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Legal Terms

Scope and Applicability - Disclaimers - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy - Netiquette


Scope and Applicability

Scope The following disclaimers and rules are applicable to the main site, Ex Astris Scientia (EAS) and, unless otherwise noted, to The Starfleet Museum, the Advanced Starship Design Bureau (ASDB), the Journal of Applied Technology (JoAT) and any other sites in the EAS Network. Please note that some of these sites have a shared ownership. The legal contact in any case is Bernd Schneider, referred to as "webmaster" or as "site owner" hereafter.

The legal notices are not applicable to hosted sites and to the SCN forum.

Changes All of the clauses below may be amended any time without notice. Only their most recent version on the server is valid.



General disclaimer Ex Astris Scientia (EAS) is not affiliated with CBS Broadcasting Inc., Paramount Pictures Inc. or with any other person or company holding licenses on the brand name "Star Trek". Ex Astris Scientia is a non-commercial fan website in the strictest possible definition. Absolutely no profit is made with this website. It is entirely funded by the site owner. Any kind of sales, advertising, sponsoring or user donations is hereby explicitly precluded, even if earnings would be solely used to cover expenses necessary for the site's creation, maintenance or hosting.

Content Star Trekô and many related terms are registered trademarks of CBS Broadcasting Inc. and Paramount Pictures Inc. No copyright infringement is intended with this strictly non-commercial website. Copyrighted material has been included under the legally acknowledged terms of "fair use".

All content taken from other websites is, to the owner's best knowledge, used with the explicit consent of the respective copyright owners or publishers. In case of objections please mail to the site owner: Bernd Schneider.

Liability for content This website and any information contained therein is provided "as is" and without warranty of any kind. In no event the site owner or any of the contributors shall be held responsible for any incomplete, inaccurate or outdated information. There is no "final" version of any content presented at this website. Updates and amendments will take place at any time and without being marked as such.

The decision about the site's content solely lies with the site owner. In no event the site owner shall be held responsible for removing or amending any content. 

The statements and opinions expressed at EAS may coincide with, but do not generally reflect the official views of Paramount Pictures, Inc. about the Star Trek franchise. EAS follows the canon policy of Paramount Pictures, meaning that it only accepts on-screen information as authentic, unless otherwise noted. More about this policy can be found in the Canon FAQ and the article "What is Canon?". Any such canon information given at EAS is correct and up to date to the webmaster's best knowledge, but may remain debatable or subject to be updated in single cases.

This website includes interactively generated pages like guestbooks, link lists or submission pages. The webmaster, Bernd Schneider, does not assume any liability or responsibility whatsoever for such user-generated content. The webmaster reserves the right to remove any such content that he deems offensive or otherwise inappropriate.

Note that a very small amount of the information presented at this website may originate from servers not under the webmaster's control. This third-party content currently comprises the Trek Feeds and the Trekfiction.com newsfeed.

This site is not affiliated with the web server on which it resides in any way other than web hosting, and the web hosting service shall not, under any circumstances, be held responsible for the opinions, statements or other content within this website. All inquiries to the legality or other applicable terms and conditions of use of any of the content within this website have to be directed exclusively to: Bernd Schneider.

Technical liability Neither the webmaster nor the server administrator shall be held responsible for any harmful effects that viewing of this site may have on a visitor's computer system.

This site does not include any form of advertisements. In particular, this site does not create any pop-up windows. Any pop-up that visitors may seem to encounter here unquestionably originates from another website or from an illicit method of embedding this website in a frame set.

External links Links from EAS to external sites do not imply any endorsement or guarantee of content. The webmaster, Bernd Schneider, does not assume any liability or responsibility whatsoever for the operation of, or content at, any of the linked resources, nor for any of the interpretations, comments or opinions expressed therein.

If you feel that a site that EAS links to contains illegal, offensive or in any way hazardous content, please express your concerns to the site owner: Bernd Schneider.


Terms of Use

Copyright Unless otherwise noted, all text and some of the artwork of this website have been created especially for and are copyright of Ex Astris Scientia (EAS). This content is not public domain! However, it is free to be reproduced by anyone under the following common-sense terms:

1. You republish the material in the form of excerpts. I do not approve of reproductions of entire EAS pages. I do not approve of sites that use my layout graphics or otherwise imitate the look of EAS.

2. You give appropriate credit to EAS including a hyperlink. I will agree to a mention on a global credit page if you use single graphics or text passages, but I insist on more clearly visible credits in case of more extensive excerpts.

3. For any content that I am showing by courtesy of a third party, you must ask permission from this original source (i.e. from the designer or author who is credited at EAS). In particular, this applies to the content of the SF Museum, JoAT, ASDB, Fan Fiction and Canon Fodder. Note that in some cases of contributed material special terms of use may apply!

4. I reserve the right to deny or retract my approval if the material appears in an improper context. This may include, but is not restricted to: political propaganda, promotion of illegal activities, disfiguration or distortion of images taken from EAS (no matter if intentionally or accidentally because of bad image editing), misquoting of my views and findings, commercial exploitation of EAS content.

The site owner reserves the right to sue anyone who uses intellectual property of EAS in an illicit fashion, in particular in case of its commercial exploitation.

I appreciate to be informed in advance if you like to use my material under the above terms. I have always agreed so far. Please mail to: Bernd Schneider.

Hotlinking Image leeching (also known as hotlinking, loading images directly from the EAS server and displaying them on other websites) is prohibited. The server is presently configured not to permit any hotlinking. There are only two exceptions:

1. It is encouraged to load a banner image directly from my server if it provides a link to my site. Only the currently seven banners explicitly intended for linking can be loaded from my server for that purpose.

