blue Ruin).

    In Green Room, Yelchin’s character headlines a punk band who “witnesses a murder at one of their shows in a middle-of-nowhere venue. They find themselves locked in the green room and targeted for death by a gang of racist skinheads.”

    Yelchin will star alongside Imogen Poots, Alia Shawkat, Callum Turner, Joe Cole, Macon Blair, and Mark Webber.

    Green Room begins shooting in Portland later this month.

TrekNews.net News
  • Harlan Ellison Recovering After Stroke

    15 Oct 2014

    Award-winning author Harlan Ellison, who wrote the classic Star Trek episode “City On the Edge of Forever”, is recovering in an a Southern California hospital after having a stroke, last week. While he is currently suffering from partial paralysis in his right arm, according to the LA Times, his speech is unimpaired. Ellison’s friend, Patton […]
  • WATCH: ‘The Red Shirt Diaries’ Episode 7: “What Little Girls Are Made Of”

    13 Oct 2014

    The sixth episode of The Red Shirt Diaries has been released. “What Little Girls Are Made Of” stars writer/producer Ashley Victoria Robinson and features director/producer/writer Jason Inman as the voice of Captain Kirk, in the latest offering from the comedic fan-series. Watch the latest episode below. Capt. Kirk calls Omar and Mia, William’s friends, to […]
  • ‘The Shatner Project’ Set to Debut on DIY Network

    12 Oct 2014

    William Shatner’s homne renovation show, that we originally reported on back in March, is set to premier on DIY Network on Thursday, October 23, at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Shatner will act as the project manager of his own home remodel in the six-episode series which chronicles the transformation of his an wife Elizabeth’s Los Angeles […]
  • WATCH: ‘Prey For Death’ Trailer, Starring Connor Trinneer

    12 Oct 2014

    Connor Trinneer is set to play a much different role than his time as Commander Charles “Trip” Tucker III on Star Trek: Enterprise. Trinneer, now 45, will play Baron Emerson in the independently produced Western, Prey For Death. The film, set to be released in 2015, is written and directed by Rene Perez and stars […]
  • William Shatner To Share Screen With Chris Pine In STAR TREK 3?

    07 Oct 2014

    Last month, we reported on a possible role for William Shatner in Star Trek 3 that would reunite the original Kirk and Spock on screen for the first time since 1991’s Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Following the report, Shatner confirmed that he had been in touch with J.J. Abrams and folks over at […]
Subspace Communique News
Forgotten Trek Latest Posts
  • Maximum Defiant

    15 May 2014

    Maximum Defiant was quite probably the most comprehensive website about Deep Space Nine's tough little ship
  • Designing the Reliant

    01 May 2014

    Only the second Starfleet vessel seen on screen, the Reliant proved one of Star Trek's more reliable support ships indeed.
  • Redesigning Starfleet’s Uniforms for Star Trek II

    21 Oct 2013

    Nobody really liked the uniforms from The Motion Picture but there was little budget for new ones.
Obitrek's Collection Latest Posts
  • Transporter-Beam Creature

    11 Mar 2014

    (Star Trek - The Next Generation)
    Curry with the puppet (© by CBS)
    Curry in front of the Green Screen (© by CBS)
    This special effects latex puppet was used on screen in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Realm of Fear".
    It was designed by Dan Curry and built by modelmaker and sculptor Carey Howe.
    To create the illusion of liveliness, Curry donned green tights and puppeteered this one of a kind creature against a green screen.
    The puppet was part of Curry's collection for many years and can also be seen in the TNG Season 6 DVD special featurette "Departmental Briefing Year Six - Profile: Dan Curry".

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dan Curry, who gave me further information about this item and the clay maquette.  Also thanks to my friend Thomas Luckau, who contacted Mr. Curry for me.

Inside Star Trek Latest Posts
  • Brent Spiner's “Lt. Commander Data” Isolation suit from Star Trek: Insurrection

    11 May 2014

    This is a bright red Isolation suit with helmet worn by "Lt. Commander Data" during the thrilling opening action sequence of Star Trek: Insurrection (1998). It's a complete collection of both "hero" and "stunt double" pieces worn by actor Brent Spiner and his stunt double Brian Avery.

