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Memory Alpha

Star Trek HD


Star Trek Dimension

Antares Project: Legacy


Starbase 400

Federation Starship Datalink

I'm a work'n on it

Flare Sci-Fi Forums

Star Trek LCARS Book & Episode Database

Forgotten Trek

Universo Star Trek

Final Frontier Media

Krillmeed's Star Trek Site

Star Trek - Die Neue Grenze

Independent Starfleet


Zachary Quinto - Fan Forum




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News portals in various languages
Always the latest news on upcoming feature films and many more topics.

Daily updated Trek news site. Features episode guides and reviews too.

Subspace Communique
Another great news site.
Has podcasts, videos, news, and articles.
News site, pleasantly designed and easy to navigate.

The Trek Collective
Guide to Star Trek with news on novels, comics, games and toys.

Trek Radio
Trek-related broadcasts, live or on demand.
The official site, with daily news and all kinds of features.

Star Trek news by Roddenberry Entertainment in affiliation with Airlock Alpha.

TrekZone Network (German)
German news site with regular updates and many other features. (Polish)
Polish news and community site.

Star Trek Databas (Swedish)
Huge and well-designed Swedish portal with information on just everything.

Star Trek Sickbay (Czech)
Expansive Czech site with news, illustrated episode guide, database and various other features. (Czech)
Czech Trek portal with always the most recent news.

Mundo Star Trek (Spanish)
Spanish Trek portal with a large database and episode guide (including TAS).

Webtrek Italia (Italian)
Italian Trek portal and community.


Message boards, chatrooms, fan clubs, conventions

The Trek BBS
The largest and perhaps most influential Trek bulletin board on the web.

Flare Sci-Fi Forums
Great Trek community - the place where the starship experts meet.

The Omega Sector BBS
Busy but friendly message board attached to TrekCore.

Social media website focusing on Star Trek topics.

Social network for Trek fans.

Home to the probably largest Trek fan club.

The Federation
Also known as IFT, a notable fan club whose history dates back to 1984.


Episode Guides
Information, summaries and reviews of the six series and the movies

Jammer's Reviews
Jamahl Epsicokhan's detailed reviews of TOS, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise. Updated only occasionally.

The Cynics Corner
DS9, Voyager and Enterprise reviews by David E. Sluss with special attention to clichés and continuity. Not updated any longer.

Podcast with amusing reviews and nitpicking of Trek episodes.
Star Trek review community and more.

Kethinov - Star Trek Reviews
Searchable database of Star Trek reviews.

Chrissie's Transcripts Site
Transcripts of all episodes of all series and all movies. Very useful for canon analysis.

Let's Watch Star Trek
Blog with reviews and visual analysis of many Trek episodes of all five series.

Star Trek HD (German)
Blog with Blu-ray news and reviews.

Loganspocky (German)
Complete episode guide. Includes recaps of the DVD/Blu-
ray special features.
Concise episode guides of all series with useful extra information.
Episode reviews, interviews and other features - "from an Aussie's perspective".

Star Trek - The Original Series
Well-done tribute to The Original Series, with lots of information.

Steve's Star Trek: TOS Site
Has an episode guide, searchable transcript database, high-quality screen caps and several unique Flash animations. Unfortunately no longer updated. 

79 Jewels
TOS episode reviews with new insights.

Star Trek Animated
Formerly a part of Main Engineering, this is Kail Tescar's excellent site about TAS.

Guide to Animated Star Trek
Comprehensive site about the almost forgotten Trek by Curt Danhauser. Now with full new episodes!

Star Trek: The Rewatch
Podcast with reviews of TNG episodes.

Star Trek: The Next Generation
The classic TNG episode guide. Still worth a visit after so many years.

DS9 Encyclopedia & Lexicon
The most comprehensive database about DS9 I have found on the web. Beware: pop-up hell!

Delta Blues
Jim Wright's detailed transcripts and reviews of Voyager episodes.

STNET - Project V
Well-designed site about Voyager, STO, and more.


Categorized information about various topics in one site

Memory Alpha
This is an open Star Trek reference, a wiki web written collaboratively by the readers. It has grown to the largest database on canon Trek and the No. 1 Trek site in the world.

Memory Beta
Extensive wiki reference for licensed Star Trek works, including novels, comic books, RPG sourcebooks, video games.

Star Trek Expanded Universe
Wiki reference for Trek fan fiction of any kind.

The STArchive
The famous complete list of all vessels, places etc. ever seen in Star Trek by D. J. Creighton. See the original!

Star Trek Dimension
Christian's site is not updated and longer, but offers the fascinating cartography, LCARS database, multimedia and much more. Archive hosted by EAS.

