Observations in TNG: "Booby Trap"

A joint project with TrekCore, by Jörg Hillebrand and Bernd Schneider

Here are some observations about sets, props and visual effects in TNG: "Booby Trap" without a specific theme, and a comparison of the original TV release (TNG) with the remastered episode (TNG-R).

"Booby Trap" HD Screencaps @ TrekCore

Description TNG Other caps Comparison TNG to TNG-R Description TNG-R
Geordi and Christy Henshaw lie on a moonlit beach. The colors of the sunset look much better in HD.

There is a slight framing problem, as thin black lines are visible on the left and the right edge.

Data and Wesley play a game of three-dimensional chess with the asteroid field in the Orelious system (all that remained of Orelious IX) in the background. In the second recomposited shot, we can notice how a color correction mask isn't perfectly aligned with Data's uniform and lets parts of his hands appear yellow.
This is the first good look we get at the 3-D chess set in Ten Forward. The chess pieces are the ones seen in the Darwin genetic research station in "Unnatural Selection".
No changes
The Promellian distress signal is shown in an animated LCARS display. We can recognize more details of the display in HD.
The Orelious asteroid field. Some of the asteroids are simple copy&paste work. These views of the asteroid field were only slightly revised, if at all, including the copy&paste asteroids.
The footage of the USS Enterprise-D approaching the asteroid field was newly created for this episode.
The Promellian battlecruiser as it appears on the viewscreen of the USS Enterprise-D. We can see a few new asteroids around the battlecruiser in the TNG-R version.
As can be seen in this screenshot, Picard is already wearing the final version of the season 3 uniform, without two visible seams on the front and back of the costume. Riker, in contrast, still wears the prototype with seams, seen in the previous 5 episodes of season 3. Picard is thus the first crewmember seen wearing the updated version. No changes
The Promellian battlecruiser is seen up close in this beautiful camera move past the ship. The miniature was originally created for the horror film "Night of the Creeps". For the appearance on TNG, the model was turned upside down. We can only see the aft end of the ship in the episode, which is why the Fact Files depict the ship without the elongated bow section.
Ancient or Mysterious Ships

"Night of the
We can see see more details of the beautifully detailed Promellian battlecruiser in TNG-R.

Note that the lighting of the Enterprise was changed to match better with the one of the Promellian ship. Also, several more rocks were added to the asteroid field. 

"Night of the
After the extended main corridor was first seen from the other end of the set in "The Survivors", here it is first shown from the direction of sickbay. In the first two seasons, the set ended right behind the silver wall panels on the left and right. The door in the background is just a dummy, as it doesn't consist of two halves that can be slide to the left and right when the door opens.
"We'll Always
Have Paris"
No changes
When Wesley was placing nanite traps in Ten Forward he used the same carrying case Data is holding here. Cases like this were regularly seen in the first two seasons of TNG, often in sickbay.
An HD close-up of the case.
Another good look at the Promellian battlecruiser. The great shot in HD.
The bridge chairs of the Promellian battlecruiser are identical to the ones used aboard the Klingon Bird- of-Prey Pagh in "A Matter of Honor" and the Romulan Warbird Haakona in "Contagion", only the headrests were removed.
"A Matter
of Honor"

No changes
This is the first appearance of a palm beacon on TNG. In previous episode, when entering the dark bridge of another vessel, crewmembers used more regular-looking flashlights ("The Battle", "Peak Performance"). This version of the palm beacon was only used in season 3 and "Future Imperfect". A bigger version was introduced later in season 4 and used until the end of the series and in the first three seasons of DS9.
"The Battle"

No changes
The ceiling of the Promellian battlecruiser bridge was originally the ceiling of the turboshaft aboard the USS Enterprise-A in "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier". It appeared as a back wall in the cloning lab on Mariposa in "Up the Long Ladder".
"Star Trek V"

"Up the Long
No changes
Costumes like the ones worn by the dead Promellians in this episode (and also by Galek Dar in the video footage) were later worn by the Bre'el IV scientists in "Déjà Q". Recurring background aliens on DS9, additionally with the same make-up as the Promellians, also often wore this type of uniform. The uniform seems to feature a Promellian patch on the sleeve here. This patch was removed for later appearances of the costume.
"Déjà Q"

"Captive Pursuit"
The dead Promellian in HD.
The Promellian bridge features tubes or conduits that are identical to the ones seen in the USS Enterprise-D's geological lab and main engineering.
"Time Squared"

"Pen Pals"
No changes
The Promellian memory coil reading device will be re-used several times in future Star Trek episodes. It appears as the communication scrambler used by Jonas in the Voyager episode "Threshold" and it is used as a communication device of the Borg Cooperative in "Unity". The device is repainted and slightly modified each time.
VOY: "Threshold"

