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Observations in TNG: "Ship in a Bottle"
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23 Jul 2017

A personal note on the coverage of Discovery at EAS, which will have to wait some time.

21 Jul 2017

I have summarized the latest news on Discovery costumes, props, make-ups and ships, along with a couple of comments.

17 Jul 2017

Here are two more reviews of Voyager's season 4, "The Raven" and "Scientific Method". Two of the better episodes in the arguably best season of the series.

02 Jul 2017

In a second brand new article related to the one about the shuttle Alice, we show the various Redresses of the Type-9 Shuttle Cockpit that were created for other Starfleet shuttles, but also for some alien ships in Star Trek Enterprise.

01 Jul 2017

Jörg and I have completed a new article about the Redresses of Alice. We investigate how the life-size mock-up and how the CG model was modified for the Arkonian shuttle and the Tellarite shuttle that appeared in Star Trek Enterprise.



27 Jun 2017

Discovery is being filmed in 2:1 aspect ratio, and Jonathan Frakes will return to Star Trek to direct an episode of the new series. Read the news and my comments.

26 Jun 2017

New Poll: What do you think of the redesigned Klingons in Discovery?

19 Jun 2017

CBS has announced the premiere dates for Star Trek Discovery: September 24 on CBS Television, CBS All Access and Space Channel, September 25 on Netflix. After that, a new episode will be released on the streaming channels every week, in two chapters. The first eight episodes will run until November 5/6. The season will then resume with the second chapter debuting in January 2018.

16 Jun 2017

Two more reviews of Voyager's season 4, "Nemesis" and "Revulsion". Not exactly two great episodes, but quite interesting to watch again after many years.

05 Jun 2017

Here are the reviews of the first two regular episodes of Voyager's season 4, "The Gift" and "Day of Honor".



26 May 2017

Beware of the dog! See our Observations in TNG: "Aquiel" in SD and HD caps. Please visit TrekCore to see the complete HD screen cap gallery of the episode.

17 May 2017

The first trailer with real footage from Star Trek Discovery is up. A few photos were released too. We get an impression of some of the cast, of costumes, props and sets. There will be a Vulcan story. Well, and there will be Klingons, but not as we know them.

14 May 2017

Don't let Professor Moriarty fool you! See our Observations in TNG: "Ship in a Bottle" in SD and HD screen caps. Please go to our friends at TrekCore for the complete HD screen cap gallery.

13 May 2017

I have reviewed the exciting Voyager season 3 finale & season 4 opener, "Scorpion".

10 May 2017

Here are four new ship designs in the Journal of Applied Treknology. If you sent something and it wasn't posted, please see the feedback thread at the SCN.



29 Apr 2017

There are still four lights in HD! Here are our Observations in TNG: "Chain of Command II" in SD and HD screen caps. Please also visit TrekCore for the complete HD screen cap gallery.

23 Apr 2017

My two cents on the question of the changing faces of the Caitians, as they reportedly appear in The Animated Series (M'Ress), in "Star Trek: The Voyage Home" (two members of the Federation Council) and in Kirk's bed in "Star Trek Into Darkness".

22 Apr 2017

We got it done, Captain Jellico! Here are our Observations in TNG: "Chain of Command I" in SD and HD screen caps. The complete HD screen cap gallery of the episode is available at TrekCore.

17 Apr 2017

A couple of new orthographic CGI views from the Official Starships Collection: Class J, Medusan ship, Raven, Antares, Relativity and a few more. Thanks to Jörg for bringing these to my attention.

15 Apr 2017

Here are my reviews of two more Voyager season 3 episodes: "Displaced" and "Worst Case Scenario".

14 Apr 2017

Marten van Wier reviews the issues #6 and #7 of Star Trek Early Voyages by Marvel Comics.

10 Apr 2017

See the exocomps, the particle fountain, several graphics and other details in SD and HD in our Observations in TNG: "The Quality of Life". Our friends at TrekCore have the complete HD screen cap gallery of the episode.

08 Apr 2017

Star Trek Continues has released a new episode: "Still Treads the Shadow". Here is my review.



29 Mar 2017

Two more Voyager season 3 reviews: "Real Life" and "Distant Origin".