Star Trek Minutiae
Dan Carlson's site keeps the promise of its title. Home to Trek humor, various write-ups and other features.

LCARS: Federation Databank
Sean's near-legendary databank with a great LCARS interface and just too much content to list here.

Star Trek Galaxie (German)
Database with an amazing amount of content, easy to navigate too.

Green Mole (German)
Originally created for a fan fiction series, the site has grown to a reliable database on various topics. No longer updated though. (German)
Multifarious database with interactive episode guide, downloads and pictures. Great site design.

UFP Info Terminal (German)
Compact and easy-to-use LCARS terminal with loads of information.

Star Trek Lives (German)
Database with a great deal of information and a very pleasant site design. Archive status.

HyperTrek (Italian)
Exhaustive and frequently updated database and episode guide with lots of trivia. (Spanish)
Huge and heavily illustrated database and many other features.

Universo Star Trek (Spanish)
Concise guide to Trek with news and some downloads.

USS Phoenix (Polish)
Nicely designed Polish Trek database with many sections, including some non-canon stuff.

Krillmeed's Trek Site
Database covering virtually every aspect of the Trek Universe.
The "Google Maps of the Galaxy". Based on the Star Trek Star Charts, updated and corrected.

Project Earth History
Filling the gaps in history between today and the foundation of the Federation.

Star Trek LCARS Book & Episode Database
Comprehensive book and episode guide, plus tons of scans of ships schematics.

Star Trek Stages History
Collection of floor plans of the Star Trek stages at Desilu/Paramount.

Star Trek Soundtracks
Everything about the music in the episodes and movies.


Image galleries, sound clips, episode trailers, software

The biggest source for Trek images, with a gigantic screen cap archive. Fantastic site design! - Ariane's Star Trek Gallery
Thousands of screen captures, including those from the latest movie. Great site design! (German)
Huge gallery of pictures. Consists of well-known reference pictures, non-canon materials as well as new stuff.

Final Frontier Media
Site with a variety of videos that are available as FTP downloads.

The Computer Core Dump
Nifty collection of images and data, fast and easy to browse.

Star Trek History
Project to preserve and restore images of unused TOS scenes and behind-the-scenes material. 

Adge's Star Trek LCARS Site
Features a general database and many animated LCARS screens.

Viking Soft (German)
Has a number of nicely designed LCARS programs.

LCARS system software for pre-Windows computers, plus schematics galleries and some Trek-related links.


Role playing games

Bravo Fleet
One of the largest RPG groups in the web.

Sixth Fleet
Large RPG group with an extensive website. A successor of Tango Fleet.

Long-standing and well-maintained RPG group.

A Call to Duty
RPG group with a well-designed interface and a solid technical database.

Online RPG set at the border of the Delta Quadrant.

UFOP: Starbase 118
Longstanding RPG group with an excellent website.


Books & Fan Fiction
Sites about Trek-related literature, with fan stories or films

Orion Press
Besides a big TOS fan fiction collection, this site also features remarkable articles and interviews.

Star Trek: Phase II
Formerly known as Star Trek New Voyages, this is an ambitious and professionally organized fan film project.

Starship Exeter
Well-done fan episodes set in the TOS era. Only viewable as stream, server currently not operational.

Starship Farragut
Another good fan series set in the TOS universe, with downloadable episodes.

Star Trek Continues
Professionally produced TOS revival.

Star Trek Axanar
Official site of the acclaimed film production. 

Star Trek Renegades
Film project that involves Walter Koenig, Tim Russ and Robert Picardo, among other celebrities.

Star Trek: Intrepid
Ongoing fan film project. The episodes may be viewed or downloaded in different formats.

Star Trek: Hidden Frontier
Long-standing series project with downloadable episodes. 

Star Trek: Phoenix
Series set in the 25th century, produced in HD.

Star Trek Reviewed
Guide to hundreds of Star Trek fan films.

The Trek Writer's Guild
Huge collection of fan fiction.

TrekNation (German)
Excellently programmed fan fiction archive.

Star Trek Voyager: Lower Decks
Voyager fan fiction collection with a large database.

Star Trek: The Animated Voyages
Wonderful web comic in the spirit of TAS.
Web comic by Mark Farinas.


Mods, patches and discussion about Trek games

Star Trek Gamers
Large resource site for various games.

Hailing Frequency
Gaming news, podcast and community.

Star Trek: Legacy Files
Site about Star Trek: Legacy, with many downloads and frequent news.

Armada Fleet Command
Large resource site for Armada 1 and 2.

Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations
Dedicated to Fleet Operations, a total conversion of Activision's Armada II.
Provides mods, patches and other downloads for Bridge Commander.