VOY: "Unity"
A better look at the device in HD.
Both Galek Sar, the Promellian captain of the Cleponji, and the tricorder can be nicely seen in this screenshot. The "on-switch" of the tricorder, present in early models, is noticeable in this shot.  A better look at the tricorder in HD.
Notice how beaten the tricorder looks in this shot. The Promellian make-up was later re-used for a number of background aliens on DS9.
Re-Used Make-ups
No changes
In this episode, we get our first good look at engineering as it appears in season 3. As can be seen, the MSD behind Geordi is different from the one seen in the first two seasons. The new MSD is much more detailed and is the first one to include tiny in-jokes, like the Jaguar, Nomad and the hamster wheel.
Visual In-Jokes

"Q Who"
We can spot the in-jokes better in HD, but still only with the knowledge that they are there.
The USS Enterprise facing the Promellian battlecruiser in the Orelious asteroid field. The great shot in HD.
The asteroid field as seen through the observation lounge windows. Notice the reflection of one of the asteroids on the lounge table. No changes
In contrast to Picard, all other senior officers still wear the season 3 uniform prototype with the two very visible seams on the front. No changes
Geordi is sitting in front of an animated LCARS display.

This may the first time that "Library Computer Access and Retrieval System" is written out.

More details are legible on these displays in HD.

Display 3: Not only L. Brahms wrote many of those files but other legible names are M. Scott (Scotty), P. Boyce (Dr. Philip Boyce) and A. Probert (Andy Probert).

Display 4: Leah Brahms's middle name is Susan (taken from the actress Susan Gibney).

Display 5: Brahms attended the University of Tomobiki, a reference to the anime series Urusei Yatsura.

Another look at the bridge of the Promellian battlecruiser. The pentagonal cargo containers/wall panels in the background are also sometimes seen on Federation starships, like the USS Enterprise-D in "The Child". They are also seen in several places in "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier", including the Paradise Bar and the roof of the turboshaft of the USS Enterprise-A.
"Star Trek V"

"The Child"
No changes

"Star Trek V"
An animated cross-section image of the dilithium chamber. A look at the display in HD.
In contrast to the previously mentioned new corridor door, this door is functional and gives access to a turbolift. No changes
One advantage of the expanded corridor set is the fact that the shuttlebay/cargo bay/holodeck doors could now be directly accessed from the main corridor, without the need for a separate short corridor set which was attached to the large double doors, as in seasons 1 and 2. A crew member could now be seen walking from the transporter room or sickbay directly to the shuttlebay, for example.

This wasn't the case here, though: In the first screenshot, the cargo bay/shuttlebay walls can be seen in the background. When Geordi enters the holographic recreation of drafting room 5, though, the walls are completely different. Also notice the corridor wall behind the holodeck doors has 4 silver panels, whereas regular corridor walls only have 3 1/2 panels. The comparison screenshot from "Hollow Pursuits" shows what the corridor wall behind the holodeck doors really looks like. This means the set for Drafting Room 5 wasn't built in the space usually occupied by the shuttlebay/cargo bay but rather on a different stage and the corridor seen behind the door was just a dummy and not actually connected to the enlarged corridor set.

"Hollow Pursuits"
No changes
Small monitors like this one, directly attached to a desk, first appeared in "The Emissary". A monitor like that was also seen in the previous season 3 episode "Evolution" in the computer access room. The monitor displays a graphic of Paul Manheim's temporal distortion seen in "We'll Always Have Paris". The graphic was also seen in a classroom aboard the USS Enterprise-D in "Reunion".
"The Emissary"

"We'll Always
Have Paris"
An HD close-up of the console.


An unfinished USS Enterprise-D can be seen through the drafting room 5 windows. The drafting room seems to be located within a large spacedock-like space station. A silver model of a Constitution class ship can be seen on one of the desks, it will be seen much better a little later in the episode. The console next to the model first appeared in the tactical lab in "The Emissary" and was also seen in the computer access room in "Evolution".
"The Emissary"

The matte painting of the structural grid of the Enterprise-D saucer looks different in TNG-R. Although the basic layout of the skeleton is closely based on the original, the new version has hints of detail and structure inside the grid. Additionally, in one shot, a welder's torch can be seen flickering. Finally, a couple of lights were turned on inside the ship, as if crews were at work in other parts of the ship.
The model of another spaceship is can be seen to the left of the Constitution class model, between the two small consoles. Close inspection reveals that there is a second, smaller Constitution-class model (pre-refit) lying in front of the larger one. The model between the two consoles can now be identified as a silver D7 Klingon battlecruiser model, most likely the same one seen in Worf's quarters in "Peak Performance". 
The third starship model in the drafting room can be seen here. It is a prototype of the Ertl kit, assembled by Andy Probert. It is an early "test shot" and lacks the surface panel detailing that is present on the final version of the model. Andy was a consultant to Ertl during the development of the kit. The same model likely appeared in Sonny Clemond's guest quarters aboard the USS Enterprise-D in "The Neutral Zone".

