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Quick Reference

Trek Reference - Trek and the Real World

Here is some data and trivia that doesn't fit into the other categories of this site. All lists are frequently updated.


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Timeline - The Present (2364-2379)
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Trek Reference

 Acronyms and Abbreviations - as they are customary in fandom as well as by TPTB

 Substances and Particles A-E, F-K, L-R, S-Z, Submission Form - concise guide to the submicroscopic zoo

 Planet Classification - only the canon planet classes, with examples

Borg Species Numbers - names and episode references

 Ferengi Rules of Acquisition - only the canon rules, with episode references

 Bajoran Orbs - illustrated and commented list of all Orbs

The Tribbles - appearances of fur balls with and without trouble

Redshirt Deaths in TOS - thorough chronological list of casualties, including "shirt color statistics"

Kirk's Ripped or Removed Shirts - all instances of Kirk's ruining his shirt or exposing his chest in HD

 The Starfleet Command Emblem in Star Trek Enterprise - illustrated list of all appearances


Trek and the Real World

 Production Timeline - illustrated and clickable timeline from 1964 to today

 Classical Music in Star Trek - identification of the various pieces and their composers, complete with sound files

 Space Art in Star Trek: The Next Generation - summary of all space-related paintings that were visible in TNG

 Acoustic Panels as Wall Coverings in TNG - overview of commercially available panels or tiles that appeared in various places

 Newspaper Pages in Star Trek - identification of filler text on fictional newspaper pages in Trek episodes and movies

 Picard's Shakespeare Books - investigation of the books in the ready room and in his quarters, incl. identification of the pages

 Visual TOS References in Modern Star Trek - homages to The Original Series in the form of props and graphics

 NASA References in Star Trek - richly illustrated, with information from Mike Okuda, the creator of many of the references

 Military References in Star Trek - detailed article on the military in Star Trek, as well as on Star Trek people in the military

 CGI in Star Trek - history and applications of computer-generated effects; examples, people and companies


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Last modified: 01.02.15