    The isolation suit was a type of stealth clothing used by the Federation Starfleet in the 24th century. The suit was equipped with technology that made the person wearing it practically invisible.

    This Isolation suit includes Spiner's hero helmet and boots. The helmet has internal padding and an accordion collar. Brent Spiner's gold make-up is still visible inside. The boots are made of rubber. The belt has stunt double Brian Avery's name in it.

    The red jumpsuit has a rubber neckline, a Velcro waist for the rubber belt to attach and stirrups for the feet and thumbs to hold the fabric taut. Attached to the jumpsuit on the right sleeve is a “cloaking device” that has sequential red LED lighting triggered by small buttons.

    A gray shoulder piece from the Starfleet uniform as well as the yellow tunic is under the Isolation suit. The tunic has the screen matched burnt collar. Remember the scene when Data removes the helmet and is his head "floating" in the air. You can see the the damaged collar after Data was hit by a Son'a disrupter.

TrekCore Videos @ YouTube
TrekCore Latest Updates
  • Trek Comics: "Cry Vengeance"

    18 Oct 2014

    This month's "New Vision" photobook comic is here, and the lead story "Cry Vengeance" is a sequel tale to the classic episode "The Doomsday Machine"! Who built the enormous, deadly planet killer -- and what was its purpose? Also: A short tale about the 23rd Century's robotic future!
  • BLU NEWS! TNG S7 & 'AGT' Details!

    16 Oct 2014

    We just received CBS's full press release detailing the contents of December's TNG Season 7 and "All Good Things" Blu-ray sets, and we've got it all broken down for you, along with our reactions and analysis of the upcoming content!
  • Rare Photos #75: October 2014

    14 Oct 2014

    Our next update to TrekCore's ever-growing Rare Photos library is here, with a selection of seldom-seen shots from each Trek television series and several of the films. Check 'em out and see which ones might be new to you -- and stay tuned for our next update coming later this year!
  • Ad Archive: TNG in Syndication

    12 Oct 2014

    You've seen plenty of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" promotional material over the years -- everything from merchandising commercials to episode preview videos -- but now we have a great collection of ratings-based marketing material, showcasing how Paramount sold the show to your local TV station!
  • Preorder TNG Blu Box Set for Only £158 / $217!!

    10 Oct 2014

    It just keeps going lower! The "Full Journey" complete-series TNG Blu-ray box set, releasing to the UK December 15, is up for preorder now at a low price of just £158 -- that's just $217 shipped to the United States! This REGION FREE set will play on any Blu-ray player in North America, so import without worry!
Memory Alpha: Star Trek on this Day

20 October

1922 John Anderson is born.
1933 Ralph Maurer is born.
1934 Michael Dunn is born.
1954 David F. Tepool is born.
1956 Peter Morwood is born.
1966 TOS: "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" airs. Second day of filming on TOS: "Shore Leave".
1967 TOS: "The Doomsday Machine" airs. Fourth day of filming on TOS: "The Gamesters of Triskelion". Arena scenes are filmed today.
1972 Eric Kagan is born.
1973 TAS: "The Infinite Vulcan" airs. The Thirty-Seventh UK Story Arc continues in Valiant & TV21 #108 with the second of twelve installments.
1977 Sam Witwer is born. Rough first draft script for "In Thy Image" (which evolved into Star Trek: The Motion Picture) is submitted.
1978 Fifty-fourth day of filming on Star Trek: The Motion Picture.
1983 Forty-eighth day of filming on Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.
1987 Second day of filming on TNG: "The Big Goodbye". Patrick Stewart's first scenes as Dixon Hill are filmed today.
1988 Eighth day of filming on Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.
1989 Musical score for TNG: "Booby Trap" is recorded.
1993 Second day of filming on TNG: "The Pegasus".
1994 Eighth and final day of filming on DS9: "Fascination". First day of filming on DS9: "Past Tense, Part I". Thirty-third day of filming on VOY: "Caretaker".
1995 Sixth day of filming on DS9: "Our Man Bashir".
1997 DS9: "Behind the Lines" airs. Eighth and final day of filming on DS9: "The Magnificent Ferengi". Final day of filming on VOY: "Waking Moments". CIC Video releases The Original Series volume 3.4, Star Trek - The Movies, Deep Space Nine volume 5.13 and Voyager volume 3.13 on VHS in the UK.
1999 VOY: "Alice" airs.
2000 Third day of filming on VOY: "Lineage".
2003 Seventh (and last) day of filming on ENT: "Carpenter Street".
2004 Sixth day of filming on ENT: "Daedalus".
2006 Jane Wyatt dies.
2009 Pocket ENT The Romulan War trade paperback, Beneath the Raptor's Wing, by Michael A. Martin is released.

