EAE Award Winners 2006

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The Ressikan Flute (January 2006)
Named for the famous instrument that Picard played in TNG: "The Inner Light", The Ressikan Flute is the probably most complete site about the music in Star Trek. Among other features there is a listing of composer credits in Trek episodes, information about Trek soundtracks and other Trek-related music CDs, a list of actors who have released records (still under construction though), song lyrics, sample sound files and MIDIs. A special section is dedicated to the musical highlights in Star Trek, including features about "The Inner Light", "Insurrection" and other episodes in which music plays an extraordinary role. The Ressikan Flute has recently been redesigned and now sports a clean and easy to navigate interface based on 22nd century computer screens. Congratulations to webmaster Geert who has created an informative as well as entertaining site!

UFPCroatia (February 2006)
It is not easy to evaluate a website in a foreign language. But although I can grasp only the meanings of occasional words of Croatian, there is no doubt that UFPCroatia, a portal for Star Trek and Stargate, fulfills all the criteria for the EAE Award. The focus of the site is a fairly complete and very detailed database on Treknology, characters, races, uniforms, episodes, to name only a few of the categories. For the most part the content at UFPCroatia looks original and not like it was simply collected from English-speaking places and translated (although this would have been a huge task already). In addition there are sections with reviews, downloads, artwork and humor. Everything is richly illustrated with thousands of prudently selected graphics. Overall, the site is a surfer's delight because of its easy navigation and clean layout without any bothersome effects. Congratulations, and keep up your excellent work in the global concert of Trek sites!

3D Constructs (March 2006)
I know Thomas Pemberton since he began to model many of Masao Okazaki's creations for the Starfleet Museum, and a couple of my humble starship designs too. Thomas is an outstanding artist with a special competence in sci-fi models. The proportions of his ships are faithful extrapolations of the 2D drawings, and the detail work and textures create the illusion of real space scenes. 3D.concept40.com may not be the biggest 3D art gallery, but with its excellent pictures of starships and celestial objects the neatly designed site is definitely worth a visit every time Thomas adds something new. Thanks to Thomas for being a friendly and always helpful guy and for being our favorite 3D modeler!

Borderlands (April 2006)
Borderlands is a long-standing Trek PBEM RPG whose website has recently been completely redesigned. The Borderlands website which also hosts the homepages of the single starships and starbases is much more than just a portal site. The rules and the purpose of the RPG as well as open positions are explained in detail, leaving fans interested in joining with no open questions. The site's Trek resources, including a Treknology encyclopedia, a fairly complete illustrated list of alien races, planet classifications etc. are exemplary among comparable RPGs. However, the probably most unique feature of Borderlands is the site design which emphasizes the RPG's respectable nature and yet looks very beautiful and futuristic. The supporting graphics of RPG characters add greatly to this impression. Congratulations to Jake of Borderlands!

TrekCore (May 2006)
For over three years Trekpulse used to be the premier place to go for screen caps, reviews and various information on all Star Trek series, movies and games. Like many other fans I was sad when the site was suddenly taken down a couple of months ago. But the staff around Adam Walker and Michael Broadhead has gathered again to rebuild everything. As the old name was not available any longer, they redesigned the interface and launched TrekCore. With a big and dedicated staff constantly working on the conversion of the old content and adding new features, TrekCore is the fastest growing site of its kind. And like its predecessor it is pleasantly designed and easy to navigate. The Omega Sector BBS, a very busy community, accompanies the new site. Congratulations to the staff who are working hard for the fans who can't get enough of Trek!

Steve's Star Trek TOS Site (June 2006)
Steve's Star Trek TOS Site is online for a couple of years now, but after not bookmarking it for some reason I rediscovered it only recently when Steve himself contacted me. One main section of the site is an illustrated Original Series episode guide with the possibility for visitors to add reviews. But there is much more to discover. Steve also offers a selection of sounds and a large searchable and customizable screen cap database, likewise with the option for visitors to leave comments. The unique feature of the site, however, is the collection of high-quality Flash animations, like the TOS opening sequence or a bridge simulator. Navigation on Steve's site is fast and straightforward, with a graphic design that is original yet true to the simplistic spirit of TOS. Thank you to Steve in Down Under for making his site a fun experience, and thanks for letting me know about it!

