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Old Poll Results 

Here are the final results of previous polls with external service providers:


21.07.02 - 24.08.02

EAS Poll
How often do you visit EAS?

  Daily (321) 32.26%
  At least once per week (505) 50.75%
  At least once per month (76) 7.64%
  Occasionally (67) 6.73%
  This is the first time, and I will return (14) 1.41%
  This is the first time, but Im not likely to return (12) 1.21%
Total votes: 995


16.11.01 - 30.12.01

Enterprise - Favorite Episode
Which is your favorite episode so far?

   Broken Bow (82)32%
   Fight or Flight (14)5%
   Strange New World (9)3%
   Unexpected (20)8%
   Terra Nova (5)2%
   The Andorian Incident (70)28%
   Breaking the Ice (28)11%
   Civilization (21)8%
Total votes: 249


10.10.01 - 15.11.01

What is your impression after the first episodes?

   Great - exactly what I expected. (69)18%
   Great - although I was a bit sceptical. (100)27%
   Not bad, but I still have to get used to it. (69)18%
   I'm not yet convinced of it, but hopeful. (44)12%
   Not quite as bad as I thought. (24)6%
   A great disappointment - and I was so enthusiastic. (12)3%
   Awful - just as I expected. (20)5%
   I haven't seen it yet. (34)9%
   I'm not planning to watch it. (2)1%
Total votes: 374


06.09.01 - 09.10.01

What do you feel about it, now that it will start in only a few days?

   I'm so excited, I can hardly wait that long. (114)19%
   I think it will be great for the most part. (96)16%
   I like it, but I also have a few doubts about it. (183)30%
   Well, it will be Trek after all. (37)6%
   I don't like it, but I'm giving it a chance. (123)20%
   This all can't work. I have little hope. (42)7%
   I don't have to watch it, I hate it already now. (13)2%
   What is "Enterprise"? (8)1%
Total votes: 616


09.07.01 - 05.09.01

Now that it's official...
...what do you think of the S.S. Enterprise design?

   A cool ship. I love it! (133)12%
   Better this than seeing an old rust bucket through seven seasons. (60)6%
   Well, not exactly Pre-TOS, but who cares? (77)7%
   I would have expected something more original. (139)13%
   I would have expected something that fits into the timeline. (237)22%
   It's horrible because it's neither original nor consistent. (393)36%
   I don't care about starship designs. (2)0%
   I haven't seen it yet. (45)4%

Total votes: 1086


16.05.01 - 08.07.01

Now that it's official...
...what do you think of the "Enterprise" concept?

   Great! That's the series I was hoping for. (14)4%
   Sounds good, I'm looking forward to it. (50)14%
   Not entirely convinced, but still optimistic. (112)31%
   I can't help having a little bad feeling about it. (90)25%
   I'm afraid that it will be a disaster. (71)20%
   Can't tell anything about it so early. (15)4%
   I'm rather incurious. (5)1%
   What concept are you talking of? (7)2%

Total votes: 364


20.04.01 - 15.05.01

DS9 Seasons
Which season of DS9 did you like most?

   Season 1 (4)2%
   Season 2 (2)1%
   Season 3 (3)1%
   Season 4 (5)2%
   Season 5 (24)12%
   Season 6 (82)40%
   Season 7 (83)41%

Total votes: 203


29.02.01 - 19.04.01

Voyager Races
Which races that appeared in Star Trek Voyager
would you like to see again?

   Kazon (18)4%
   Vidiians (38)9%
   Voth ("Distant Origin") (71)17%
   Borg (68)16%
   Species 8472 (94)22%
   Hirogen (46)11%
   Malon (11)3%
   Devore ("Counterpoint") (17)4%
   Vaadwaur ("Dragon's Teeth") (58)14%

Total votes: 421


07.02.01 - 28.02.01

Job Offers on the Enterprise-D
Whose job on the Enterprise-D would you like to do?

   Picard (57)27%
   Riker (30)14%
   Data (20)10%
   Deanna (2)1%
   Beverly (3)1%
   Geordi (30)14%
   Worf (37)18%
   Guinan (14)7%
   Wesley (5)2%
   None of the above (12)6%

Total votes: 210


10.01.01 - 06.02.01

Starfleet Ship Classes
What is your favorite Starfleet ship class?

   Galaxy (38)9%
   Sovereign (63)15%
   Ambassador (18)4%
   Akira (83)20%
   Excelsior (28)7%
   Prometheus (38)9%
   Intrepid (24)6%
   Constitution (original or refit) (53)13%
   Defiant (40)10%
   None of the above (32)8%

Total votes: 417


20.12.00 - 09.01.01

The Next Movie
What would you like to see in the next Trek movie?

   A plot based on the Dominion War, TNG/DS9 crew (91)39%
   A Borg story, TNG-only crew (4)2%
   A Romulan story, TNG crew (92)39%
   Something involving Voyager (16)7%
   Completely new species and setting (14)6%
   None of the above (12)5%
   No idea, anything will be fine (4)2%

Total votes: 233


04.12.00 - 19.12.00

Pre-TOS Series
What do you think a Pre-TOS Series V will be like?

   It will be definitely great to see how it all began. (67)18%
   The 24th century topic is exhausted, it will be a fresh series. (40)11%
   It will be great to have a series with limited options. (30)8%
   It may be boring without all the new species and the new tech. (59)16%
   The sets/props/starships won't be credible. (52)14%
   Braga & Co. will mess up history. (95)26%
   No particular hope or fear (17)5%
   What is "Pre-TOS" and who is Braga? (5)1%

Total votes: 365


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Last modified: 27.10.14