Observations in TNG: "Suddenly Human"

A joint project with TrekCore, by Jörg Hillebrand and Bernd Schneider

Here are some observations about sets, props and visual effects in TNG: "Suddenly Human" without a specific theme, and a comparison of the original TV release (TNG) with the remastered episode (TNG-R).

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This shot of the 4-foot miniature of the USS Enterprise-D was newly created for "Suddenly Human". Comparison screenshots from season 1 episodes show what the 6-foot model looks like from a similar angle.

Actually, "Suddenly Human" is the very first filmed (not aired!) episode of TNG not featuring the "old" 6-foot Enterprise-D at all (but still the 2-foot model).
The Saucer Rim on the Galaxy Class


"When the Bough Breaks"
The shot of the 4-foot model in HD.
The model of the Talarian observation craft was created for this episode. The model was later extensively modified and next appeared as the Tamarian starship in "Darmok".
Redresses of the Talarian Observation Craft

We can recognize a few more details of the model in HD.
The interior of the Talarian observation craft is a redress of the Ferengi Marauder brig as seen in "Ménage à Troi".
"Ménage à Troi"
A look at the set in the remastered episode.
The large console with two blinking tubes in the center of the room previously showed up in "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan", "Datalore" and "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier". It will reappear several times in later Star Trek episodes.
Re-Used Props - Miscellaneous Equipment

"Star Trek II"

"Star Trek V"


LOW: "I Have No Bones Yet..."
The bone-shaped lights in the wall opening previously appeared in the holding cell aboard the Ferengi ship in "Ménage à Troi".
"Ménage à Troi"
We can recognize a fine grating around the lamps in HD.
The large console at the left side of the room was also originally part of the Ferengi Marauder brig set. The Ferengi console dome was replaced by a large mesh tube and the Ferengi graphics were swapped for Talarian graphics. The small rectangular buttons however, still feature the same Ferengi writing seen in "Ménage à Troi".
"Ménage à Troi"
A look at the console and the emblem in the remastered episode.
The large Talarian graphic was first seen aboard the Talarian freighter Batris in "Heart of Glory". For the re-use in "Suddenly Human" it was flipped, however.
Talarian emblem

"Heart of Glory"
Tapered stools, like the one seen in the background of this shot, appeared several times in season 1 episodes. They were seen on Rubicun III in "Justice", on Ligon II in "Code of Honor" and on Aldea in "When the Bough Breaks".

"When the Bough Breaks"
An HD close-up of the stool.

"Code of Honor"
A good look at the Talarian make-up. The make-up in HD.
Another good look at the Talarian observation craft and the 4-foot model of the USS Enterprise-D. We can see the hull panels of the Talarian ship much better in HD.
Sickbay was only modified slightly between seasons 3 and 4. One new addition are red LCARS stickers seen here to the left and right of Troi. These stickers were not present on the set in season 3.
"Who Watches the Watchers"
No changes
A new biobed cover was created for the fourth season. It is seen for the first time in this shot.
"Sins of the Father"
No changes
When the sickbay replicator was last seen in "Transfigurations", it still featured a Zibalian interface from "The Most Toys". In "Suddenly Human", the panels are black and red stickers were added to the three squares on the top of the replicator.
No changes
The full extent of the Talarian make-up can be seen very well in this screenshot. A close-up of the Talarian head in HD.
It seems somebody left his or her script on the sickbay table to the left of Worf. We can see the script in TNG-R too.
Jono's small guest quarters are a redress of the junior officers' quarters, normally used by Data, Worf and Geordi. The set still features the sonic shower first seen in "Star Trek: The Motion Picture".
"Star Trek I"
No changes
When Geordi turns on the viewscreen in the observation lounge, everybody looks at the starboard monitor. The close-up of the monitor, displaying the photos of the Rossa family, however, looks like the port monitor, the same one seen behind the bridge crew in the first shot (or footage of the correct starboard monitor flipped). The picture of the Rossa family was inserted into the frame in the very same fashion for TNG-R. However, is is now very noticeable that either the screen is oddly slanted, or the image is distorted.
Beverly Crusher's uniform is missing the rank pips in the observation lounge scene. No changes
A look at Jono's guest quarters. Geordi's bed is located at the same spot in the set.
"The Most Toys"
No changes

Picard's quarters were last seen in "Sarek". Like in that episode, the Mintakan tapestry, given to Picard in "Who Watches the Watchers", is draped over his chair. "Suddenly Human" is the first time the tapestry is wedged between the seat and the headrest.

Also in this episode, the set first features a new addition, which would be part of Picard's quarters until the end of the series: the bust of William Shakespeare on the shelf in the background.

