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2302 This is the year of the last Federation contact with Angel One prior to 2364 (TNG: "Angel One").

2302 Jaresh-Inyo begins his political career (DS9: "Paradise Lost").

2304 Tuvok abandons his Kolinahr training and marries T'Pel (VOY: "Ex Post Facto").

2305 On July 13, Jean-Luc Picard is born in La Barre, France (TNG: "Coming of Age", "Conundrum", PIC: "Remembrance").

In TNG, his birth date could be derived indirectly, as we know that he first applied for Starfleet Academy at the age of 17, which was likely in 2322. The exact date and place are known since they appeared on a display in "Conundrum" and once more in PIC: "Remembrance".

2307 Timicin in born on Kaelon II (TNG: "Half a Life").

2309 The Cardassian Union officially offers help to the poor and underdeveloped planet of Bajor (DS9: "Emissary").

2309 Federation starships first explore the Indri system near Caere (TNG: "The Chase").

2311 Thousands of Federation citizens die in the Tomed Incident. Following the incident the Treaty of Algeron is signed between the Federation and the Romulans in which the Federation is obliged not to develop cloaking technology. The Romulans subsequently go into isolation (TNG: "The Neutral Zone", "The Defector", "The Pegasus").

2311 The interdimensional planet Meridian materializes briefly in this universe in the Trialus system (DS9: "Meridian").

2313 Kevin Uxbridge, actually an immortal Douwd, meets a human woman named Rishon in the city of New Martim Vaz in the Atlantic Ocean on Earth and marries her (TNG: "The Survivors").

2313 On Acamar III, Gatherer Penthor-Mul of the Lornak is killed by a microvirus designed by the last Tralesta (TNG: "The Vengeance Factor").

2314 Kira Meru is born (DS9: "Wrongs Darker than Death or Night").

2314 Mark and Anne Jameson get married (TNG: "Too Short a Season").

Around 2314 Yvette Picard commits suicide, hanging herself in the solarium of Château Picard (TNG: "Hide and Seek").

Picard says he used to imagine his maman as an old woman, drinking tea with him. This refers to the vision he had in "Where No One Has Gone Before". In other words, he provides an explanation for the retcon through the fourth wall.

2319 The multiplex pattern buffer is invented, which eradicates transporter psychosis (TNG: "Realm of Fear").

2319 The father of Mordan IV leader Karnas is assassinated by a rival tribe, leading to a crisis that involves the Federation and is resolved with an illegal weapons deal by Admiral Jameson (TNG: "Too Short a Season").

2320 Miranda Vigo is born on New Gaul (TNG: "Bloodlines").

2320 Raymond "Renny" Marr is born. He will be killed by the crystalline entity (TNG: "Silicon Avatar").

2322 The Bajoran wormhole undergoes a brief subspace inversion (DS9: "The Visitor").

Around 2323 After he has applied in vain a year before, Picard is admitted to Starfleet Academy. He is the first freshman to win the Academy Marathon (TNG: "Coming of Age", "The First Duty", "Best of Both Worlds").

2324 Beverly Howard is born in Copernicus City, Luna, to Paul and Isabel Howard. Beverly's mother dies while she is still a child, and young Beverly is raised by her grandmother, Felisa Howard (TNG: "Conundrum", "Sub Rosa").

2324 The Starfleet Academy team wins a parrises squares tournament over the heavily favored team from Minsk (TNG: "The First Duty").

2325 The Son'a subdue the Tarlac and the Ellora ("Star Trek: Insurrection").

2325 Devinoni Ral is born in Brussels, European Alliance. He is one-fourth Betazoid (TNG: "The Price").

2327 Jean-Luc Picard graduates from Starfleet Academy. Briefly before taking his first assignment, he is severely hurt in a fight with Nausicaans on Starbase Earhart, and his natural heart is replaced by an artificial heart (TNG: "The First Duty", "Tapestry").

2327 William Patrick Samuels is born in Bergen, Norway (DS9: "The Maquis").

2328 The Cardassian Union annexes Bajor, beginning a 40-year period of suppression and genocide (TNG: "Ensign Ro").

2328 Ian Andrew Troi of Earth and Lwaxana Troi of Betazed are married (TNG: "Dark Page").

2329 Chakotay is born (VOY: "Endgame").

The date is written on Chakotay's grave in the parallel future. This is is inconsistent with the birth date of 2335 indirectly given in VOY: "Tattoo".

