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Willkommen, jolan tru, welcome!

I have received countless encouraging comments and suggestions after posting the article EAS on the Downturn on April 27, 2014. Thank you!

I have added a summary of the discussions that followed and some new thoughts to the article.

It turned out that social network activity has little impact on what I really seek to improve: the number of visitors to EAS. Few people seem to visit EAS from social networks, probably no one apart from those who would be coming anyway. Also, pages from EAS are shared in social networks only occasionally. If anything is shared, then only existing posts about EAS. It is a big disappointment that practically no one except myself posts anything about EAS is the first place.

The design and navigation of EAS was also the subject of some discussions. My judgment is that the suggested changes are either a totally unrealistic amount of work, or they wouldn't solve my problems, or cause new problems, or all of the above. I am aware that a site that works like it was customary ten years ago may have a massive perception problem today. But ultimately I would have to simplify the content or chop it into digestible bits to make it more accessible for a new generation of users - and less valuable for those who still enjoy elaborate content.

Finally, I am open to including new features and new types of content that may attract more visitors, as long as it is not at the expense of thoroughly researched and presented articles.

Read the complete update.

Bernd Schneider

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