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Here is a glossary of acronyms and abbreviations commonly used in Star Trek on screen and in fandom. For more about official "technical" acronyms like "LCARS", please refer to the Treknology Encyclopedia.



3DG 3D Gladiators - website



ACB Annular confinement beam - part of the transporter principle

AGT "All Good Things" - TNG episode

ASDB Advanced Starship Design Bureau - branch of Starfleet and website

ASRV Autonomous survival and recovery vehicle - type of lifeboats

AU Alternate Universe - particularly the "Abramsverse" (officially: Kelvin Timeline)



B&B Berman & Braga - Voyager and Enterprise producers

BC Bridge Commander - game

BF Bravo Fleet - website

Big E Enterprise (any of them) - (star)ship

Locutus of Borg in TNG: "The Best of Both Worlds II"

BoBW "(The) Best of Both Worlds" - TNG episode

Klingon BoP in "Star Trek III"

BoP Bird-of-Prey - name of Romulan and Klingon starships

BotF Birth of the Federation - game



CG Computer-generated

CGI Computer-generated image

CMO Chief medical officer

CO Commanding officer

Connie Constitution class - starship



Deffie Defiant - starship

USS Discovery in DIS: "Context is for Kings"

DF Delta Flyer - starship

DITL Daystrom Institute Technical Library - website

DMZ Demilitarized Zone - between Cardassian and Federation Space

DSC Star Trek Discovery - series (used in official sources)

DIS Star Trek Discovery - series (used at EAS and Memory Alpha)

DS9 cast - season 7
(Star Trek: The Magazine)

DS9 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

DS9TM Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual - reference book



Enterprise in TOS: "Court Martial"

E-nil USS Enterprise NCC-1701

E-A, etc. USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A, etc.

EAS Ex Astris Scientia - website

ECA Earth Cargo Authority (22nd century)

ECH Emergency command hologram

ECS Earth Cargo Ship (22nd century)

EF Elite Force - computer game

Voyager's EMH
(publicity photo)

EMH Emergency medical hologram

EM Electromagnetic

Enterprise cast - season 1
(publicity photo)

ENT Enterprise - series

EPS Electroplasma system - power distribution network used aboard Federation starships

ETA Estimated time of arrival

EVA Extravehicular activity



FASA Role playing game

FC "Star Trek: First Contact" - movie

FCA Ferengi Commerce Authority

FF The Official Star Trek Fact Files - magazine series

FJ Franz Joseph - author of the STTM

FSD Federation Starship Datalink - website

Spock performing the neck pinch in TOS: "A Taste of Armageddon"

FSNP "Famous Spock Nerve Pinch" - acronym used in TOS scripts

FTL Faster than light



GCS Galaxy class - starship

GNDN "Goes nowhere, does nothing." - label on pipes on the original Enterprise

Gene Roddenberry in Engineering
(30 Jahre Star Trek)

GR Gene Roddenberry - Star Trek creator



HD High definition



IaMD "In a Mirror, Darkly" - ENT double feature

IDF Inertial damping field - forcefield especially designed to compensate for acceleration forces within a starship

IDIC symbol in TOS: "Is There in Truth No Beauty?"

IDIC Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations - principle of Vulcan philosophy

IKC Imperial Klingon Cruiser

IKS Imperial Klingon Ship

ISS Imperial Star Ship (presumably) - ship of the Terran Empire of the Mirror Universe



JJ Jeffrey Jacob (Abrams), "Star Trek (2009)" producer and director, also in terms such as "JJTrek" or "JJVerse"

JL Jean-Luc

JL Jean-Luc Picard

JoAT Journal of Applied Treknology - website

JTK James Tiberius Kirk



K/S Kirk/Spock - slash fiction jargon, likewise nearly every combination of two characters

KT Kelvin Timeline - the timeline that unfolds in "Star Trek (2009)"



LCARS screen in TNG: "Conundrum"

LCARS Library computer access and retrieval system - user interface of 24th century computer systems

LD Star Trek: Lower Decks - series (used at Memory Alpha)

LDS Star Trek: Lower Decks - series (used in official sources)

LDS substance that Kirk muses Spock has taken too much of ("Star Trek IV")

LLAP "Live long and prosper." - Vulcan greeting

LOW Star Trek: Lower Decks - series (used at EAS)

LUG Last Unicorn Games - role playing games

ly Light year



Warp core in TNG: "Galaxy's Child"

M/ARA Matter/antimatter reaction assembly - power generation system of Federation starships

M/ARC Matter/antimatter reaction chamber - warp core

MACO Military Assault Command Operations (rather than MArine COrps)

MLS Medical Log Supplemental - former website

Enterprise-B MSD in "Star Trek Generations"

