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The titles of Star Trek TV and movie productions, the numbering of the movies and the abbreviations or acronyms used for the series are not consistent in all publications. The different way to refer to certain series or movies may cause confusion. Sometimes it even gives rise to controversial debates about what is the rightful title or abbreviation.

The following is a concise naming guide, based on official sources and on what is customary in the fandom.


Star Trek Series

This list includes all names and abbreviations/acronyms as they are used by official sources and as they are common on fan sites.

EASMemory AlphaTrekCorestartrek.comEncyclopediaFull nameProduction timeAnnotations
TOSTOSTOSTOSTOSStar Trek: The Original Series1966-1969

Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS) is a retronym that became useful after the creation of the sequels. In the US, TOS is usually pronounced as single letters, whereas "toss" appears to be more common in other parts of the world. While this acronym is the by far most common moniker in the official production and in the fandom, the original series is often referred to as just "Star Trek" in general interest news articles or in academic books and papers. This doesn't necessarily lead to confusion but in some cases seems to encourage the authors to neglect that the franchise consists of more than TOS (and perhaps the latest spin-offs that are in the news).

Perhaps "The Cage" would deserve its own acronym "TC" for not being a regular TOS episode. But that acronym is very uncommon.

TASTASTASTAS-Star Trek: The Animated Series1973-1974

The title cards of The Animated Series (TAS) just say "Star Trek", like those of TOS. The sub-title "The Animated Adventures of Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek" was used for promotional purposes since the 1970s and still on the covers of the VHS releases until the 1990s. After the name had been popularized in the internet, the DVD and Blu-ray sets are labeled as "Star Trek: The Animated Series".

TNGTNGTNGTNGTNGStar Trek: The Next Generation1987-1994Star Trek: The Next Generation is the first series that was referred to by an acronym during its original run, but more out of practicability than by design. Production documents from the series commonly used the short name "Star Trek".
DS9DS9DS9DS9DS9Star Trek: Deep Space Nine1993-1999The series is named Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The correct spelling of the eponymous station, on the other hand, is "Deep Space 9". "DSN" for the series is very uncommon as a standalone acronym, although it is occasionally used when followed by episode numbers.
VOYVOYVOYVOYVGRStar Trek: Voyager1995-2001

The Star Trek Omnipedia (1995) and the Star Trek Encyclopedia II (1997) refer to Voyager as "VGR". Most fan sources such as notably MA and TrekCore follow the example of EAS (since 1998) and use the abbreviation "VOY". Perhaps surprisingly for many fans, the official Star Trek site too uses "VOY", never "VGR". Although John Van Citters still confirmed in 2016 that it is supposed to be the official abbreviation, the only notable use of "VGR" can be found in the Star Trek Encyclopedia IV that remains consistent with its predecessors.

With Boimler referring to Voyager (the ship) as "VOY" in LOW: "We'll Always Have Tom Paris", we have sort of an in-universe confirmation of the acronym. ;-)

ENTENTENTENTENTStar Trek: Enterprise2001-2005The full series title was just "Enterprise" until the third season.
DISDISDSCDSC-Star Trek: Discovery2017-2024

John Van Citters was fast to establish "DSC" as the acronym for Star Trek: Discovery, in a Twitter post on 24 July, 2016, the day following the revelation of the series name. This is consistent with the prefix of the shuttles of the eponymous ship. Yet, EAS and MA decided to maintain consistency with previous abbreviations and refer to the show as "DIS".

"STD" showed up in a few early announcements in CBS social media accounts. In certain fan circles, Discovery is still referred to as "STD", now with a deliberate derogatory ring to it. A somewhat more friendly short name is "DISCO". Neither of these two is used anywhere in notable databases or articles.

SHOST---Star Trek: Short Treks2018-2020There is no known official short name for Short Treks.
PICPICPICPIC-Star Trek: Picard2020-2023PIC was confirmed by John Van Citters as the official abbreviation on 23 Jan, 2020.
LOWLDLOWLDS-Star Trek: Lower Decks2020-2024

John Van Citters uses "LDS" as the official abbreviation/acronym hybrid for Star Trek: Lower Decks. This alludes to Kirk's famous line about Spock taking "a little too much LDS" from "Star Trek: The Voyage Home". Van Citters announced "LDS" on Twitter on 13 July, 2020, after EAS and Memory Alpha had already settled on "LOW" and "LD", respectively.

"LDS" doesn't show up at startrek.com yet. But it is a good supposition the site will go with that acronym.

PROPROPROtbd-Star Trek: Prodigy2021-2024
SNWSNWSNWSNW-Star Trek: Strange New Worlds2022-
SFAtbdtbdtbd-Star Trek: Starfleet Academytba



The disagreement about the short forms for Discovery and Lower Decks likely won't be settled in the near future. CBS and John Van Citters may have the authority to stipulate "DSC" and "LDS" for startrek.com and other official publications, but fan sites such as EAS or MA use series abbreviations far more often and simply have their own system for them.

It is debatable anyway whether there is anything such as an "official" series abbreviation. Most likely neither "VGR" nor "VOY" was used during the production of Star Trek: Voyager; the series was commonly called "Voyager" in production documents. The usefulness of the three-letter abbreviation only came into play as soon as people began to refer to episodes of the series, with the fandom "VOY" eventually overruling the "VGR" that was chosen for the Encyclopedia II.


Star Trek Movies

The following list shows how the Star Trek movies are commonly referred to by official sources and in the fandom.

AcronymNumberingFull nameRelease yearAnnotations
ST:TMP"Star Trek I""Star Trek: The Motion Picture"1979"Star Trek: The Motion Picture" is sometimes retroactively referred to as "Star Trek I" (in fandom media, rather than in official publications).
ST:TWOK"Star Trek II""Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan"1982
ST:TSFS"Star Trek III""Star Trek III: The Search for Spock"1984
ST:TVH"Star Trek IV""Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home"1986
ST:TFF"Star Trek V""Star Trek V: The Final Frontier"1989
ST:TUC"Star Trek VI""Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country"1991
ST:GEN-"Star Trek Generations"1994
ST:FC-"Star Trek: First Contact"1996To be distinguished from the episode TNG: "First Contact".
ST:INS-"Star Trek: Insurrection"1998
ST:NEM-"Star Trek Nemesis"2002

To be distinguished from the episode VOY: "Nemesis".

There is a press release from Paramount from 30 Aug 2002 that explicitly mentions the omission of the colon from the title.

ST09-"Star Trek (2009)"2009

The first J.J. Abrams movie is officially just called "Star Trek" (with quotes or in italics, depending on the style used). This is unfortunate because it requires extra information to tell apart "Star Trek" (the movie from 2009), Star Trek (TOS, The Original Series) and Star Trek (the franchise). "Star Trek XI" is often used in the fandom still today. Since Roman numerals are customarily only assigned to the TOS movies and since it is a new continuity, EAS and most other sites (TrekCore, Trekmovie.com, Memory Alpha, as well as startrek.com) refrain from using "Star Trek XI" for that movie and have switched to "Star Trek (2009)".

STID-"Star Trek Into Darkness"2013Damon Lindelof explicitly stated he didn't want to have a colon in the title.
STB-"Star Trek Beyond"2016
S31-"Section 31" (tv movie)tba



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Thanks to Joshua J. Slone for the hint about the numbered TNG movies on Blu-ray. Thanks to Roger McCoy for pointing out some more exceptions.


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