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23 Jul 2017

Discovery Coverage at EAS

It has been a long and sometimes bumpy road from the first announcement of a new Star Trek TV series in November 2015, but now Discovery is only two months away. After a long time of uncertainty about the direction of the show, it is now clear that Discovery takes place ten years before Kirk and Spock, that it is supposedly set in the Prime Universe as it existed before Nero showed up and that it will tell an ongoing story with heavy Klingon involvement.

No one could have seriously expected that Discovery would go back to the coarse set and prop finish and to the visual effects of the 1960s. But Discovery does a lot more than just giving the era a visual update. Regarding the production design, only the handheld Starfleet devices such as the tricorder, communicator and the phasers fit into the continuity of TOS. Everything else was heavily "reimagined", such as the starships, none of which looks remotely like one from the 23rd century, and the interior design that is like in the Abrams films. And all this is still nothing compared to what was done to the Klingons. The very look of the species as well as their whole styling and technology was altered far beyond recognition and far beyond what might have been an acceptable update.

It remains to be seen whether Discovery has the spirit of Star Trek in spite of everything, and whether I will be able to find this spirit in an ongoing war story with ongoing character conflicts. The series may still surprise me. Right now, I absolutely hate the design decisions and the visual overkill in the SDCC trailer puts me off. It likely won't be my kind of Star Trek. Still, I'm not going on a crusade against Discovery. I will just keep a critical distance to the series, which, like the Abramsverse, does not fit into the established continuity and which, for me, may not become a desirable vision of the future.

Discovery has to be and will be covered at EAS just as every other canon part of the franchise, quite possibly with something like a "Reboot" tag. But not any time before the end of the first season. People will put me under pressure, saying "Bernd Schneider ignores Discovery at EAS because he hates it". I know this moaning just too well from the time just after "Star Trek (2009)". But the actual reason for me to take a backseat is a different one. Maintaining this website in my spare time is very demanding, even without a controversial new series on air. Collecting evidence from Discovery episodes and gradually updating the site (sometimes back and forth) will be extremely time-consuming and impossible besides my various professional and private commitments, not to mention occasional health issues. It has to wait until I can do it in an economical fashion, or the pressure to keep the whole site updated will be too much for me.

Please respect that until further notice I can't do anything more than review the Discovery episodes. There will be

  • No articles specifically on Discovery
  • No Discovery-related updates to articles
  • No discussions about Discovery's continuity with me
  • No exceptions even for "popular" topics

Bernd Schneider


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  • 20 Feb 2018

    The fact that her coup "worked" will garner her supporters though to some degree, and it would probably be likely that the 24 houses being held to ransom will probably unite to a certain degree to remove her threat so that she can be over thrown (which actually achieves her goal in any case to some degree).

  • 20 Feb 2018

    There's another visual blooper not mentioned here. During the shuttle descent sequence in "Power Play" you can see what looks like storm clouds swirling around outside of the shuttlecraft's door window. However at several points you can see wisps of these "clouds" come through the supposedly-closed "window", including a large gust that becomes highlighted by the flashing lights. Obviously the smoke/fog machine they were directing beside the craft had a few bloopers of its own.

  • 20 Feb 2018

    No one is forcing you to come here and read His reviews. He has free thoughts, and he is free to express them on his own website. You're getting awfully worked up over something as trivial as an abbreviation.

  • 20 Feb 2018

    I'm sure it won't be long for L'Rell to be deposed. If I'm not mistaken it took a special dispensation for a Female to lead her house in Klingon society, so I'm pretty sure there's going to be major opposition to her leadership.

  • 20 Feb 2018

    well I knew there was some ammo behind the "We don't have enough organs for you" taunt.

  • 20 Feb 2018

    "Some" creative license is fine. ENT took some creative license. What DIS does is far beyond that.

  • 19 Feb 2018

    The bomb under Qo'noS would have been very compartmentalised knowledge in any case (excepting if it had gone off, but even then I suspect a cover story would have surfaced...). I suspect that it will be defused in the not too distant future, certainly within the next 8 years as Klingons become emboldened again, and L'Rell's reign may not be long, just long enough to get to the more united empire we're familiar with later on.

    We don't know yet what information L'Rell has actually shared about the bomb, just her threat to use it. So whether she is presenting it as her plan, or technology she stole from the Federation, or whether she told the actual truth (I suspect not).

  • 19 Feb 2018

    On the Klingon micturition scene (and I shall be as delicate as I can);

    Obviously this was put in in reference to Lorca's taunt to L'Rell, but I can't ever see Star Trek of any sort being more explicit than that so we'll never really know. However, I don't think this necessarily means that Klingon males are biphalic, rather that they may be "dual piped" as part of the "organ redundancy" of Klingon physiology. Either way it doesn't matter, because clearly it "worked well enough" for L'Rell and hence our previous Klingon half breeds are as plausible as they ever were.

    Or perhaps that particular Klingon had an ill advised piercing...

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