Wonderful retro-style game, featuring the interior of the Enterprise-D.

Star Trek Online
The big Star Trek MMORPG by Cryptic, back on track with a new site.


Cartoons, parodies and other fun stuff

Stone Trek
The incredibly funny cross-over of Star Trek and the Flintstones in high-quality flash movies.

Bad Spock Drawings
Yes, it has just what it says.

Shatner's Toupee
Yes, really. This is what the site is all about.

Fashion It So
Fun site about the fashion in Star Trek.

Star Traks Nexus 
Huge archive of Trek parodies.

Five-Minute Voyager / Enterprise
Hilarious parodies of recent episodes.

My Star Trek Scrapbook
Amazing collection of (mostly quite amusing) TOS memorabilia. The spin-off blog, My Star Trek Scrapbook 2, takes care of the newer Trek series.


Actors & Characters
Official and fan-made sites about our heroes (and villains)
Nichelle Nichols' official website.

Marina Sirtis
Official website of the actress.

Nana Visitor's official website, nice web design.

Designation: Seven of Nine
Nicely designed fan site with a bit of everything.

Linguistics Database
Nifty site about Hoshi Sato, with lots of fan art and fan fiction.
The official site. Caution: has an overblown (and buggy) new design.
Handmade website with all kinds of information and fandom stuff on Spock.

Walter Koenig Site
Site dedicated to actor and the character of Chekov.

George Takei Official Site
George Takei's website, frequent updates here.

Star Trek Excelsior - Captain Sulu
Very nicely done homage to Captain Sulu, his crew and the USS Excelsior. By Curt Danhauser, the creator of the Guide to Animated Star Trek.

The Real Brent Spiner
Official site. Informative but very flashy.

Wil Wheaton dot net
His official site, maintained by the man himself.

Alexander Siddig's official site with all kinds of information, galleries, forum.

Paris Nights
Everything about Tom Paris and Robert Duncan McNeill.

Trip Hammered
Fun site dedicated to the various mishaps and embarrassments of Trip Tucker.

Star Trek Links
Links to official actor sites and fan sites.


Planets & Races
Sites about Klingons, Vulcans, Bajorans, Borg etc.

Blog on all things Vulcan.

Klingon Language Institute
Extensive reference for the Klingon language with examples and sound files.

Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps
Portal for Klingon culture. No images or media here, but many links.

Unimatrix 0-1 (German)
Information about the Collective, ships, drones, etc., plus a database on Voyager and Enterprise. No updates in a long time.

Marcus' Breen (German)
Excellently designed German site about the Breen.


Starships & Treknology
Everything about canon starships and Treknology

Neutral Zone Starship Database
Thomas Schmid has tons of images of canon starships. No regular updates any more.

Federation Starship Datalink
Hobbes' site with extensive information on Federation and alien ships and a special section on concept art.

Starship Schematic Database
The most comprehensive collection of canon and non-canon schematics by Jim Stevenson.

Star Trek Starship Handbooks
Schematics and data of canon ships in comprehensive PDF files.

Starship Class
Masaki Taniko's site, partner in the Wolf 359 project with many other features.

Spike's Star Trek Page
Extensive database of starships and uniforms. Has a very useful gallery of LCARS screens and dedication plaques. No longer updated.

Star Trek Unnamed
Has a variety of high-quality schematics in a nicely animated yet somewhat confusing LCARS interface.

Jeff Russell's Starship Dimensions
Marvelous website that allows to compare ships from different sci-fi universes by clicking and dragging them across the screen.

Rockets and Space Ships Size Comparison
Comparisons of real-world space ships and a variety of sci-fi starships with a configurable display.

Daystrom Institute Technical Library
Graham Kennedy's DITL is one of the leading Treknology sites. Everything about Starfleet and alien starships and their technology, essays, reviews and much more.

Jason Hinson's Physics and Star Trek Page
Read the fascinating treatises on subspace and warp travel, some patience and background knowledge required.

Lee Kelly's database of pictures and information on Starfleet's hand weapons is the best reference of its kind.

Technical briefings on starships and technology in the form of podcasts. (German)
Everything about Okudagrams: technology, pictures, Okuda biography, downloadable Excel LCARS theme.

TOS Graphics
Project to investigate and replicate the computer displays and controls of TOS.


2D Design
Starships and other fan art on actual or virtual paper

The Art of Lukas D'Anvil
Portfolio with amazing starship artwork, also featured at the JoAT.

Goodstuff 2
The fantastic 2D artwork of regular EAS contributor Gustavo. Comprises canon and self-designed vessels.

Vintage Starships
Images and write-ups of many well-known and new ships from fandom (including some from EAS and the Starfleet Museum).

