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R-4 Type (2359)

During the Cardassian occupation of their home planet Bajoran resistance forces were spread throughout a whole sector. Their small bases did not allow to maintain large starships, let alone build new ones. However, the available small fighters were at most sufficient to support ground attacks on Bajor, while the Cardassian fleet dominated space. Considering that usually less than half of the fighter ships returned from their missions against Cardassian ships, Bajoran engineers began to build larger and better armed vessels. The R-4 raider is based on Federation construction principles, however, restricted by the persistent shortage of materials. Components were purchased from various sources, which lead to many design variants. Still, all of them were equipped with powerful phaser (R-4a) or disruptor arrays (R-4b) and photon torpedoes. The R-4 type was one of the few Bajoran ship types that could efficiently protect supply convoys and also attack shielded Cardassian ships and outposts. The ships are also suited for atmospheric flight. Most of the R-4 raiders are still in service after the end of the occupation.

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Preliminary three-view schematics (ca. 1996)

Rear underside

Close front view

Oblique front view

Front view
created by Paul van Garderen
Class specifications
Ship type: Raider
Length: 71m
Width: 66m
Height: 17m
Crew complement: 12
Max. speed: Warp 4.2
Commissioned ships
Approx. 50 units built


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Last modified: 27.10.14