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Product Reviews

Book Reviews - Video Game Reviews - Starship Collection Reviews - Model Kit Reviews

This is the place for reviews of Star Trek books, games, starship miniatures and other merchandising items. Visitor contributions are welcome.


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Building the Enterprise-C
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Book Reviews

Novels - novels from any era and with any crew

Non-Fiction Books - reference books, making ofs and coffee table books 

Other Books About Star Trek - "unauthorized" books on Star Trek and its cultural impact


Video Game Reviews by TTP

Various Video Games - Star Trek games of various genres

Video Game Glossary - classification system of video games


Starship Collection Reviews

Coming soon.


Model Kit Reviews

Various Model Kits - Ertl Enterprise-A, -B, -D, Defiant; Monogram Voyager, Kazon Raider; Bandai Enterprise refit

Building the Enterprise-C - by AMT/Ertl

Building the Enterprise-E - by AMT/Ertl

Starship Modeling Guidelines - some tips for modelers with average skills to achieve good results


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