MSD Master systems display - designation often used for a ship's cross-section

MU Mirror Universe - from TOS: "Mirror, Mirror" and subsequent episodes

MWI Many-worlds interpretation - Bob Orci's explanation for the existence of a parallel alternate timeline since "Star Trek (2009)"



NCC prefix in TOS-R: "Obsession"

NCC Starfleet ship name prefix, active service (any specific meaning ascribed to it is completely conjectural)

NCO Non-commissioned officer

NX Starfleet ship name prefix, experimental

NX class of Enterprise NX-01 (evidently not related to "experimental" registry)

NZ Neutral Zone - between Romulan and Federation Space



ODN Optical data network - system of fiber-optics used in 24th century computer systems



Starfleet PADDs
(The Art of Star Trek)

PADD Personal access display device - hand-held access terminal to a computer system

TOS phaser
(Propworx auction)

Phaser Phased energy rectification - energy discharge weapon used by the Federation

PIC Star Trek: Picard - series

PTC Power transfer conduit - plasma conduit from the warp core to the nacelles

PU Prime Universe, as opposed to the Kelvin Timeline

PWB Praetorian Warbird (presumably)



Q-torp Quantum torpedo

QSS Quantum slipstream - advanced FTL propulsion technology



RF Radio frequency

RCS of Enterprise NX-01 in ENT: "Dead Stop"

RCS Reaction control system - maneuvering thrusters

RSE Romulan Star Empire



SCN Subspace Comms Network - former discussion forum

SD Standard definition

SF Starfleet, Star Fleet

SF Museum The Starfleet Museum - website

SFC Starfleet Command - game

SHO Short Treks (used at EAS)

SIF Structural integrity field - system of forcefields to counterbalance acceleration forces and gravitational forces

SofA "Sacrifice of Angels" - DS9 episode

S.S. Star Ship

SSD Starship Schematic Database - website

ST Star Trek

ST Short Treks (used at Memory Alpha)

Nero in "Star Trek (2009)"

ST09 "Star Trek (2009)" - movie (officially and inaccurately just "Star Trek")

STB "Star Trek: Beyond" - movie

STD Star Trek Discovery (used in fandom)

STG "Star Trek: Generations" - movie

STI "Star Trek: Insurrection" - movie

STID "Star Trek Into Darkness" - movie

STinSV Star Trek in Sound and Vision - former website

STL Slower than light

STM Star Trek: The Magazine - magazine series

STN "Star Trek Nemesis" - movie

STO Star Trek Online - Star Trek MMORPG

STTM Star Trek Technical Manual - reference book (1975)

STXI "Star Trek (2009)" - movie (2009)



Spock in TAS: "Yesteryear"

TAS Star Trek: The Animated Series

TATV "These Are The Voyages" - ENT finale / TNG crossover

TFatGR "Treachery, Faith, and the Great River" - DS9 episode

TFF "Star Trek: The Final Frontier" - movie

TMP "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" - movie

TNG cast - season 2
(publicity photo, thanks to TrekCore)

TNG Star Trek: The Next Generation - series

TNG-R TNG Remastered - HD version of TNG (from 2012)

TNGTM Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual - reference book

McCoy, Kirk and Spock in TOS: "Amok Time"

TOS Star Trek (The Original Series)

TOS-R Star Trek Remastered - CGI-enhanced HD version of TOS (2006-2008)

TotP "Tears of the Prophets" - DS9 episode

TPTB The Powers That Be - namely Paramount and/or CBS

TSFS "Star Trek: The Search for Spock" - movie

TUC "Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country" - movie

TVH "Star Trek: The Voyage Home" - movie

TWoK "Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan" - movie

TYoH "The Year of Hell" - VOY episode



UESPA United Earth Space Probe Agency - precursor of Starfleet

UFP President Jaresh-Inyo in DS9: "Homefront"

UFP United Federation of Planets

UP Utopia Planitia - shipyards and former website

USS United Star Ship



VFX Visual effects

USS Voyager
(publicity photo)

VGR Star Trek: Voyager (used in the Star Trek Encyclopedias)

VISOR Visual instrument and sensory organ replacement - device used by Lt. Cmdr. Geordi La Forge until 2373 to overcome his blindness

VOY Star Trek: Voyager - series (used at EAS and Memory Alpha)



Warp speed diagram in ENT: "First Flight"

WF Warp factor - FTL speed measurement unit

WoTW "Way of the Warrior" - DS9 episode

WWKD "What would Kirk do?" - slogan used by fans, especially when they see problems with the newer incarnations (obsolete)

WYLB "What You Leave Behind" - DS9 episode



XO Executive officer



YATI Yet Another Trek Inconsistency - common acronym of the newsgroup era (obsolete)



ZPE Zero-point energy - energy released in quantum torpedoes


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