Utopia Planitia Yards (July 2006)
After the end of Star Trek on TV and the subsequent demise of many starship-related websites, the Utopia Planitia Yards Starship Guide comes as a pleasant surprise. This new site by Azeem Alim has the facts and the best pictures of the essential Starfleet ships at your fingertips. There may be more complete sites on the topic (you're just visiting one ;-)), but Utopia Planitia Yards with its fast and easy navigation and the attractive site design is inimitable. Besides the thumbnailed indices for the single vessels a clickable MSD provides a quick tour of each ship. The perhaps most interesting part of the site is an interactive "starship building kit" that allows to create new ships from predefined parts by just dragging them across the screen. Depending on your sense for starship design, everything from hideous Frankenstein ships to technically and esthetically plausible variants can be built using this nifty tool. Unfortunately it only works with Internet Explorer. Congratulations to Azeem for making starship design an enjoyable experience - not only for die-hard fans!

Trekprops.de (August 2006)
As small as they usually are, Star Trek could not exist without its props. Trekprops.de is a German site dedicated to collecting and building such devices. The section "Materialien & Werkzeuge" depicts basic materials and tools the modeler needs to assemble and modify props which are usually available in the form of rather coarse resin kits. The "Showcase" is a gallery of several props from isolinear chips to Tribbles the author has built or purchased. "Tutorials & Dokus" is a highlight of the site and demonstrates step by step how to build or improve such things as a mobile emitter or a hand scanner. Finally, there is a prop FAQ explaining some common terms and a link list. Although the site is in German for the most part, the many pictures are descriptive and helpful to everyone interested in prop design. The professional site design and easy navigation is one more merit of Trekprops.de.

Star Trek Gamers (September 2006)
The predecessor of the site named Star Trek Gamers today received the EAE Award already in 2003. Since that time the site has been moved and completely re-organized, not to mention the new design, so I gladly agreed to review it once again. And I was impressed. One key section of Star Trek Gamers is still the gaming directory with the links to the single clans. Detailed information is available for newbies who plan to join a clan or found a new one. The download section continues to thrive, with countless mods and patches being available for the Star Trek Armada series, the Starfleet Command Series, Klingon Academy, Bridge Commander and more. Furthermore there is concise game information, covering several older and newer officially endorsed as well as fan-made releases. Finally, the history of Star Trek gaming is interesting reading even for non-gamers (like myself). It remains to say that the site with its neat gaming theme in all graphical elements is easy to navigate as all the essential links are available on every page.

The Complete Starfleet Library (October 2006)
I have never been a big reader of Star Trek books. Rather than taking on Trek novels, I frequently consult the various reference manuals. Maybe the reason why I rather read something else when I have the time is that there is so much Trek in my life that I occasionally need a break. Anyway, I may be late but I would like to honor one site that has all Star Trek literature at my fingertips. The Complete Starfleet Library is just what it says. It archives information on any Trek-related novels and non-fiction, including their contents, the blurb on the cover and an image of the cover. The books are sorted by the year of publication, the author, the series and the type. It is amazing that the site works flawlessly just coded in plain good old HTML, without the support of a database. The correspondingly simplistic design may look stale to some who are spoiled by recent trends in the WWW. Still, the lean code of The Complete Starfleet Library is very beneficial, especially since it allows to load endlessly scrolling pages packed with facts without waiting forever or even saturating the browser. Each page includes dropdown fields for navigation. My only slight criticism is that, while dropdown fields are very flexible whenever their content changes, this way it is not possible to open a new page in a new browser tab (at least this is what I absolutely love to do). Anyway, many thanks for the tireless work to archive Star Trek books goes to the webmaster, Steve Roby!

The IDIC Page (November 2006)
William McCullars has been taking photos of Star Trek spaceship miniatures for over twenty years; The IDIC Page has been his showcase in the web for almost ten years. The site readily gives away its age. Agreed, the design might be modernized and the navigation could be improved, but isn't that rather circumstantial in the light of the hundreds of reference photos - especially since the design is often updated inversely proportionally to the content on more recent sites? With pictures of all Enterprises, countless other ships and several props The IDIC Page has been the most important reference for Star Trek modelers (for kit builders, 3D and 2D graphic artists alike) since 1997, and is still being updated. EAS too has profited from this invaluable resource many times. Thank you very much to William McCullars for sharing his work with the Star Trek internet community!

The Trek Movie Report (December 2006)
The Trek Movie Report was launched just a couple of months ago as a hub for announcements and rumors about the upcoming feature film "Star Trek XI", as well as for news and reviews regarding remastered TOS episodes, DVD and game releases. Webmaster Anthony Pascale has created a cutting-edge Trek news site of a new kind. The single articles are graphically enhanced and illustrated, with various context links and video previews where applicable. In addition, readers are welcome to leave comments. Past news are organized in a trackable and categorized database. As The Trek Movie Report is updated at least once every few days, I visit the site on a regular basis. And even though several statements from producers or actors may turn out premature, it is great to see how vibrant the Star Trek franchise still is.


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