EAE Award Winners 2010

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Spocklives.com (January 2010)
The first EAE Award of 2010 goes to an old-fashioned site in the best sense, one that stands out from the crowd of blogs with their randomized content. Spocklives.com, created by Amie R. and Karen M., is the perhaps most comprehensive site about the famed TOS character. The site includes an episode guide with spotlight on Spock, the biography and background of the character (and of the actors), a big image gallery and much more. It also contains a fandom section with fan art, paper dolls, poems, recipes etc. Something of particular interest is to read about the cultural impact, such as the parodies that the Star Trek franchise has spawned or the later characters that were influenced by Spock. In spite of its classical concept, the site comes with a quite modern and pleasant looking layout, and it uses all the latest techniques in web design such as PHP, CSS and RSS. Spocklives.com is also actively involved in social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

(No award in February)

My Star Trek Scrapbook (March 2010)
My Star Trek Scrapbook is a gem among the growing number of Trek-themed blogs. It is unique because it showcases a plethora of Star Trek memorabilia from over 40 years, among them many newspaper or magazine clippings that even avid fans probably wouldn't have kept for so long. But thanks to the steady efforts of blog owner Frederick these funny or insightful documents from Star Trek's history have been preserved and are being made public again - with updates occurring as often as every few days. My Star Trek Scrapbook deserves praise for the quality of the content as well as of the presentation. Unlike many other bloggers Frederick is very careful in tagging and indexing his content, thereby improving the accessibility and avoiding that entries disappear forever on the umpteenth archive page. And anyone who still thinks that science fiction and nostalgia don't mix should check out My Star Trek Scrapbook right now, as well as the other sci-fi, horror and comic blogs by the same author.

(No award from April to June)

Evil Starship Factory (July 2010)
Evil Starship Factory is a 3D artwork blog by Chris Martin aka evil_genius_180. Here Chris showcases his excellent 3D models of canon and original Federation starships from different eras and realities. His Constitution and Constellation are among the best models I know, but I also like some of his original designs very much, such as the Brisbane. Evil Starship Factory is a true development log (a weblog being the perfect format for that). It is updated at least every two or three days, with new pictures and detailed information on the design that Chris is working on. The blog recently received an overhaul and currently sports a nice "torn paper" theme. It is well-organized with categories and (thanks to Wordpress) with a well-working search function. Evil Starship Factory provides hours of interesting reading and eye candy for 3D enthusiasts and "normal" fans alike.

(No award from August to October)

Subspace Communique (November 2010)
Subspace Communique was launched in April 2009, right in time for the upcoming Abrams movie, but I discovered the site only recently. It is a blog with daily news about Star Trek productions, actors, conventions and merchandise, true to its sub-title "Trek Culture Served Daily". Well, there are already a few better known and probably better frequented news portals in existence. However, Subspace Communique is a useful supplement because it focuses on items of special interest instead of posting just every available production rumor or every off-topic news with the words "Star Trek" in it, and it doesn't simply republish news that can be found elsewhere. The site comes with a very pleasant layout sporting large-scale pictures and with a minimum of advertising. Furthermore, I think few news blogs have such a well-organized and categorized archive as Subspace Communique. It is right up there with the best Trek news sites, thanks to the steady efforts of its staff.

(No award in December)


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