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EAS Blog @ Tumblr
  • 19 Sep 2019
    New Article: The Evolution of the Kazon Emblem
  • 01 Sep 2019
    New Article: The Evolution of the Talaxian Emblem
  • 31 Aug 2019
    Illustrations of Voyager Crew Quarters
  • 24 Aug 2019
    New Cargo Bay Illustrations
  • 19 Aug 2019



    ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ Gothic

    • You’ve been on this tiny ship in the Delta Quadrant beyond any hope of recrew or resupply for over a year, but you keep seeing ensigns you don’t recognise. Everyone tells you that they’ve always been here
    • You go down to Engineering looking for Lt. Carey. B'elanna tells you that he’s just stepped out. He’s been ‘just stepped out’ for days.
    • A shuttle crashes on a desert planet. You speak with Chakotay about the possibility of trading for some new shuttles, but he looks at you funny and says “but we already have a full compliment of shuttles”
    • You run to the shuttlebay and inspect them personally. There is a full compliment of shuttles. And none of them even have a scratch.
    • The next week, a shuttle is torn to pieces in a plasma storm. You’re not even surprised when you find intact it in the shuttlebay an hour later.
    • You stop mentioning shuttles.
    • The ship has an encounter with some Kazon, but manages to get away. Their ships are primitive and slow and you shouldn’t run into them again.
    • Two weeks later, you meet the same Kazon, now somehow in front of you. You begin to suspect that you’re driving in circles
    • You go to Engineering looking for Lt. Carey. You haven’t seen him in two years. He’s ‘not there right now, but should be back in a minute’.
    • Janeway and Paris travel at warp 10 and turn into salamanders. You’re *sure* that it happened. You *remember* it happening! But no one brings it up. When you ask Tom about it, he doesn’t even register the question.
    • You scream “BUT YOU WERE A SALAMANDER!” into his ear. He doesn’t even hear you.
    • You see another Ensign you don’t recognise. You finslly just ask the computer for the crew compliment of Voyager. You are told that the answer is: 121.
    • A month later, the Hirogen conquer the ship, spend weeks brainwashing and surgically altering the crew into believing that they are actually characters in holographic simulations, and then hunt them for sport. This culminates in a pitched battle between the crew and the Hirogen in which the ship is utterly wrecked and dozens of people are killed.
    • Afterwards, you ask the computer for the ship’s crew compliment. You are told that the answer is: 147
    • The next day, you wake up and find Voyager restored to its original state.
    • You make a discreet inquiry about Lt. Carey. Now everyone acts like he’s dead but can’t tell you precisely when or how.
    • The Captain takes you aside one day and specifically instructs you not to mention Ensign Jetal to the Doctor. She says that she knows that this will be difficult, given how close we all were to her (and you in particular), but that for the greater good of the crew, you need to act like Ensign Jetal never existed. You solemnly nod your head and consent, and she gives you a comradely pat on the shoulder and leaves the room.
    • You have absolutely no idea who Ensign Jetal is.
    • Voyager absorbs the remaining crew of the USS Equinox. Well at least you’ll finally have an explanation for the new crew you see around the ship! You never see any of them ever again.
    • You’ve now travelled almost 40,000 light years towards home. You check the star charts; somehow, you’re still in the Delta Quadrant. You begin to wonder if the Beta Quadrant even exists.
    • The Delta Flyer is destroyed by Borg torpedos. You don’t even bother to check the shuttlebay for it, you just instinctively know that it will be back
    • A few months later, the Captain gives you the sad news: Lt. Carey is dead.
    • You finally make it back to the Alpha Quadrant, say your tearful farewells, and receive a handshake and a promotion from Admiral Paris. As one last thought before leaving Voyager forever, you pay a visit to the shuttlebay. You find it utterly empty, except for one lowly crewman with a mop and pail, swabbing the deck. “I…guess that Starfleet must have already cleared out the remaining shuttles?” You say uncertainly, your voice echoing in the cavernous, empty room. The crewman breaks off his mopping and looks at you like you’ve lost your mind and says: “Voyager never had any shuttles.”

    This is amazing

  • 19 Aug 2019


    The Pegasus from “The Pegasus” was intended to be built from the Enterprise C, in a Nebula configuration, which would have made a whole lot more sense than the Oberth-class they ended up using, given that they were supposedly testing tech that went into the Enterprise D. 

    Art by Rick Sternbach

    That wouldn’t have been the greatest looking ship but a bigger and newer Pegasus would have been more credible.

  • 18 Aug 2019


    Borg Cube Cake - Video [ LINK ]

    Resistance really is futile.

  • 15 Aug 2019
    New Article: The Emblem of Starfleet Command
EAS Timeline @ Facebook
09 May 2019

The Continuities of Star Trek

The live-action TV series and movies produced by Star Trek's copyright owners are canon by definition. Until 2009, all canon Star Trek was set in the same timeline (although owing to time travel it was frequently subject to subtle changes). But the continuity is becoming increasingly complex. The Abrams movies explicitly take place in a detached timeline and hence in a new continuity. And although Star Trek Discovery is meant to exist in the same continuity as TOS, this official claim is hard to uphold.

A new article looks at the continuity of Star Trek and how the concept changed over time, from a single timeline to something like a multiverse. The article takes into account the official policy of CBS but also outlines a way to handle reboot series such as Discovery. Note that the purpose of this article is not to discuss whether or not the Abramsverse and Discovery are in contradiction to classic Trek, which I have already done in excruciating detail in several other articles and episode reviews and don't want to rehash here. Regarding the existing continuity issues, there are only summaries.

Read more about how the different series and movies fit in: The Continuities of Star Trek.

Bernd Schneider


Recent EAS Updates
  • 19 Sep 2019
    In another new article, we look at The Evolution of the Kazon Emblem, which could be seen in just a few episodes but in several permutations.
  • 01 Sep 2019
    Here is a small new article that we compiled on The Evolution of the Talaxian Emblem (which appeared, in its finalized version, in just one episode).
  • 24 Aug 2019
    More Voyager interiors reconstructed by BobyE: Chakotay's, Tuvok's and Paris/Torres's quarters.
  • 24 Aug 2019
    Cargo bay day! BobyE has created reconstructions of the Enterprise-D cargo bay of season 1 (as seen in "Datalore" and "Symbiosis"), of the Defiant cargo hold from "The Ship" and of Voyager cargo bay 1.
  • 15 Aug 2019
    In another new article, we investigate The Emblem of Starfleet Command as it appeared in several DS9 and Voyager episodes. Research: Jörg Hillebrand, illustrations: Brad Wilder.
  • 10 Aug 2019
    We have completely reworked and extended the old article about the yellow Starfleet Command flag from Enterprise. The new article includes all Earth Starfleet logos based on the "boomerang" design: The Emblems of Earth Starfleet and Earth Starfleet Command.
  • 03 Aug 2019
    Mike McMahan reveals a few more details about Star Trek: Lower Decks. He says that it is important for the show to adhere to canon, although he doesn't really seem to answer the question whether it will be canon itself.
  • 29 Jul 2019
    A few new illustrations of starship interiors, such as Voyager's holodeck and Voyager's shuttlebay by BobyE.
  • 27 Jul 2019
    New Poll: Which upcoming or proposed series is the most important one?
  • 27 Jul 2019
    Update: The article about The Emblem of Starfleet Academy now features accurately redrawn logos by Brad Wilder.
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