28 Mar 2017

Added two game reviews by Andrew Friden: Star Trek: The Next Generation Future's Past and Star Trek: Generations.

27 Mar 2017

See Worf, Alexander and Deanna make their stand in Deadwood, Arizona: Observations in TNG: "A Fistful of Datas". You can find the complete screen cap gallery at TrekCore (including Data in a dress if you insist on it).

19 Mar 2017

The next two Voyager season 3 reviews: "Favorite Son" and "Before and After".

11 Mar 2017

When the Ferengi take over the Enterprise, it is up to a teenage Captain Picard and the other kids to save the ship. As silly as the premise is, this episode is visually interesting, so check out our Observations in TNG: "Rascals" in SD and HD screen caps. You can find the complete screen cap gallery at TrekCore.

07 Mar 2017

Jason Isaacs has been cast as Captain Lorca of the USS Discovery. Mary Wiseman will appear as Tilly, a Starfleet Academy Cadet aboard the same ship "in her final year of study."

04 Mar 2017

Here are my reviews of the next two Voyager season 3 episodes, "Darkling" and "Rise".



19 Feb 2017

I have reviewed two more Voyager season 3 episodes, "Blood Fever" and "Unity".

13 Feb 2017

I have added information about the corrections in the Netflix HD versions of the following TNG episodes: "The Vengeance Factor", "Brothers", "Imaginary Friend", "Relics". These changes are highlighted in the articles.

11 Feb 2017

You can now find the TNG-R: "Relics" HD screen caps at TrekCore. See our article on the episode.

Regarding the alleged Klingons on the leaked photo from the Star Trek Discovery set, I will further comment on it once I have an official confirmation.

09 Feb 2017

As a further step to improve the usability of this site, I edited the intra-page navigation bars that can be found on many pages. This could have been done with a few easy CSS edits if Frontpage hadn't left a huge amount of garbage in the code (such as line break tags with links on them) that took me hundreds of search-and-replace passes until they were clean.

06 Feb 2017

Read my review of Hive, the third volume of the Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection (please scroll down).

05 Feb 2017

Travis Anderson continues the story of Tom Riker in Course Correction. Tom Riker is drawn into a Maquis web as Chakotay recruits Riker on Kalita's recommendation. The task? To infiltrate and eliminate a Cardassian base located within the Demilitarized Zone. In doing so, the Maquis provide Riker with a crisis of conscience.

03 Feb 2017

Here is the review of the second volume of the Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection: Harlan Ellison's The City on the Edge of Forever - The Original Teleplay (please scroll down). Now with pictures.

02 Feb 2017

See wonderful new renders of the Kestrel class by Jan Seebald in the Starfleet Museum.

01 Feb 2017

I am going to review some graphic novels, and in particular issues of the Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection. The review of the first volume, Countdown, is up.



31 Jan 2017

As the new Star Trek series begins production in Toronto, CBS Television releases a teaser video and reveals a new logo for Discovery. The launch date of the series is still unknown after it had been postponed one more time.

22 Jan 2017

A new Enterprise-D interior by BobyE: stellar cartography from "Star Trek Generations".

21 Jan 2017

Travis Anderson's latest story is titled Decisions. Tom Riker faces new challenges and new choices aboard the USS Gandhi. After eight years alone on Nervala IV, what will he do now that he's surrounded by the crew of a starship? How will he differentiate himself from William Riker? One thing is for certain, it won't be by playing it safe.

18 Jan 2017

CBS reports that James Frain will play Spock's father Sarek on Star Trek Discovery. The shooting for Discovery will begin on January 24. The release date in May, however, appears to be uncertain. CBS announced that "if it's best for the show", the launch date will be "flexible".

14 Jan 2017

Two more Voyager season 3 reviews: "Alter Ego" and "Coda".

08 Jan 2017

Here are my reviews of two more Voyager season 3 episodes, "Macrocosm" and "Fair Trade".

01 Jan 2017

Happy New Year 2017!

Cuddly puppies, standing on the Enterprise at warp and planetary spring cleaning! Here are our Observations in TNG: "True Q" in SD and HD screen caps.


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