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Star Trek is only a show. It depicts the world of the far future, but is made by present-day people with present-day equipment. It is only natural that in 700 TV episodes and eleven movies not everything can be perfect. This section takes care of the inevitable inconsistencies and provides a look behind the scenes. Note that many if not most of the following are "light-hearted" problems though. I may have come up with explanations but unless otherwise stated I don't insist on them being the only possible truth. Please keep that in mind before contacting me about errors, negligences or omissions.


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Warp Drive and Romulan History
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General Issues

The Realism of (Science) Fiction - whether Star Trek is really "bordering on silliness"

What is Canon? - definitions, reasons, interpretations and the EAS canon policy

False Canon - information which is incorrectly seen as canonical in fandom or in official publications

The Continuities of Star Trek - from a single timeline to a multiverse, and how to deal with that

The Visual Continuity of Star Trek - examples of if and how visual continuity was maintained through the generations


Exobiology & Alien Make-up

The Klingon Forehead Problem - the history of the legendary continuity problem and its new twist in Enterprise

The Evolution of Klingon Foreheads - fairly complete gallery and commentary

The Evolution of the Romulans - fairly complete gallery and commentary

The Trill Problem - how much they really changed from TNG: "The Host" to DS9

Vulcan Mind Melds - "The culture you've come to know isn't the one I helped to create." (Surak)

Races with Changing Faces - Major Races - make-up variations of Romulans, Andorians, Tellarites, Bolians, Bajorans, Jem'Hadar

Races with Changing Faces - Other Races - Gorn, Tholians, Caitians, Nausicaans, Talarians, Tarkaleans, Rigelians, Coridans, Yridians, etc.

Re-Used Make-ups - the same make-up for different races in different times or quadrants

Re-Used Make-ups in VOY: "Tsunkatse" - identification of the many races that shouldn't be in the audience

In Alien Hands - variations of alien hands in Star Trek

Sexual Dimorphism of Star Trek Aliens - differences between male and female aliens

Aliens with Human Appearance - why so many aliens look like humans

T-Races - Tarellians, Terellians, Terrellians, Terrelians, Tyrellians galore - including a "T-Race Generator"!

Other Exobiology Inconsistencies - about humanoid kinship, evolution, "strong aliens", pon farr, Changelings, Klingon blood, etc.


History & Cartography

Warp Drive and Romulan History - how a throwaway line from TOS continues to cause unwarranted confusion

21st Century Earth History - thoughts about early interplanetary travel, the Eugenics Wars and the Third World War

Other History Inconsistencies - about the TOS movie timeline, the UESPA, first contact with the Borg, Klingons in the Federation, etc.

Other Cartography Inconsistencies - about the size of the Federation, the Rigel system, Vulcan's moon, etc.

Real Stars and Bayer Names - why Epsilon Indi is correct, "Ceti Alpha" is wrong and "Delta Vega" is crap


Physics & Engineering

Power & Propulsion - about the right intermix ratio, warp inside a star system, how to stop a starship etc.

Computers & Communication - about gigaquads & nanometers, holographic backups, universal translators etc.

Transporter, Replicator & Holodeck - about how transporters, replicators and holodecks may work, their limitations and problems

Weapons - about inconsistent weapon and shield efficiencies etc.

Other Technology Inconsistencies - about structural integrity, inoculations, contending hardest substances, forgotten technologies etc.

Treknology Reference Guide - concise list of the earliest appearances of Earth/Starfleet technologies



The Evolution of the Federation Emblem - exhaustive survey of all variants

The Emblems of the Federation Founding Members - Earth, Vulcan, Andor(ia), Tellar

The Evolution of the Starfleet Medical Emblem - exhaustive survey of all variants

The Emblem of Starfleet Academy - overview of its evolution and of the correctness of the motto

The Emblem of Starfleet Command - exhaustive survey of all variants

The Emblems of Earth Starfleet and Earth Starfleet Command - overview of all variations of the two logos

The Evolution of the Klingon Emblem - exhaustive survey of all variants

The Evolution of the Romulan Emblem - exhaustive survey of all variants

The Evolution of the Ferengi Emblem - exhaustive survey of all variants

The Evolution of the Cardassian Emblem - exhaustive survey of all variants

The Evolution of the Dominion Emblem - exhaustive survey of all variants

The Evolution of the Talaxian Emblem - survey of all variants and their (few) appearances

The Evolution of the Kazon Emblem - survey of all variants and their (few) appearances

Forgotten Alien Emblems - obscure Klingon and Romulan emblems of TOS

Re-Used Graphics - still images, animated sequences


Props & Costumes

Uniform and Rank Inconsistencies - problems with changing uniform styles, emblems and rank signs

Geordi's VISOR and Eyes - evolution of Geordi's VISOR, implants and real eyes

Variations of the TOS Desktop Monitor - investigation of its evolution and all variants, including TOS-like monitors in ENT

Variations of the TNG Desktop Monitor - investigation of its evolution and all variants, including the TNG movie monitors

Variations of the DS9 Desktop Monitor - investigation of its evolution and all variants, including other monitors of the series

Variations of the VOY Desktop Monitor - investigation of its evolution and all variants, including related monitors

Variations of TOS Computers - investigation of the evolution, variations and re-uses of the TOS computer props

Consoles Built for Star Trek - list of console props specially built for the Star Trek production

Consoles by Modern Props in Star Trek - list of console props rented from Modern Props

Re-Used Props - Stationary Consoles - viewscreens, wall- or floor-mounted consoles

