Lakat Class (2352)

The continuous expansion of the Cardassian Union required different types of warships. While battlecruisers allowed to attack enemy fleets and planets, small patrol ships served to secure the border areas, along with space stations and mine fields. However, the Cardassian defense forces suffered heavy losses when they encountered technologically advanced Starfleet ships. For the Cardassian Central Command it was a challenge to develop a modern light cruiser, rather than to sacrifice more ship crews. Technology stolen from abandoned Starfleet ships was analyzed and partially integrated into the new Lakat class. The ships are equipped with a combined torpedo/disruptor array, like the larger Galor class. Several ships of the Lakat class were sighted, however, the construction seems to have been discontinued prior to the peace treaty in 2367.

Preliminary three-view schematics (ca. 1997)

3D model for Star Trek Armada
created by Terradyhne

Custom model
created by Jason Abbadon
Class specifications
Ship type: Light cruiser
Length: 328m
Width: 206m
Height: 49m
Crew complement: 210
Max. speed: Warp 9.4
Commissioned ships
At least 12 according to Starfleet Intelligence


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