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Some starship issues from structural analysis of ships to feasibility considerations are too complex for the Starship Database. They are discussed in much more detail and richly illustrated on the following pages.


General Issues

Starship Registries - Do the NCC numbers make any sense?

Starship Design Guidelines - Is there such a thing as "good starship design"?

Starship Sizes - some general thoughts about how to determine a ship's size

Starship Size Table - a list of starship sizes as given in several publications

Starship Scaling - about starships that look the same but are (supposed to be) of different sizes

Starship Kitbashing - about the feasibility of combining components of different ship types

Where are the Jefferies Tubes? - an attempt to fit them into various ship classes

Miscellaneous Starship Problems - a compilation of some general problems

Starship Mutations - ships and shuttles whose type miraculously changes during an episode

Obscure Yet Interesting Starships - ships types that are intriguing but not well-documented


The Battle at Wolf 359

Wolf 359 - Overview - ship list, screen caps and the status of the identification

Wolf 359 - Interview with Michael Okuda - an e-mail correspondence from February 2000

Cheyenne Class Reconstruction

New Orleans Class Reconstruction

Springfield Class Reconstruction

Challenger Class Reconstruction

Niagara Class Reconstruction

Freedom Class Reconstruction

Proto-Nebula Class Reconstruction

Wolf 359 - Other Ships - "Planet of the Titans" study models, Excelsior study models, Constitution, Rigel


Starfleet Ship Classes

A Close Look at Enterprise NX-01 - with first-hand information by Doug Drexler

The "Akiraprise" Design - why I think the overall exterior of Enterprise NX-01 is anachronistic

Daedalus Class Problems - about its canon status, the design, the size and other issues

From the Bonaventure to the Phoenix - ever-changing ideas of the first warp ship

The New Enterprise Design - my two cents on the Abramsverse redesign and its true size

The Enterprise Refit of 2271 - "Admiral, this is an almost totally new Enterprise."

Ambassador Class Variants - a very detailed view at the existing variations

The Saucer Rim on the Galaxy Class - dissimilarities between the older and newer miniatures

Sovereign Class Variations - comparison of the Enterprise-E models used in the three movies

Miranda Class Variations - all variations and all appearances of the long-lived class

Nebula Class Observations - a close look at four variants of the design

The History of the Nebula Class Studio Models - all screen-used models (miniatures and CGI) and their modifications

The History of the Excelsior Class Studio Models - all screen-used models (miniatures and CGI) and their modifications

Defiant Problems - Just how little is the tough little ship?

Size of the Excelsior Class - surprising evidence why the ship might be much bigger

Size of the Oberth Class - reasons why 120m is probably too small

Size of the Akira Class - sorting out some conflicting evidence, including the official ILM size chart

The Fleet in PIC: "The Star Gazer" and "Farewell" - identification of all ships and information on the designs

The Fleet in PIC: "Vox" and "The Last Generation" - analysis of the formation, list of identified ships and gallery

Size of the Delta Flyer - or: how to fit a 21m shuttle into a 14m shuttlebay

Which is the Peregrine Class? - trying to link the class name to one of the Maquis ship designs

Runabouts with Rollbars - observations in nine DS9 episodes

Variations of the Type-7 Shuttle - taking into account graphics, interiors, models, mock-ups

Variations of the Type-15 Shuttle - complete analysis of the evolution of the miniature and the set

Redresses of the Orbital Office Complex - how it was made into the Regula One lab and various starbases

Spotting the Ships from the Star Fleet Technical Manual - as seen in "Star Trek II" and "Star Trek III"

Analysis of the Qualor II Surplus Depot - identifying the ships in TNG: "Unification I+II"

The DS9TM Kitbashes - thorough review including photos of the actual studio models

Navigation Lights on Starfleet Ships - red and green lights across the design generations

Starship Class Inconsistencies - a compilation of some popular problems


Alien Ship Classes

The Everlasting Klingon Battlecruiser - one design for 225 years?