We can see Volume II of Picard's Annotated Shakespeare on the shelf in the background. The double page 368/369 with two illustrations from King John is opened.
Picard's Shakespeare Books

"Who Watches the Watchers"

A good look at Picard's quarters in HD. We can clearly recognize the Shakespeare bust on his shelf.
The d'k tahg in its sheath was given to Picard in "Sins of the Father". Jono uses the knife to stab Picard later in the episode.
"Sins of the Father"
An HD close-up of the knife.
As Jono enters Picard's quarters for the first time and grabs the precious sextant, we can see that the hooks for his hammock are still in place, although at this time it is not yet an option for him to move in. A better look at the quarters in HD.
In the ready room, the double page 287/287 from Picard's Annotated Shakespeare vol. I features two images illustrating The Merchant of Venice. A better look at the book in HD.
The nautilus shell in the ready room was replaced with an ammonite during "The Best of Both Worlds I". The former display stand was changed to a less elaborate version for season 4.
"The Best of Both Worlds I"
The HD shot confirms it is a different stand than in "The Best of Both Worlds I".
The decoration in Picard's fish tank has been modified a bit since season 3. His fish Livingston will undergo a few changes too.
Spot the Difference

A look at Livingston's home in HD.
Picard looks at an LCARS display on his desktop monitor with a list of names:
Engineering Division Duty Roster
Lt. Cmdr. Jim Mees Shift Supervisor On Duty
Lt. Wilbur Finks Safety Officer On Duty
Lt. Fernando Sepulveda Ops Engineer On Duty
Lt. Dick D'Angelo Ops Engineer On Duty
Lt. Don Foster Jr. Warpfield Tech 1 On Duty
Lt. John Nesterowicz Warpfield Tech 2 On Duty
Third Shift Antimatter Operations Unit

We can see in HD that the display reads "Engineering Division Duty Roster" and lists names with ranks. The names belong to people involved in the Star Trek production (see table to the left). The list was not changed for TNG-R.
As stated in the episode script, Jono has completely rearranged the furniture after moving into Picard's quarters. He has also turned the rug with the Federation emblem (created for "Conspiracy", also seen in "Where Silence Has Lease") upside down.

"Where Silence Has Lease"
A good look at the redecoration in HD.
For some reason, the shelf behind Jono, which earlier in the episode featured the Shakespeare bust, a vase and several books, is completely empty now. Perhaps Picard was afraid Jono might damage something and removed the items (but not the sextant from the table).
Earlier in this episode
No changes
This PADD is different from another photo-PADD, seen in "The Bonding".
"The Bonding"
The family photos look absolutely brilliant in TNG-R. Note how each of the reworked images is somewhat differently framed.
Talarian interfaces, characterized by several blue flashing columns, can be seen behind Captain Endar. Similar Talarian interfaces were also seen on the Talarian freighter Batris in "Heart of Glory".
"Heart of Glory"
The symbol to the left of Endar's head has fallen victim to the contrast adaptation in TNG-R.
The USS Enterprise-D facing a Talarian warship. The shot of the Enterprise-D first appeared in "The Hunted". The model of the Talarian warship showed up in several later TNG, DS9 and VOY episodes. It was next seen in "Unification I+II" in the Qualor Surplus depot.
Redresses of the Talarian Warship

"The Hunted"

"The Hunted" HD
We can see the details of the Talarian warship much better in HD. The comparison between this shot and the corresponding one from TNG-R: "The Hunted" demonstrates how much variation there is even between remastered episodes.

The Talarian rifles, only briefly seen in this one shot, originally appeared as Ansata rifles in the season 3 episode "The High Ground". They would be seen much more prominently as Romulan disruptor rifles in "Unification I+II".

The Seronians in TNG: "Man of the People will re-use the Talarian uniforms.

"The High Ground"

"Captain's Holiday"
Uniforms and rifles in HD.

"Unification II"

"Man of the People"
A good look at Captain Endar. The make-up and uniform in HD.
Only in this episode, a different model replaces the usual Cobra Chair by Baul Boulva, which can be found in the sickbay office since season 3.
Commercially Available Chairs in Star Trek

"The Bonding"
The chair in HD.
A different kind of racquetball court is seen in the DS9 episode "Rivals".
DS9: "Rivals"
The contrast as well as the colors are much better in TNG-R.
A better look at the sextant in Picard's quarters. It was moved from the usual column in the corner to the table so Jono would immediately see and lift it up upon entering earlier in the episode.
"Where Silence Has Lease"
An HD close-up of the sextant.
This medical PADD is seen clearly only in this episode. The medical PADD in HD.
Three Talarian warships, seen on the main viewscreen of the USS Enterprise-D. The great shot in HD.
This shot was seen earlier in the episode, now one more Talarian ship was added.
The transporter room has stayed largely the same since season 3, only a few white squares and striped were added to the side of the transporter platform.
"The Bonding"
The modifications to the platform in HD.
The Talarian warship and the USS Enterprise-D fly away in opposite directions. The footage of the Enterprise, filmed using the 2-foot model, was originally created for "Contagion" and also appeared in "The Enemy".
A good look at the ships in HD.

"The Enemy"


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