TOS Era Ships (2200-2260)

The Constitution class seems to be Starfleet's most important ship class during the famous Enterprise five-year mission in the 2260s and was the only known canon class of the time (although TAS would add a few more and we have the TAS-based USS Antares since the remastering of TOS: "Charlie X").

The class history of the Constitution dates back to the more or less conjectural year 2245 when the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 was commissioned, as the second ship of her class as it seems. The main hull of the Constitution class is a flat round saucer, the engineering hull is cylindrical. The overall color is light gray, the hull panels show only a slight contrast, and a shield grid is faintly visible. The warp engines are simple tubes with red glowing Bussard collectors at their forward ends. If there is a warp field grille like on later ships (and on NX-01 too), it is on the inward sides of the nacelles. The original Constitution class has a metallic deflector dish sticking out from the engineering hull. Standard armament consists of phasers and photon torpedoes, but neither weapon array is clearly visible on the hull; both seem to be located in the saucer's lower sensor dome. Although the ships must have something like thrusters, they cannot be identified either. 

Registries are below NCC-2000. The cruise speed of teh Constitution is Warp 6, the maximum speed around Warp 8 (old scale). We can assume that most if not all other ships of the era are considerably slower.

Asia class (2204)

Eclipse class (2211)

Mercury class (2219)

Detroit class (2223)

Kremlin class (2226)

Lincoln class (refit, 2230)


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