Biraktes Shipyards
Large gallery of original starship designs.

Star Trek Star Ship Tactical Combat Simulator
Site showing numerous fandom designs such as from FASA with schematics, stats and comments.

Waxing Moon Design
Art site with very detailed deck plans of Enterprise NX-01 as a special feature.

Padsbrat's Doings and Musings
Blog with great high-resolution starship MSDs.


3D Design
Starships and other stuff modeled in 3D

SciFi Meshes
Leading 3D modeling forum.

I'm a work'n on it
Thomas Pemberton's blog with fantastic 3D art, in affiliation with the Starfleet Museum.

The Phoenixium
3D art by Dak Phoenix. Exciting site design.

digitally efx'd geometry
3D portfolio including a wonderfully modeled and impressively presented slightly updated original Enterprise.

Mark Kingsnorth
Has wonderfully detailed starship artwork.

Xfozzboute's Blog
Personal portfolio with many great 3D designs of Starfleet Museum ships, among other stuff.

Holland Space Yards
Development blog of the 3D artist and regular SotL contributor Mark Rademaker.

Millennium CGI
3D modeling site with a community, galleries and downloads.

Evil Starship Factory
Portfolio with a special focus on classic and new Federation design.

MadMan's Shipyard
3D site with a whole series of Abramsverse ship designs.
Portfolio of sketches and 3D work by Jason Lee with some intriguing designs such as notably his careful update of the original Enterprise..

BRStarship's Blog
Blog posting the ship designs of some of the best 3D artists.

The Jefferies Tube
Has articles and 3D art of various Starfleet ships from canon, games and fan fiction.

Rigel 7 Studios
Shows highly detailed 3D reconstructions of famous Star Trek sets.

Eavesdropping with Johnny
John Eaves' blog, with lots of examples of his work and some fun stuff. Frequently updated!


Models & Props
All about models, props, costumes and how to make them

CultTVman's SF Modeling Page
Great collection of kit reviews, references, tips and links for the starship modeler.

Starship Modeler's Resource
Another great place for kit reviews and reference images.

Model Citizen Reference Guide
Wide variety of reference images for the Trek modeler by Roger Sorensen.

A Piece of the Action
Blog all about Star Trek action figures.

Exhaustive site about the famous TOS communicator.
Great reference to various props, how to build them and to improve their look. Superb web design.

Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Authority
Amazing and constantly growing collection of and reference on TOS props and costumes.

Star Trek Auction Listings
Massive archive with pictures and descriptions of the "It's a Wrap" and other auctions of Trek props.

The Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Blog
Information and random thoughts on various auction items. Check out the "Cool Items of the Week".

Filmwelt Collection
Website of the biggest permanent Star Trek prop exhibition. The previous site was more professional and more informative though.

Inside Star Trek - Screen used Props and Costumes
Blog that shows several original props in good detail.

The Kolinahr Museum
Presentation of the probably biggest collection of authentic Vulcan costumes and props.

Trek Prop Zone
Information about Trek props and how to build them. Includes a forum (requiring registration).

Niner's Paradise
Blog with spotlight on the costumes and props of DS9. Check out the Rest of Trek too.

Ferengi Costumes of Star Trek
Another interesting costume blog.

Erick's Models
These models, especially the reconstructions of actual studio models, are among the best I have ever seen.

Maritime Science Fiction Modelers
Galleries of well-conceived starship kitbashes. Don't miss Stephen L.'s reconstructions of Wolf 359 and DS9TM models.

Federation Models
Manufacturer and supplier of kits, conversion sets and decals.

Andrew Probert Homepage
Portfolio of the famous Star Trek design veteran. Unfortunately now with reduced usability due to Flash.

Rick Sternbach Homepage
Information about USS Voyager and Rick's space projects.


Personal Sites
Trek fan sites or blogs without a specific focus

Trekland - Larry Nemecek
Blog of Trek veteran Larry Nemecek.

DarenDoc's Slightly Nifty Musings
Daren Dochterman's blog with artwork and other Trek-related stuff.

Blog with regular posts about a variety of Star Trek-related topics.

Greg Tyler's collection of interesting articles and interviews with the forgotten heroes of Star Trek, like Franz Joseph, Bjo Trimble or Andrew Probert.

Forgotten Trek
Provides a look behind the scenes and at the would-be Trek such as Phase II.

Star Trek - Sci Fi Blog
Blog with some amusing features besides the usual news and reports.

Treks in Sci-Fi
Blog, podcast and other features.

Some Kind of Star Trek
Thoughts, news, reviews, analysis - a frequently updated blog.

Soul of Star Trek
Blog with reviews and other interesting articles.


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