2329 Duotronic circuitry on Starfleet ships is replaced with isolinear chips (TNG: "Relics").

2329 Kestra Troi is born on Betazed (TNG: "Dark Page").

2329 Mullibok escapes from a Cardassian camp on Bajor and settles on the moon of Jeraddo (DS9: "Progress").

2331 The Federation establishes an outpost on Boradis III (TNG: "The Emissary").

2331 Joseph and Sarah Sisko get married (DS9: "Image in the Sand").

2332 Benjamin Lafayette Sisko is born (DS9: "Image in the Sand").

2333 Sarah Sisko, who is possessed by a Bajoran Prophet, leaves her husband Joseph (DS9: "Image in the Sand").

2332 Beverly Howard, at the age of eight, falls in love with soccer player Stephan, aged eleven (TNG: "The Host").

2332 The later Maquis ship of Chakotay is commissioned (VOY: "Caretaker").

2332 Scientists Noonien Soong and Juliana O'Donnell are secretly married on a trip to Mavala IV, against explicit wishes of Juliana's mother (TNG: "Inheritance").

2333 Jean-Luc Picard takes command of the USS Stargazer when the ship's captain is killed (TNG: "The Battle").

2335 William T. Riker is born in Valdez, Alaska, on Earth (TNG: "The Icarus Factor").

2335 Geordi La Forge is born in the African Confederation on Earth (TNG: "Cause and Effect").

2335 Qatai begins to hunt the carnivorous anomaly, after the "monster" devours the ship named Nokaro and kills its crew of 3000, including Qatai's family (VOY: "Bliss").

Around 2335 After three failed attempts to create an android with a positronic brain, Dr. Noonien Soong creates Lore, but he soon exhibits a dangerous behavior and has to be deactivated. Some time later he builds another, less emotional android which he names Data. Soong strives to make his creation more human by programming the memories of all colonists of Omicron Theta into him, but before he can be reactivated, the crystalline entity attacks, killing all the inhabitants (TNG: "Datalore", "Inheritance").

2336 Deanna Troi is born on Betazed. During a family picnic, her sister Kestra drowns in Lake El'nar on Betazed (TNG: "Conundrum", "Dark Page").

2336 Sarah Sisko dies in a hovercraft accident (DS9: "Image in the Sand").

2337 Natasha Yar is born on Turkana IV (TNG: "Legacy").

2337 Beverly Howard colors her hair brunette, but is displeased with it and changes it back very soon (TNG: "The Quality of Life").

Worf's comment would have been: "Maybe it was not a good day to dye." :-D

2337 William Riker's mother dies, and the boy is raised by his father (TNG: "The Icarus Factor").

2337 Ambassador Odan negotiates with the inhabitants of Peliar Zel. (TNG: "The Host").

2337 A spacecraft reports an encounter with an unknown lifeform in the Denorios Belt in the Bajor system (DS9: "Emissary").

Around 2337 The government of Turkana IV collapses, leaving the planet ruled by terrorist factions fighting each other (TNG: "Legacy").

2338 Data is discovered by the USS Tripoli on Omicron Theta (TNG: "Datalore").

Prior to 2339 Archaeologist Richard Galen and Captain Jean-Luc Picard see each other for the last time for over thirty years (TNG: "The Chase").

2339 After their general Ardelon Tandro has been murdered, his troops win the decisive battle in the civil war on Klaestron IV. It is not known at this time that Tandro, who was a friend of Curzon Dax, has actually betrayed his people (DS9: "Dax").

2340 Worf, Son of Mogh, is born (TNG: "The Bonding").

2340 Ilon Tandro is born on Klaestron IV to the late General Ardelon Tandro and his wife, Enina Tandro (DS9: "Dax").

2340 Ro Laren is born on Bajor (TNG: "Conundrum").

Around 2340 Medical researcher Nathaniel Teros conducts groundbreaking work with neuromuscular adaptation for low gravity species (DS9: "Melora").