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Memory Alpha New Articles
My Star Trek Scrapbook Latest Posts
  • 1980 DeForest Kelly Interview

    22 Sep 2014

    One got the feeling from just watching the original series that "Dr. McCoy" was the most relatable human on the show; the person that represented the "everyman" from our time period, and the actor DeForest Kelly was the one we could be most comfortable around. DeForest Kelley was that kind of person in real-life, as all the interviews bear out. Here's a good one from Starlog issue #38, published in September of 1980.

    Click on images to enlarge; once open, you may have to click again to view full size.
    Bonus: a candid closeup of De from a movie magazine that came out during the series run.
    Bonus #2: a great shot of Bill giving archery lessons to De during the series.
    "Okay, De, let's try to hit Leonard in the behind and bring him down a couple of notches."
  • More Janice Rand Images

    23 Sep 2014

    Back when the series was about to begin regular production, it was planned that Janice Rand would be one of the more prominent characters and certainly the main female to bring the sex appeal. However, Nichelle Nichols was always on the bridge in almost every shot that looked back toward Kirk's chair, and she more than amply supplied the sweet, sweet eye candy. And, it was realized that Rand cramped the Captain's style when it came to romancing the alien ladies. So, before long during the first season she was used less and less and finally -sadly- released. However, not before she got the attention of a lot of male viewers, and it is they who will appreciate these unusual promotions images, some taken before production of the series and some during.

    (As usual click on the images to enlarge. You might have to click again once it opens to view full-size.)
    "Mr. Spock, remind me to keep the temperature down on the bridge in the future."
    Bonus: a page from one of the movie magazines back during the series third season, from February of 1969..
    Bonus: the packaging of the Pocket Flix film viewer that supplied fans with their own (one-minute) clip for watching whenever they wanted! I bought one about 1978 and it was the first time I could actually "watch" a real part of an episode apart from TV. This was before videotape players were available to most, and certainly to me. It was taken from the episode "By Any Other Name," and was edited together from the scene where the two security guards were reduced to polyhedrons, and the scene of the barrier-crossing, which was very exciting to own! Such was my mania that I even dubbed those scenes from one of my cassette tapes of the episode to match the editing of the film, then would synch them up as I watched to supply sound!
    Bonus link: Star Trek In Cinerama! See how scenes from various episodes of TOS look in widescreen, done without cropping the image. It's "fascinating" to coin a phrase! Except where characters are in the scene twice, then it gets a bit weird.
  • "Prelude To Axanar" Trailer

    31 Jul 2014

    The first trailer for "Star Trek: Prelude to Axanar" is up and live. This documentary-style movie takes place a little over two decades before the original series. You'll recognize several actors from "Enterprise," "DS9," and "The Next Generation." Why, oh, WHY can't we get special made-for-TV/straight-to-DVD movies like this? WAKE UP PARAMOUNT!!! There is a larger universe out there to be mined and portrayed.

    I like the way that the ship design, photography and battles show the influence of the Abram's film, as although I may not agree with the direction of that reboot, I think that the way things looked was incredible. Emulating that here makes for exciting space scenes, and fills in the gaps in the TOS universe canon quite nicely. Also the links to Star Trek: Enterprise (like the older Soval character as portrayed by Gary Graham) help bridge the time from that show up to the original series. The effects are up to cinematic standards, and the actors, like the great Tony Todd, raise it above the level of the amateur fan-film. Here is the link to view it on Youtube, where you can see it full-size in all its HD glory!

    UPDATE: You can now watch the 21-minute prelude to the proposed feature-length film by going to this site. Make it so!

    Below, some screen captures from the video. Click on each one to enlarge.

birdofthegalaxy's Photos @ Flickr

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