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09 May 2019

The Continuities of Star Trek

The live-action TV series and movies produced by Star Trek's copyright owners are canon by definition. Until 2009, all canon Star Trek was set in the same timeline (although owing to time travel it was frequently subject to subtle changes). But the continuity is becoming increasingly complex. The Abrams movies explicitly take place in a detached timeline and hence in a new continuity. And although Star Trek Discovery is meant to exist in the same continuity as TOS, this official claim is hard to uphold.

A new article looks at the continuity of Star Trek and how the concept changed over time, from a single timeline to something like a multiverse. The article takes into account the official policy of CBS but also outlines a way to handle reboot series such as Discovery. Note that the purpose of this article is not to discuss whether or not the Abramsverse and Discovery are in contradiction to classic Trek, which I have already done in excruciating detail in several other articles and episode reviews and don't want to rehash here. Regarding the existing continuity issues, there are only summaries.

Read more about how the different series and movies fit in: The Continuities of Star Trek.

Bernd Schneider


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    Another great loss for the world of Star Trek. René Auberjonois, well-known for playing Odo on DS9, has passed away at the age of 79. This concludes a sad week. TOS and TNG writer/producer Dorothy C. Fontana died on December 2 and Robert Walker Jr. of "Charlie X" fame on December 5.
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Latest Comments on EAS Articles (Overview)
  • 19 Jan 2020

    A possible "real world" type precedent could be the accountancy rebuilds of the Patriot Class locomotives of the British LMS railway in the 1930's.

    Star Fleet budgets might not have been able to continence new builds to replace the "not that old" constitution class for political reasons, but these had been worked hard and desperately needed it. So Enterprise goes through the "refit" donating some significant parts to the new build such as the structural members of the primary hull while the rest of the parts are quietly scrapped and recycled into new parts. Subsequent rebuilds start using less and less donor parts beyond the NCC number up until the point where they aren't replacing existing hulls.

    We might have also seen these shenanigans with some of the oddball NCC's such as the Oberth Class which might have been accountancy rebuilds of a previous generation of Scouts/Science vessels.

    This might (unintentionally) also make sense of Admiral Morrow's statement in TSFS about the Enterprise being "twenty years old" (he's rounding up by 3-5 years at that point).

  • 18 Jan 2020

    Regarding the distances in where no one has gone before. Data states they've left the galaxy and passed through 2 others to the far side of M33. That's a real place. DATA states they travelled 2,500ly. Nope. For reference, our closest galaxy andromeda is 2700ly. M33 is over 2.7 million light years away.

  • 14 Jan 2020

    That makes a lot of sense. But it seems that whoever came up with the Delta Flyer was not aware the aeroshuttle even exists.

  • 13 Jan 2020

    I guess that makes sense. Just no budget to make an HD Akira/Nebula/Steamrunner model if it won't be used in the show.

  • 13 Jan 2020

    Probably due to lack of easy access to suitable meshes on a relatively tight budget and timescale?

    I suppose they'd done some additional work on the Magee for "The Trouble With Edward" so it was good close in in perhaps a manner that other DIS ships weren't, and the Tug was there because we didn't get a clear look at it in DIS previously so it wasn't that well known.

  • 13 Jan 2020

    Honestly, I would've done it differently.

    It is a wall, in a spaceship. They've built the deltaflyer in just one month, so they clearly should be able to move a single wall around.

    Of course, the better option would have been to say: look, we have the aeroshuttle docked at the belly, it's a lame excuse of an captains yacht, yet a really nice runabout and larger than the deltaflyer. so let's turn it into something great... like a deltaflyer docked onto the belly of the ship. Instantly fixes every problem with the shuttlebay and how they could build the deltaflyer so fast. Only disadvantage: it rips some sort of hole into the hull, when it leaves.

  • 13 Jan 2020

    My theory with the ships seen in "Children of Mars" is that they are showing Discovery era ships due to them not wanting us to see any new ship designs until the show is actually on the air. That being said, why not simply show TNG era ships in drydock?

  • 13 Jan 2020

    We saw the Type 10 shuttle leave the Defiant launch bay in a episode of DS9 the ship basically had a return to the NX class but it looked like it could hold only one Type 10 drop shuttle or be loaded with two of the type 18. Probert even did the set concept and it was built. they decided to put the door in the round section on the under hull and the fixed MSD has the shuttle there.

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