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Beginning in 1994, I have designed several ship classes from the foundation of Starfleet to the end of the 24th century. All starships depicted in this section are non-canon. I hope I was careful to fit the new designs into the timeline, complying with the various technical requirements for Starfleet vessels as well as with the registry scheme. What you won't find here is fanboyish überships with overblown armament or with extra nacelles in every corner.


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Charts and Listings

Starship Sketches - a small gallery of old (and sometimes embarrassing) designs


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Starship Design Guidelines - Is there such a thing as "good starship design"?

Starship 2D Design Tutorial - typical steps from simple outlines to a fully-fledged image with shading

Miscellaneous 2D Design Tricks - some more useful techniques for 2D (starship) design

Drawing Software Test - reviews of Micrografx Designer, Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator



Starfleet Starships

Pre-TOS Ships (before 2200)

TOS Era Ships (2200-2260)

Movie Era Ships (2260-2305)

Early 24th Century Ships (2305-2330)

Mid-24th Century Ships (2330-2355)

TNG Era Ships (2355-2370)

Post-TNG and Future Ships (since 2370)


Alien Starships

Alien Ship Designs


Additional markings Detailed three-view diagrams or 3D models are available for the ship classes marked with .



I made my starship drawings with Micrografx Designer 4/6/8, and unfortunately there is no possibility to convert them to newer formats without extreme information loss. But I can provide larger bitmap image files if requested. If you are interested in designing starships, you should check the Technical Support about using drawing software and my Starship Design Guidelines with rules for what may be considered good starship design.



Copernicus Ship Yards emblem by Chris Spinnler, Mercury-class 3D model by Jan Seebald.


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