Around 2340 Yadera Prime the Gamma Quadrant is conquered by the Dominion. A man named Rurigan escapes to Yadera II where he rebuilds his home village as a fully holographic environment with holographic inhabitants (DS9: "Shadowplay").

2342 Klingon parrises squares player M'Kota R'Cho strangles the referee after a controversial penalty (VOY: "Year of Hell").

2345 Geordi La Forge is caught in a fire, but rescued by his parents after a few minutes (TNG: "Hero Worship").

2341 Jadzia is born on Trill (DS9: "Emissary").

2341 Data enters Starfleet Academy (TNG: "Conundrum").

2341 Julian Subatoi Bashir is born (DS9: "Emissary").

2341 Mila is employed as housekeeper by Enabran Tain (TNG: "Improbable Cause").

2342 Ishara Yar is born on Turkana IV (TNG: "Legacy").

2342 On April 9th, Picard stands up Jenice in the Café des Artistes in Paris (TNG: "We'll Always Have Paris").

2343 Ian Andrew Troi dies (TNG: "Dark Page").

2343 Geordi La Forge's first pet is a Circassian cat (TNG: "Violations").

2343 Kira Nerys is born in the Dahkur Province of Bajor (DS9: "The Maquis", "Second Skin").

2344 The USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C is destroyed by Romulan forces attacking the Klingon outpost on Narendra III. In a parallel timeline, the Enterprise suddenly disappears in a temporal rift, and the alleged cowardice infuriates the Klingons, leading to a twenty-year war with the Federation. In the restored timeline, Tasha Yar from the parallel time assists in defending the ship against the Romulans, but although they impress the Klingons as necessary, they fail. The survivors are captured by the Romulans (TNG: "Yesterday's Enterprise").

2344 Jean-Luc Picard meets Beverly Howard for the first time (TNG: "Attached").

2344 The last attempt until 2364 to make contact with the Jarada fails (TNG: "The Big Goodbye").

2344 William Riker goes fishing with his father Kyle Riker, near their home in Valdez, Alaska (TNG: "The Icarus Factor").

2344 Devinoni Ral moves to Hurkos III (TNG: "The Price").

2345 Kurn, Son of Mogh, is born (TNG: "Sins of the Father").

2345 The criminal known as the Albino finds shelter on Secarus IV, hiding from Kang, Kor, Koloth, and Curzon Dax (DS9: "Blood Oath").

2345 Sela is born on Romulus. She is the daughter of Tasha Yar and a Romulan government official (TNG: "Redemption").

Around 2345 Martok's request to become an officer in the Klingon military is turned down by Kor (DS9: "Once More Unto the Breach").

2346 Kira Nerys's mother, an icon painter from the Dahkur province on Bajor, allegedly dies of malnutrition in the Singha refugee camp, but has actually been transferred to Terok Nor to become a "comfort woman" (DS9: "Second Skin", "Wrongs Darker than Death or Night").

2346 While the Mogh family except for Kurn visit Khitomer to find evidence for a treacherous plot by the Duras family, the Romulans attack the outpost. Four thousand Klingons are killed, including the whole Mogh family with the exception of young Worf. The USS Intrepid, following a distress call, arrives too late, but Worf is rescued by Starfleet engineer Sergey Rozhenko who adopts the orphan. The Romulans don't kill all the Klingons, but transfer nearly a hundred of the to a secret camp on Carraya. (TNG: "Sins of the Father", "Birthright").

2346 Jean-Luc Picard becomes romantically involved with Miranda Vigo on Earth (TNG: "Bloodlines").

Around 2346 Astrophysicist Dr. Paul Stubbs begins a project to study stellar explosions for which he develops a probe called "egg" (TNG: "Evolution").

Around 2346 War breaks out between the Haakonians and Talaxians (VOY: "Jetrel").

2346 Julian Bashir performs his first "surgery," sewing a leg back on Kukalaka, his beloved stuffed teddy bear (DS9: "The Quickening").

2346 Jason Vigo is born. He could be Jean-Luc's son, but in 2368 it will be proven by a DNA test that he is not (TNG: "Bloodlines").