2. Aside from the sites hosted along with EAS, only the SCN and the Flare Forums are authorized to link directly to images on the EAS server.

Any other image linked from any other place will be replaced by the server with an embarrassing notification that hotlinking is disabled.

For the record: All images posted at EAS are hosted on my own server for whose operation I have to pay for. The only tiny exception (1000 kilobytes out of 3000 megabytes) are the banner links to other sites and the Trek Feeds.

Spam Spamming the guestbook, link list, contact form, statistics or other parts of the website is a serious disruption of its operation and is therefore strictly forbidden. Any such entries, in particular those made without any reference to Star Trek or to this website, will be immediately deleted without notice at the sole discretion of the webmaster.

Likewise, collecting any addresses from this website for sending out unsolicited e-mails or for any commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. The site owner reserves to take legal actions against any offenders.

It goes without saying that misusing the domain names owned by me to send out spam mails is utterly criminal identity theft and will be punished. I can take no responsibility for spam that pretends to have been sent out by me (but actually from a spam server that is disguised as my server and can be identified examining the usually hidden parts of the e-mail header). I am sorry, but there is absolutely no technical possibility to avert such criminal activities.

Spidering Crawling this website with automated tools is allowed if it is used to build a search index. Spidering the site with download tools is generally allowed, but this permission may be suspended any time to avoid excessive traffic loads. Regular spidering of the site (such as for building a mirror) is only allowed with the explicit permission of the site owner. The site owner reserves the right to permanently disable downloads with certain spider tools or to certain locations.

Submissions All submitted data in the form of text, images, multimedia or any other formats posted at EAS remains the sole intellectual property of the originator. Unless otherwise agreed on, EAS neither demands co-ownership nor exclusive publishing rights. 

When submitting data, contributors grant EAS the right to publicly post it irrevocably as long as proper credits from the part of EAS are provided. Once posted, a visitor submission will only be removed if the webmaster deems it useful too or if pending legal proceedings require it.

Visitor submissions to Ex Astris Scientia (EAS) of any kind are always appreciated. Please note that, owing to the complexity of this site, to my work load, to webspace or traffic constraints and to changing priorities I will not be able to take all of them into account, even if they are of high quality.

Linking With the exception of the illicit image leeching (see above), a link from an external site to EAS may be created without explicit permission. However, a link that points to EAS does not imply an obligation for me to put up a reciprocal link.

I disapprove of the following: links from sites with illegal or politically extreme content, links from places that I deem offensive and that are not accessible to everyone, links to EAS from a defamatory context or from sites with misinformation about EAS, links to EAS using disfigured banners, links that open EAS pages in a frame set or in a window without menu bars, links to EAS using intermediate ad pages that look like they could originate at EAS. I reserve the right to configure my server in a way to refuse links from such offending referrers.


Privacy Policy

Disclosure of information Any user may browse this entire website without giving away any personal information. Interactive features like the feedback form, guestbook, submission forms or link list may prompt a user to enter personal information. The following rules pertain to the privacy of such form contents and of the contents of e-mails sent to the webmaster.

Any information submitted with the explicit request of being confidential will be treated as such. Likewise, any information of personal nature included in your communication with me (Bernd Schneider) will not be disclosed to anyone else without your explicit consent. Unless the contributor indicates otherwise, any information of non-personal nature and falling into the scope of this website may be published and will be credited with the contributor's name at the webmaster's discretion.

Note that, by default, I am showing e-mail addresses of contributors. Please indicate if you do not want to have your address posted (spam protection). I will include a hyperlink to your website only if I expect it to be permanent (i.e. usually not to mass hosts or to sites under construction).

No e-mail addresses are collected by the webmaster other than from the personal mailbox and for personal use. The webmaster will not create unsolicited mass e-mails or automatic e-mails to visitors. Other than crediting visitor submissions, e-mail addresses will never be given away to third parties. Exceptions may only apply in case of legal issues such as copyright disputes.

Cookies Note that this website may use cookies to store information about your visit to EAS on your computer. With cookies disabled in your browser, certain limited parts of this website may not operate correctly.



The following notes are legally relevant. However, they could be a useful reference for guestbook entries and e-mails. I am always trying to heed these principles myself.

1. Call me "Bernd". It doesn't have to be "Herr Schneider" or "Dr. Schneider".

2. You can write me in English or in German.

3. Choosing a meaningful subject phrase for an e-mail is your first and foremost duty. I'm not kidding. A good subject will prevent a mail from being falsely identified as spam. Furthermore, considering the thousands of requests in my e-mail folders, it is a pain of the ass for me to identify mails with titles like "Hello", "Request" or "Something for your site". Most of the mails are like that! For the same reason, you are advised to avoid insignificant file names like "03.jpg" or "NewDocument1.doc" at any rate.

4. Please read the FAQ. I am tired of frequently explaining this site's philosophy and policies to people who are too lazy to look around.

5. Don't pester me! I'm neither a lexicon nor a design service. I will answer as many questions as I can, but in many cases I will consult Google anyway, so you should consider doing that yourself. I will give you advice or feedback on your own efforts, but there is no way I would spend hours to research, write, scan or design something for your website or RPG.

6. EAS is a completely free private website that I maintain in my spare time and fund out of my own pocket. Although suggestions from other fans have contributed greatly to the success of this site, I feel no obligation to abide by visitor requests. I may be unable to take your suggestions into account because there are more pressing tasks, because it is an unrealistic amount of work, because it doesn't fit into the scope of this site or because I simply can't find the right place and format for it. Furthermore, it can't be my goal to post every available image or to create complete lists of each and everything ever mentioned. Sorry, but I have to narrow down points of interest for this website.


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