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Starship Gallery - Ambassador

USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C - Zhukov, Excalibur & Yamaguchi


USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C

Enetrprise-C model - front

(Star Trek Mechanics)

Enterprise-C - top and side

(Star Trek Mechanics)

Enterprise-C - top and side again

(Star Trek Mechanics)

Enterprise-C - top

(Star Trek Mechanics,
image by Alexander DeLarge)


Enterprise-C top and side JPG
or PDF document
(created by Mike Swantak)

Side view

(image modified by Gus)

Side view

(image by Gus)

Top view

(image by Gus)


Bottom view

(image by Gus)

Front view

(image by Gus)

Rear view

(image by Gus)

Original PDFs by Gus (huge)

(protected dir., user: "guest", pass: Riker's second name)


Zhukov, Excalibur & Yamaguchi

Yamaguchi aft end

(image by Mike Trice)

Yamaguchi saucer ventral side

(image by Mike Trice)

Zhukov studio model

(TNG: The Continuing Mission, image by Pedro)

Latest: bottom as NCC-26517,
top as NCC-26510
(Christie's, thanks to Stacy)


Another recent picture
(Christie's auction, st-bilder.de)

Studio model - starboard
(Christie's auction, st-bilder.de)

Studio model - port
(Christie's auction, st-bilder.de)

Doug Drexler and studio model

(Drex Files)


Studio model - total

(Drex Files)

Studio model - details

(Drex Files)


More about the Ambassador Class

Ambassador Class Variants - a very detailed view at the existing variations

The Enterprise Legacy - a compilation about the eight starships to bear this name

Enterprise Lineages on Display - "ship walls" and how authentic they are in light of retroactive continuity


Designing the Enterprise-C @ The FSD 


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Last modified: 27.10.14