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Treknology - Index

Treknology Encyclopedia Treknology Encyclopedia
An extensive A-Z reference of Trek-specific scientific and technical terms. Canon evidence in normal text, annotations in italics.

Status: fairly complete
Warp Propulsion The Physics and Technology of Warp Propulsion
A complete analysis of the fundamental physics as well as its fictional implementation in Star Trek. More chapters to be prepared some day.

Status: 30% finished
Time Travel The Logic of Time Travel
A close look at the unavoidable problems of this popular sci-fi concept and if and how they are dealt with in Star Trek episodes and movies.

Status: complete
Investigations Investigations
Sometimes we have to recall that Star Trek is just a show and has its flaws. This sections investigates inconsistencies and other oddities.

Status: around 100 exhaustive articles
Observations Observations
Observations about sets, props and visual effects in episodes, and comparisons of the original TV/DVD releases with the remastered versions on Blu-ray.

Status: TNG season 5 in work


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Last modified: 10.02.15