The Bird-of-Prey Size Paradox - one, two or even more sizes?

Appearances of the Romulan Warbird - complete investigation of all shots with the miniatures and the CG model

Appearances of the Ferengi Marauder - complete investigation of all shots with the miniatures and the CG model

Size of Goroth's Ship and Skalaar's Shuttle - size estimation of the ships from ENT: "Bounty"

Kazon Ship Sizes - analysis especially of the subtle differences between raider and fighter

Size of the Dominion Battleship - Does the 5km version really exist?

Variations of the Dominion Battlecruiser - differences between "V-type" and "U-type"

Variations of the Ferengi Shuttle - meticulous analysis of the interior and exterior in all of its appearances

Variations of the Negh'Var - how the model was redressed for various different timelines and universes

Redresses of the Romulan Scout - modifications for Romulan science ship and Nasari ship

Redresses of the T'Pau - modifications for the Tosk ship and the partial reconstruction of the original look

Redresses of the Bajoran Raider - modifications for the small Maquis raider and the Xantoran patrol ship

Redresses of the Groumall - modifications for the Nekrit freighter and the Klingon freighter

Redresses of the Merchantman - modifications for Atlec, Sheliak, Peliar Zel, Cardassians, Vidiians, Klingons

Redresses of the Tarellian Vessel - modifications for Zalkonians, Ktarians, Hunters, Haakonians

Redresses of the Batris - modifications for Ornarans, sublight freighter, Norkova

Redresses of the Mondor - modifications for Acamarians, Cardassians, Satarrans, Rigelians

Redresses of the Straleb Vessel - modifications for the Angosian transport

Redresses of the Husnock Ship - modifications for the Jovis, Bajoran freighter and even the black smuggler ship

Redresses of the Talarian Observation Craft - modifications for Tamarians, Klaestron, T'Lani, Bothans, Drayans

Redresses of the Talarian Warship - modifications for Qualor II, Lysians, Frunalians, Drayans

Redresses of the Nenebek - history of the versatile shuttle mock-up and miniature

Redresses of Jaheel's Ship - how one design shows up in four science fiction universes in some fashion

Redresses of the Wadi Ship - modifications for the Xepolite freighter

Redresses of the Karemma Ship - modifications for the Bajoran, Antarian, Ledosian and Xantoras visitor ship

Re-Uses of the Flaxian Ship - appearances as the Tak Tak and as the Entharan ship

Redresses of the Reptohumanoid Ship - modifications for the Vidiians, Dralians, Nygeans

Redresses of the Akritirian Patrol Ship - modifications for the Ba'neth, Lokirrim, Ledosians, Kriosians, pirates

Redresses of Tau's Pirate Fighter - modifications for Torat's and Kes's shuttles and the Benkaran ship

Redresses of the Ramuran Tracer Ship - modifications for the Kobali and the Annari

Redresses of Qatai's Vessel - modifications for Nocona's ship and for shuttles on Enterprise

Redresses of Alice - modifications for the Arkonian shuttle and Tellarite shuttle

Redresses of the Mazarite Shuttle - modifications for the Enolian, Denobulan and Augment shuttles

Redresses of the Arkonian Warship - modifications for the Tellarite cruiser and its animated version

Analysis of the Antarian Transstellar Rally - identification of all involved ships and commentary

Analysis of the Ships in the "Void" - identification of most involved ships and commentary

The Antares Class(es) - too many designs with the same name


Individual Starships

Starships in TOS and TOS Remastered - "before & after" comparison of all ships that appeared in the series

The Enterprise Legacy - a compilation about the eight (+4) starships to bear this name

Enterprise Lineages on Display - "ship walls" and how authentic they are in light of retroactive continuity

Federation Ship Names A-K, L-Z - an alphabetical listing of names, their origins and dedication plaques

Possible Namesakes of Federation Starships - an attempt to find in-universe namesakes

Uncertain Ship Names and Registries - a collection of typos and other oddities


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