The same dilithium crystal was inserted into the warp core in the first season episode "Skin of Evil".

"The Neutral
No changes
The transparent display features schematics of the Galaxy class warp core. No changes
The console behind Geordi displays a graphic also seen on a different console in the duck blind on Mintaka III in "Who Watches the Watchers".
"Who Watches
the Watchers"
No changes
Another look at the spacedock hangar with the unfinished USS Enterprise-D inside. Once again, note how the grid of the Enterprise saucer looks different in TNG-R. 
The patch of the Galaxy class starship development project and a schematic of the USS Enterprise-D can be nicely seen in this screenshot.
Galaxy class
project patch
An HD close-up of the emblem.
This is the third re-use of a shot originally created for "Encounter at Farpoint". The same shot appeared in "Code of Honor" and "Heart of Glory". Here, the USS Enterprise fires at an asteroid in the Orelious asteroid field.
at Farpoint"

"Heart of Glory"
The faithfully recomposed scene in HD.

"Code of Honor"
The console behind Geordi was seen in several earlier season 2 episodes, like "The Schizoid Man" and "Pen Pals".
"The Schizoid

"Pen Pals"
No changes
The holodeck grid has not been seen since "Where Silence Has Lease".
"Where Silence
Has Lease"
No changes
This is the very end of the new, expanded corridor set. A door to the junior officers' crew quarters is located to the right of the first screenshot. No changes
The large transparent display seen behind Leah Brahms re-appears on Malcor III in "First Contact". It was next seen aboard the USS Enterprise-A in "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country". After that, it was seen on the Tilonian particle fountain in "The Quality of Life" and on the bridge of an alternate USS Enterprise-D in "Parallels". It seems some of the graphics (of a Galaxy class warp core) were still present during the later re-uses.
"First Contact"

"The Quality
of Life"
No changes

"Star Trek VI"

A better look at the warp core graphic. We can read the words on the display now.
A peculiar model of a Constitution class ship (refit) with nacelles turned 90°. No changes
Another look at the patch of the Galaxy class starship development project and a schematic of the USS Enterprise-D. No changes
A computer-generated simulation of the USS Enterprise-D flying through the asteroid field. The animation was filmed directly off the monitor and is still exactly the same, including the boxy ship model.
Drafting Room 5 is a redress of the battle bridge of the USS Enterprise-D which was last seen as the bridge of the USS Hathaway in "Peak Performance". For this appearance, the set was modified even further and only the raised section with the slanted ceiling and console alcoves remains. In season 2, the set was also seen as the courtroom on Starbase 173 in "The Measure of a Man" and the surgical suite on Starbase 515 in "Samaritan Snare".
Re-Used Starship Interiors

"The Measure
of a Man"

No changes

Like in two earlier season 3 episodes ("The Ensigns of Command" and "The Bonding") a graphic of the Beta Renner cloud (from "Lonely Among Us") is displayed on an aft bridge monitor.
Among Us"

"The Ensigns
of Command"
No changes

"The Bonding"
The USS Enterprise-D is seen up close in this new shot of the 6-foot model. A CGI model stands in for the 6-foot model in this one shot in TNG-R.
An interesting shot of Picard at the conn, looking at the Orelious asteroid field displayed on the main viewscreen. No changes
The USS Enterprise-D firing its starboard thruster. The sequence is just stunning in HD.

The thruster is still missing in the HD version of the episode (see third cap).

Although the USS Enterprise-D is supposed to have engaged its port thruster in this shot, the effect of the thruster (seen in the previous screenshot) is missing.
This shot of the USS Enterprise-D in the asteroid field is identical to one seen at the beginning of the episode, only one large asteroid was added and the nacelles are unlit in this shot.
The USS Enterprise-D uses the gravity of a large asteroid and its thrusters to escape the asteroid field.
The shot of the USS Enterprise-D launching four photon torpedoes was originally created for "The Dauphin". It appears exactly like it did in season 2, including the flipped footage of the Enterprise-D, evidenced by the mirrored registry on the hull, in this episode.
"Pen Pals"
The registry was fixed for TNG-R.

"Pen Pals"



Thanks to Josh for pointing out the wrong color of Data's hands in the teaser.


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