2346 The Kazon overthrow their suppressors, the Trabe, in a bloody revolt (VOY: "Initiations", "Alliances").

2347 Julian Bashir undergoes an illegal genetic alteration to improve his mental and physical abilities (DS9: "Dr. Bashir, I Presume?").

2347 Worf, at the age of only seven, gets into trouble at school on Gault for beating up several teenaged human boys (TNG: "Family").

2348 Ro Laren witnesses how her father is tortured and murdered by the Cardassians (TNG: "Ensign Ro").

2348 Around a hundred Federation citizens, including Capt. Maxwell's family are killed in a Cardassian attack on their colony. Rutledge crew member Boone is taken prisoner, but later killed and replaced with a surgically altered Cardassian spy (TNG: "The Wounded", DS9: "Tribunal").

2348 The weather control system on Caldos experiences its last problem for the following 22 years (TNG: Sub Rosa").

2348 Marouk of Acamar III makes her last attempt to establish peace with the nomadic Gatherers for the next 18 years (TNG: "The Vengeance Factor").

2348 Annika Hansen, daughter of Magnus and Erin Hansen, is born in the Tendara Colony (VOY: "The Gift").

2348 Jean-Luc Picard visits his family in Labarre for the last time until 2367 (TNG: "Family").

2349 Wesley Crusher is born (TNG: "Evolution").

2349 Harry Kim is born (VOY: "Eye of the Needle").

2349 After an absence of fifty years, Tuvok returns to Starfleet where he joins the crew of the USS Wyoming (VOY: "Flashback").

2349 Ensign Stefan DeSeve renounces his Federation citizenship to live on Romulus (TNG: "Face of the Enemy").

2349 Kobliad security officer Ty Kajada begins tracking Rao Vantika, who is accused of causing the death of other to keep himself alive (DS9: "The Passenger").

2349 While attempting to escape Romulus with her daughter Sela, Natasha Yar is detected and later executed (TNG: "Redemption").

Around 2349 Dr. Paul Manheim's theories begin to gain acceptance in the Federation scientific community (TNG: "We'll Always Have Paris").

Around 2349 Curzon Dax and Benjamin Sisko meet for the first time (DS9: "Dax").

2350 Beverly Crusher graduates with a medical degree from Starfleet Academy (TNG: "Conundrum").

2350 Miles O'Brien considers to attend a musical academy, but then decides to enter Starfleet (DS9: "Shadowplay").

2350 Benjamin Sisko enters Starfleet Academy (DS9: "Emissary").

2350 A Federation citizen named William Samuels settles at the colony on Volan II, near the Cardassian border (DS9: "The Maquis").

2350 Kyle Riker leaves his son Will (TNG: "The Icarus Factor").

2350 A group of Native American humans settles on Dorvan V, near the Cardassian border (TNG: "Journey's End").

2350 After Telek R'Mor has left Romulus for a science mission, his wife gives birth to a daughter (VOY: "Eye of the Needle").

Around 2350 The immediate family of the later Romulan Praetor Neral is killed in a Klingon raid (DS9: "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges").

2351 Mardah is born on Bajor. Her parents are later killed by Cardassians and she is raised by neighbors (DS9: "The Abandoned").

2351 A Federation starship takes Salia to the planet Klavdia III, to be raised in peace (TNG: "The Dauphin").

2351 Amanda Rogers is born to two renegade members of the Q continuum on Earth (TNG: "True Q").

2351 Julian Bashir and his father are trapped in a remote region of Ivernia II by a severe ionic storm. Also trapped by the storm is a young Ivernian girl who suffers from a deadly illness. The storm makes it impossible to send for medical help and the girl dies. Later, Julian learns that a common Ivernian herb could have saved her (DS9: "Melora").

2351 The Cardassian military builds a mining station, designated Terok Nor, in orbit around Bajor (DS9: "Babel").

This is inconsistent with "Wrongs Darker than Death or Night", where Terok Nor must have existed as early as 2346 and was largely finished.

2351 The Romulan science vessel Talvath, investigating a microscopic wormhole, makes contact with the USS Voyager, 20 years in the future and in the Delta Quadrant. Commander Telek R'Mor receives a computer chip containing messages intended to be delivered to the families of the Voyager crew in 20 years (VOY: "Eye of the Needle").

