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Fleet Charts in TIFF Format

The following images in TIFF format don't have the typical JPEG artifacts and are much better if you like to modify or print the fleet charts. TIFF images can't be opened in the browser. Save them to your hard disk and open them with a bitmap editor.

Federation fleet chart
Scale: 1 pixel = 1m
March 2011

Space station chart
Scale: 1 pixel = 5m
August 2009

Federation shuttle chart (1320*1108 pixels)
Scale: 20 pixel = 1m
November 2010

Alien shuttle chart
Scale: 20 pixel = 1m
March 2010

Alien fleet chart - Alpha & Beta Quadrant
Scale: 1 pixel = 1m
May 2014

Alien fleet chart - Gamma & Delta Quadrant
Scale: 1 pixel = 1m
October 2009

Alien fleet chart - huge vessels
Scale: 1 pixel = 5m
January 2010

TAS fleet chart
Scales: 1 pixel = 1m, 20 pixel = 1m
December 2006

Abramsverse fleet chart
Scale: 1 pixel = 1m
April 2014

Abramsverse fleet chart - "official" scale
Scale: 1 pixel = 1m
April 2014


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Last modified: 27.10.14