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VOY Season 1
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Pages with Any Recent Changes



Jay Stobie reviews Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Missing by Una McCormack.

The conversion of the DS9 episode reviews (including guest reviews) to the new format is completed.

A new article by Frank Bitterhof deals with commercially available Acoustic Panels as Wall Coverings in TNG

See our Observations in TNG: "The Inner Light". TrekCore has an extensive HD screen cap gallery of Picard's extraordinary experience on the planet Kataan.

Here are three more Enterprise-D quarters, reconstructed by BobyE: Data, Worf and La Forge.

The Enterprise reviews have been brought up to the new standard, leaving only TOS and DS9 with the old layout.

Almost 50% of the episode reviews have been converted to the new format by now - most recently TAS and the remaining seasons of Voyager, including all guest reviews.

More updates in the EAS Fleet Yards: comparison charts by jbobroony and Tadeo D'Oria's take on the Indus class.

We continue our series with Observations in TNG: "The Next Phase". See how Geordi and Ro walk through walls in the HD screen cap gallery at TrekCore.

See our Observations in TNG: "I, Borg". TrekCore has a gallery with 386 HD screen caps from this episode, in which a Borg regains his individuality and Picard has to change his mind about how to deal with him.

The EAS Fleet Yards index page has received an overhaul, including new comparison charts of my old ship designs.

I have converted the layout of the Movie and Abramsverse pages, including all guest reviews. The script for the guest reviews has been adapted to the new format too.

Riker's quarters and Crusher's quarters complete BobyE's reconstructions of the senior officers' quarters on the Enterprise-D. Also new: turbolifts on the Enterprise refit, Enterprise-A, Enterprise-B and Enterprise-E.

I am reworking the layout of all episode pages for better readability and HTML 4 compliance. This is a process that allows no automation (except for search & replace iterations in a text editor) and will still take several months. For now, I have finished the TNG pages and the Voyager season 1 reviews that are currently being updated anyway.

Happy New Year! No big update today, but check out the article on on Real Stars and Bayer Names that I updated with the latest information from TNG-R episodes.


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