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Important Notices

Read the FAQ. I rather spend my time updating this site than answering always the same requests. Please see the exhaustive FAQ first. General questions are almost definitely already covered there.

Don't pester me! I'm neither a lexicon nor a design service. I will answer as many questions as I can, but in many cases I will consult Google anyway, so you should consider doing that yourself. I will give you advice or feedback on your own efforts, but there is no way I would spend hours to research, write, scan or design something for your website or RPG.

Don't expect too much. EAS is a completely free private website that I maintain in my spare time and fund out of my own pocket. Although suggestions from other fans have contributed greatly to this site, I feel no obligation to abide by visitor requests. I may be unable to take your suggestions into account because there are more pressing tasks, because it is an unrealistic amount of work, because I can't find the right place and format for it or because it exists already elsewhere in the web. I may even decide that a suggestion you deem essential is irrelevant to me.


Feedback Form

No matter if it's going to be praise, complaints or suggestions, I am looking forward to your feedback. After viewing the FAQ you can 1) sign my guestbook or 2) use the following sendmail form or 3) send an e-mail. Please note that two fields are required!

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EAS Banners

Due to the sheer number of requests I feel unable to return your favor of linking to EAS unless you have an absolute top-quality site. But feel free to add a link yourself here.

You can use one of the banners below for linking to EAS if you like. Please use only these banners, not the title graphic on my index page! Please display the banners at their exact sizes, don't distort them!

As an alternative to banners, how about automatically republishing the EAS newsfeed on your site?

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