Re-Used Props - Mobile Computers - desktop computers, handheld computers

Re-Used Props - Medical Instruments - Starfleet instruments, alien instruments

Re-Used Props - Engineering Tools - Starfleet tools, alien tools

Re-Used Props - Beam Weapons - pistols, rifles

Re-Used Props - Other Weapons - blade weapons, forcefields generators and explosive devices

Re-Used Props - Miscellaneous Equipment - robots, medical furniture, other bulky equipment

Re-Used Props - Containers - cargo containers and tanks, other boxes and bottles

Re-Used Props - Furniture - tables, chairs, lamps, other furniture

Re-Used Props - Decoration - decorative windows, wall art, sculptures

Re-Used Props - Various Objects - musical instruments, tableware and vases

Re-Used Props - Badges & Jewelry - official badges and emblems, brooches and other jewelry

Re-Used Costumes - uniforms, civilian clothing

The Thieves of the Delta Quadrant - re-used props and sets on the Mari homeworld (VOY: "Random Thoughts")

Prop and Set Oddities - inconsistent and otherwise unfitting props and sets

Re-Uses of Sonobuoy Containers - U.S. Navy containers in more than 40 episodes and movies

Present-Day Devices as Props - or: what else game consoles and composters are useful for


Sets & Planet Mattes

The Evolution of the Enterprise-D Bridge - changes to the bridge set over the years

The Evolution of the Enterprise-E Bridge - changes to the bridge set between the movies

Changes to the TNG Sets Between Seasons 1 and 2 - several modifications revealed in screen cap comparisons

Variations of the Runabout Interior - a detailed look at the changes to this regular DS9 set over the years

Variations and Redresses of the Galor Class Bridge - its various appearances and the re-uses as other alien interiors

Reconstruction of the Odyssey Bridge - history and reconstruction of the set from DS9: "The Jem'Hadar"

Redresses of TNG's Alien Shuttle Cockpit - its modifications and appearances in no less than eleven episodes

Redresses of the Type-9 Shuttle Cockpit - its various re-uses for Starfleet and alien shuttles

Re-Used Starship Interiors - Enterprise refit interiors, other starship interiors

Re-Used Shuttle Interiors - runabout interiors, other shuttle cockpits

Re-Used Building Interiors - single walls, full sets

Re-Uses of the Barkonian Village Set - tracking the evolution of this set through five episodes

Re-Used Planet Sets - different planet surfaces that are amazingly alike

Re-Uses of the Angel One Matte Painting - observations about Star Trek's most frequently used matte painting

Re-Uses of the New York Streets Set - in-depth investigation of the set that appeared in 14 episodes

Re-Uses of the Little Europe Set - in-depth investigation of the appearances as Sainte Claire and as Fair Haven

Re-Uses of the Vasquez Rocks Location - observations about Star Trek's most famous filming location

Fictional Places on Earth - where Gravett Island, Sainte Claire, Portage Creek, Fair Haven and Carbon Creek could be located

Locating Starfleet Buildings in San Francisco - matte paintings and their supposed real locations in and near the city

Planet Mutations - recurring planets whose appearance varies

Planets in TOS and TOS Remastered - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 - survey of the TOS planet models and how they were remastered

Planet Surfaces in TOS and TOS Remastered - survey of the TOS matte paintings and how they were remastered

Re-Used Planets in TNG - all the planets that appeared from twice up to eleven times

Re-Used Planets in DS9 - all the planets that appeared from twice up to six times



"Chief Engineers of the Week" in TNG - illustrated list and musings on why the ship had so many chief engineers

Voyager's Crew Complement - casualties, crew count over time, crew appearances and names, other issues

Voyager Inconsistencies - including the famous Voyager shuttle count

Movie Inconsistencies - nitpicking in "Star Trek I...VI", "Generations", "First Contact", "Insurrection" and "Nemesis"

Enterprise Continuity Problems - where the series is in contradiction to established history

Enterprise Inconsistencies - other problems of Series V

A Close Look at 22nd Century Technology - complete analysis of its continuity and plausibility in Enterprise

The Problems of Canonizing TAS - dealing with possible continuity and compatibility issues

Star Trek (2009): Reboot or Multiverse? - thoughts on the continuity and the canon status of the eleventh movie

Dealing with Continuity Issues of the Abramsverse - general thoughts and the policy at EAS

Abramsverse Inconsistencies - continuity issues and nitpicking in the reboot movies

Discovery Klingons and Star Trek's Continuity - how different they really are and some more thoughts

Discovery Continuity Problems - where the series is not in line with classic Star Trek



Biography Inconsistencies - gaps in biographies and other anomalies

Spot the Difference - Spot and Livingston, two animals with changing faces

Visual Bloopers - funny mishaps and editing mistakes

Visual In-Jokes - deliberate in-jokes on displays and props

Visual Crossovers with Other Series/Movies - other series or movies in Trek and vice versa

Star Trek Clichés - recurring oddities that deserve to be mentioned, but are not necessarily inconsistent

The Proliferation of Dark, Gloomy and Empty Ships in Star Trek - examples and variations of the trope, and a gallery


Ethics & Society

Genetic Engineering and Cloning - about the different ethical implications of this technology

Artificial Lifeforms - how their rights are gradually acknowledged

Alien Monocultures in Star Trek - Are the members of most alien species all alike, or is this impression deceptive?

Religion in Star Trek - Roddenberry's atheism and its impact on the series

Homosexuality in Star Trek - essay about the ongoing struggle to portray gay relationships

Vulcan Lies and Errors - So Vulcans never lie?

The Economy of the Federation - on the existence of money and free enterprises

Cultural Inconsistencies - inconsistent names, customs etc.

Human Names in Star Trek - evidence for lacking cultural diversity on Earth

Bad Ethics in Star Trek - episodes that relay the wrong message


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