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The Starfleet Command Emblem in Star Trek Enterprise
Jörg Hillebrand and Bernd Schneider

At the beginning of Star Trek Enterprise there was a distinct patch for Enterprise NX-01 but no other logos of Earth Starfleet or Starfleet Command. As late as ENT: "First Flight" was going to be produced, an episode consisting of flashbacks of the NX warp drive development for the most part, a set of Earth Starfleet logos and flags was developed. We can see that Commander Williams is wearing the Starfleet patch only since "Regeneration"; in all preceding episodes his uniform was without patches.

Likewise, the blue Earth Starfleet flag appears as late as in "Regeneration" in Admiral Forrest's office, although it was previously visible in CGI shots of the Starfleet Command building. In the following, the logo also shows up on monitors. 

At about the same time Mike Okuda designed the Starfleet command emblem, the arrowhead with sickle and star. The appearances of this logo in its various incarnations on flags, as signs and as sculptures are listed in the following.


Appearances of the Starfleet Command Emblem

ENT: The Expanse We can see the Starfleet Command logo for the first time in Admiral Forrest’s office in "The Expanse", where it adorns the new yellow flag with the inscription "Semper exploro" ("I am always exploring"). In the same episode, the Fleet Operations Center building is seen (shot on the most modern part of the New York Streets Set). The Starfleet Command logo appears on a sign in front of the building.

ENT: Home After no appearance in Season 3, the flag is seen again, in digital form, in the San Francisco Bay Stadium scene at the beginning of “Home”.



The logo, taken from the sign seen in “The Expanse”, appears on the wall behind the main door to Admiral Forrest’s office in the same episode.



ENT: The Forge The yellow flag is then seen again in “The Forge” in the United Earth embassy on Vulcan.



ENT: Affliction The Starfleet Command logo was also turned into a glass sculpture that can be seen in Agent Harris’ office in “Affliction” standing on his desk. This further links his Section 31 activities formally with Starfleet Command.



ENT: Demons / Terra Prime The flag is then seen again in the two-parter “Demons” and “Terra Prime” in the council chamber on the Starfleet Command grounds. In this episode the text underneath the logo, “Semper Exploro”, can be read almost completely. Finally, the logo is also visible as a decorative wall-piece in the same council chamber above the large painting. It can only be seen in its entirety in “Terra Prime” though.

Summary of Starfleet Command emblem appearances


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The Starfleet Command flag was reconstructed by Shisma for Memory Alpha.


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