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09 May 2019

The Continuities of Star Trek

The live-action TV series and movies produced by Star Trek's copyright owners are canon by definition. Until 2009, all canon Star Trek was set in the same timeline (although owing to time travel it was frequently subject to subtle changes). But the continuity is becoming increasingly complex. The Abrams movies explicitly take place in a detached timeline and hence in a new continuity. And although Star Trek Discovery is meant to exist in the same continuity as TOS, this official claim is hard to uphold.

A new article looks at the continuity of Star Trek and how the concept changed over time, from a single timeline to something like a multiverse. The article takes into account the official policy of CBS but also outlines a way to handle reboot series such as Discovery. Note that the purpose of this article is not to discuss whether or not the Abramsverse and Discovery are in contradiction to classic Trek, which I have already done in excruciating detail in several other articles and episode reviews and don't want to rehash here. Regarding the existing continuity issues, there are only summaries.

Read more about how the different series and movies fit in: The Continuities of Star Trek.

Bernd Schneider


Recent EAS Updates
  • 15 Nov 2019
    Here is my review of the latest Short Treks episode, "Ask Not". It could get only better after the Edward disaster. And indeed, although it is very predictable, "Ask Not" is deserving of the label "Star Trek" again.
  • 03 Nov 2019
    Yippee ki-yay! When a group of terrorists attempt to take over his ship during a clean-up procedure, Picard is the last line of defense. See our Observations in TNG: "Starship Mine". The complete HD screen cap gallery of the episode is available at TrekCore.
  • 02 Nov 2019
    Various different flags of the United Federation of Planets could be seen in series and movies. In a new article, we investigate The Evolution of the Federation Flag in production order. Research: Jörg Hillebrand, illustrations: Brad Wilder.
  • 27 Oct 2019
    Countless off-the-shelf office chairs, lounge chairs or car seats appeared in Star Trek productions. We have compiled a list of the models that we identified, among them many design classics: Commercially Available Chairs in Star Trek. We are grateful for input on the chairs that are not yet identified.
  • 23 Oct 2019
    Finally an update to our observations in TNG and TNG-R. Worf doesn't find his father but a Romulan prisoner camp where things are not quite as it seems at first glance. See our Observations in TNG: "Birthright II". You find the complete HD screen cap gallery of the episode at TrekCore.
  • 12 Oct 2019
    I have found and reviewed the latest Short Treks episode, "The Trouble with Edward" that turns out to be a disaster in every possible regard.
  • 08 Oct 2019
    Here is my review of the new Short Treks episode "Q&A" that I managed to find a totally legal copy of earlier today. The always honest Spock will swear this is true. Sorry for the sarcasm, I neither like being excluded from Trek content, nor do I like this episode.
  • 05 Oct 2019
    Because of geoblocking (Thanks CBS, your policy sucks!) I can only slowly catch up with the news from NYCC. But here is my comment on the new Picard trailer, the arguably most important of the three ones that were released.
  • 03 Oct 2019
    Here are two more updated reviews of Voyager's fifth season, "Extreme Risk" and "In the Flesh".
  • 21 Sep 2019
    Aron Eisenberg, best known for playing Nog on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, passed away on September 21, 2019. He was only 50. Here is a small gallery of his appearances as Nog and his other Trek roles.
Latest Comments on EAS Articles (Overview)
  • 16 Nov 2019

    A planet can be inhabited without an atmosphere. People can live within sealed structures or underground. If we put people on the moon to live, it's inhabitants will live on a planet without an atmosphere.

  • 13 Nov 2019

    So we agree that there are two possibilities?
    1) DIS authors frequently and consistently use "mutiny" for something that technically isn't a mutiny. TOS authors have a different, perhaps more correct idea of what a mutiny is (at least, one that in our interpretation could comply with what a mutiny is today). This disconnects DIS from TOS because if either

    1a) we resort to the lazy excuse that "mutiny" gets a new meaning in just a few years or
    1b) we posit that all statements from DIS are wrong and must be disregarded

    we don't need to argue about this or any other (spoken) facts of the series that are inconsistent.
    2) We presuppose that DIS is fully canon and perfectly in line with TOS, of course including the meaning of "mutiny". We accept that it's only a show, and that the definition of a legal term may change in the course of 250 years. This makes TOS Spock a liar, technically speaking.

  • 12 Nov 2019

    The "narrow definition" is based on the US and UK (on which the US ones were based) military legal codes which Starfleet's are undoubtedly based given on screen evidence throughout the various series. A mutiny requires conspiracy, and there was none with Burnham at the Binary Stars, there was no mutiny in the military-legal sense.

    However that's not to say that Burnham didn't mutiny (she did), or wasn't a mutineer (she did mutiny). She was convicted of mutiny. None of which require an actual mutiny in the legal sense to have occurred.

    Now Burnham's escape with Spock would be a mutiny if charges had been brought because of the conspiracy with Georgiou in that instance.

  • 12 Nov 2019

    Something else, it didn't get an official name from CBS, but will have a name with the Eaglemoss model. If I'm reading this correctly.

  • 12 Nov 2019

    Thanks for the hint!

  • 12 Nov 2019

    There's a picture of the Tug from 'Brother' at the back of the booklet for the Beacon of Kahless. It's a Malachowski class with Hoover nacelles.


  • 12 Nov 2019

    I just counted it:
    * Burnham's conduct in "Battle at the Binary Stars" is called "mutiny" or she is called a "mutineer": 16 times
    * Burnham's escape (together with Spock) is called "another mutiny": 1 more time
    * 1 unrelated mention of the averted mutiny in "Will You Take My Hand?"

    By your narrow definition, all but one of the above mentions are wrong or inaccurate, even those spoken out by a judge or by someone else who should be careful with their choice of words. But even if the writers made an error with calling it a mutiny, isn't it a more reasonable assumption that what happened in "Battle at the Binary Stars" was indeed a mutiny by a 23rd century definition?

  • 12 Nov 2019

    And... fan Short Treks aka These are the Voyages...
    You are reviewing official Shorts... so... why not these?

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