EAE Award Winners 2011

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Vulcanology (January 2011)
Vulcanology doesn't look very spectacular at the first glance. But in merely a couple of months the blog by Scott Lukas Williams has become the prime online source about the Vulcans and their culture. The author looks back at the Vulcan costumes, props and sets of more than forty years, remembers the designers and writers who created the culture, reviews Vulcan-themed books, showcases merchandise (such as stuffed Vulcans!) and does not forget the humorous side of Vulcan culture in the form of parodies. And he does so in fully-fledged well-researched articles in contrast to the "I wrote this up in two minutes" entries of many other blogs. Perhaps most importantly Vulcanology preserves the spirit of the fictional Vulcan culture just as well as of those who brought it to life.

(No award from February to June)

STNET - Project V (July 2011)
The EAE Award goes to STNET, which can be described as an old-fashioned Trek site in the best sense. It is a true fan's work in content and style, of a kind that has become very rare in our time when, for reasons I don't understand, the attention of the internet audience has shifted away to undistinctive Facebook pages. It is not immediately obvious what STNET is about, but this is not to the site's disadvantage. The focus is on Voyager and on STO, but there are other features as well, such as a homage to the Space Shuttle program or an operational reconstruction of the very first website dedicated to Star Trek Voyager, dated 1995. The site's structure is exemplary, as it neither pretends to be a complete encyclopedia of everything, nor presents unsorted content as it is the case with most blogs. All this comes with a sophisticated and attractive user interface that is constantly being improved. There are a few things about the look of STNET that I would love to have at EAS too.

(No award from August to October)

Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Authority (November 2011)
Prop collecting has always been one of the most steadfast branches of Star Trek fandom. Hence, it is not surprising that there are several good websites about props, a few of which have already won the EAE Award. It is about time to add the Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Authority by longtime collector Gerald Gurian to the list, which deserves praise for being one of the most comprehensive fan efforts to display, analyze and authenticate Trek props and costumes. There are hundreds of articles on his own collection, on exhibitions and auctions as well as on other topics. New ones are added every few days. Be sure to check out "6 Myths About Star Trek Prop Designs". In more recent years many Trek sites have switched to a blog format for easy posting but at the expense of good navigation. The Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Authority gets the best of both worlds to some extent, combining the blog with hand-made menus, so old articles don't get lost somewhere deep in a chaotic archive. It is a special pleasure for me to bestow the award upon a site that is in several ways similar to my own site!

(No award In December)


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