2351 Quark leaves Ferenginar to seek fortune of his own (DS9: "Family Business").

2351 The two Bajorans Baltrim and Keena escape from Cardassian imprisonment and find refuge on the moon of Jeraddo (DS9: "Progress").

2351 Benjamin Sisko is captain of the Starfleet Academy wrestling team (DS9: "Apocalypse Rising").

Around 2352 A new era of peace begins between the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets (DS9: "The Way of the Warrior").

2352 Tasha Yar escapes from Turkana IV, while her sister Ishara who has joined one of the planet's gangs decides to stay (TNG: "Legacy").

2352 Varria begins her affair with the unscrupulous trader and collector Kivas Fajo (TNG: "The Most Toys").

2352 Joseph Sisko's physician moves to New Orleans (DS9: "Homefront").

2352 Beverly Crusher meets Dalen Quaice for the first time (TNG: "Remember").

2352 Scientists at the Darwin research station on Gagarin IV conduct an ambitious genetic experiment to give their children powerful immune systems (TNG: "Unnatural Selection").

2353 Tora Ziyal is born (DS9: "Indiscretion").

2353 Kira Meru dies as Gul Dukat's mistress (DS9: "Wrongs darker than Death or Night").

2353 Kyle Riker is the only survivor of a Tholian attack on a Federation starbase (TNG: "The Icarus Factor").

2353 Jeremiah Rossa is born to Connor and Moira Rossa (TNG: "Suddenly Human").

2353 The inhabitants of a planet in the Delta Quadrant construct hibernation chambers to survive an ice age on their planet that is predicted to last 25 years (VOY: "The Thaw").

2353 Geordi La Forge enters Starfleet Academy (TNG: "Cause and Effect").

2354 The Hansens leave for their research mission on the starship Raven (VOY: "The Raven", "Dark Frontier").

2354 Jeremy Aster is born to Marla Aster (TNG: "The Bonding").

2354 Kathryn Janeway, while at High School, is a talented tennis player (VOY: "Future's End").

2354 After graduating from Starfleet Academy, Sisko meets his future wife, Jennifer, at Gilgo Beach (DS9: "Emissary").

2354 Captain Picard, aboard the USS Stargazer, visits Chalna, home to the Chalnoth (TNG: "Allegiance").

2354 Jack Crusher, officer aboard the USS Stargazer under the command of Jean-Luc Picard, dies on an away mission (TNG: "True Q", "Violations").

2354 Dr. T'Pan, becomes director of the Vulcan Science Academy (TNG: "Suspicions").

2355 The USS Stargazer is nearly destroyed in an encounter with a yet unknown Ferengi vessel. The battle can be won through the "Picard Maneuver", but Picard and his crew have to abandon the ship (TNG: "The Battle").

2355 Kira Nerys joins the Shakaar resistance group on Bajor (DS9: "The Circle", "Shakaar").

2355 Miles O'Brien wins a racquetball championship (DS9: "Rivals").

2355 Worf celebrates his second Age of Ascension (TNG: "The Icarus Factor").

2355 Jake Sisko is born to Jennifer and Benjamin Sisko (DS9: "Move Along Home").

2356 The Alcyons destroy a Tarellian spacecraft which is believed to be the last of its kind until another one is detected in 2364 (TNG: "Haven").

2356 The war between the Haakonians and Talaxians ends when the Talaxians surrender after the explosion of the metreon cascade on Rinax (VOY: "Jetrel").

In "Mortal Coil", however, Neelix said that eleven years ago his world was in ruins and his family murdered which should have been in 2363.

2357 William Riker graduates from Starfleet Academy (TNG: "Chain of Command").

2356 Julian Bashir discovers that he has obviously been genetically altered (DS9: "Dr. Bashir, I Presume?").

2356 Abaddon establishes his repository (VOY: "Alice").

2356 After following the Borg for nearly three years, the Hansens are assimilated. Their ship is partially assimilated but later abandoned in B'omar territory (VOY: "Scorpion", "The Raven", "Once Upon a Time", "Dark Frontier").

