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Willkommen, jolan tru, welcome!

When I look at the number of visitors to EAS, it is a worrying development that between 2010 and 2012 the monthly visitor count halved from about 200,000 to no more than 100,000. The decline stopped a couple of months before STID was released in 2013. The counter went up a bit again and the figures have been more or less stable since then.

I am looking for answers why EAS has lost so much ground, much more than after the end of Star Trek Enterprise in 2005. The reason for the more recent downturn can't lie with the content of EAS (that got updated as frequently as ever and was further consolidated). Rather than that, I blame the radically changing usage of the internet during the past couple of years. So I was trying to find evidence of how it happened, and of how to boost the popularity of EAS again. This is not a commercial site, in which case a reduction of the audience by 50% would be a catastrophe. Still, I have a vital interest to prevent the site from slipping into total insignificance.

A poll in April 2014 showed me that the majority of visitors to this site have bookmarked it. This is a blessing but also a curse, considering that EAS is more or less isolated from the working mechanisms of social media. Various Google searches and social media searches confirm that there are extremely few mentions of EAS in social media, except for my own posts. That way, EAS seems to have no chance to gain any new visitors.

I believe that, in one way or another, we are all influenced by social networks and their working principles, even if we visit them only occasionally. The problem is that social networks are an additional (and a seemingly "democratic") layer of interaction that produces no content but serves to rate how good or how new something is and (for some people) to find content in the first place, without a need to browse any conventional sites. This principle discriminates against traditionally presented content and niche content by its very nature, and favors any kind of "content" such as a funny picture.

While I can't change the nature of the internet, I have a few ideas how I can regain the popularity of EAS or at least preserve what is left of it. But it isn't possible without the support of my visitors.

Read the complete article.

Bernd Schneider

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