Discoverse Continuity Problems

Unexplained Discontinuities"Classified" Facts and Technologies


Even if we leave aside the general visual disconnection of the two series from most of the rest of Star Trek, there are numerous continuity problems in Star Trek Discovery and also in Strange New Worlds. Discovery's Season 2 attempted to explain some of them but created new issues in the course. Note that I don't claim that all of the issues listed in the following are irreconcilable.


Unexplained Discontinuities

These are continuity issues of the Discoverse that were not amended or alleviated in a way to better comply with the rest of Star Trek.


Starfleet technology

Other aliens



"Classified" Facts and Technologies

The following continuity issues were explained in some fashion in-universe. In particular, everything related to the AI "Control", the time travel suit and Discovery's spore drive was classified at the end of DIS: "Such Sweet Sorrow II", in an attempt to make plausible why future generations wouldn't know about these advanced technologies and the historical events they entailed. The list includes not only the facts explicitly mentioned in this episode but also side aspects that may fall under the same or a similar ban (ordered or voluntary, such as in the case of Spock vowing never to speak of Michael Burnham).

Lex Spock

Other continuity issues with possible explanations


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