The figures are somewhat contradictory. In "Scorpion" Seven's assimilation was said to have been 18 years ago. "Dark Frontier" consequently told us it was 20 years ago. On the other hand, according to the 32xxx stardates for all flashbacks in "Dark Frontier", the Hansen's departure would have been in the same year, so how could they track the Borg for three years?

PIC: "Penance" erroneously gives the year of her assimilation as 2350, which is way off because she was definitely older than two years.

2357 Geordi La Forge graduates from Starfleet Academy (TNG: "Conundrum").

2357 Worf and Nikolai Rozhenko enter Starfleet Academy (TNG: "Conundrum", "Homeward").

2357 The freighter S.S. Odin is heavily damaged near the planet Angel One, and four survivors manage to reach the planet in escape pods after a travel of five months (TNG: "Angel One").

2357 T'Jon assumes command over the Ornaran freighter Sanction (TNG: "Symbiosis").

2357 The Talarians attack the Federation colony on Galen IV, killing most of the population except for young Jeremiah Rossa (TNG: "Suddenly Human").

2357 The Shakaar resistance group liberates the notorious Gallitep labor camp, the site of numerous atrocities committed against Bajorans imprisoned there. The camp commandant is Gul Darhe'el (DS9: "Duet").

2357 Archeologist Vash visits Earth for the last time in twelve years (DS9: "Q-Less").

2357 A Hirogen hunter suffers a wound in one of his first matches in his captivity as a Tsunkatse fighter (VOY: "Tsunkatse").

2358 Nikolai Rozhenko, unable to conform with the strict rules, leaves Starfleet Academy (TNG: "Homeward").

2358 A son is born to Pa'Dar, exarch of Tozaht, a Cardassian settlement on Bajor (DS9: "Cardassians").

2358 A mutiny takes place on the USS Pegasus when Capt. Pressman tests an illegal phase cloaking device. Pressman and a few loyal officers, among them Lt. William Riker, have to leave the ship, while the Pegasus drifts into an asteroid where the cloak fails and the rest of the crew is killed (TNG: "The Pegasus").

2358 A civil war breaks out among the inhabitants of the Parada system in the Gamma Quadrant (DS9: "Whispers").

2358 Miranda Vigo and her son Jason leave Earth and settle on Camor V (TNG: "Bloodlines").

2358 The last new Think Tank member in 17 years is accepted (VOY: "Think Tank").

2359 Worf and K'Ehleyr have an unresolved romantic relationship (TNG: "The Emissary").

2359 Noted archeologist Prof. Richard Galen makes a discovery so profound that he decides to dedicate the rest of his life to further investigate it (TNG: "The Chase").

2359 The civil war on Mordan IV ends (TNG: "Too Short a Season").

2360 The Daystrom Institute begins work on a tomographic imaging scanner (TNG: "All Good Things").

Around 2360 Gul Dukat becomes Prefect of Bajor (DS9: "The Maquis").

We have to ignore this date because he was definitely already there in 2346 (DS9: "Wrongs Darker than Death or Night").

2360 As part of her plan to establish a technophobic society, Alixus causes the Federation personnel transport ship Santa Maria to crash in the Orellius
Minor system (DS9: "Paradise").

2360 Bajorans successfully manage to hide a few sub-impulse raiders from a Cardassian attack on Lunar V (DS9: The Siege").

2360 Caylem's wife, a member of the Alsaurian resistance movement, is killed by the Mokra Order (VOY: "Resistance").

2360 Bajoran resistance leader Li Nalas is believed killed, but actually imprisoned by the Cardassians (DS9: "The Homecoming").

2360 Bajoran scientist Dekon Elig and his medical assistant, Dr. Surmak Ren, are captured by the Cardassian military and sent to the Velos VII internment camp (DS9: "Babel").

2360 Colyus begins service as the protector at Rurigan's village on Yadera II, and a girl named Taya is born. They are actually all holograms (DS9: "Shadowplay").

2360 Hovath, apprentice to the leader of a small Bajoran village, begins to learn for his role as ceremonial storyteller for his people (DS9: "The Storyteller").

2360 The Federation starship Tombaugh is assimilated by the Borg (VOY: "Infinite Regress").

2361 During Jadzia's second year at Starfleet Academy, Leslie Wong is one of her instructors (DS9: "In the Pale Moonlight").

