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23 Dec 1998

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 1999!

22 Dec 1998

Our report on the Star Trek World Tour is online, along with many photos.

21 Dec 1998

Finally I have managed to scan some images of my starship models. They can be found on the Enterprise-E page and the new page for the other starship models.

A report on the Star Trek World Tour in Düsseldorf is almost finished and will be online tomorrow.

18 Dec 1998

Rearranged and updated the links and made a number of small improvements.

15 Dec 1998

6 more starship designs are online.

14 Dec 1998

After having some severe problems with my computer, everything is running again and the site will be extended and updated within the next few days. I will put up some new starship designs and my buddy Thorsten will report on our recent visit of the Star Trek World Tour in Düsseldorf.

Thanks go to Robert "Baloo" Dunehew for awarding me his Award of Excellence. Please visit his site and have a good time there.



30 Nov 1998

I have just received the Federation Shipyards Award of Excellence and added a separate award page.

The image galleries have been supplemented and reorganized.

23 Nov 1998

Some more images for the new Treknology glossary are still missing, however, it is officially online now (page 1, page 2), along with a few minor updates and corrections.

19 Nov 1998

Added a few links and done some minor modifications.

The announced Treknology term glossary is almost finished. Check out the preliminary version: page 1, page 2.

10 Nov 1998

Pedro's Shiporama has provided a new schematic of the Prometheus class.

09 Nov 1998

It was about time to update the links.



28 Oct 1998

6 more starship designs are online.

26 Oct 1998

I have completed the reviews of DS9 and Voyager time travel episodes.

A corrected image of the kitbashed Excelsior class from DS9: "A Time to Stand" is online.

23 Oct 1998

The six new starships from the DS9 Technical Manual are online in my starship list. The odd and inconsistent ship designs demonstrate that Kitbashing is no way to enrich the Star Trek universe. In my opinion, the responsible production designers should be fired and the kitbashed models destroyed. Still, the inconsistencies have to be handled. I will retouch the images as soon as I have more information on the ship classes.

22 Oct 1998

The starship list has been updated, now including new and official schematics of the Prometheus class and Freedom class (thanks to Jim Stevenson's Starship Schematics). I have recently obtained six starship images from the new DS9 Technical Manual (thanks in advance to Frank Gerratana's Starfleet Ship Designs). Though official, these ships are not only very bizarre, but the schematics as well as the specs are also highly inaccurate and need to be cleaned up. I will put them up in a few days.

19 Oct 1998

Joined the Starfleet Spacedock Webring.

New ship designs will be up within the next few days, the promised extensive Treknology glossary is under heavy construction and will soon be finished.

14 Oct 1998

Links section updated, along with some small layout improvements.

06 Oct 1998

I have made some minor additions and corrections.

01 Oct 1998

My project to review all Star Trek time travel episodes is (almost) finished. Read about the DS9 and Voyager time travels on the third time travel page.



30 Sep 1998

I have reviewed and updated all of my links.

The missing DS9 and Voyager time travel episodes will be up within the next days, including the most extensive review of the most complicated Star Trek episode ever, "Year of Hell".

25 Sep 1998

A new banner page is online. Furthermore, the links section has been modified and updated.

22 Sep 1998

Updated the starship list and added an exclusive schematic of the New Orleans class.

18 Sep 1998

The gallery and archive pages have been updated. I will put up a banner page in the near future. If you like to exchange banners, you should have a banner file with a permanent URL, since I will not save additional files on my server.

16 Sep 1998

The links page and the fun section have been updated.

14 Sep 1998

I have updated the starship list and added exclusive schematics of the Apollo, Centaur, Cheyenne and Sydney.

04 Sep 1998

Made some additions to the links page.

02 Sep 1998

The images in the starship design gallery have been improved, now showing some more details.



31 Aug 1998

Reviews of all Star Trek time travel episodes can be found on the second time travel page. I will add the DS9 and Voyager episodes soon.

26 Aug 1998

I have redesigned the links page and marked sites that deserve particular attention. Still, all of the listed sites are among the best Trek resources on the web.

Furthermore, you will find the previous surprise images in the new image archive.

25 Aug 1998

Once again, the links section has been updated.

19 Aug 1998

6 more starship designs are available.

13 Aug 1998

I am really glad that my e-mail server is working again.

I am now a member of the USS Prometheus WebRing (not to be confused with the Prometheus Webring, this ship is really popular!).

Furthermore, the starship list has been updated.

11 Aug 1998

I apologize for difficulties with my e-mail account. If you do not get through, please try again later this week.

Besides, there are minor updates concerning the links page and the copyright notice.

04 Aug 1998

I have designed a new feedback form. Furthermore, the links page has been updated once again.



28 Jul 1998

The links page and the starship list have been updated.

21 Jul 1998

Time travel is probably the most interesting, but also the most confusing topic in science fiction. So it took a lot of time to consider and reconsider my time travel theories which are online now.

15 Jul 1998

I have updated the starship list and changed some webring memberships.

13 Jul 1998

It is alarming how many links become outdated within only a few weeks, so another update was necessary. New: a weekly (or at least frequently) changing surprise image

06 Jul 1998

A complete list of the known Starfleet ship classes is online.

I have also improved my starship design gallery and I will add some new designs soon.

Furthermore my links page has been updated.

03 Jul 1998

I have changed the title of my Star Trek site to Ex Astris Scientia, the motto of Starfleet Academy. I hope this is a nice contrast to the many Star Trek homepages with titles resembling each other.

New: more Voyager fun



03 Jun 1998

The inconsistencies page has been updated. A complete illustrated survey of Federation starship classes is being prepared.

02 Jun 1998

I have added 6 more starship designs and improved the existing images.

Furthermore the gallery has been extended and the links have been updated.



25 May 1998

Read about the Klingon forehead problem on my inconsistencies page and visit the other sites in the Star Trek webrings. Also, my links page has been updated. I am currently working on a complete analysis of time travel in Star Trek.



27 Apr 1998

My site is now a member of the Starship Design Web Ring and I have applied for membership in 5 more web rings.

24 Apr 1998

Added a gallery page with some of my favorite Star Trek images (no blurred screenshots, only high resolution pics).

23 Apr 1998

My inconsistencies page includes some images now. Furthermore, I have updated the links page and removed all dead links.

03 Apr 1998

6 more starship designs are available.



No updates



No updates



21 Jan 1998

Greetings! It's "Tuesday" and finally my Star Trek pages are online. I hope I can give you useful information on building the Enterprise-E model kit. Feel free to enjoy (or disapprove of) my starship designs. Also check the other links on the homepage. Since photographing, scanning and image processing requires some efforts, this website shows a lack of images. However, I intend to change this soon.


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