Starship Gallery - Alpha and Beta Quadrant, Part 1

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Merchantman ("Star Trek III") and re-uses


Pakled Ship (TNG: "Samaritan Snare")


Miradorn Raider (DS9: "Vortex") aka Baran's ship (TNG: "Gambit")


Talarian Freighter Batris (TNG: "Heart of Glory") and re-uses


Straleb Patrol Ship (TNG: "The Outrageous Okona") and re-uses


Husnock Ship (TNG: "The Survivors") and re-uses


Other 23rd Century Starships


Other 24th Century Starships


Caution Many of the alien ship diagrams from the Fact Files are dreadfully inaccurate. The basic shape and the most important details are usually correct, but they tend to confuse variants, and sometimes even the length/width proportions are wrong. Please head over to the Starship Articles or follow the links below to see our much better reconstructions based on DVD/Blu-ray evidence.


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Redresses of the Mondor - modifications for Acamarians, Cardassians, Satarrans, Rigelians

Redresses of the Batris - modifications for Ornarans, sublight freighter, Norkova

Redresses of the Husnock Ship - modifications for the Jovis, Bajoran freighter and even the black smuggler ship

Redresses of the Talarian Observation Craft - modifications for Tamarians, Klaestron, T'Lani, Bothans, Drayans

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Redresses of Jaheel's Ship - how one design shows up in four science fiction universes in some fashion



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