2361 Kevin and Rishon Uxbridge arrive at the Delta Rana IV colony (TNG: "The Survivors").

2361 Bajoran merchant Roana and her husband open a shop on the Promenade of Terok Nor (TNG: "Rivals").

2361 Worf graduates from Starfleet Academy (TNG: "Conundrum").

2361 Archaeologist Vash begins working as an assistant to Professor Samuel Estragon, who has spent much of his career searching for a device called the Tox Uthat, an artifact from the 27th century (TNG: "Captain's Holiday").

2361 The starship Potemkin makes the last Federation contact with the failed colony on Turkana IV prior to the USS Enterprise-D visit in 2367 (TNG: "Legacy").

2361 Tolen and Lidell Ren are married on the Banean homeworld (VOY: "Ex Post Facto").

2361 Jeremy Aster's father dies of a Rushton infection (TNG: "The Bonding").

2361 Lt. William Riker, previously assigned to a Starfleet facility on Betazed, accepts a posting to the starship Potemkin. He breaks up with Deanna (TNG: "Second Chances").

2361 During a rescue mission on Nervala IV, Lt. Riker's patterns are doubled in a transporter accident. It is not known until eight years later that a second Riker materializes on the planet's surface (TNG: "Second Chances").

2361 Rom leaves his homeworld of Ferenginar to seek his fortune (DS9: "Family Business").

2361 Klingon forces raid a Federation facility for the last time until 2369 (TNG: "Aquiel").

2361 Dr. Qualen assumes a position on Starbase 133 where he remains until his wife, Patricia, dies in 2367 (TNG: "Remember Me").

2362 Dekon Elig is killed when he tries to escape from his prison (DS9: "Babel").

2362 Quark loans latinum to his cousin Gaila to start a munitions consortium (DS9: "Little Green Men").

2362 Dr. Crusher undergoes a training to advance to the rank of commander (TNG: "Thine Own Self").

2362 The wife of Kotan Pa'Dar is killed in an attack by Bajoran terrorists. Her son, however, is abducted by Gul Dukat, in hopes of someday using the incident to humiliate Pa'Dar politically (DS9: "Cardassians").

2362 While serving on the USS Victory under Captain Zimbata, Geordi La Forge is in an away team to examine the disappearance of the outpost personnel on Tarchannen III (TNG: "Identity Crisis").

2362 Ferengi entrepreneur Quark, indicted in the hijacking of a shipment of Romulan ale, escapes imprisonment when he assists Romulan authorities to apprehend Fallit Kot, Quark's partner in the deal (DS9: "Melora").

2362 Miranda Vigo dies (TNG: "Bloodlines").

2362 Raymond Boone, who is actually a Cardassian spy in disguise, takes up residence at the Volan III colony, where he runs a ladarium mining sluice (DS9: "Tribunal").

Prior to 2363 Prof. Gegen first publishes his Distant Origin Theory (VOY: "Distant Origin").

2363 Starfleet officer George Primmin becomes a security officer (DS9: "Move Along Home").

2363 Gul Dukat meets Odo for the first time who has just been released from the research lab (DS9: "Necessary Evil").

2363 Quark falls in love with Cardassian scientist Natima Lang, but they break up after Natima discovers that Quark has been using her personal access codes to steal money from the Cardassian information. In the same year Quark installs the first holosuite at his bar on the Promenade of Terok Nor (DS9: "Profit and Loss").

2363 Dr. Farallon begins work on a revolutionary new particle fountain mining technology on Tyrus VII-A (TNG: "The Quality of Life").

2363 Klingon warrior Kang meets a former wife of the Albino on Dayos IV, but doesn't get any information on the criminal's whereabouts (DS9: "Blood Oath").

2363 Gul Darhe'el, known as "The Butcher of Gallitep," dies (DS9: "Duet").

2363 The USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D is commissioned. While the ship's construction is about to be finished, Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards engineer Marla Finn and another engineer become romantically involved. Lieutenant Walter Pierce becomes jealous and kills them both (TNG: "Lonely Among Us", "Eye of the Beholder").

2363 The USS Olympia begins an eight-year-mission in the Beta Quadrant (DS9: "Sound of Her Voice").


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